When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness PDF É

When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness PDF É

When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness ❁ Author Rebecca Woolis – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk This indispensable book about love and mental health addresses the short term daily problems of living with a person with mental illness as well as long term planning and care Of special note are the This You Love Has a MOBI :Ú indispensable book about love and mental You Love eBook ↠ health addresses the short term daily problems of living with a person with mental illness as well as long term planning and care Of special note are the forty three uick Reference Guides about such topics as responding to hallucinations delusions violence and anger; helping your loved one comply with treatment plans and medication; deciding if the person Someone You Love Has a ePUB Ò should live at home or in a facility; choosing a doctor and dealing with mental health professionals; handling the holidays and family activities; managing stress; helping siblings and adult children with When Someone PDF \ their special concernsMs Woolis produced a handbook which is both practical and accessible eminently useful for all of us who have a family member with a serious mental illness E Fuller Torrey MD author of Surviving Schizophrenia Rebecca Woolis presents easy to follow practical guidelines for coping with the multitude of problems that regularly confront families In minutes the reader can find helpful suggestions for dealing with any problem that might arise Christopher S Amenson PhD Director Pacific Clinics East.

About the Author: Rebecca Woolis

REBECCA You Love Has a MOBI :Ú WOOLIS MFT is a licensed family You Love eBook ↠ therapist who has specialized for than twenty years in working with people who suffer from mental illness and with their families She has directed a variety of community mental health programs for people with mental illness and with co occurring substance abuse and for their family and friends The recipient of a Distinguished Service Award from t.

10 thoughts on “When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness

  1. AJ AJ says:

    Unfortunately this book suffers from being horribly outdated than 20 years old at this point A lot of the information is not really relevant any Additionally it's better for families with a member who has schizophrenia or bipolar and not as much for those suffering from major depression But there are still some interesting nuggets tucked away here or there

  2. ēva ēva says:

    not bad content at all but it seemed mainly relevant to schizophrenia despite the author occasionally throwing in references to other mental illnesses such as depression

  3. Meghan Pinson Meghan Pinson says:

    An excellent resource that collects and reinforces all the advice I've gotten everywhere else including in a NAMI class Bonus points that the author mentored my own therapist back in Berkeley

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Brief but really good suggestions Love her uick reference guides disbursed throughout the chapters Very helpful

  5. Lynette Lynette says:

    A good informative book but maybe an updated version would have been good Still a lot of relevant and interesting stuff in it Worth a read

  6. Deborah Ackerman Deborah Ackerman says:

    I was given this book through BookTasters on Twitter for a review This book is aim toward regonizing and understanding the emotions and the needs of caregivers of loved ones or adults with chronic illness like cancer as well as many others This book is also aimed at helping caregivers and family to work through emotions that come with chronic illnessThough this book was written towards taking care of an adult with chronic illness I found so many of the feelings and tactics in this book incredibly useful for handling my two terminal children I found myself using the things said in this book throughout my daily life such has the breathing exercises for anxiety and stress Most definitely a must read and a helpful guide to getting into the mind and understanding of someone dealing with the same or similar circumstances

  7. Shelby Shelby says:

    For the time this book was written it was groundbreaking and a great snapshot at that time of mental illness However much of the information is specific to those that are severely chronically mentally ill such as those with a Bipolar I or Schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis The purpose of reading a book such as this is to delve deeper into understanding those with severe mental illness and assisting caregivers with the mental fatigue of their caregiving role The information related to caregiving resources and increasing understanding of those with mental illness is still relevant even in today’s world

  8. Chrystal Chrystal says:

    Excellent resource for family members of someone with a mental illness She really helps you understand the reality of life with this illness and ways to cope and thrive Thank you to NAMI and this important book

  9. Patricia Levesque Patricia Levesque says:

    A must have if you have a love one who has a mental illness Even though I've read it I still need to keep it handy

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    When Someone You Love Has A Mental Illness by Rebecca Woolis is an invaluable book for anyone who lives with or cares fro someone suffering from a mental illness

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