Kindle Edition ✓ Omega's Capture Epub Ú

Kindle Edition ✓ Omega's Capture Epub Ú

Omega's Capture ❰KINDLE❯ ❅ Omega's Capture Author Lillian Sable – She never wanted to be Omega Ianthe is trapped in the clutches of the Alpha who claimed her against her will She wants to fight him even as every cell in her body has come to crave his touch But there She never wanted to be Omega Ianthe is trapped in the clutches of the Alpha who claimed her against her will She wants to fight him even as every cell in her body has come to crave his touch But there is to Legion than meets the eye and Ianthe will suffer before she learns all of his secrets.

About the Author: Lillian Sable

Lillian Sable writes erotic romances and is the author of The Dollhouse series She is a former office worker who spent time fantasizing and daydreaming than doing her actual job She started writing her fantasies down and turned her dreams into realityLillian lives in Indiana with her husbandFollow me on Facebook authorlilliansableSign up for my newsletter.

10 thoughts on “Omega's Capture

  1. BAK BAK says:

    Annoying worse than the firstUghwhere do I even begin? Second book in the series The main female character has no real hobbies interests ualities to build her Even her lame attempts at smarting off to the housekeeper she shuts up fast Weak Her attempts to fight the alpha? Weak as well Why even bother saying you’re going to fight the bond and then do so the whole time pathetically? Then he has a doctor give her fertility drugs to FORCE her into heat to attempt to get her pregnant Then after she comes out of her heat she’s magically okay with himwtf? And then it’s clear he apparently did that because he ends up getting arrested so if she is pregnant they’ll have to put them back together So why not try COMMUNICATING yes that odd concept that apparently hardly any authors think peoplecharacters do with anyone especially a bonded mate All he had to do was say hey he might get arrested do you need to be pregnant blah blah Secrets and forcing things hurts a relationship worse than open communication OMG But who knows what’s going to happen as of right now because the book is left on a major not one but TWO cliff hangers Is she? Will she be raped in the next book by the creepy government guy? Sit on those cliff hangers and spin apparently is what the author wants everyone to do until the third book drops Her sister has been lied to about her whereabouts her younger brother is running about And a Legion apparently doesn’t care or he could have brought them to the compound But nope Tossed some credits and lies their way Oh and the sex scenes aren’t very graphic So let’s see what happens in the third addition Likely another basket of cliff hangers

  2. Meredith Meredith says:

    385 I actually liked this a little bit than the first book This is a good Omegaverse series if you have Kindle Unlimited These books are too short to pay full price on like other reviewers have mentioned This series is not as epic as some of the Omegaverse stories out there It's good to scratch an itch inbetween reads I'm going to come back and add thoughts because I understand the negative reviews but the points made didn't bother me too much I do think the author's characterization was slightly off for both MCs I wasn't offended by it or anything The MMC's behavior wasn't worse than any of the MMC's behavior in Wren's Song for example I wasn't expecting him to demonstrate good behavior There is a safety issue view spoiler The MMC has talked about sleeping with other Omegas in book 1 and in this book he mentions his first mate Nila and their unborn child So this guy definitely has a history hide spoiler

  3. Jacqueline& Jacqueline& says:

    35 StarsI was hesitant to start the second book of this series because of all the reviews Honestly Legion didn’t really bother me What bothered me was the flow of the story There’s a huge disconnect between the main characters and don’t even get me started on the endingI enjoyed the first book because Ianthe was a curious character for me I liked that she was trying to hide that she was an Omega and I liked where the first book endedWhen Ianthe wakes up in Legion’s place all Hell breaks loose I get the dominate and submission play I truly get it but there’s a finesse to it I don’t think the author got the grasp just yetI found Ianthe’s character very hard to be liked in the second book Her pride and stubbornness made her character annoying I thought she was a touch too much I couldn’t take her lashing out at everyone including the lady that washed her up I mean she didn’t want to get out of the bathtub to prove that she didn’t have to listen to her? Sheesh talk about a bratI thought Ianthe would try a little harder to communicate to home I’m glad that was brought out finally towards the middle but instead of her trying so hard to go home I wanted her to fight to make sure her family was okay I kind of wanted to see the family moved in too so Ianthe would have someone to talk to and confide toI also thought Ianthe’s family was a little annoying her sister since her brother wasn’t there but I think the book needed a little positive and some support to help the flow of the story to move along better When the entire book is angst it becomes too much I thought the side plot of the King and Legion’s problem was lacking It felt like two stories being told and it needed to be mixed into the main story better There was a lot of “talking” but no real action I felt like maybe Ianthe could have been written into this storyline too just to make the flow betterThen there was the ending It did a 180 and it completely broke apart the flow of the story There was no small lead up or anything that could point in that direction and I believe that was the downfall of the book It would have been better to ease into this new story plot OR save the story plot for the next book once things were established Overall I’ll still read the series but I would like to see1 Better flow Make sure there’s a good transition of of plot and side plot and somehow work everything into one plot so it moves better2 Less descriptive writing I don’t need to know what the entire room looks like or what the characters are thinking 247 I’m pretty sure I knew Ianthe wanted to go home from the first moment Keep the descriptive writing down I consider this filler writing3 Be a little positive Like I said I didn’t mind Legion’s character but Ianthe lashing out at the maid and having an awful sister didn’t help the angst or negative vibe of the book The main character needed at least one support system just to bring the book up a bit and keep the reader happy4 This is just me but kink and steam Make it a smutty bookThe positivesI liked Legion’s character I might be the minority on this one I’m into dark books and his dominance and meanness didn’t bother me I liked him because he’s so dead set on Ianthe and I’m a sucker for when the Hero chases after the HeroineThat’s my two cents

  4. TP TP says:

    Well I enjoyed the series in general but I won’t read any further books in this seriesIf it wasn’t on kindle unlimited I wouldn’t have started this book no matter how good it would have been due to the impudence of the author to sell those short stories as real booksDespite that I didn’t like the direction the story tookYou can’t build a story on the basis of a defiant and righteously so female character being disrespected and treated undignified to just let her roll over like that in the end No matter the hidden agenda the counterpart did have Without proper grovelling and suffering for the male part to get back into her good grace Without a big gesture to redeem himselfIt defies the whole purpose it defies the unspoken laws It Contradicts all the thoughts and actions and words the female protagonist hadNot only does it make the female character look like a doormat and shows weakness beyond repair to the reader it also reflects a poor character I frankly don’t care about any The whole conflict of alphaomega has the purpose to let the female come out stronger despite their anatomical differences to be eual and free of being forced into a bond which the author failed dramatically by the last sentences the character emitted Which left her looking pathetic than her few actual attempts during the book at standing up for herselfSo this all is a no go

  5. Rosebud Rosebud says:

    Ianthe's deception has been discovered Legion has uncovered her status as an Omega and promptly claimed her as his His Omega Now a prisoner in Legion's compound Ianthe is cut off from her family though Legion says that he'll allow her contact with them if she makes it worth his while Warning This is a dark fantasy Omegaverse Dytopian tale that does include abuse dubnon con scenes that might stretch comfort zones and graphic sex This sort of story is intended for fans who appreciate this form of literature Consider yourself warnedWarning This is a second in serial dark fantasy erotic romance series which means the story is incomplete with many unanswered uestions left hanging that ends with a major cliffhanger Cost breakdown on Omega's Deception 131 pages299Omega's Capture 145 pages399Omega's Binding 137 pages399no further installments in series available or published but probableSecond in serial series installment that picks up immediently after Omega's Deception More details are revealed as follow ups for unresolved issues from the previous book though new open ended story line sub plots are added This book includes graphic erotic scenes and centers on the actual day to day evolving relationship between Legion Ianthe It isn't until the later portion of the story that the beginning of this story's major cliffhanger ending is introduced Another whopper of a cliffie My issues Pet peeve when story line details and premises are changed or altered to reflect a different take on things Also how many times does Legion get to renege on a promise? Seriously While I'm a fan of the serial I wish I had waited for a box settotal series one book before grabbing this

  6. Mar Mar Mar Mar says:

    OkaaaaaayyyyFirst of all Ianthe was annoying She fought against him so hard And against what she fought?I mean this is Omegaverse right? She's from the slumms She was ready to become a hooker for a one night and now when Alpha wants to claim her to give her stable home and freaking clean air and riches while she can save her sister and brother and give all of them good life? She's like noo I hate you I hate Alphas etc It doesn't make any sense Not at all She's bitchy she doesn't know what the fuck she wants This series had a good potential The world was interesting where they lived hierarchy was interesting lack of clean air and how Legion fit into it all and what was his role but anything between them just went weirdIanthe just came out at wannabe righteous and self sacrificing oh I'm going to Eros to prostitute myself out for my family's sake but hey one guy wants to provide for me and my family whole life? No way I will fight to get back to the slumms slummingLike everyone who have been so poor they would sell any part of their body to get a better life

  7. Carissa Carissa says:

    This review is going to be a rant so if you really like the book or the author don’t read onSo I know many readers are excitedaroused by books with dubious consent sex between the Heroine and the Hero I don’t mind reading books with rapeabuse when the perpetrator is presented as a villain of the story but when these acts are committed by the Hero I hate it This is because it feel too close to condoning these acts as the Hero is supposed to be the ‘good’ guy or at least the guy we are rooting to get the girl even if his ‘good’ status is uestionable With dubious consent books I am hesitant some I don’t mind and some I think are actually rape and a lot of what makes the distinction is if the Hero respects the HeroineWith the first book in this series there was dubious consent when the Hero spanks the Heroine in Eros House She obviously is in pain when he hits her and she is only there to support her family if she had a real choice she wouldn’t be doing it However she did agree to go to Eros House of her own free will and accepted that she might have to endure some unsavoury things therefore it wasn’t rape Still the Hero was on shaky grounds with me because I knew he didn’t care if she was in pain and if she had saidscreamed ‘no’ he probably wouldn’t have stopped Going into this second book I was hesitant and was hoping the Hero would redeem himself in some way such as show genuine compassion for the Heroine or to show that he does respect her wishes at least somewhat I hoped because he was a Crime Lord and obviously disregards the law that he wouldn’t care about the law that Omegas are slaves and treat the Heroine as an eual but nope The Hero treats the Heroine as a slave and even says to her “you don’t know what you want” which is basically saying he is allowed to treat her however he wants because she doesn’t have a right to her own opinions This is too much like a rapist saying ‘she wanted it really’However my biggest problem with this book is that the Hero actually RAPES the Heroine He gives her fertility drugs twice without her knowledge in order to make her want to have sex with him This is like a rapist using a date rape drug and it is irrelevant whether the Heroine likes it or not it is still rape Also when he growlspurrs at her to get her aroused knowing her biology will prevent the heroine from making clear decisions I found that to be rape too as he knows the heroine wouldn’t have sex with him otherwise So to summarise this book has the Hero raping the Heroine Can’t stand it

  8. Alynn Alynn says:

    I tried I REALLY did but no That wasn't for me I wasted my time I'm done with this series and will try to find a good book to purge this one out of my systemI’m into dark romances but I need to have a minimum of balance between both characters Here there was none the hero continuously diminish and abuse the girl and nothing she says or do will make him change oh but SHE has to change for him of course –and she happily does because of the magic of lov SEXUAL ABUSE view spoilerThe hero repeatedly rape disrespect belittle mansplain the heroine that her feelings are not true and that he knows better than her what’s good for her and she just let him At some point he decide to force impregnate her without her consent and suddenly BOOM she realize that all her RIGHTFUL struggle were bullshit and she’ll be happily mated with his baby after all That’s it No grovel No self reconsideration from the hero that maybe his girl will love him best if he actually listened to her a bit nothing the girl is treated like trash and like she’s a child who doesn’t know what’s good for her and she ends up happy about it and proving the hero was right all along It was so bad that I couldn’t enjoy ANY of the smut scenes in this book; NONE of them were a little bit enjoyableIf you’re into the kind of story with a heroine with absolutely no back bone you will enjoy thisThere were SO MANY things wrong compared to book 1 Like the hero knew from the beginning the girl was an omegawhere does that comes from?? When?? How?? There was absolutely NO indication of that information in the 1st book so this coming in book 2 sounds like it was last minutes clumsy add? Like if he knew from the start why not claim her right away and say in book one that he wanted to be sure?? And would ANY alpha leaves his girl in the low levels where the air is POISONOUS like even himself never wanted to go there to risk his health and he was fine playing his games and letting his girl poison herself for days?? Where’s the protective alpha in that?? hide spoiler

  9. Set Set says:

    The relationship goes another way than what I expected when he tries to negotiate her submission for the well being of her family The housekeeper bit was a bit pointless and there is no real character building for her But I like it that she is kept in the dark for most of his business negotiations and all the other boring city stuff view spoilerI don't understand how he purposely got her pregnant knowing that he is putting her in harms way by getting arrested and charged No one was supposed to know about his secret location but they surrounded the place very uickly hide spoiler

  10. Danielle Danielle says:

    The overall storyline is pretty good reminiscent of Addison Cain’s omegaverse and I’d like to see where the author takes it I struggle with the Omega While I get where she is coming from I feel like there could be depth to the character It was hard to like her in this book This book could also use a red pen taken to it Such simple editing errors but enough of them to be really annoying Legion is even referred to as Julian at one point That said I do still plan on reading the next book in the series

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