Red, White & Royal Blue PDF À & Royal eBook

Red, White & Royal Blue PDF À & Royal eBook

Red, White & Royal Blue ❰Download❯ ➽ Red, White & Royal Blue Author Casey McQuiston – This is the original cover of ISBN 1250316774 9781250316776 You can find an alternate cover edition with an updated cover here.What happens when America s First Son falls in love with the Prince of W This is the original cover of & Royal eBook ´ ISBN You can find an alternate cover edition with an updated cover hereWhat happens when America s First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales When his mother became President, Alex Claremont Diaz was promptly cast as the American equivalent of a young royal Handsome, charismatic, genius his image is pure millennial marketing gold for the White Red, White PDF/EPUB or House There s only one problem Alex has a beef with the actual prince, Henry, across the pond And when the tabloids get hold of a photo involving an Alex Henry altercation, US British relations take a turn for the worseHeads of family, state, and other handlers devise a plan for damage control staging a truce between the two rivals What at first begins as a fake, Instragramable White & Royal MOBI ð friendship grows deeper, anddangerous, than either Alex or Henry could have imagined Soon Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret romance with a surprisingly unstuffy Henry that could derail the campaign and upend two nations and begs the question Can love save the world after all Where do we find the courage, and the power, to be the people we are meant to be And how can we learn to let our true colors shine through Casey McQuiston s Red, White Royal Blue proves true love isn t always diplomatic.

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    Is it possible for your whole body to grin The answer is hell yes.Red, White Royal Blue is a story lit up like a beacon to the weary and the lost My heart still swells with so much delight The notion of memory simply fails to adequately capture the sensation I know the words but none of them really encompass the feeling of deep contentment, mixed with the kind of frustration one feels at waking from a sweet dream I promise you that what memories you will keep of this story will warm you in the cold, and taste sweet when the world runs sour Do not miss it So, what s this book about Ah, yes The one trope that sings to me the most enemies to ugh I can t believe I have to be in the same vicinity as you to ugh we re forced to work together to save our countries reputations but it s not like I like you or anything to wait, we actually connect pretty well and have a lot of things in common but don t read too much into it to I would lay down both of my kidneys for you but that doesn t mean anything alright to I ll fistfight the moon for you and kill anyone who dares lay a finger on you to lovers.Alex Claremont Diaz, the Mexican American first son of the United States, tolerates Henry, the Prince of England, to about the same degree that Henry tolerates him, but the claws are never entirely sheathed When one of their verbal sparring matches ends in a cataclysmically, internationally, terrible way , Alex and Henry had no choice but to play nice with each other Of course, building a friendship with your sworn nemesis is never easy Doing it out of a reluctant sense of obligation is virtually impossible Only, neither Alex nor Henry were prepared for when it all ceased being pretend There was no pretending away the momentous thing tentatively taking shape between them Henry had worn at the shell surrounding Alex s heart with every traded truth, every phone call made at an ungodly hour, and every stolen moment in hotel rooms And with every crack, it became harder to deny the connection blazing between them.Yet, all the same, reality threatens to shatter it all Do you feel forever about him And there s no room left to agonize over it, nothing left to do but say the thing he is known all along Yeah, he says, I do Red, White Royal Blue is an astonishingly polished debut novel A beguiling story of romance that pulled a smile from a new place in me where so much delight had been waiting in reserve The novel s warm heart leaped out to my cold one, and I held on like I suspected this all of being a dream that s about to end and leave me falling I found myself drawing out the last 50 pages or so, absolutely unable, unwilling, to let this joyous little book go The story wrote itself into my memory and even when I closed my eyes, images of the story kept playing across the darkness again and again.The rumors are true, folks I am a hopeless romantic.All I want is for someone to feel for me some glimmer of what Henry and Alex feel for each other To find that one person who has so much aching tenderness for you, who you can talk to and emerge each time a bit less bewildered, a bit yourself The one person who will attach the ends of the tightrope from one skyscraper to the next and make you believe that you can make it across, even when you can barely place a foot in front of the other, who will help you lay the skeins of your life out neatly, so there d be less of a tangle in your heart Just the sheer joy of simply knowing another human being.There s such a flood of love spooling out between Henry and Alex, tender and joyful and pure All wrapped up in the safety and warmth of two people who have passed a point of recognition, of openness, who stood side by side, braced together against the future, knowing that whatever life might force on them, and however it might fail them, they will still have each other I love how Alex had glided into love unaware, not knowing if it was love or just a suchlike cousin Then, he plummeted, and it was unmistakable And all the while, Henry has been there, with a lit cinder of hope in his gaze, and the calm resignation to the inevitable that you d associate with people aching with the yearning to be loved back When Alex was a kid, before anyone knew his name, he dreamed of love like it was a fairy tale, as if it would come sweeping into his life on the back of a dragon one day When he got older, he learned about love as a strange thing that could fall apart no matter how badly you wanted it, a choice you make anyway He never imagined it d turn out he was right both times Henry deserves the world, but the world doesn t deserve him Nothing will ever be hilarious to me than the fact that Henry s character, when translated by Alex s gaze in the beginning, is this unbearably supercilious heir, vigorously bearded with an air of having been grudgingly forced into court elegance, whose body is hardened into armor and whose smiles are pickled things But then that image quickly melts away, revealing this achingly compassionate person whom the stars would be so proud to know their atoms have created someone like him.I love Henry so much His entire life, he had sailed upon the quiet ripple of his parents lives, struggling against the confines of family and legacy and creating a life all his own But there was so much gold in him, the shine dimmed by years of telling himself there was something wrong with the way he was made The enormity of this burden was so great it almost wore Henry out, and it smote my heart But seeing him later embrace the certainty that he s deserving of compassion and kindness and understanding it genuinely made me at once gutted and filled with unspeakable tenderness for him I m so glad Alex was there to help him see the aspects of his being that were in darkness even to him and give him hope before he had even considered hope to be possible Take anything you want and know you deserve to have it Speaking of Alex I love him That s it That s the whole statement.Alex is all fragility with a front of strength He s exactly how his heart defines him strong, gentle and unstoppable His nature is bonfire, beaming like a beacon, burning like a wildfire out of control He cares, and hopes, and dreams that, with his earnest work and efforts, grain by grain, the gray would give way to the dream and the sands of the world would shine bright With Alex, the author has created such a vibrantly human protagonist whose perspective you can understand and whose candor, thoughtful strength, humanity, and resolve you can admire His journey snagged at my heart and left me feeling like a witness to a very remarkable moment in his life, overwhelmed with gratitude for sharing it.I also love how the author handles with great aplomb a bisexual character who realizes, accepts and embraces his bisexuality in his twenties, just as well as they handle the burgeoning romance between him and Henry Even side characters here are just as carefully conceived I love Alex s crew so much and there s not much I wouldn t give for a spinoff series centering each one of them.Red, White Royal Blue also succeeds with brilliance and verve in addressing issues about racism, gender, responsibility, and ethics I can t tell you how much I enjoyed the cheeky undercurrent flowing through the novel the arched eyebrow, the bold and confiding voice It was all so glorious As glorious at the fact that this book, at its heart, is a joyful celebration of the people who work so unrelentingly to carve out a place for themselves in a world that gives them freely to everyone else women who push against what the world decides for them, those who are told that their dreams do not match where they came from and would therefore never be realized, those who love and believe in spite of odium and condemnation As a queer Muslim immigrant, this meant so much than words could possibly convey Thinking about history makes me wonder how I ll fit into it one day, I guess And you too I kinda wish people still wrote like that History, huh Bet we could make some This is genuinely one of the best if not the best romance novels that I ve ever read I know I keep saying love is fake, but reading this book melted my cold dead heart I m a believer again And you know what, although I have always been incapable of choosing a favorite book, I now know that if I had to be stuck on a desert island, with only one book to bring with me, it would definitely be this one wishlist blog twitter tumblr

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    Edit 4 7 19 Hi, Casey s mom The book world loves your child their debut ARC provided by St Martin s Press in exchange for an honest review. Is it possible you willfully forgot about the biggest international event of the year because you don t want to see your arch nemesis I honestly do not think that any book has made me happier than Red, White Royal Blue, ever I laughed, I swooned, I cried, but, most importantly, I finished the last page and felt such a powerful amount of hope that transcends any amount of words that I could possibly string together for this review This is easily the best debut novel I ve ever read, and I wouldn t be surprised in the slightest if it ends up being my favorite book of the entire year First off, in this story, the characters are living in a world where the President of the United States is a democratic woman who was elected after Obama, and her 2020 reelection is quickly approaching And I just need to take a minute to cries forever But this book really focuses on two young men, who happen to be very much in the media s spotlight 24 7, because of the families they were born into Oh, and one of them happens to be the First Son of the President, and up until this point he thought he was straight, that is until he finally is forced to spend time with his arch nemesis And I ll be damned, but this book made me simultaneously believe in love and believe in America Alexander Gabriel Claremont Diaz The First Son, who is quickly realizing that he is bisexual, but slowly coming out to those he feels safe with Alex is also biracial Mexican and white and thanks to my beautiful friend Alienor confirmed to have ADHD Straight people, he thinks, probably don t spend this much time convincing themselves they re straight Henry George Edward James Fox Mountchristen Windsor A Prince of England, who is closeted gay to many in his family and to all media , because he constantly feels the weight of the expectations placed on him by his family and his country O, fathers of my bloodline O, ye kings of olde Take this crown from me, bury me in my ancestral soil If only you had known the mighty work of thine loins would be undone by a gay heir who likes it when American boys with chin dimples are mean to him Alex has followed Henry and his fame long before his mother became president But at the start of this novel, both men officially meet, but quickly get into a very messy predicament at a royal wedding they were both attending, which ends up being a PR nightmare for both countries, but especially for Alex s mom, who is up for reelection So, they are both kind of forced to fake a friendship to appease the press to save face But a fake friendship quickly turns to a romance, that leaves both men questioning what they are willing to risk, while the press is always watching First, you ve been, like, Draco Malfoy level obsessed with Henry for years do not interrupt me and since the royal wedding, you ve gotten his phone number and used it not to set up any appearances but instead to long distance flirt with him all day every day I also wanted to make sure that I stated in my review that the author is queer I believe they ID as bisexual, like Alex And even though Alex and Henry are obviously queer in their m m relationship, this book also has such a beautiful and full cast of diverse side characters I m completely willing to give my life for June, Nora, Pez, and Bea, right this very second Like, I absolutely loved the side characters in this book Also, you all know that I am always here for strong sibling relationships, and this book has that in spades Alex s family in general was everything to me both of his parents being so supportive and always putting him and his pace first really meant a lot to me and makes me so soft just thinking about it Seriously, this book is found family and blood family goals The banter and one liners were perfection This author completely understands what it is like to speak and text in your twenties, and they have mastered the craft to perfection I was either cackling like a banshee or clutching my pearls with heart eyes during all of Alex and Henry s exchanges Also, since there is an ocean in between these two, they correspond a lot of the time through emails, all of which added five years to my life Speaking of those emails, the romance in this is just truly a tier above the rest The dynamic that Henry and Alex are forced into, and then the new dynamics they are forced to overcome, makes for something that you can t help but root for with everything in your soul Also, they are truly polar opposites with their personalities, but seeing them together truly feels like you are witnessing soulmates interact I hate to say this but, your OTP could never And obviously because of the setup of this novel, this book does not shy away from US politics, and you should for sure know that going in But the most tears I shed in this book was when Alex talked about what he felt like to be a biracial kid, and how America truly is a melting pot of immigrants and how that is something beautiful, and should be celebrated, not shamed and something that people consider to be a crime This is a book about two men, both in their early twenties, discovering what they want for their lives and for their countries Both for themselves and together In a world that is cruelly unaccepting to anyone who isn t white and straight, or who are just deemed different They find friendship, they find love, and they find their voices And to this Filipino American, pansexual, whose grandparents are both immigrants, who a lot of times really struggles to find their own voice, it meant the world to me I ll carry this book with me forever and always.Overall, this book was just everything I ve ever wanted Put your library holds and preorders in now, because I know that so many readers are not only going to fall in love with this tale, but it is going to be one of their favorites for the rest of their lives I promise you, it is truly that good, and this truly feels like a once in a lifetime book Casey McQuiston has created something that is going to mean so much to so many readers, and this book is going to bring so much joy to our much needed world I m just forever thankful that I was able to escape into it for a little while, while doing everything I can to make my country s 2020 and on just as hopeful.Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Content and Trigger Warnings for homophobia always in a negative light , talk of racism in media, anxiety depiction, talk of cancer pancreatic in the past, talk of past loss of a loved one, talk of past drug use, talk of attempted sexual assault very briefly in the past from a very minor side character, and in my opinion outing Also, this is a New Adult novel, so there are many sexual scenes throughout this book, even though they are fade to black for the most part I also gush about this in my February Wrap Up on BookTube Buddy Read with Kerri from Kerri The Book Belle I also read this for Contemporary a thon UPDATE I got to meet Casey, see them interviewed by Taylor Jenkins Reid, have them sign my book, and they are a confirmed angel My Vlog

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    I m on a cruise right now I saw a few people talking about this book before I left for vacation, so I downloaded it I finished it by the second day on my cruise I ignored everyone I didn t even go to trivia because I was enjoying this book so much I wanted to write a review for it when I finished it last week, but I only get internet when we re docked and the internet on this ship is.99 a minute And to make matters worse, it s slooooow, so it takes a good fifteen minutes just to get Goodreads to upload But I felt bad not writing a review because I think this book is important and it needs to be read, and it s also cute and hot and funny, kinda like our cruise director, but that s for another day All in all, this book cost me a few dollars to buy, but this review cost me about 20 to leave, so someone start a GoFundMe please, kthxbye WorthIt

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    Re read 5 24 19 cries in gay Alex Henry forever and ever and ever and ever and ever Original read 2 21 19 It may only be February but I m calling it now this will be my 1 favorite book of the year Possibly even of all time This is all I ve ever wanted in a QUEER AS FUCK romance and my heart is soaring Alex Henry are the OTP of my dreams and I will never, ever be over them Casey McQuiston is a national treasure and needs to be protected at all costs bc I want to read their queer romances for the rest of my life God fucking bless America Also I would DIE for Nora

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    He wants to set himself on fire, but he can t afford for anyone to see him burn First of all If you want to read my full and uncensored review with all the quotes and my personal trademark rambling you can do it here And now to the considerably shortened goodreads review word limits shakes head This sentence, this book, the topics that are tackled, the honest and blunt way they are dealt with and approached This was everything I love this book so much, I can t even put it into words 333 Well, I loved it and some little, tiny, infinitesimal part of me might haven even hated it for being so perfect Because the way subjects are approached in here Gods, I wish everyone would be as open minded as the characters in this book That sentence at the beginning of my review It hit close to home, it pains me to read it, yet I still love the fact that Casey McQuiston wrote it down on paper That she had the guts to give this particular kind of feeling her own voice and words How many people who are forced to be in the closet have felt like that How many children were afraid to come out to their parents How many still didn t do it and never will, because they know exactly what their parents might say How they will react How many of us have felt alone and were weighted down by the truth This book, this supposedly romantic comedy, it touched me in a way books rarely do It ripped out my heart, it made me laugh, it stomped all over my feelings, it smacked me across the face, it forced me to confront me with myself and it gave me something I didn t even know I was missing It gave me hope Hope that there is a better world out there Hope that one day people will accept others the way they are Hope that people can change Hope that we re all equal and that our actions count than our outward appearance Hope that our future in this world is worth fighting for So if you decide to read this book, enjoy it Laugh and cry, appreciate the politics and scheming, adore Henry and Alex for being the way they are, fall in love, enjoy their freedom and youth, but most of all find yourself in those pages and try to keep this feeling even after you closed the book The characters Do I even have to mention that you ll be spoiled into oblivion if you dare to cross this line lol This is my characters section and I wouldn t be me if I wouldn t gush like a crazy little teen XD So you ve been warned Dare to move on or leave it at that Your decision, your choice P Alex Alex s image is all charisma and genius and smirking wit, thoughtful interviews and the cover of GQ at eighteen Henry s is placid smiles and gentle chivalry and generic charity appearances, a perfectly blank Prince Charming canvas Henry s role, Alex thinks, is much easier to play I didn t like Alex at the beginning of the book I know this might come as a shock but I really felt like he was sitting on his high horse and didn t even bother to think about how other people felt Or in this particular case how Henry felt In his mind he gave him a role and never even looked beyond the horizon But then the accident with the cake happened and Alex was forced to spend some time with Henry and he finally realized what a dumbass he actually was I loved how Alex realized that he likes him and I adored him for being so unapologetic about his bisexuality He just accepted it as a part of himself, he wondered about it, he explored it but he never felt bad about being who he truly was And this was amazing I wish there would be bi representations like that I wish that everyone would be as cool about being bi as Alex was As his friends and family were It was a huge part of him but it didn t define him or is actions This was so wholesome and such a nice way to deal with your own sexuality Then again Alex is a very confident and brazen character so to deal with it like that fit him perfectly XD It s unpredictable and it s intoxicating and it s fun, because Alex has never met a challenge he didn t love, and he well, Henry is a challenge, head to toe, beginning to end He shouldn t feel wronged deep in his gut But that everyone seems enad, when the only difference between the lie and the truth that would burn up Fox News is the gender involved well, it fucking stings Ser a una mentira, porque no ser a l It would be a lie, because it wouldn t be him.Henry Hmm, Henry says, making a show of thinking hard I always liked Luke He s brave and good, and he s the strongest Jedi of them all I think Luke is proof that it doesn t matter where you come from or who your family is you can always be great if you re true to yourself I FREAKING LOVED, LOVED, LOVED and LOVED, Henry lol This boy is adorable and kind and sweet and gentle and everything anyone will ever need 333 I mean he s a Warsie and Potterhead He ships Lupin with Sirius and he loves to watch Bake Off because it s so soothing Where the freaking hell is my Prince Henry lol I definitely need this fluffy biscuit Prince in my life Like yesterday XD But there s also a wild side to Henry, a defiant one and boy did I ever live for those little snippets of his personality I adored his character arc so much I mean at the beginning of the book he was the shy and reserved prince and by the end of it he eventually found his own voice and shouted his innermost thoughts into the world Still, it was so sad that his father died when he was so young and I felt Henry s grief like it was my own T_T I could understand why his mother decided to withdraw from the world, but I was really glad that she accepted her son the way he was and fought for him in the end A curious thing about grief is the way it takes your entire life, all those foundational years that made you who you are, and makes them so painful to look back upon because of the absence there, that suddenly they re inaccessible You must invent an entirely new system What are we even defending here, Philip What kind of legacy What kind of family, that says, we ll take the murder, we ll take the raping and pillaging and the colonizing, we ll scrub it up nice and neat in a museum, but oh no, you re a bloody poof That s beyond our sense of decorum I ve bloody well had it I ve sat about long enough letting you and Gran and the weight of the damned world keep me pinned, and I m finished I don t care You can take your legacy and your decorum and you can shove it up your fucking arse, Philip I m done I ve been gay as a maypole since the day I came out of Mum, Philip Nora Numbers on me being into dudes That pulls Nora up short, before she cocks her head to the side and says Seventy eight percent probability of latent bisexual tendencies One hundred percent probability this is not a hypothetical question I loved Nora s analytical mind and her conversations with Alex It was obvious they were great friends and knew each other better than anyone else XD And don t kill me for this but WHAT EXACTLY WAS GOING ON WITH NORA AND JUNE There was something there, right I didn t imagine this unresolved sexual tension, did I lol Want to hear my thoughts on it I think there was some sort of threesome going on the night they celebrated at the karaoke bar Pez, Nora AND June All three of them, feel me wriggles eyebrows Unfortunately this is a mystery that was neither tackled nor resolved so my imagination will have to continue to run wild and I ll blame it all on Casey McQuiston lol PAlex s parents How many times do I have to tell y all not to discuss your murder plots in front of a sitting president their mother interrupts Plausible deniability Come on Haha This sentence instantly made me love the President XD She was such a cool woman and Alex was so lucky to have her as his mum It was amazing how she could be all business but at the same time always watched out for her kids They were her first priority no matter how important her job was and she would have done anything to make them happy Yes, she had a lot of responsibility and tried to perform damage control, but that was mostly due to her feelings for her son She didn t want Alex to get hurt and she wanted to protect him I mean she was a public figure and we all know how those games are played Well and as it turned out, Richards played very dirty indeed _ Also can we appreciate how Alex s dad reacted to him being bi and loving Henry I wish parents would say words like that to their queer kids Because it s true, it s not different when it s your own kid, you still love your child and want the best for it At least it should be that way You want it to be happy, right See, that s exactly what I meant when I said this book gave me hope His dad slaps him on the bicep with the spoon, leaving a splatter of crema and cheese behind Have a little faith in your old man than that, eh A little appreciation for the patron saint of gender neutral bathrooms in California Little shit Okay, okay, sorry Alex says, laughing I just know it s different when it s your own kid His dad laughs too, rubbing a hand over his goatee It s really not Not to me, anyway I see you Diaz, you insane, hopeless romantic little shit, says the voice of the President of the United States, muffled in the bed It had better be forever Be safe I am your mother I was your mother before I was ever the president, and I ll be your mother long after, to the day they put me in the ground and beyond this earth You are my child So, if you re serious about this, I ll back your play The relationships ships Henry Alex Let s get it over with I d rather be waterboarded, Henry says, smiling back The camera snaps nearby His eyes are big and soft and blue, and he desperately needs to be punched in one of them Your country could probably arrange that Alex throws his head back and laughs handsomely, loud and false Go fuck yourself Hardly enough time, Henry says I could have quoted the entire book, I swear There were so many amazing quotes, countless sweet and tender moments, about a thousand ways they told each other that they are in love 3 Easy banter, sassy retorts, just everything you could possibly wish for One of my personal highlights was the Turkey Gate though lol And their e mails, hell, their e mails killed me T_T I loved how they swore so much in their normal conversations but wrote so beautiful messages to each other And considering that to write a message takes time and that you think long and hard what to write this was very realistic too They were utterly, truly and madly in love and you could read it in every line I felt so sorry for them though It must have been so tough to be exposed like that and to deal with the press and consequences Alone the fact that Richards leaked their relationship and didn t even give a damn about their feelings They were outed by others and it was NOT their own decision And this is wrong If you decide to out yourself it s a personal thing, it s something you decide, something that should be in your hands You should be able to decide when you come out to your family, your friends or the world If you never want to come out that s okay too, but it is YOUR DECISION to make and no one should take this away from you GRRR grizzly bear mode I guess you can already tell that this is a very important and touchy subject for me XD But I feel about this strongly, because not everyone is ready to come out and for many people to take this step means to give up the life they are used to Not everyone is as understanding as Alex s family and not everyone accepts a person the way it is Anyway, those two are sharing the first place with Baz and Simon now LOL Because I love both of those m m couples so much and can t decide which one is the better OTP XD Their level of cuteness is just off the charts 333 Henry s whole face grimaces in frustration, his eyes casting skyward like they re searching for help from an uncaring universe Christ, you are as thick as it gets, he says, and he grabs Alex s face in both hands and kisses him. Should I tell you that when we re apart, your body comes back to me in dreams That when I sleep, I see you, the dip of your waist, the freckle above your hip, and when I wake up in the morning, it feels like I ve just been with you, the phantom touch of your hand on the back of my neck flesh and not imagined That I can feel your skin against mine, and it makes every bone in my body ache That, for a few moments, I can hold my breath and be back there with you, in a dream, in a thousand rooms, nowhere at all but I ve kissed your mouth, that corner, that place it goes, so many times now i ve memorized it Topography on the map of you, a world i m still charting i know it i added it to the key here inches to miles i can multiply it out, read your latitude and longitude recite your coordinates like la rosaria Conclusion Red, White Royal Blue was one of my most anticipated reads this year and I wasn t disappointed This book was everything I wanted it to be and it made me so, so happy McQuiston tackled a lot of serious topics and they varied from loss and depression up to homophobia and political schemes This book was an amazing composition about love, hate, ignorance and prejudices Some might say it s a modern fairy tale and I m inclined to agree What made this book truly outstanding is its final message though You are perfect just the way you are You are beautiful and you are allowed to love yourself Or to say it with Alex s words Take everything you want and know you deserve to have it ___________________________________Four damn good reasons to read this book 1 It s still pride month and it s about time I finally read a LGBTQ book 2 I ve been dying to read this for months 3 After all those dystopian science fiction books I really need a fluffy break _4 I just can t seem to be able to say no to this girl XD I m sure she s very happy now lol

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    if this book doesn t receive the same epic treatment as Crazy Rich Asians I m going to sue Hollywood

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    But the truth is, also, simply this love is indomitable My heart is so entirely full, it s nearly overflowing This book was in a word matchless I laughed, I loved, I cried but mostly loved every beautiful little thing that led up to the last page Now, having finished, I wish for nothing but to go all the way back to the beginning and start again As readers, sometimes very rarely you come across a book that quintessentially becomes a mantra, a new sense of hope and a burst of something you never really knew existed I don t think I will ever forget this novel _______________ On the off chance this book hasn t already won you over For a glimpse on my current situation i m sporting sweatpants, haven t cooked for than 24 hours, hair s an absolute mess, feel like screaming how gay i am out the window, and completely abandoned my responsibilities my horoscope did not prepare me for this When this book is published, and readers pick it up for the first time, I m going to be sitting and watching all the emotions unfurl and all the fan art,fiction,girling commence And while I sit and watch, I m going to be so jealous of everyone that has the luxury of reading this for the first time It s equal parts funny and loving and clever and tragic I made a note on my kindle at page 3 stating this is it, because that s how much I could feel the energy of a fucking brilliant book in my hands The camaraderie and friendship combined with rebellion and sexy banter is almost too good to be in one novel This is quite possibly the easiest five stars I have ever given So, you can hate the heir to the throne all you want, write mean poems about him in your diary, but the minute you see a camera, you act like the sun shines out of his dick, and you make it convincing Have you met Henry Alex says How am I supposed to do that He has the personality of a cabbage A Tribute In ways than one, the story behind Alex and Henry s relationship is magic There is quite a lot of politics involved, quite a lot of drunkedness and quite a lot of soft moments that make you clutch your kindle slightly tighter But he thinks about Henry, and, oh He thinks about Henry, and something twists in his chest, like a stretch he s been avoiding for too long This was an enemies to lovers romance with so much going for it A beautiful feeling arose throughout the book as I saw the family and the omnipresent feeling of hope through friends Nora gave me life and made me swoon June was someone we all need in our life, alongside Pez Bea was the softest cinnamon role in the whole bakery and when they were all together, my heart started singing Alexander, babes, Pez says when he picks up How lovely for you to give your auntie Pezza a ring on this magnificent Sunday morning He s smiling from what looks like the passenger seat of a luxury car, wearing a cartoonishly large sunhat and a striped pashmina I wish I could go up to every one that will ever have doubts about reading this book and beg them to give it a chance Sometimes, I m skeptical about picking up new authors especially, when they are debuting with a genre that means so much to me Yet, here I am, falling incredibly in love with everything this book is and will continue to be in my life Never tell me the odds

  8. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    History, huh To be honest, I wasn t expecting to love Red, White Royal Blue I mean, this is Casey McQuiston s first book, and it s written in present tense ugh , but love it I did I loved it HARD Red, White Royal Blue was everything I was looking for and .My reading experience was simply me laughing, crying, or swooning in a continuous cycle Sometimes all three at once It s been a long, long time since I ve wanted to melt into a puddle of goo on the floor because the romance Holy god, this story was the romancey romance of your dreams.I m a sucker for a few things in a romance book, and this story has nearly all of them We get a sexual awakening can I get a halleloo , an enemies to lovers with all the glorious damn, your face, bruising kissing that I could dream up , witty banter for daaaaaaaaaaays, and a romance with a literal okay, fictional but still PRINCE OF MOTHER FORKING ENGLAND Did Casey McQuiston worm her way into my brain and pull out my deepest fantasies I wanted to take a nap inside these pages I took pictures and screenshots of my Kindle of the uber romantic email exchange to swoon over later I cried and laughed like a lunatic on my couch, huddled in a prison of tea and reading of my own making I fell asleep with the imprint of my Kindle on my face at 3 am Even though I don t like reading about politics or political games, even though present tense makes me feel itchy did I mention that yet , and even though the sex scenes are suggestive but still fade to black I wanted to read this book FOREVER.The dialogue is something I will remember for a long time The humor was absolutely everything and elevated this book from good to unbelievably amazing The feelings were so intense I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest Red, White Royal Blue is worth all the hype and It s worth your time and your money, and it s worth it to read something so fun and heartfelt and rare that it made it s way on to my elusive favorites list With literally thousands of romances under my belt, this one still stands out And nothing will matter but just we two, we two longing loves at last come together. Copy provided in exchange for an honest review goodreads instagram twitter blog

  9. Judith Judith says:

    DNF 53%Stand back with the pitchforks.The award for the most over hyped,biggest book disappointment of the year,so far,goes to this book.Firstly,let s address the fact that this book had over 2000 ratings reviews before it was made available to buy.What on earth is all that about Surely that many review copies weren t available BUT, it certainly worked.I ve never been so interested in reading something.I mean I ve lost count of this appearing on my feed with so many glowing reviews.And that s ok,each to their own.We all have different tastes but when a book gets such positively you d be forgiven for expecting something pretty damn special,wouldn t you For me,this book isn t anything special at all.It s mediocre the characters are flat,uninspired,and quite frankly boring.Alex at least had something about him but Henry was like a cardboard cut out the writing was all over the place and juvenile at times.The story jumped from scene to scene with no flow to the story.I lost count of how many times I had to go back and read certain scenes the British stereotyping just annoyed me.It was like the Author googled all things British and decided to include them regardless of whether they worked.Granted,if you aren t British this probably wouldn t be an issue.But I am.And it was the sex scenes,Firstly let me say I don t always need graphic sex scenes,in fact some of the best romance books I ve read haven t had many at all.But what on earth happened here.They would start off with lots of kissing,hands in hair,a bit of desperation and then nothing.Literally.It was over and you were kind of told they d had sex.Most of the time I had no idea what they d actually been up to.And,as a result,I felt zero connection or chemistry between them.I didn t get them as lovers at all.They just came across as best friends for me I know it s fiction but it s got to be believable.And this wasn t.I mean these two would float about in restaurants,stay in hotels where no one recognized them This would absolutely not happen with a member of the royal family or with the FSOTUS I m guessing Where were the bodyguards or paparazzi enemies to lovers No it wasn t.They disliked each other for ridiculous reasons quite frankly a lot of people have mentioned the politics.thankfully I gave up before that got too bad.

  10. monica kim monica kim says:

    i just read a review where someone said they didn t like this because it was too idealistic and happy and likehonestly isn t that what the world kind of needs this book dares to dream of an america that could have and should have been after the 2016 election this is the kind of story this world needs of, not less of, because it shows that this kind of love story one where two men can fall in love and still be world leaders and changers doesn t have to be tragic part of what makes this book so important is that it dares to dream that dream boldly it dares to look in the face of staunch tradition and say, yes, you can change and i will accept nothing less i read this in one sitting i meant to just start it before bed but then ended up justnot going to bed lol it s adorable and fun and i m very happy i picked it up.

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