Paperback ✓ Green Angel PDF Ú

Paperback ✓ Green Angel PDF Ú

Green Angel ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Green Angel Author Alice Hoffman – The startling universally acclaimed breakthrough YA novel from master bestselling author Alice Hoffman now in paperbackLeft on her own when her family dies in a terrible disaster fifteen year old Gree The startling universally acclaimed breakthrough YA novel from master bestselling author Alice Hoffman now in paperbackLeft on her own when her family dies in a terrible disaster fifteen year old Green is haunted by loss and by the past Struggling to survive physically and emotionally in a place where nothing seems to grow and ashes are everywhere Green retreats into the ruined realm of her garden But in destroying her feelings she also begins to destroy herself erasing the girl she'd once been as she inks darkness into her skin It is only through a series of mysterious encounters that Green can relearn the lessons of love and begin to heal enough to tell her story.

About the Author: Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction including The World That We Knew The Rules of Magic The Marriage of Opposites Practical Magic The Red Garden the Oprah’s Book Club selection Here on Earth The Museum of Extraordinary Things and The Dovekeepers Her most recent novel is The World That We Knew She lives near Boston.

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  1. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    Alice Hoffman by way of Cormac McCarthy Fifteen year old raven haired and green thumbed Green would love to go to the market with her parents and her practically moon glowing sister but someone needs to stay behind and take care of things The three most important things after location location location are timing timing and timing The family picked the wrong day to bring produce to the city A fire Think London 1666 with a dash of 911 Green not only loses her family but is affected physically as well as ash from the event damages her eyes reducing her vision severely but not entirely Cormac like events beset poor Green Nothing will grow in her precious garden She survives inking her skin with dark images reflective of the new reality writing over who she was with who she needs to be to survive Hoffman uses the hellscape a very Road evocative environment as the foil the struggle Green must take on How Green grows changes redefines herself as someone outside her parents her family and redefines herself again to cope with changing circumstances how she finds ways to survive how she copes with other survivors human and animal and struggles with connection and loss makes for a compelling and moving story This being Alice Hoffman there is a fairy tale feel to the tale Grimm indeed She tosses in some bits of magical realism or maybe just plain magic and a lot of feeling This is a YA title and is a very fast read 116 small pages and I so wish it had been much longer as it is satisfying beyond its length even for a geezer like meOther Hoffman books I have reviewed Local Girls Blackbird House The Ice ueen The Red Garden The Dovekeepers The Rules of Magic The World That We Knew

  2. Colin Colin says:

    Well I only made it to page nine of this overwrought strained book Soon after learning that the protaganist's younger sister was so precious that bees would drink the sweat of her skin and that she was in fact made of laughter and moonlight and that white moths would rather circle around her than fly into the sky up above I abandoned her to whatever wretched flute music infused fate awaited her

  3. Jaemi Jaemi says:

    Amazing book I can see why it's on a favorite's list It's one of those things where I just want to hand it to people Hoping maybe even if they never read it somehow the message would be understood The magic would just come through That's what I had to say after finishing this book Friday not all that long after having picked it up I'm not sure I could do it much justice by adding to the original impression This is one of those stories you just know you could read again and again It's Life it's Hope And what can you ever say about those without sounding little?

  4. Tawny Tawny says:

    Author Alice HoffmanTitle Green AngelGenre magical realism tale of survivalPublication Info Scholastic New York 2003Recommended Age 13 and olderPlot Summary Green a moody introspective 15 year old stays at home while her parents and younger sister travel to the city to sell their vegetable produce Being intentionally left behind to tend the garden causes her to not say goodbye to her family From across the river Green watches in horror as the city explodes into flames Even at her distance she is not kept safe from embers entering her eyes She becomes partially blinded She waits for her family for days but they never return Green feels guilty for her previous behavior She punishes herself by carving dark tattoos all over her body The outside world is in anarchy and even Green—having a supernatural talent for gardening—refuses to help the suffering plants from the ash that blankets them By putting on a tough front she protects herself from looters and others who try to cheat her She even sews thorns and pounds nails into her clothing so that no one can get close to her Several surviving animals and people come into Green’s life and somehow restore her love of nature and life One boy shows up long enough to help replant the garden and instill in Green a reason for living again At the end of the book her vision is restored and she sets out to tell her story of heartache and survivalPersonal Notes I found the book hard to grasp at times This may have been because of the magical realism There were times the story seemed hauntingly real and other times where things just did not make sense For example why were so many youth who had lost their families allowed to live on the streets and on their own? Where was the police? Child Protective Services? Extended family members? I had a hard time imagining her needing to sell off all the family belongings for food and making bread out of ground chestnuts for so long I wouldn’t really know how to go about teaching this book in the classroom so I would recommend it for individual reading only Evaluation This book is somewhat difficult to read It delves into some deep issues of survival solitude and hope While written for a younger audience the story also calls for sophisticated readers I think that students with a taste for the gothic would particularly enjoy this storyOther Comments I wonder if this book was written with the intent to help youth cope with the horrors of 911 The actual disaster in the story was not explained well at all It was uite confusing really What would cause the whole city to shake and burn down? Why would people have felt the need to jump from the buildings? These are some of the uestions I had while reading the novel

  5. Linda Lipko Linda Lipko says:

    When reading another Alice Hoffman book I'm reminded that she is one of my favorite authors She consistently weaves magic into characters that have a mystical yet down to earth uality about themThe setting of this haunting book is a town and countryside destroyed by a terrible conflagrationUsing metaphorical symbolism Hoffman tells the tale of Green who stayed behind on the day her mother father and sister went to town to sell their vegetables Resentful Green does not say goodbye Thus when her family perishes in the fire she bears tremendous guiltAs the sky is gray blocking the sun the land is unproductive and societal rules seem to fall apart What remains is a band of people who eek out a living some of whom cannot overcome their grief and live sad apathetic livesGreen remains cut off and lives alone hardened and thorny As slowly she reaches out to a neighbor a dog a few birds and a forsaken emotionally distraught young woman Ash begins the process of healingIn her usual style Hoffman transforms the character in a fairytale fashion Thorns and nettles are replaced with new growth of food as the ash is pushed aside to allow earth that produces and inner strength that rejuvenates

  6. Anushka Anushka says:

    Um was I supposed to love this highly acclaimed crap?This is probably the smallest book I've read but it sure as felt like a billion pages long I am not joking by the end of it I fell flat out asleep Really This book's outline is kind of like If I Stay but rest of the story is very different and eually boring I am telling you I love these depressive sad kind of books but Green Angel wasn't even close to it I have got to stop reading these waste of time books

  7. Susana Susana says:

    This story was beautifully written Each and every phrase evocative of a deeper meaning that i honestly find myself lacking the proper words to describe how much i liked it Liked it is just too insignicant i guess it becamed part of me as only the greatest stories; the ones that truly touch our hearts are capable of doing it If we let themFor me this author is outstanding in this gender She weaves the most sad heartbreaking stories in perfect tapestries made of memories and ghosts tears and loveThis is the story of fifteen year old Green The older daughter the uiet daughter I was the least among them nothing special just a girl I was a moody dark weed; still theycalled me Green because of my talents in the gardenWhen her sister and parents are killed Green's starts to disappear beneath the cover of thorns One night when the sky was ash coloured I went into the ruined garden and clipped the thorns from the bare rosebushes then sewed them to my clothes one by one until my fingers bled Now I was ready to feel nothing I was protected from feeling anything at alland tattoos I didn't deserve anything not food to ease my hunger or water toease my thirst That was when I took a pin and some black ink I began to mark my arm I outlined a raven and then a bat then a rose that looked like a flower found at the end of the world That's who I was now without my mother and my father and my moonlit sister Blood and inkDarkness where before there had been patience black where there'd once been greenthat she starts using as armor against the world even against herself After a while Green starts to give place to Ash A girl that lives among ashes and paina girl whose own sight becomes cloudyThis is a story about surviving griefA evocative uirky sad little story sprinkled with bits of wisdom as just Alice Hoffman is capable of doing I'm looking forward to read the next one Green Witch

  8. Abigail Abigail says:

    This lyrical and lushly descriptive novella captures a young woman’s grieving process with razor sharp precision When Green’s family leave for the city one day she has no way of knowing that she will never see them again as a terrible disaster destroys much of the city and surrounding country Green retreats into herself building walls both mental and physical tattooing herself with black roses and ravens in an attempt to transform herself into Ash a girl who cannot be hurt by loss ”I was making a different sort of heart one that was black one that was protected by thorns by bats by raven’s wings by sorrow by my aloneness my armor” The gradual healing of the blasted landscape around her mirrors the process by which Green learns to feel and love again rediscovering herselfAfter my indifference to her two earlier children's books Auamarine and Indigo I almost gave Hoffman's Green Angel a miss which would have been a shame She seems finally to have hit her stride in this third novel for younger readers which I found beautifully written and uite moving

  9. Jillian Marie Jillian Marie says:

    I was captivated Lured into this fantasy of wisdom pain and love The authors way with words made me actually cry while reading If you're not into books that are poetic this is not for you Truly lovely to read

  10. Daphne Daphne says:

    I found this a beautiful and deceptively simple book

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