Migrations MOBI Ú Hardcover

Migrations MOBI Ú Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Migrations
  • Charlotte McConaghy
  • English
  • 20 June 2016
  • 9781250204028

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  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Bring out your napkins You may possibly haven’t read something so heart wrenching extremely emotional powerful dark nostalgic depressive tear jerking sad for a long time and its powerful reality hits like a slap against your cheeks After your reading you gotta need a strong drink lay down to gather yourself together and breathe in and out several times because you’re truly shaken to your cores This is so effective strong and soul crushing earth shattering kind of journey You gotta be mentally and physically intact before getting your ticket to his adventure and getting rid of your second thoughts before you go blind and dive into This story is told by Franny Stone who seems like tarnished damaged soul keeping dark secrets a uiet brilliant wanderer who truly has no idea what she is doing with her life and how to treat herself fairly She is mentally lost and each destination she takes gives her a life purpose for taking a new adventure and procrastinating to face with her own life’s realities Her new mission is compelling she has to go to Greenland to find the world’s lost flock of Artic terns to follow them throughout their final migration which forces her convince to a half mad captain Saghani to take her to his ship to reach her destination She finds herself in a ship of different crew a group of broken people who lost their way throughout the years fighting with their own past demons and resentments It seems like seeing the results of seven deadly sins and instead of John Doe apocalypse threatens the nearly 80 percent of the population Now human’s pride and hunger for greed starts paying the price The fishless oceans and extinction of animals are the new life normal Reading this reminded me the last standing orchestra members of Titanic even though they know they’re going to die and there is no hope left they keep playing till the end because the power of music is only thing give them a real purpose It’s a heart wrenching story about loss grief exhaustion and dark journey to the human soul Normally I don’t like to read extra dark suffocating soul shaking stories but this is absolutely uniue a cold shower for your mind and awakening warning for you to take closer look to your own life story I cared about Franny a lot during my read and I liked to read her struggling story and her emotional letters to her husband and conclusion of her adventure Well crafted characters great world building and moving phenomenal story telling mesmerized me so I had no choice but to give five blazing starsSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for sharing this remarkable ARC with me in exchange my honest review And congratulations to Charlotte Mc Conaghy for creating such a powerful storybloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  2. marilyn marilyn says:

    Migrations follows Franny Stone's journey following the last of the Arctic terns The time is in the not too distant future and almost every bird fish and wild animal is extinct Almost all domestic and farmed raised fish birds and other animals are raised for food Global warming has wiped out the food and habitat for most animals And Franny is planning to die at the end of this last journey of the Arctic terns The birds won't be able to make the migration again because there are no fish left for them in the ocean In fact these birds may not even make it to their destination this last time without perishing first Franny is a disturbed individual Her father left her mom very early in their relationship and her mom has no contact with any of her family Franny's mother has always had a strong urge to wander and Franny was born with that urge also A ten year old Franny leaves home for just a few days and when she returns her mother is gone Franny spends years looking for her mother and this search haunts her whether she is awake or asleep Franny has very traumatic dreams sleepwalks and hallucinates And now Franny is wandering one last time following the Arctic terns As she travels after the birds on a fishing vessel with a crew that knows this is their last haul Franny writes letters to her husband She's already written many letters and has kept them all Franny's past is a mystery and her crewmates are suspicious of Franny and her true mission Franny's sadness and sense of doom is so prevalent that I had no doubt that Franny was looking for her end I loved the writing of this story even though it filled me with such sadness and a feeling of hopelessness This story is about a woman's loss other people's losses and our losses Publication August 4th 2020Thank you to Flatiron Books and NetGalley for this ARC

  3. Angela M Angela M says:

    “To me they were the presence of something profound though at six I didn’t know what Something like loneliness or it’s opposite They were time and the world; they were the distances they could fly and the places to which I could never follow”Yet Franny Stone is compelled later in her life to follow the near extinct Arctic tern“I decided to follow a bird over an ocean Maybe I was hoping it would lead me to where they’d all fled all those of its kind all the creatures we thought we’d killed Maybe I thought I’d discover what cruel thing drove me to leave people and places and everything always Or maybe I was just hoping the bird’s final migration would show me a place to belong”Set in a time that feels current not in the distant future most of the wild life are gone but not the Artctic tern I was immediately compelled to follow her on this journey to follow them The story is stunning every way It touched my heart with a character that will be hard to forget It pounded my head with the direness of the affects of climate change without preaching The writing so vivid and clear poetic at times I was cold I was aboard the ship I was in Ireland by the sea where she lived with her mother for a time as a child I felt her love for her husband I felt Franny Stone’s losses and sadness and trauma This is a first person narrative and while we know her thinking and feelings with each page read it’s not to the fullest extent at first but a gradual moving and build up towards understanding Franny’s determination and desperation to complete the journey When I say I connected to Franny it wasn’t because I could personally relate to what she has gone through but mostly because she’s such a broken soul yet has this courage and determination I admired her She’s strong but fragile and I have to admit I was afraid to get to the ending but I couldn’t stop reading It is through chapters moving between various times in her life that we get glimpses of her childhood in Ireland and Australia her recent life with a husband she is estranged from but still loves deeply We read the letters she writes to him that she never sends I fell in love with the motley crew of the ship just as she does I’ve intentionally said little about the plot but there are descriptions and other reviews that you can read for that Yes this is a book about the affects of climate change about man’s role in causing the extinction of precious wild life but it’s about so much than I expected It’s about love about the search for belonging about how one’s family and how losses shape who we are I can’t recommend this enoughI received a copy of this book from Flatiron Books through Edelweiss

  4. Debra Debra says:

    My life has been a migration without a destination and that in itself is senseless Fanny Stone is a lost woman wandering around searching for answers about those in her past while trying to make sense of her life She has suffered many losses in her life and sets out on a journey to follow Arctic terns to their final migration She convinces Ennis Malone the captain of a shipping vessel to let her join his crew as they follow the terns who they hope will lead them to fish For this is the crew's last haul Animals with the exception of house pets are extinct the seas are almost out of fish and Fanny believes this will be the Arctic terns last migration She sleepwalks and has wanderlust like her mother before her Franny like the sea is erratic and unpredictable I have never feared the sea I have loved it with every breath of my every beat of my heart This book is told in varying timelines but the headings let us know when and where the story is taking place I found this story telling techniue worked in this book as it symbolizes how erratic and unreliable Franny herself is This book seeps with sadness and gloom It is not an uplifting book and tells the tale of a sad life Having said that it was beautifully written full of beautiful passages Only uiet is a different beast when it finds you A perfect kind of thing until you have it and it turns on you Heartbreaking and Haunting Migrations is a story of survival loss love and facing the truthThank you to Flatioron books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

  5. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    We have never needed a book than “Migrations” in 2020during the crescendo of the COVID 19 pandemic We’re taken on a fascinating ethical emotional journey—sometimes funny—sometimes brave—mostly heartbreaking—”There is pleasure in the pathless woods There is rapture on the lonely shore There is society where none intrudes by the deep sea and music in its roar” With clear and unflinching prose this startling story is a page turning testimony to the power of love “Her name was Franny Stone at birth Her Irish mother gave birth to her in a small Australian town where she’d been left broke and alone Eventually they moved to Galway Iceland where she spent the first decade of her life”Franny had a dream foolish fantasy she called it of securing a place on a fishing vessel having a captain carry her as far south as possible to be able to follow the migration of a bird—the longest natural migration of any living creature Franny’s first week in Greenland “I’ve been out here on my own for six days My tent was blown into the sea last night as wind and rain lashed it from around my body I’ve been pecked on the skull and hands than a dozen times by birds who have been named the most protective in the sky” “I pause on the crest of the hill to look once and the wind calms a moment The eye spreads wide and dazzling edged by a black and white ocean and a distant gray horizon Great shards of cerulean ice floats languidly by even now within the heart of summer And dozens of Arctic terns fill the white of the sky and earth The last of them perhaps in the world If I were capable of staying anyplace it might be here But the birds won’t stay and neither will I” Franny walks through Tasiila Greenland It’s hilly and lovely with colorful houses perched on the uneven terrain “The sky is the sky is a sky and yet here somehow it’s It’s bigger” She sits and watches icebergs floating through the fjord while thinking about ‘the tern’ The terns nest along the coast but will fly south soon all the way to Antarctica She was studying the migratory patterns of the Arctic tern looking specifically at what climate change has done to their flight habits It’s what was killing the fish “Nobody needs to be told of the extension of the animals; for years now we’ve been watching news bulletins about habitat destruction and species after species being declared first endangered and then officially extinct There are no monkeys in a wild no chimps or apes or gorillas nor indeed any animal that once lived in rainforest The big cats of the savannas haven’t been seen in years nor have any of the exotic creatures we once went on Safari to glimpse” If there were any fish left in the ocean the birds would find them Franny was on a mission traveling on a vessel in Greenland with a colorful crew of men and women— she begged to tag along with the crew on ‘The Saghani’ offering to work for free “The crew didn’t really want Franny there But she loved every second of the backbreaking laborious eighteen hour days She had never been exhausted in her life but it was perfect It meant she would sleep” The mystery of why Franny had sleep challengeswill unfold slowly as we learn about abandonment issues from her past and the other memories than haunt her Highly original—messy tragic atmospheric and endlessly inventiveAn utterly engrossing read— by the phenomenally talented Charlotte McConaghyA BRILLIANT ACHIEVEMENTI hope to get a physical copy as this was one of the most remarkable and memorable books I’ve read this yearHuge thanks to Flatiron Books for this advance copy I honestly can’t say thank you enough Netgalley thanks for all the work you do to support authors and diehard readers and soooo much appreciation to author Charlotte McConaghy you’re incredible I’ll read anything you write again DEEPLY EMOTIONALLY MOVINGthe book you want to scream to everyone you know “READ IT” 5

  6. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    There is nothing so disturbing as a creature born to flight being bound to dull lifelessness A nameless sadness the fading away of the birds The fading away of the animals How lonely it will be here when it’s just us Franny Stone has always had large volumes of wanderlust coursing through her veins From? To? Both? Neither? It seems that this is an ancestral gift Excellent for seeing vast swaths of the planet’s landscape Maybe not so good for establishing a secure base of operations in say maybe a family living in oh a home Charlotte McConaghy image from Fantastic FictionAbout twenty minutes into the future a breathless Franny turns up at the town of Tasiila in Greenland The fauna of planet Earth have been vanishing at an alarming rate for a long time already Mass extinctions are no longer the exception but the rule Franny wants to hitch a ride with a fishing boat Her mission? To track the last Arctic terns on the planet as they make their globe spanning annual migration from the Arctic to the Antarctic She is happy to take on seamen’s chores while aboard although her skill set is somewhat slim But what she can offer of value is tracking hardware Terns with trackers on them and a computer that can check where they are This is of significance to a particularly hard core fishing boat captain Ennis Malone as terns are excellent locators of large schools of fish and Malone is desperate for one last ”golden catch” before he and all other fishermen are banned from practicing their trade the oceans having been pretty much drained of sustainable piscine life Tasiila Greenland image from Travel with 2 of usFranny’s time talking her way onto and then shipping out on the good ship Saghani is our home base present for the novel From here we flip back to several times in Franny’s life Two four six ten twelve nineteen years and one year before Each peel back parts of her life We learn of Franny’s many secrets with each look back McConaghy sustains tension by showing us just enough getting us to bite then yanking us to the next chapter the next time and place with the last chapter end’s hook still in usFranny has several loves as well as secrets She is a creature of the sea an amazing swimmer having an unnatural tolerance for oceanic chill which she demonstrates by diving into such frigid water on rescue missions with no apparent attention being paid to her personal safety You wouldn’t be surprised if she crawled out of the water sporting an Ariel like flipper instead of legs The sea for her is one of the great loves of her life Maybe it’s the family she never had She feels connected to her body and weightless and almost able to fly like the birds she loves from the WriterUnboxed interviewShe is smitten with birds We learn that she had had a particularly connected dealing with crows as a child In another one of the lookbacks she is working at a University decides to pop into an ornithology class to bolster her innate interest and finds unsurprisingly that she loves it that she has an excellent feel for the course material This does not go unnoticed by the professor who is soon gaga over her Niall’s love for the natural world birds in particular is as great as Franny’s love for the sea but he is able to fulfill this passion by study research and teaching without having to give up everything to pursue his interest A stable passion although no less a passion than hers Niall is absolutely symbolic of the birds for Franny He represents the idea that you can study what you love without taking away from the magic in those things from the Dead Darlings interviewTheir relationship takes flight Franny’s third true love but her wanderlust remains overpowering It was always there still is and e’er will be I tried for Niall like I did for my mother I really did But the rhythms of the sea’s tides are the only things we humans have not yet destroyed The family piece is important Her mother encouraged her to read a lot In addition to expanding her brain it was a way for Franny to leave without having to physically take off And it worked Her mother was particularly sensitive to leaving having been abandoned by her mother as a child Franny knew about this and her mother’s promise that if Franny ever left it would be the last straw for her The call comes when Franny is ten and she does an adventurous runner with a fellow adventurer But when she comes back two days later Mom is gone And Franny is packed off to her grandparents in Australia her father having been out of the picture for a long time Adult Franny goes on a search to find out what had happened to her mother one of several lookback threads It was really important to me to write the moments in Franny’s past that make her who she is and for the reader to be able to experience those moments on an intimate level with her because I felt that this would allow readers to connect deeply with her and what drives her through the story There’s also a lot of tension to be built in using suspension and mystery—you leave clues peppered throughout and only reveal information at moments that will create catharsis for your readers from the interviewFranny sustains a number of secrets Aboard the boat she suffers from night terrors even to the point of some life threatening somnambulism Why? What’s the deal with all those letters she writes but fails to send? What happened with her mother? Is that even a secret or just a mystery? There are And she is not the only one Some of the Saghani crew have plenty of their ownArctic Tern – image from Discover MagazineThe migration theme is worked vigorously Franny’s innate pull to here or there is certainly of a kind with the migration urges of birds We get to see the migration of the terns in action There is even mention of a very long term migration involving ocean currents The fishermen must migrate to follow the fish who also migrate One of Franny’s needs is to try to find or construct a family Niall presents one way in which to have an actual home base He offers her a lot of space to be who she is One can also see the Saghani crew as a kind of family They certainly look after one another in a familial way She can be herself to a significant degree with them salve her loneliness as they have theirs Franny’s searching for her mother is also driven by this familial need Even if you are going to be in and out you need a place to hang your hat or maybe it is not so much defined by the place but by people Home then is wherever you are when you are with the people you love The future McConaghy portrays is grim but she had not set out to bum everyone out or parade back and forth wearing a sandwich board screaming “Repent” She is not interested in tossing harpoons One measure of this is how sympathetically she portrays the fishermen even knowing that their work is part of the problem It is a very human look at things I didn’t want to write a dystopian novel about the physical impacts of climate change such as what would become of our food supply I wanted this to be an existential look at the way the loss of the animals would make us feel and I think this was a refusal of the idea that humans are the most important things on this planet and that everything exists in service to us I wanted the world I drew to look almost identical to the world today apart from that one major difference hoping that this would be a confronting way to predict how close a future without animals really is from the interviewFranny Stone is a fascinating and engaging character Admittedly most of us will not share her compulsion to just go But while it is likely that our traumas do not match hers we have all suffered trauma of one sort or another And while few of us have had to endure the chained up tied down feelings or experiences Franny has many of us have spent long stretches of time in places andor situations we would rather not inhabit I certainly have And while we may not have the NEED that Franny experiences we all have things we want desires that are unfilled whether in lower case or bolded caps So while we may or may not identify with the specifics of her experience we can certainly identify in one way or another with Franny’s pain with what remains unuenched fueling potential movement Migrations is a remarkable book that will transport you but to a place you will want to see You will meet interesting characters along the way try to figure out some mysteries uncover some secrets and consider that we are not all made alike There is on offer here a look at love made difficult by what is inherent but also a look at how that might be managed Hopefully you will consider optimism the possibility that courses through these pages as well as the dark future they portend Migrations is a journey well worth taking A shiver of delight finds me as we set out into the dark water We hug the coast traveling north by the ceaseless circling light of the lighthouse The salty smell of the sea and the sound of its crash the sway of the waves and the black abyss of its depths the reaching dark of it up to where it meets the inky velvet sky pricked through with glitter With the stars reflected in the water we could be sailing through the sky itself; there is no end to it no end to the sea or the sky but a gentle joining together Review posted – August 14 2020Publication date – August 4 2020I received an e book ARE of Migrations from Flatiron via NetGalley No long distance travel was entailed I did however feel unshakably pulled to write a review And thanks too to MC You know who you are Ok sometimes I get a dark urge a compulsion that I cannot resist try as I might The result is safely tucked under a spoiler tag to protect the innocent But if you are driven by investigatory instincts I urge you to reconsider before going there view spoilerOk my real closing lineIn writing Migrations Charlotte McConaghy has left no Stone un ternedOk there it is done Yes I know I have a problem Don’t judge me hide spoiler

  7. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Beautiful and heartbreaking I wasn't ready for this book to end Endings though is what we humans seem to excel at as this book makes clear The near future and with our disregard for climate change our inaction we have ended the lives and caused to be extinct 80% of lives creatures There are no elephants tigers and lions gone even crows are no The last hope are the Arctic terns who travel from the Arctic and back again This may be their final migration and Franny travels to Greenland to follow their last flight Franny though has private worries secrets she is running from just as she is traveling toward She us fragile brave and has suffered many losses As she travels with the shipping vessel Saghani we learn her back story as well of those of the crew on the boat Their are tender moments sorrowful ones and beautiful descriptions of the Arctic The ending is perfect magical and hopefulThe prose is gorgeous the story haunting and important It contains a warning a message that is of the upmost importance Can you imagine the world without these creatures that we have long taken for granted? This is where were heading if we don't act now ARC from Flatiron books

  8. Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    This is one of those stories that might not be about what you think it is about I went in thinking this was about climate change and loss of animals due to that but it's much than I expected The story explores the connection humans have to nature as it explores one of my favourite themes loneliness belonging and our need to find a connection Here we follow Franny's journey as she searching for a connection a will to live and something to live for She finds a connection to the sea and the birds she is following becomes her connection Through her point of view she takes us to her troubled past and I started to see her uest was about than what it seemedWhile the plot is engaging as we piece together Franny's past her demons and what makes her wander she is guarded and it was hard to connect to her because of that I found myself connecting to her pain sadness loneliness her need to wander and with the connection she finds to the land My son sees trees and plants as healing and he finds inner peace when near them He needs them as much as he needs air I find anything to do with water uiets the noise in my head Animals are healing and why we have a strong connection to them The story gave me a lot to think about how as humans we connect to nature and not only protecting our environment is essential to animals but human health as wellI enjoyed the dynamics between the crew with broken souls who are lost without a connection to their environment and are searching for that emptiness to be filled Even though they don't trust Franny they find comfort with her in that loneliness I loved the connection they formed through understanding that about each other While at times Franny's journey felt grim I could also feel some hope in the words written as Charlotte McConaghy paints us a beautiful story about healing These characters felt like finding friends who understand the need for nature for inner piece and who would be lost without it I highly recommend it World setting Greenland

  9. Karen Karen says:

    Every animal in the world is accelerating towards extinctionFanny from Galway Ireland has had a very sad and lonely past She is on a mission to track what is predicted to be the last migration of terns that is left She finds a fishing ship and weasels her way onto it and becomes part of the crew and she convinced them that with the tracking devices that she put on three of the terns if they follow the birds on their migration they will find fishThis book goes back and forth from different places and circumstances her life her childhood her marriageIt was beautiful and heartbreaking and really makes you think It was uite a journeyThank you to Netgalley and Flatiron Books for the ARC

  10. Larry H Larry H says:

    Charlotte McConaghy's Migrations is haunting poignant and thought provoking WowThis was definitely what I'd call a Bookstagram made me do it book I hadn’t heard of it until two friends spoke highly of it and it sounded like a book I’d like And boy did I everIn a not too distant future nearly all of the world’s wildlife—animals birds and fish—are extinct Franny has tracked the last existing flock of arctic terns to Greenland and she is determined to follow their last majestic migrationBut to do so she must convince a ship to follow the birds’ path and let her join them She connects with the Saghani a fishing vessel in search of nearly elusive fish She convinces them that the birds will go where the fish are and the captain Ennis decides to trust herIt’s a treacherous and harrowing journey As Franny gets acclimated with her shipmates it becomes clear that Franny is hiding something Suffering from night terrors sleepwalking into dangerous situations one must wonder whether Franny is not only running toward the birds but running from somethingThis was a beautiful book It has a similar feel to books like Good Morning Midnight Station Eleven or The Dog Stars although not uite as dystopian It’s also a commentary on the risks we face as a world given the way our environment is being abused Migrations is one that will stick with me Franny is one of those beautifully flawed characters you truly feel forCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at

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Migrations[Reading] ➶ Migrations Author Charlotte McConaghy – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Franny Stone has always been a wanderer By following the ocean’s tides and the birds that soar above she can forget the losses that have haunted her life But when the wild she so loves begins to dis Franny Stone has always been a wanderer By following the ocean’s tides and the birds that soar above she can forget the losses that have haunted her life But when the wild she so loves begins to disappear Franny can no longer wander without a destination She arrives in remote Greenland with one purpose to find the world’s last flock of Arctic terns and follow them on their final migration She convinces Ennis Malone captain of the Saghani to take her onboard winning over his salty eccentric crew with promises that the birds she is tracking will lead them to fishAs the Saghani fights its way south Franny’s new shipmates begin to realize that the beguiling scientist in their midst is not who she seems Battered by night terrors accumulating a pile of letters to her husband and dead set on following the terns at any cost Franny is full of dark secrets When the story of her past begins to unspool Ennis and his crew must ask themselves what Franny is really running toward—and running from.

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I'm Charlotte the author of the forthcoming novel MIGRATIONS published in the US in August and published in the UK and AUS as THE LAST MIGRATION After having grown up writing SFF this is my first foray into adult literary fiction and will be my first book to cross oceans I have a Graduate Degree in Screenwriting and a Masters in Screen Arts I'm also passionate about wildlife and the di.