Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival eBook ´

Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival eBook ´

Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival ✭ Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival Books ✯ Author Arthur Slade – Newton Goddard Starker lives with a mysterious curse Members of the Starker family attract lightning and nearly all his relatives have died from lightning strikes Newton is determined to beat the odds Newton Goddard Starker lives Starker's rules PDF/EPUB ¿ with a mysterious curse Members of the Starker family attract lightning and nearly all his relatives have died from lightning strikes Newton is determined to beat the odds and he may have found the answer Jerry Potts Academy for Survival a boarding school in Moose Jaw Canada Jolted: Newton Kindle - Its motto is Survival Through Fierce Intelligence Newton's ready to learn and to be remembered in the school's Hall of Heroes But for a boy who's spent most of his life in a protective dome making friends proves almost as challenging as the struggle to survive Especially when he's vying for top Newton Starker's rules ePUB ☆ marks with the dynamo Violet uon a force of nature.

  • Hardcover
  • 227 pages
  • Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival
  • Arthur Slade
  • English
  • 16 May 2016
  • 9780385747004

About the Author: Arthur Slade

The Hunchback Assignments series Starker's rules PDF/EPUB ¿ of books.

10 thoughts on “Jolted: Newton Starker's rules for survival

  1. Steven R. McEvoy Steven R. McEvoy says:

    Great fun a fully charged storyArthur Slade is an award winning author His honours include Governor General's Award Mr Christie's Book Award Saskatchewan Book Award and Red Maple Honour Book This book is both shocking and electrifying in its tale and the mastery in telling itOur hero is than a little unusual for he is Newton Stalker He is the second last surviving Stalker for his whole family has been decimated by lightning strikes Having recently lost his mother he moves to the Jerry Potts Academy of Higher Learning and Survival in Moose Jaw It is a school far entertaining than Hogwarts The school's motto is 'Survival Through Fierce Intelligence' The board considered all factors in allowing Newton to attend and even upgraded all of the buildings' lightning rod protectionThe cast of characters is zany and fun from Newton's only surviving Stalker relative his Great Grandmother Enid who is 102 and lives in a retirement home in Moose Jaw to Newton's first friend Jacob Edward Clarke an aspiring author to his antagonist Violet uon a daughter of a Mountie with some pugilistic skills to the uniue headmaster a giant of a man who is always in a kilt and lumberjack shirt Mr McBainThis book deals with issues like death and grieving It also deals with the story of coming of age and finding your place in the world The book is like a cross between Edgar Allen Poe Rudyard Kipling and CS Lewis It is wonderfully written greatly entertaining and I could not put it down Slade presents uniue characters in unusual situations and does so in a way that draws the reader in and causes us to cheer for them as the story progresses Arthur Slade is one of my favorite authors writing for youth today I rank him up there with Kenneth Oppel Patrick Carman and Laurie Halse Anderson The only thing I regret is how short the book was and how many things it leaves unanswered I can only hope we see books set at the Jerry Potts Academy and we meet Newton Stalker againFirst Published in Imprint 2009 03 13Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Arthur Slade As well as an author profile and interview with Arthur

  2. LauraW LauraW says:

    I abandoned this and then picked it up again later and ended up liking this one better than I expected to I finished reading it on a day when I really needed something that wasn't uite as heavy as serious fare And thinking about it the voice of the main character Newton was actually pretty spot on middle school

  3. Josh Newhouse Josh Newhouse says:

    Odd Disjointed At times irresistible Ending bleh Slow start Best part was josephine

  4. Erin Forson Erin Forson says:

    Jolted; Newton Starker's Rules for Survivalby Arthur SladeWhen I was seven my parents took me to a farm where I tried to feed an apple to a cow I say tried because the fence I reached through was electrified When the cow approached me and I jerked back a little because the cow was so big my hand caught the fence and BAM Just like that I felt a jolt of electricity go through my body to the rubber soles of my feet and back up again It was the worst feeling ever I know I know many of you have your own electricity stories—I have seen otherwise intelligent students do crazy stuff like lick batteries and stick knives in sockets to impress friends really? but this was the stuff of your nightmares Newton the main character in this novel bears a family curse He is the last living person in the Stark family line Every other Stark has died from electrocution specifically being struck by lightening Newton wants to survive and he thinks that at Jerry Potts School for Survival he can learn how This book was an easy read and had interesting although gross recipes in it The chapters are short the characters interesting and I learned a lot of new words Plus if I ever get stuck out in the forest with only a knife I think I just might be able to survive nowNOT

  5. Betty Betty says:

    This book is Young Adult Fiction and I have rated it from that point of viewArthur Slade has given us a story about a 14 year old boy with a very unusual heritage For over 200 years the Starker family have all been killed by lightning Newton is the last male descendant and as such is extremely restricted in his lifestyle something a lot of young people will relate to His home is euivalent to living in a bunker I really enjoyed this book and I’m sure it will appeal to this age group Every chapter is short every episode is a chapter Aside from the constant fear of lightning “always check the weather before going out” when Newton enrolls in the Jerry Potts Academy of Higher Living and Survival in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan he learns about friendship trust overcoming fear and above all patience although it takes the whole book to teach him the lastNewton’s Survival List is the filler and the glue that joins the chapters The book is very easy to read each short chapter a different part of his learning There are some good survival tips for anyone in the book as well I would recommend this book for children and teens 8 14 but not exclusively A fascinating entirely different type of style and storyline to enjoy

  6. Bryan Bryan says:

    If I could give this book 5000000 stars I would Probably one of the best younger YA books I have read in a while Jolted has a little bit of everything in it from cooking to survival to incredibly smart pigs The humor kept me laughing in my office much to the annoyance of my office mates and the small bit of action near the end gave me just enough worry that not everyone may make it out ok What also made this so much fun were the numerous changes in writing style Going from first person narrative to emails Newton receives to excerpts from his survival manual to his own survival list kept Jolted exciting and fresh on every page I will be recommending this book to many of my tween patrons for uite some time

  7. Judith Weaver Judith Weaver says:

    Yup bought it It took a bit to get into because this is a different book But what a fun read this turned out to be I have read the first few pages to classes and kids get hooked immediately Usually I book talk the book but have found that reading those first pages grab the kids effectively with this book It is pretty hard to talk the book and give the right tone to this very odd kid who lives in fear of death by lightning strike because of his family's history How he faces the lightning is what it's all about

  8. Donna Donna says:

    This book was kind of funny in a sometimes slightly evil way I loved reading about the adventures of Newt and his friends and I'm totally in love with his pig Josephine It was well written and I really liked the very short sections which meant I could pick it up as a reward whilst doing jobs clean the loo and read a section sweep the floor and read a bit I've even recommended the book to a younger friend whose response was s'alright which means it's pretty goodNB I received a complimentary copy of this book but I always give an HONEST review based wholly on my own opinions

  9. Christine Yee Christine Yee says:

    This is a fun easy read by a proven young adult author Newton Starker has a serious problem He belongs to a family cursed to die by lightning strike Hoping to improve his chances Newton chooses to attend a boarding school that focuses on teaching students survival skills Newton's adventures and misadventures at school provides the context for Slade to address issues of loss death friendship loyalty and courage while maintaining a light hearted tone throughout The chapters are short and the characters are well defined and engaging who can resist a pig as a sidekick?

  10. Jessamy Jessamy says:

    Thoroughly entertainingWhat an interesting premise for a story the last member of a family troubled with death by lightning strike attends a school for survival and cuisine among other important arts Each story of Arthur Slade's I read whether written for YA or adult is just excellent

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