Watchers on the Walls X Men PDF Ü the Walls ePUB

Watchers on the Walls X Men PDF Ü the Walls ePUB

Watchers on the Walls X Men ➾ [Download] ➾ Watchers on the Walls X Men By Christopher L. Bennett ➳ – When a spacecraft carrying aliens crashes on Earth the X Men learn that the universe itself may be on the cusp of a great change a biological uantum leap in which life cannot survive Coincides with th When a spacecraft carrying aliens crashes on Earth the Walls ePUB ´ the X Men learn that the universe itself may be on the cusp of a great change a biological uantum leap in which life cannot survive Coincides with the theatrical release of X Men from th Watchers on Epub / Century Fox on May original.

10 thoughts on “Watchers on the Walls X Men

  1. Craig Craig says:

    This is a pretty good sf novel but I didn't think it was a particularly good X Men novel I didn't think the characters voices were captured in a way that rang true and sometimes distracted from rather than adding to the narrative flow Perhaps it tried to incorporate bits from too many sources comics cartoons movies other prose pieces and the characterization came out in too bland a fashion I enjoyed the alien invasion plot but it didn't make me want to bless my stars or garters

  2. nick nick says:

    i read somewhere that this is set to follow after movie 3 was influenced by some of the cartoons which helped guide me to a reference point in the beginning im so used to xmen visually comic cartoon movie that it was a little strange to read at first there where a few hard to follow moments not sure who was talking or action happening to whom which took away from the story having to stop an figure it out if i could and a couple grammar errors threw you off as well but the plot was fantastic

  3. Bailey Marissa Bailey Marissa says:

    This is in the style of the 90's animated show but it also references Hugh Jackman's Logan There's also references to other Marvel characters which is always appreciatedRecommended 13 for violence and language

  4. Emma Emma says:

    This wasn't a bad story but for me it just wasn't an X men story I kept thinking that it readfelt like a Star Trek story and then lo and behold I read the About the Author section at the back and he's mostly written Star Trek storiesI liked Rogue in this story and it was interesting to see her at odds with the rest of the team over a moral issue but the rest of it didn't interest me and it just didn't feel like X men The rest of the team were too willing to work with the Sentinels or at least too uickly Shadowcat held out the longest which makes sense when you consider the Days of Future past storyline but even she gave in pretty fast reallyAlso the ending was anti climactic compared to the rest of the story which seemed to be building up to be something big and then at the last moment they decide to just put the aliens into an alternate reality because conveniently one of the new students has an ability involving alternate realities

  5. Rian Monson Rian Monson says:

    Comic book life imitates real lifeall that was missing was cheeto face

  6. Neil Neil says:

    Good book I had read it 'years' ago whenever it first came out in the past six or so years and enough time had passed that I had forgotten reading it So I bought it in the clearance section of a used book store Had forgotten how good it wasThe book starts off with Cyclops and Rogue bickering after a training session while Xavier and Phoenix are at the edge of space to help Phoenix learn to 'listen' better using her skills They discover two alien vessels heading for earth one chasing the other The first ship crashesand the X Men are on hand to try and protect the survivors from the attackers Enter the Imperial Guard on the side of the attackers After a stand off occurs the US government takes the survivors into protective custody while the allies of the Imperial Guard provide information that the refugees are a universal threat to life as we know it The X Men initially join forces with the Imperial Guard and the Diascar to track down Chlorite infiltrators but when the search becomes too heavy handed they begin to uestion their decision to assist in the alien hunt In the end a satisfactory solution is found for all parties involved and the X Men can breathe a sigh of relief for once again saving a world that fears and hates themI liked how the book discussed other heroes in the Marvel Universe as being involved in the search for alien infiltrators as well as trying to discover a way the Chlorites could live in peace with the oxygen based life forms All too often in the previous Marvel novels the other super hero teams were ignored It was like the books were written in a vacuum I liked how this book tied in characters from other comic book series even if indirectly and how the superheroes were ALL working together to save the world It was a nice change of paceI think one detriment to the book was that if you were not up on reading the comics it would be easy to get lost with all of the characters in the novel itself The author did a nice job breaking it down so that a couple of individuals were useddiscussed per chapter but there still was not very much back history to introduce the various characters But at the same time too much background information would have dramatically slowed down the story's pacing so perhaps the 'lack of backstory' was not as a big a deal as it seemed to me It just felt like the reader was expected to know about the characters than they might actually knowI thought the book had a nice flow to it It has to be hard to continue the whole 'heroes who regularly risk their lives to save a world that fears and hates them' mantra for so many years One would think that after the varied number of super teams super villains and alien invasions that the people of earth would grow accustomed to mutants and not be so petty? filled with fear? With familiarity often comes contempt so it would make sense to me that normal humans would become contemptuous of mutants because mutants should be fairly 'common' and not so special over time based upon regular exposure to their exploits as well as the exploits of other individuals or teams Yet this fear and distrust is a regular emphasis for the X Men comics and it shows up in this novel as well Despite this 'mantra' the premise of the story is a great idea and it seems to be rather well developed in terms of content and logical conclusions per se I thought the author's ideas and extrapolations were nicely done and it further added to my enjoyment of the storyI found the 'humor' in the book to be uite funny Sometimes an author's attempts at writing funny dialogue can backfire but this author did a nice job of having witty superhero banter amongst the individuals in the book I found myself chuckling than once as I read it The author seemed to have a great grasp at the relationships amongst the various characters and how they would interrelate with each other It was superbly doneI have read other 'superhero' novels and the flow felt forced This was one of the few that I have read where it felt like it had a natural flow to it Obviously when writing certain kindstypes of characters there is a sense of 'how STUPID can you be?' but that is a part of life in terms of meeting people who's I seems to be lacking in any senseI enjoyed reading this one; it kept my interest despite my memories of having read it once before coming back to me as I read it again the clues the author leaves plus my returning memories spoiled the 'surprise' for the Xavier Institute from start to finish A good book that was fun to read

  7. Nicolaas Nicolaas says:

    Was pleasantly surprised by this one got it for dirt cheap at a sale and didn't expect much Start with knowing this is the X men from the 90's cartoon and not the X men from the movies thus Rogue hot southern las and not lame teenage girl The GoodIts fun and simple uick read The plot is surprisingly interesting and better that any of the movies actually leaving the X men to actually think about things before donning the tights Its basicly a comic in book form with good SciFi plotThe BadThe only real problem I had here was the little introduction you get to the characters your expected to know all the X men and most of the bad guys not a problem for X fans thoOverallIf you take it for what it is its rather fun With a very EnderSpeaker for the Dead like plot

  8. Stanley Stanley says:

    It began as an ordinary day for the X Men until they saved a group of alien refugees on the run They soon learn that the aliens posed a threat to all life forms Now they must choose if they want to join the genocide or to protect

  9. Wei Feng Wei Feng says:

    this book is cool it has the x men in it and they re cool plus the story line was cool and it showed alot of action when the x men fought the bad guys

  10. Jerry Jerry says:

    This is the first print superhero novel I've read in uite a whilebut I enjoyed it

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