Late Night Kisses Kindle ì Late Night PDF/EPUB ²

Late Night Kisses Kindle ì Late Night PDF/EPUB ²

Late Night Kisses [Reading] ➹ Late Night Kisses Author Whitney G. – This is a previously published edition ASIN B07LGYTCKR The Official Recipe for Nathan Benson2 cups cockiness1 mouth that's far sexier when it's shut1 huge ego that can't fit in the damn mixer1 BIG HAR This is a previously published edition ASIN BLGYTCKR The Official Recipe for Nathan Benson cups cockiness mouth that's far sexier when it's shut huge ego that can't fit in the damn mixer BIG HARD co Well you get the pictureAs a pastry chef I can tell exactly what a man is made of the moment he walks through my shop's frosted glass doorsSo the moment Nathan Benson Late Night PDF/EPUB ² showed up over half an hour late to our blind date with no explanation caught the gaze of every woman in the diner with his panty melting smile and said I personally don't think we should waste any of our time sitting here talking after only five minutes of conversation I knew he was one of the rudest concoctions ever createdI also knew there was no way in hell I was going to see him againOr so I thoughtDays after I abandoned him on our first date he tracked me down with one hell of a way to get me to agree to a second one And a third and a fourth I swear if it weren't for the fact that I was being blackmailed by the sexiest man I've ever met I would've reported him to the authorities a long time agoThen again holding out for a few Late Night Kisses and maybe a bit from his mouth of perfection may not be a complete recipe for disaster after allThis is a steamy contemporary romance novella.

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  1. Christy Christy says:

    35 stars 
 The Official Recipe for Nathan Benson 2 cups cockiness 1 mouth that's far sexier when it's shut1 huge ego that can't fit in the damn mixer 1 BIG HARD co—Well you get the picture This was a cute short and steamy Christmas novella I love Whitney G’s writing and characters I just wish this would have been a little longer Some novellas feel substantial and others I feel like we didn't get enough This is one of those Maybe if we got of an epilogue it would have been better for me Either way it was still a sweet and uick read with just enough heat If you’re looking for a fast reading Christmas short this is for you

  2. Bibi Bibi says:

    1 star for the recipesThere’s not much to this story Christina our heroine is a baker and Nathan our hero is a cop They meet through an online matching service and the rest is history What I did love was Christina’s grandma’s recipes

  3. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Perfect for a couple hours break between gift shopping and Christmas cooking this short novel is funny and romantic I was a bit disappointed with the last males that were introduced by Whitney G in her latest novels but Officer Nathan Benson stole my heart He is over the top cocky but he is so nice at the same timeAnyway every girl would love a guy who would read romance novels for a whole week in order to create the perfect date for her and who would try to make all her Christmas’ wishes a reality Christina is a bit annoying at times but she is not too bad She is hardworking and not very lucky with men Obviously she had to be careful with a fine male specimen like Nathan I thought that a city with two Christmases per year in December and in June and in which the Christmas mood never stops is also a great idea

  4. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    Mehfor such a short book it seemed to take FOREVER for these two to actually get together On top of that this really needed an epilogue On a positive note I did laugh out loud several timesso there is that

  5. Corina Corina says:

    Late Night Kisses was a slightly naughtier version of a Lifetime holiday movie I wouldn't consider it as steamy but definitely sexy And it was exactly what I wanted without knowing that I wanted it in the first placeIt was cute easy and lighthearted perfect for the Christmas season Truly Late Night Kisses made me chuckle and smile It had Whitney G's trademark humor and snark And both characters loved sarcasm which always works for meSince it's a novella of about 99 pages don't expect anything deep or characters with fleshed out backgrounds or anything else earth shattering LNK was just a uick and enjoyable read A little naughty but also entertaining and funny Both Nathan and Christina were easily likable and I would have LOVED reading a full length novel about them Compared to some of WG's other heroes Nathan was perfectly balanced Cocky without crossing the line He certainly knew how to go after what he wanted but he was also considered and dreamily supportive The author's trademark OTT delivered some eye rolling dating scenes but all in all it's a wonderful Christmas novella that will provide an hour or two of holiday cheer✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ If you want to chat with me about books find me on Instagram For of my reviewsMy Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog

  6. Carvanz Carvanz says:

    This is a short steamy read with a bit of enemies to lovers trope Of course the enemies is really just the heroine hating on the hero but it worked for meChristina should be totally turned off by Nathan after his late arrival and cocky attitude during their blind date And she iseven while she’s a bit turned on Nevertheless she hightails it out of there only to find out that her blind date is the police chief A morally corrupt police chief if his method of gaining another date or fifteen is anything to go byNathan is one hot cocky hero But he’s not really feeling the spirit of the community where he’s relocated for his job Perhaps he needs something different or someone When he meets Christina and she gives him the slip he is determined to gain another date with her and another and another I loved the way he blackmailed her into giving him another chance I also appreciated the fact that despite all that cockiness he exhibits he was not a player At least that’s my take on it considering he’s been celibate for six monthsThis is a fun and uirky little read with some pretty amusing characters town and situations The steam factor is kindle melting and the chemistry between the hero and heroine than evident There wasn’t a lot of opportunity to highlight the buildup of their relationship and I missed seeing that but it’s hard to have it all in a novella I still enjoyed the heck out of this story and would love to meet other couple’s from this town Dual POVSafe view spoilerno ow drama; the h does go on a couple of blind dates after meeting the H with one of them on page but she’s so not feeling her date – blind dates were set up through a dating app that originally set her up with the H hide spoiler

  7. Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Alba and Her Secrets..♥ says:

    4 'Owing many dates' StarsA sexy festive novella by Whitney G? Oh yeah I am all over it The woman sure knows how to write a sassy heroine a cocky dirty talker their sizzling sexual tension and off the charts chemistry I loved Nathan and how he wins Christina's trust and love after that failed first blind date These two have a beautiful connection and I really enjoyed reading their love story Of course I would have loved to read about them but what I read I really loved Difinitely recommend reading Late Night Kisses especially if you are in the mood for a uick sexy Christmas story and if you are a fan of Whitney's work

  8. Dilek VT Dilek VT says:

    Nope because novella

  9. Olga therebelreader Olga therebelreader says:

    This book was even better than I´d expected I loved the characters the setting and its happily ever after ending In Late Night Kisses I enjoyed the progression and the complexities of the romance between Nathan and Christina They meet under unusual circumstances and sparks start to fly from the very first moment This book is a delightfully fun and romantic read Great love story steamy as hell just everything you want in a romanceIn shortHero 55 | Heroine 55 | Plot Point Originality 45 | Writing Style 45 | Steam 55 | Romance 55 | Angst Suspense 35 | Darkness 05 | Humor 45 | Secondary Characters 55 | Drama Conflict 45 | Mystery 05 | Twists 55 | Pacing Fast | Action 35 Complimentary copy kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

  10. MELISSA *Mel Reader* MELISSA *Mel Reader* says:

    45 StarsARC provided by author

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