Everything She Thought She Wanted PDF ´ Everything

Everything She Thought She Wanted PDF ´ Everything

10 thoughts on “Everything She Thought She Wanted

  1. Apryl Apryl says:

    I found the two stories to be interesting yet there just wasn't enough to help connect me to what was going on in either timeframe I felt like the book ended and I wasn't satisfied I will read the other book I purchased by this author and hope for a different outcome |

  2. Laurel Osterkamp Laurel Osterkamp says:

    Is motherhood a blessing or a curse? Should it be considered a right or an obligation? And when it comes to the role of motherhood has anything changed in the last 40 years or are things still basically the same?Elizabeth Buchnan seems to think that despite societal changes women still must overcome the basically the same challenges they were faced with in the 1950s and she illustrates this beautifully in her latest work Everything She Thought She Wanted The narrative is in first person and alternates between the voices of the two main characters Sienna and Barbara Sienna is living in modern day England pursuing her glamorous and successful career as a fashion consultant Meanwhile Barbara exists in 1959 and is having an affair with a much younger man after spending her youth caring for her husband and children While the two stories told in this novel are uite different they both center on the sacrifices women are asked to make for their family and the meaning of motherhood By the end we are led to a meaningful connection between these two women living very different lives and a unified theme on the complexities of love emergesFor instance Sienna loves her career but she also loves her husband Charlie who has a strong desire for a family Sienna is thirty five years old and is content with her neat apartment and shiny lifestyle She also has been offered a television show and book deal in addition to her weekly column and fashion consulting business and she doubts she could make it all work with a child to look after But when Charlie who is a lawyer defends a woman accused of killing her baby they are both forced to take a hard look at the rewards and the price of motherhood Meanwhile Barbara is wife to Ryder a pilot who served in WWII They have two grown children and a much beloved niece named Sophie Barbara has made a life out of taking care of her family but lately it is beginning to bother her that people don’t ever ask her opinions at parties or that her daughter and Sophie view her as having wasted herself When Barbara meets Alexander a young graduate student in psychology she is immediately drawn to him partly because he sees her as interesting and values her opinion Soon she enters into a passionate affair with him that could destroy the life she has created for herselfSo how do the two stories relate? It would give too much of the book away to say but there are some lovely parallels drawn throughout For example both characters love apples find solace in the outdoors and experience frustration at man centric social occasions But that’s just skimming the surface Everything She Thought She Wanted is a novel with many layers While at times the pace is a bit slow especially compared to a lot of today’s popular women’s fiction it’s worth the time invested in it It will leave you uestions than answers which is perhaps what a really good novel is supposed to do

  3. Ann Baxter Ann Baxter says:

    It's on my shelf I recogize the story but it left no impression That says a lot

  4. Cassie Cassie says:

    While this book was wonderfully written it left a lot to be desired for me It felt as though there were parts of the story that dragged on forever and parts that sped right by without focusing on the details Besides Barbara and Siena none of the other characters had much depth I love the central idea behind the book but I felt that it could have been better developed This book was on the verge of something great but just didn't uite get there

  5. Ho-yee Ho-yee says:

    I really struggled to finish the book as there are two parallel storylines and they don't seem to have anything in common While the author tried very hard to explain how two women struggled with their roles in two different eras I believed that the parallel storylines with huge amount of details made it very confusing and difficult to follow

  6. Dee Dee says:

    I didn't really like either of the protagonists so found it hard to care what happened to them Barbara seemed silly and shallow; Siena was a bit complex I could almost understand her inability to commit to motherhood The stories were well told but I don't think they really connected in any meaningful way

  7. Eloisa Eloisa says:

    Well in a way i just read half the book Sienna story because igot bored uickly with barbara's so didn't read the rest of that story And well Siennas what i can i say she did in the end what she had to do

  8. Laura Laura says:

    I agree that the potential for this was great Unfortunately I think it fell short The book narrated what the characters did and said but not what they were feeling I did not feel any of their inner conflict

  9. Anita Anita says:

    Story of two women one in current time and the other during post WWII years their expectations roles and desires one the traditional mother who yearns for and the modern successful business woman who is fearful of motherhood and loosing her self A bit drier than author’s past work

  10. Rina Rina says:

    I bought this book from a secondhand shop 10 years ago because I liked the pastel yellow of the cover talking about judging a book by its cover Since then the book was just sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust Recently I read it for the Reading Rush readathon event and to my surprise I had reached the same age as the main character Siena It was as if my subconscious mind waited to reach 'that certain age' pun intended As a result it was a much enjoyable read than it could've been had I read it 10 years ago The story itself wasn't perfect but then life wasn't Siena and Barbara made choices that a lot of women wouldn't condone but I was glad that I could read this without judgement I could relate to some of Siena's thought processes and emphatise with Barbara's feelings I also liked the title very much it had an alternative title which I didn't like; it was a clever pun of 'age' covering the types of conversations and inner dialogues women of certain age had as well as the society expectations and norms during the age the main characters lived the 60s for Barbara the 90snoughties for SienaThese weren't tidy swoon worthy Cinderella life stories but I wasn't expecting that anyway It was the perfect read for my age in the age I lived in

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Everything She Thought She Wanted ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Everything She Thought She Wanted By Elizabeth Buchan ➜ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Discover the witty and wonderful story of two unlikely women whose lives are woven together from the bestselling author of The New Mrs CliftonBarbara and Siena two women living fifty years apartBoth c Discover the witty Thought She PDF ✓ and wonderful story of two unlikely women whose lives Everything She eBook Ù are woven together from the bestselling author of The New Mrs CliftonBarbara and She Thought She PDF/EPUB Â Siena two women living fifty years apartBoth constrained by choice; one has too little and one has too muchSiena a st century woman has so far managed to avoid the tick of the biological clock Without children she can control her own wonderful ordered life Only thing is her husband Charlie longs for a baby In Barbara has been married to Ryder an airline pilot for twenty four years Her life happily revolves around her house and family But when she meets the young and brilliant Alexander he shows her that she has a mind and a life of her own The intimate inner lives of two women are intertwined as they struggle to find resolution between the families they love and their own desires Praise for Elizabeth Buchan 'Gorgeously well written funny sad sophisticated' Independent'Beautifully observed with the insight and humour that one has come to expect from the author' Times'Compelling compassionate and aglow with moments of laugh or cry humour' Mail on Sunday'Buchan is a cut above the rest' Sunday Mirror.

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Everything She Thought She Wanted
  • Elizabeth Buchan
  • English
  • 14 August 2015
  • 9780141009803

About the Author: Elizabeth Buchan

Elizabeth Buchan began Thought She PDF ✓ her career as a blurb writer at Penguin Books Everything She eBook Ù after graduating from the University of Kent with a double degree in English She Thought She PDF/EPUB Â and History She moved on to become a fiction editor at Random House before leaving to write full time Her novels include the prizewinning Consider the Lily – reviewed in the Independent as ‘a gorgeously well written tale funny sad and sophisticated’.