Ginger Pye PDF/EPUB Ú Unknown Binding

Ginger Pye PDF/EPUB Ú Unknown Binding

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  1. Julie Julie says:

    A few years after my parents bought their very first house together an entire lot of low income apartment buildings went up on the other side of the canal behind our houseThese apartment buildings became known to the residents of my neighborhood as the red apartments very clever indeed as they were painted red and this expression was typically uttered in derision and infamy especially by us kids Yes we were resentful initially that those apartments went up directly behind our house and cast their ugly shadows on our smaller homes so the residents of that complex already had one strike against them but the main problem was that a majority of the kids who lived there were often bad newsThey were the kids who started fist fights at our bus stop they were the kids we would find hovered down by the canal behind our house smoking joints and they were the kids who held me at knife point once at the age of 12The truth is there were probably a lot of really normal people living in those buildings but they were most likely the single the newly married or the retired ones and we rarely encountered any of them It was the teenagers we needed to look out for and I would typically walk a wide arc around the entire complex on my way home especially if I ever found myself walking aloneI had a good childhood but almost everything bad that happened to me as a kid was connected in some way to the residents of those red apartments I would often complain to my parents about the shifty characters who would step out of the shadows of those red buildings and the threats they posed to my person but it was the 1970s and my father was just shy of invisible gone every day from 7am to 7 pm My mother was visibly present but always unavailable whether she was washing dishes cooking a casserole or reading Cosmo Parents were rarely concerned with “Unsavory Characters” back in those days You were on your ownSo imagine my surprise this week at meeting Jerry and Rachel Pye a sibling pair in Connecticut who have an “Unsavory Character” of their very own a person who has crept out of nowhere and is determined to stalk them mentally torment them and then steal something uite precious from them These kids are not totally on their own; their mother does listen to their problem and at least offers to lock the doors it's something and a local police officer takes their stolen property at least seriously enough to file a report but for the most part the lives of this brother sister pair become altered when they are presented with this very real problemThere isn't any violence in this book and it was perfectly appropriate for my 9 12 year old readers but this Newberry award winning story from 1952 took me uite by surprise I can't recall a single book for middle aged readers tackling this particular problemThe threat here is very real and I applaud Eleanor Estes for grappling with an issue that has probably plagued many young lives throughout the years I felt validated by this story and my daughters were completely engaged by it despite it being almost 70 years oldAs far as I could tell it hasn't lost any of its appeal

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    We loved this story about a family who loves and respects animals Jerry wants a dog but he is worried about his cat's feelings when he has made sure that he doesn't think his cat will mind he goes about earning the dollar reuired to buy the puppy he has set his heart on There is someone else who has a dollar waiting for this adorable puppy so the heat is on and there is a tense chapter or so when you you hope the outcome is happy as the other would be puppy owner sounds far from desirable This book would have been nice enough as an everyday account of family life but a mystery unfolds that really kept us guessingWe appreciated the characters in this book really cared about animals and wildlife We liked the fact they cared enough to consider the cats feelings about buying a dog and they cared about birds and small creatures enough to put a bell around the cats neck The children having being taught to consider the feelings of others cared about elderly peoples dignity and a happy ending ensued

  3. Jen Jen says:

    I read this because a couple friends and I are on a mission to read all the Newbery award winners so I haven't read any of the other Pye books by Eleanor Estes I mention that solely because I can't say whether reading them would have made me or less interested in this book and specifically Estes' narrative styleI had a really difficult time getting into this book Considering the Newbery track record thus far I'm not surprised that was the case but I did expect a little from this book since Estes is relatively well known The focus of this story jumps around uite a bit Ginger the dog is always involved somehow but the chapters focus sometimes on Jerry sometimes on Rachel sometimes on Ginger I can't really put my finger on which one of those I would call the main character and so I felt a little lost at firstAnd then Ginger the dog gets lost and suddenly the story gets interestingActually there's a chapter right before Ginger gets lost that I found surprisingly entertaining Ginger goes on a hunt to discover where it is Jerry disappears to every day school and I found that I liked Estes' imagining of what goes on inside a dog's head It's not uite as amusing as the dogs in Up but it is funnyThere Ginger had been on the trail of Jerry to find out where he went always And then this This fight with a cat He had fallen into temptation after all What a reflection upon his character In his shame Ginger stuck his tail down tight He felt like a traitor a deserter All right It would not happen again because he was Ginger the purposeful dogHaRachel the little girl starts listing all the stories that make her cry which include stories about old men How random But I love thisThe old man in the story was so feeble he spilled all his food on himself with shaking hands He made such a mess his family made him eat on the bench behind the kitchen stove Rachel could hardly bear to think of that sad story ever When Grampa got that old she would make him eat right at the table with them all and slobber as much as he wantedI became uite enad with the story about halfway through the book and just couldn't put it down Perhaps I should have given myself an hour to get into the book from the beginning instead of reading a chapter a night as I tend to do with the Newbery winners|Warning Nerd Alert|And this last bit is entirely unrelated to the story but it's one of the reasons I love reading old books I was reading along la di da and then this caught my eye Papa carried Uncle Bennie pickaback most of the way up Pickaback? Is that where the term piggyback came from? I never much thought about it before but piggyback doesn't really make any sense does it? When do you ever carry a pig on your back? Or when do pigs ever carry anything on their backs? Hmmm Well it didn't take much digging to discover that the word pick a pack became pickaback became piggyback through a process called folk etymology wherein people begin to replace a word whose meaning has been lost pick to place or put with a similar sounding word piggy regardless of whether or not the new word makes any sort of sense Isn't that fascinating? Language is alive people

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    This is a pretty old book had they not heard of excitement yet when this was written? It's a boring story with a drawn out plot In a word Bleck I will give Estes that the characters all of them were very lovable though so this could make a decent read aloud in a classroom

  5. Betsy Betsy says:

    I really wanted to like this book but unfortunately I found it to be uite slow I will not read of the series 2 stars

  6. Lia T. Lia T. says:

    If there was an option to give this book one and a half stars that would have been the rating I'd choose When I read the back of this book I thought Ginger the main dog was going to be a hero or something maybe rescue a few people from danger perform astounding stunts and then comes the day when the entire town has to band together to save their beloved friendWell that didn't happen What did happen was that all Ginger did was find a pencil and bring it to the school Then he disappeared a chapter later and wasn't seen for the rest of the book So no rescue missionsThere were plenty of parts in this book that they could have left out They didn't need to go caving or to the zoo or explain in great detail how their parents met In the chapter about the Perpendicular Swimmer I thought at least Ginger was going to save someone from drowning but all they did was swim And find that hat at the very endI wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who gets bored easily and I have no idea how it won the Newbery Medal Don't get me wrong there are many Newberys that I do like; I just don't understand how this book got it

  7. Davis Smith Davis Smith says:

    I have finished it The book that was responsible for a week and a half of cringes groans sighs and fist banging Seriously I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the worst book I've read in my life The writing is absolutely horrible There were so many unnecessary flashbacks that had nothing to do with the story in the least that I literally cringed and wanted to scream whenever it launched into yet another page and a half rant about stuff that we could care so much less about The style faintly reminded me of Beverly Cleary specifically her Henry Huggins series but those books are charming and perfect for young readers young readers may enjoy this one too but I'll give them enough credit to know that the flashbacks are completely unnecessary Nothing at all is realistic except the ending which strongly hints that Ginger was abused And the illustrationsoh my they're just laughable I was considering giving it 2 stars early on because I knew NOTHING could be worse than The Matchlock Gun in the Newbery Challenge This was and if there's anything that could ever take that place I will be mightily mightily surprised

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Not my very favorite Cranbury story that would have to be The Middle Moffat but excellent and recommended Funny and timeless Discussed in the Newbery Club Steve I agree The episodes with Rachel were pretty much outside the main plot I felt and that enhanced my impression of how special they were I particularly liked her inside out logic and how she fretted about 'turning into a Wally Bullwinkle'Re the art I first encountered Estes' illustrations as a child reading The Middle Moffat I loved them but probably mainly because I loved the book and read it several times I don't know if I'd like the style if I saw it for the first time now as an adult I'm guessing I'd have to struggle to do so I did also love the Krush's work; they were among the first illustrators I actually followed from book to book I'm having a hard time seeing their style being used here but I bet it would have been fine Still Estes both wrote illustrated so I prefer keeping that cohesive vision that unity of presentation Classic American Fiction Joseph Altsheler seems like a fairly advanced read for Jerry at age 10 It looks like The Young Trailers was aimed at youth thoughBut what do the children have against I books ? I assume they mean 1st person narration but gee Huck Finn for example is an I book and it is excellentI want to try an apple sandwich sliced apples on buttered bread

  9. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    This might be the last Newbery I read okay probably not because I have a mission to read them all and I'm not a uitter because I am totally OUTRAGED by this book This mangled sidetracking lack of interest and shallow character filled story is the book that beat out Charlotte's Web the year it was released? Are you kidding me??This one example in and of itself goes to prove how extremely worthless the Newbery is If I ever write a book and win one I think I'll be the first person in history to decline it even though Estes should have I mean freaking Charlotte's WebInstead of writing my traditional random reviews like I usually do I'm giving this book a two but out of spite I would prefer to give it a one I'm going to take the time to compare this book to the greatest not Newbery winning children's book of all time at minimum someone try to argue it's not in the top 5 1 Life LessonsGP Don't be an idiot and lose your dog and if you happen to be an idiot don't be an even bigger one and assume someone couldn't have stolen it just because they are right in front of you CW We are all going to die but it's what we do and who we help on this planet that matters 2 CharactersGP just finished this book fifteen minutes ago Maybe Jerry and Rachael I'm not kidding I can't remember and it's not worth walking to my car to grab the book to find out They don't do anything special literally your everyday run of the mill kids There uncle Bennie who is three yes pages are wasted on explaining this point that has nothing to do with the plot why not just make him a younger brother? And finally the title character Ginger Pye who literally isn't in 34 of the book About the deepest thing we learn about any of them is that the boy wants to study rocks and the girl wants to study birds when they grow up GP we discover is a dogCW Fern a girl experiencing the loss of innocence as a child becomes a teen Learning some hard lessons along the way but still having time to smile and talk with animals Avery her comedic relief of a brother who does a much better job of portraying a typical boy than what's his face Wilbur the pig on a journey to learn the hard truths about life and do so in a humble way He really is just some pig And like fifty shout out to Templeton gains some kindness in the end but finally Charlotte If I was going to sit down with my own kids someday and tell them who they should be when they grow up I'd say be selfless just like Charlotte from CW This spider dedicates her entire life to others WowSettingI'm going to give them a tie here They both have a few exciting places they visit CW has a scene at the county fair and just hanging out in a barn is full of wonder GP involves the swimming hole and a mysterious cave and there is a scene where the kids are in a church by themselves What kid wouldn't enjoy that? I feel like both stories have created a setting that is timeless Emotional FactorGP could have cared less that the dog was lost because they literally just got him ten pages before Not enough time to become attached CW bawl my eyes out every time don't even try to deny it you do too Charlotte lays down her life gives everything she has and then perishes Yes irresponsible kids might have to go through the pain of losing a pet but we all have to experience death Confusion FactorGP way to many tangents and random things happening that didn't add to anything CW straight forward memorable can be told by heart by millions of people this is verifiable if you've read the book seriously tell it to someone you'll find yourself using actual uotes from the bookThere is a reason why the Goodreads community has rated GP 36 with like 7500 reviews while giving CW a 42 with over 750000 reviews Charlotte's Web is a clearly superior book Way to go Newbery you dropped the ball on this one and countless others I might add have I read a single five star Newbery yet???

  10. Nathan Nathan says:

    The 1952 Newbery Medal winner Ginger Pye was a childhood favorite of mine a book I can still remember my mom reading to my brother and me when we were very young indeed My continuing love for it might be simple nostalgia but I think the fact that it has lingered in my mind all these years is proof of the book’s simple power and I enjoyed it just as much as an adult as I did as a child—in parts a bit because when Estes discusses such things as the first and third persons in a very round about child like manner I am now in on the jokeThe Pyes are a uniue bunch Mr Pye is a famous “bird man” the children’s word for an ornithologist who is always being called on to solve all the nation’s bird problems; Mrs Pye is the youngest housewife in town having literally bumped into the 35 year old Mr Pye on when she was only 17 thus causing him to fall madly in love with her; Jerry is a normal 10 year old boy interested in rocks and dogs; his younger sister Rachel wants to be a “bird man” like her dad and makes up the wildest explanations for things she doesn’t really understand and finds them entirely sensible; and Gracie the Cat is a lazy old thing whose only great virtue besides rat killing is her ability to unlock the front door I should probably add Mama’s brother Bennie as well as he visits every Saturday and is considered a hero in Cranbury because he is an uncle at only three years of age All their lives change for the better when Jerry inducts a new pet into the household the lovable puppy Ginger whom he bought for a hard earned dollar But it seems someone else wants Ginger too an Unsavory Character whose mysterious footsteps and dirty yellow hat are the only clues they have as to his identityThere are certain passages of this book that have stuck in my mind like bubble gum to the bottom of school desks The story of how Mr and Mrs Pye met is one of them Mr Pye having knocked her over while he was foolishly trying to go up the “down” escalator only to find himself head over heels in love “Well of course since Mama was such a little thing and wore only a size two shoe and over ate like a bird Papa had to marry her” And who could ever forget Rachel’s argument with her friend Addie Egan over the pronunciation of the word “villain” especially Rachel’s assertion that “it must be vilyun because vilyun sounds vilyunous than villun”? I could even remember Dr Kelly’s pink and green kinds of medicines “Both tasted awful but the green was worse because it also looked bad” It’s little touches like this that make the book really breathe and help create the impression that the Pyes are actual people living in an actual city called Cranbury somewhere between Boston and New York

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Ginger Pye ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Ginger Pye By Eleanor Estes ✐ – A heartwarming yet uirky story about a boy called Jerry whose much loved puppy Ginger Pye goes missing Jerry and his sister begin a desperate hunt for Ginger who they're convinced has been stolen away A heartwarming yet uirky story about a boy called Jerry whose much loved puppy Ginger Pye goes missing Jerry and his sister begin a desperate hunt for Ginger who they're convinced has been stolen away by the stranger in the yellow hat After months of fruitless searching the children are about to give up hope when a chance gust of wind reveals the villain to the children and Ginger Pye is saved BLA book which has stood the test of time and deals with the special relationship between a boy and his dog in a fun and lively way.

  • Unknown Binding
  • Ginger Pye
  • Eleanor Estes
  • English
  • 07 November 2016
  • 9780192719546

About the Author: Eleanor Estes

Eleanor Ruth Rosenfeld Esteswas an American children's author She was born in West Haven Connecticut as Eleanor Ruth Rosenfield Originally a librarian Estes' writing career began following a case of tuberculosis Bedridden while recovering Estes began writing down some of her childhood memories which would later turn into full length children's booksEstes's book Ginger Pye won the.