Paperback ´ Saratoga Snapper PDF Ú

Paperback ´ Saratoga Snapper PDF Ú

Saratoga Snapper [Ebook] ➩ Saratoga Snapper ➯ Stephen Dobyns – Charlie Bradshaw is about to find that some pictures are worth a thousand words and a couple of lives When his partner is run down in the street and his camera stolen Charlie sets out to find out what Charlie Bradshaw is about to find that some pictures are worth a thousand words and a couple of lives When his partner is run down in the street and his camera stolen Charlie sets out to find out what the pictures mean and comes across the mastermind of an armed robbery scheme worthy of Saratoga's opulent past By the author of Saratoga Longshot and Saratoga Headhunter.

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  1. Paul E. Morph Paul E. Morph says:

    Book 13 of 2019While I did like this one I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the two previous installments I’m not sure why; I just wasn’t as engaged with the story Perhaps it was because Charlie’s sidekick Victor was sidelined for most of this book

  2. Eric_W Eric_W says:

    Charlie is a misanthrope When his mother who owns the hotel where he works as the house dick asks him what he would do with a million dollars his response is that he'd like to buy a boat anchor it offshore and fish and read Sounds good except for the fishing If people wanted to come visit they could wave and he'd row over in the dinghy to get them or not His girl friends drop him because he's not bold Charlie vows to find out who injured Victor his friend by running him down and stealing his camera He discovers during the course of his poking around that an old mobster has been hanging around the hotel That leads him to suspect the guy is planning to heist an ard truck that carries a substantial amount of money on a regular basis from the track The police chief when informed scoffs since it's the best protected run around and besides there are so few roads for the thieves to escape on Well of course Charlie has it nailed but the links are not what he expected Mildly entertaining Not as good as some of the other Dobyns I've read 25 stars really

  3. Paul Wilner Paul Wilner says:

    Charlie Bradshaw Saratoga Springs detective race track hanger on hopeless romantic Great stuff

  4. Jim Thomsen Jim Thomsen says:

    There’s a way that you’re outside of life I’m not sure how to say this but it’s like you’re on the periphery on the outside looking in You sort of skirt the perimeter asking uestions and wondering what it’s like instead of diving in and becoming a part of it Maybe even living out at the lake is an example of that You live out there and watch Saratoga from a safe distance”“Is that why you won’t go out with me” asked Charlie uncertain what Doris was saying“That may be one of the reasons I mean what makes you good as a policeman or a detective is that you’re curious and ask uestions but then you do the same thing with life itself as if you’re in a store deciding whether to buy or not to buy You can’t do that with life You have to jump into the middle and take what comes”Private detective novels are often built on fantasy projects of the sort of man men are supposed to want to be tough stoic skilled capable of righteous savagery psychological acute unerringly judgmental and therefore irresistibly attractive usually to the opposite sex And when a woman hurts a private detective they do so because they're liars cheaters or otherwise morally one dimensionally dismissible and worthy only of ferocious violence verbal or otherwise This is supposed to represent some sort of masculine ideal but I've always found it sad and pathetic even as I've nursed my own wounds over women and sometimes firehosed my wounds in their faces because I was unable to face the man in the mirrorThen there's Charlie Bradshaw the central character in eleven mystery novels by Stephen Dobyns set in Saratoga Springs New York a series that started in 1976 with its most recent entry published in 2013 after a fifteen year absence Charlie is poor and dresses like it with cheap sport coats with flapping linings and Hush Puppies sporting crushed heels He isn't handsome; he's a little overweight with thinning hair a round face and a nose like a grape He's not particularly feared and he's not respected by the most respectable members of Saratoga society What is he is observant and stubbornIn SARATOGA SNAPPER Charlie has dated Doris Bailes a bar waitress for a number of years and even fallen in love with her without ever being able to get comfortable in their relationship And when she breaks off their relationship to see another man aligned with her outlook on life Charlie is driven to hangdog reflections on who he is how he lives his life and if those things could ever be appealing to anyone but himself The trouble was that Doris didn’t even dislike Charlie She just liked Roger Phelps He played suash and had a sort of ruddy vigor If he could just forget her Charlie told himself he could continue with his life and maybe meet other women—women who liked him and didn’t mind if he wasn’t too tall and was a little overweight and getting bald The awful truth was that despite his age he was still liable to the paralyzing crushes which had plagued his high school years These were never appropriate Nor had he much interest in 'sensible' womenI found this storyline tremendously appealing Charlie is a real person and as I've often said I read crime fiction not to escape from reality but to escape INTO it I'm kind of a Charlie myself and when I read a story about a Spenser or an Elvis Cole or a Jack Reacher I never think I want to be THAT guy What I want is to be comfortable with the me that I am and when I see people like me working through their stuff even in fiction with great authority and plausibility it gives me ideas and how to do that for myself And ideas often lead to hope and that leads to a positive experience especially when the fictional version of me is somehow able to overcome the obstacles in spite of their perceived shortcomings and gain a little respect self induced and otherwise along the way And when that's just one component of a well crafted story that's just about as positive an experience as one can have with a book in my opinionBut SARATOGA SNAPPER has a lot going for it I like it when a series uses a setting nit just for selective lifestyle porn but bothers to unpack its history and culture without losing a single MPH of plot momentum Every SARATOGA novel does this to some degree and its anecdotal look at Sarataga's intersections with gambling and crime are especially entertaining and informative In SNAPPER Charlie is pursuing an octogenarian bank robber in the mid 1980s a legend from the days of Dutch Schultz and Arnold Rothstein and Murder Incorporated named Tommy Polanksi who's making one last bid for lasting respect as he stares down his terminal cancer When Charlie finally crosses paths with Polanksi the old man has enough left in him for one last speech'I really liked Saratoga' said Polanski 'Not now of course now it’s just a developer’s paradise but way back before they caught me and stuck me in prison' He struggled again to sit up Charlie leaned forward to help him lifting him up in the seat and surprised at how light he was 'I remember when they repealed the old Agnew–Hart Law' Polanski continued 'and all the bookies came back to the betting ring at the track That was probably in ’34 A great bunch of people—Blue Jaw Magoon Jenny the Factory the Dancer Irish John Cavanagh Then at night you could go over to the Chicago Club or one of them other places It’s all gone now but that one hotel you know the Bentley I mean it’s not really the way things were but it looks a little like it'All the SARATOGA mysteries are at least above average but SNAPPER in particular is a high point in the series I reread them every few years and find new Easter eggs in them each time Character counts is a cliché but in this case it speaks loudest and longest

  5. Sallie Sallie says:

    This has been on my TBR pileshelf for years I'm finally trying to read and rid myself of old paperbacks I did enjoy this although I'm not sure I'll be searching high and low for if there are Charlie Bradshaw is one strange dude

  6. Michael Michael says:

    Book 4 in the series1986 publication best to date The main character is becoming better defined and a lot Saratoga feel to it I am on to book 5

  7. Farhan Farhan says:

    An entertaining installment in the Charlie Bradshaw series who is a very likeable small town detective When his friend the town photographer is run down by an unidentified person Bradshaw finds himself investigating a hit and run case which seems to have deeper connections with master criminals of the past An old fashioned mystery with a compassionate study of the protagonist's character Good stuff

  8. Alana Alana says:

    Read this because it was in the bookshelf of the cabin where we were staying at Tupper Lake It passed the time that's about it

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