Hardcover ✓ Cat People PDF Ú

Hardcover ✓ Cat People PDF Ú

Cat People [Download] ➺ Cat People ➿ Michael Korda – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk With characteristic wit self–effacing charm and sheer exuberant love of a good cat story New York Times bestselling author Michael Korda and his wife Margaret Korda recount their lives as cat people With characteristic wit self–effacing charm and sheer exuberant love of a good cat story New York Times bestselling author Michael Korda and his wife Margaret Korda recount their lives as Cat People beginning with Margaret's passion for cats and Michael's reluctant mid–life transformation into a cat person and introducing readers to a hilarious assortment of people whose life revolves––often to an extraordinary degree––around their cat or cats from Cleopatra a transatlantic traveler who found happiness in Paris to Wally the epitome of feline dignityHere are people who just can't say no to another cat who world–travel with their cat who build their social life around their cats––and of course the cats themselves for the Kordas celebrate the beguiling power of cats including many of their own who have complemented complicated and changed their lives together over the years Here are charming often hilarious and sometimes sad portraits of such cats as Margaret's beloved Irving whose favorite abode was the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and Mumsie who arrived unexpectedly at the door with her two kittens and special cats like Jake and the gentle Chutney as well as difficult cats like Chui and poor Mrs Bumble and Mr McT the bully who found love late in life Here are graceful cats and cats like Kit–Kat that never look before they jump in short countless cats the reader will never forget even those with many cats of their own.

About the Author: Michael Korda

is an English born writer and novelist who was editor in Chief of Simon Schuster in New York City.

10 thoughts on “Cat People

  1. Greydrakkon Greydrakkon says:

    While some of the stories are amusing little anecdotes there's also a few really horrible ones like when a mother and daughter go to town and the father hires someone to kill every single cat at their barn Charming It's reality but if they were going for a lighthearted book here they failed Badly I also disagree with the opening chapter on how cats are barely tolerant of humanity and so on I think anyone who's dealt with cats know that each one has their own personality and that the skittish and fearful cats were almost always weren't handled enough by humans during that stage where they imprint easily

  2. Lara Lara says:

    Firstly don’t pay any attention to the reviews below mine as apparently the writers don’t actually GET cats though one of them claims to like them Apparently whatever they were expecting this book did not fulfill their needs bur they are DEAD wrong in their reviews Now to continue with why this book IS so special and enjoyable which apparently these dolts missed completelyAnyone who has ever lived with cats after all THEY own the place YOU keep it up and loved them will die laughing reading this book tear up in passages or laugh AND cry at the same time as the Kordas detail their adventures with the cats in their lives I found myself nodding in agreement over most of the pages as they describe their cats’ antics and personalities Margaret Korda is just like me Every cat she meets she wants to bring home and often does while Michael her husband protests weakly but only for appearance’s sakeCat people will find it comfortingly familiar while dog lovers perhaps puzzled by the “other” would do well to read this book and learn some secrets as to how cats tick In the end the book confirms what all cat lovers already know each one is different but all are specialAs for the other two reviewers I suspect correct that I KNOW that if you asked any self respecting cat as to their opinions of what was written by these two idiots they would sniff disdainfully and turn their backsides to both ladies Cats know smart people when they see one – and when they don’t

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    Hilarious? Not even a little bit I have no idea why I took the precious time to read the whole thing except it was relatively short As much as I like cats this was poorly written with no definite voice and would have turned me into a cat hater if I was inclined to give this book that much power Letting cats on counters and tables at meal times? Yeah I don't think so

  4. wonkagranny wonkagranny says:

    Fun read for one sitting For people who love cats Nothing deep just fun and fast read

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book is pretty dumb but as a cat lover I couldn’t help but be a little charmed 🤷‍♀️

  6. Felicia Edens Felicia Edens says:

    Written by the editor in chief of Simon Schuster “Cat People A Hilariously Entertaining Look At The World Of Cat Lovers And Their Obsessive Devotion to Their Pets” is a charming book about the personalities of cats generally and of cats in particular Michael Korda and his wife Margaret share funny stories about their cats and their friend’s cats and anyone who loves andor owns a cat or cats will most definitely chuckle than a few times during the introduction with a hearty “yes that’s exactly how insert name of cat here is” Yes that’s exactly how most cats are and how they have been since ancient Egypt Korda writes a great first chapter going over the history of cats in the wild and their relationship with humans He also writes about famous people and their cats such as Winston Churchill and his cat Nelson Korda’s stories about cats that have been taken in from the wild are particularly interesting Stories of how sometimes it is at first hard to gain their trust or to read into what they want and stories of how to introduce them into the home and to the family Some will sit at the front porch waiting for someone to let them in or some will come and go for weeks Some will make a mess of your home Some won’t Some cats once inside will find a uiet room and just stay there until it’s time to eat then go back Korda and his wife live in a rural area – with a barn – and they rescue wild cats all the time if they seem like that’s what the cat wants But it is not always possible to keep a rescued cat There was one cat they rescued who was gentle and nice and playful but at the most unexpected instant she would bite enough to cause significant physical harm They had taken her to the vet several times to no avail When they put her down it was an especially a sad moment because she was calm and friendly and not in her biting modeKorda suggests that what makes some people uncomfortable regarding cats is the fact that while they are soft and furry and can sit on your lap they are still and always will be wild as opposed to dogs which have been fully domesticated This is neither here nor there just a fact There are mean cats nice cats loving cats coy cats violent cats social cats shy cats fancy cats sick cats sad cats gentlest of gentle cats and happy cats in the book you’ll meet Irving ueenie Chutney Mumsie Mr McT Tootsie Ruby 911 Kit Kat and some who display any combination of all these And once a cat as Korda says is “installed” in your home it becomes the cat’s home and is no longer solely your own There are no boundaries with cats It’s their property too And while this may be mildly disconcerting there is much to learn from them and their attitudes – particularly Korda notes that cats are pets that truly are still free to the point that it becomes their decision to stay with you whenever they want particularly if they are “allowed” outdoors “Cat People” is an endearing light hearted and perfectly sized book especially for travel It should bring a smile to any cat person’s face and encourage them to adore the world’s feline friends all the

  7. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I was expecting this book to address the different sort of uirks exhibited by cat people in general or to spotlight famous or eccentric cat people This was of a discussion of the authors as cat people and their various cats Now as a cat lover I am not going to object to reading about cats and their personalities But there are enough different cats in here that you don't become truly attached to any of them so it is not as compelling as some I have read that spend years following the most interesting adventures of one feline personalityA nice read for an afternoon A little drier perhaps than I was expecting but nice

  8. Sarah R Sarah R says:

    I have no idea why this book has so many bad reviewsclearly it must be possible to love cats but not actually be a cat person I found it completely delightful and laughed out loud through the entire thing Most of the cat observations I found to be spot on especially since I haven't owned less than 3 cats myself for several years now If you're a cat lover ignore all the other stupid Goodreads people and read it The writing style is perhaps a little odd but I thought it added to the book's charm

  9. Luthien Luthien says:

    Overall a cute uick read; I really don't understand all the negative reviews As someone who's had cats all her life and whose family is currently providing food and shelter for a lovable stray that comes and goes when he pleases I found this book to be by turns touching relatable and amusing

  10. Nore Nore says:

    So well this was nothing but a random collection of loosely related stories with no real organization or structure A uick read I would recommend it for people who have an unexpected overnight layover at the airport and have nothing better to do

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