Baby Dragon Epub Ú Hardcover

Baby Dragon Epub Ú Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Baby Dragon
  • Amy Ehrlich
  • English
  • 04 September 2016
  • 9780763628406

10 thoughts on “Baby Dragon

  1. Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer says:

    Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterBaby dragon is told by his mother to wait for her by the red fern she'll be back by morning He waits and waits trying to pass the time and refusing to budge when his friends call for him to come play But as night falls a crocodile convinces him to climb on his back Will he be able to find his mother again?My nephew and I LOVE dragon books This also looked like it had drawings that he would take to so i felt it was a two fer unfortunately the story was a little freaky This mother abandons her baby in the morning but won't return until the next morning He resists moving from the fern the entire day but then gets carried off by a crocodile who convinces him he'd take him to his mother Baby escapes and somehow finds his way back to the exact red fern? NoHere's the thing even though it seemed crazy to me my nephew lapped it up He LOVED how all the words were either dialogue or action He loved doing voices and this has several Normally he'd balk at this many words but he really enjoyed it And the drawing went really well He was really into getting the dragon fern and weasel just rightSoooo the message of the book seems to be to obey your parents DO NOT talk to strangers like the crocodile if something is said that sounds bad or feels wrong then leave and find help All great messages the only problem is that mother doesn't find him he actually walks home and finds the exact right fern Ummm how? This is so unbelievable to me there are ferns everywhere in a forest no way to distinguish the right one when you've floated down riverI personally felt this muddied the entire story's message and made the book one I wouldn't suggest for a home libraryBOTTOM LINE A Baby finds his Mother book than a DRAGON bookYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo's Picture Gallery

  2. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    The illustrations by Will Hillenbrand are super adorable and I'll be on the look out for from this illustrator However the story is lackluster and than that could be a uite scary for kids as the mother dragon has to leave her baby all alone beside a fern on the banks of a river all night long while she goes to help the ailing grandma I think the point is that children should trust that their parents will always come back but gosh that poor scared baby dragon out there all night all alone not to mention the freaky crocodile that comes to coax him away it could all be a bit terrifying for some kids

  3. Beverly Beverly says:

    Good story about a baby dragon's resourcefulness but I couldn't help but wonder why on earth didn't the mother dragon just take the baby with her? Very cute illustrations done with ink colored pencil finger paint collage and gouache on vellum

  4. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    The KitKat liked it okay but I wasn't impressed What kind of dragon goes off and leaves a baby all by itself for a whole night? That's just wrong Let's see some adult supervision please And where was the dragon baby daddy hmm?

  5. Jessi Jessi says:

    Cute concept but kind of boring The dragon didn't really seem like a mythological character but just any normal animal If we read a dragon book we expect fire breathing or flying Just fell a bit flat for me and my little ones

  6. Sara Sara says:

    LT liked this one cute illustrations and I was kind of appalled at this storyline The Mama Dragon has to leave her Baby Dragon overnight while she goes to visit Grandma Dragon who is not feeling well She tells the Baby Dragon to wait for her by the red fern HOLD UP So this Mama Dragon is okay leaving her Baby Dragon overnight without anyone babysitting As an adult reading this I am wondering why doesn't she bring the dragon with her? Does she really expect this dragon to sit by the red fern?? And of course Baby Dragon misses his mother and gets sadder and sadder while he waits A sneaky crocodile offers to bring Baby Dragon to his mother but then he tells him he is going to bring the Baby Dragon to his kids so they can eat him Somehow Baby Dragon escapes but then gets lost He manages to find his way to the red fern where he waits until his mother arrives She assures him she will always come back for him Obviously there are some life lessons in there like stranger danger that sneaky crocodile and separation anxiety but I just wasn't a fan

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    The mother just leaves the child for a whole day and night by himself with nothing to do? Terrible parenting

  8. Ali Book&Seaglasshunter Ali Book&Seaglasshunter says:

    This is the first book I’ve reviewed here that I strong DO NOT RECOMMEND The illustrations are the only redeeming uality of the book but even that can’t save it it’s that terrible Baby dragon is left to be supervised by a fern beside the river while his mother goes to visit the sickly grandmother dragon She assures the baby that she will be back by the next morning and conveys that he should stay by the fern and wait for her For awhile Baby Dragon is able to comply with his mother’s instructions and even declines invitations from two friends to go play But then a strange crocodile invites him to leave and Baby Dragon decides to go The crocodile eventually reveals that he plans to feed the dragon to his children and Baby Dragon must escape He is able to find his way back to the fern and his mother returns not long afterI’m sure the idea behind this story was to uell children’s fears about being separated from parents or left alone However I don’t think that incorporating the aspect potentially of being eaten by a crocodile is something that is really going to put a young child’s fears at ease The author could’ve achieved the same thing by simply having the dragon wander off rather than essentially being kidnapped And then when the mother returns the whole thing is treated as a simple “adventure” and laughed off not an idea I want my children having about going off with strangers My 4 12 year old found the book scary although my 3 12 year old was notAt the very least please read this one yourself before sharing with children otherwise it’s a strong PASS from me

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful worthy of 5 stars Hence the 2 star rating instead of 1 star But the story line is just horrible What Mama leaves her baby with no supervision or food for 24 hours?? She says she has to go see Grandma who is sick but why not take Baby Dragon? Baby Dragon is good all day but eventually gets scared enough to go with the crocodile who says he'll take Baby Dragon to his mama What the heck? I get that you want to help kids overcome separation anxiety and teach them stranger danger but holy cow This book just teaches fear and ridiculousness and somehow Baby Dragon escapes and all is good in the end? What the heck? No just no Not recommended

  10. Karla Winick-Ford Karla Winick-Ford says:

    Maybe I just read too many children's books I have a collection of dragon stories as young children tend to be highly engaged in the stories This started out great I liked how he wanted to wait for his mother When the crocodile gets him on his back it reminded me of the fox and the gingerbread boy which is a great opportunity to discuss if children have had that experience with the other textLittle dragon is brave which lends itself to some open ended uestioningwhen reunited he's off to find frog to play just fell flat I felt it could have been better

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Baby Dragon➮ [Read] ➪ Baby Dragon By Amy Ehrlich ➺ – Amy Ehrlich spins a resonant tale of separation anxiety pluck and reassurance aided by Will Hillenbrand's charming lush illustrationsBaby Dragon knows he must wait for his mother by the red fern He kn Amy Ehrlich spins a resonant tale of separation anxiety pluck and reassurance aided by Will Hillenbrand's charming lush illustrationsBaby Dragon knows he must wait for his mother by the red fern He knows she'll be back by morning So he counts his claws draws in the sand takes a nap and otherwise bides his time never budging even when friends coax him to run off and play But as night falls Baby Dragon starts to worry What if his mother doesn't come back Should he climb on sly Crocodile's back and try to find her Blending just the right amount of excitement and apprehension this deeply satisfying story confronts a child's common fear and offers the ultimate comfort.

About the Author: Amy Ehrlich

Amy Ehrlich is the author of than thirty books for young readers and is also a winner of The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award for her novel Joyride which was also chosen Booklist Choice Best Book of the Decade She lives on a farm in Northern Vermont with her husband and a great many domestic and agricultural animals.