Paperback Þ Frasier Island ePUB Ú

Paperback Þ Frasier Island ePUB Ú

Frasier Island ❮Read❯ ➳ Frasier Island Author Susan Page Davis – Seasoned novelist Susan Page Davis takes readers on an exciting military adventure where fear meets faith and weakness is exchanged for unexpected strengthAfter specialized underwater training Ensign Seasoned novelist Susan Page Davis takes readers on an exciting military adventure where fear meets faith and weakness is exchanged for unexpected strengthAfter specialized underwater training Ensign Rachel Whitney is posted to a remote island in the North Pacific a tiny scrap of rock guarding a highly classified secret She could love her new assignment if her commanding officer Lt George Hudson weren’t so obstinate—and a bit distrustfulDespite George’s first reaction to her presence on the island Rachel sets out to prove she is perfect for the job She doesn’t dream of being a heroine or falling in love but months later when word leaks out about the prize they are guarding Rachel and George have few resources besides each other and their faith in God to foil an enemy attack that could endanger all of America.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Frasier Island
  • Susan Page Davis
  • English
  • 24 March 2014
  • 9780736920667

About the Author: Susan Page Davis

FROM AUTHOR'S WEBSITE I'm a native of central Maine and grew up on a small farm with a wonderful mom and dad three sisters and a brother Most of my books take place in small towns many of them in Maine My husband Jim and I moved to his birth state Oregon for a while after we were married but decided to move back to Maine and be near my family It allowed our six children to grow up feel.

10 thoughts on “Frasier Island

  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    This book was amazing I was into it from the first page and could hardly put it down I have a passion for the military so when I saw that there was a Christian fiction series about the military I jumped to the opportunity to read it I was not disappointed This book was had so much in it that it just grips you and doesn't release you until you have finished reading I was very happysad with the ending I wanted and I know that there is a book two but my library doesn't have it so I have to wait till I move to read the second book The romance in this book wasn't really that big but it still was there and really good I loved Rachel and George together Their relationship was a Elizabeth and Darcy relationship which I love I really enjoyed their character arcs too and how they both grew as characters and as a couple The Christian themes in this book was really enjoyable to read too I loved seeing how mature Rachel and George grew in their faith over the course of the book It was awesome to read and it wasn't unrealistic either The suspense towards the end of the book though had me on my seat I couldn't put it down It was a good thing I stopped when I did last night otherwise I would have been up all night Pierce was another thing that made this book amazing He probably was one of my favorite characters His and Rachel's relationship was really enjoyable to read about and I just really loved him I am super excited to read about him in the next book This book is a great read for anyone who likes action suspense Christian themes the military and romance

  2. Sarah Grace Grzy Sarah Grace Grzy says:

    I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed thisThe characters are really intriguing particularly George even if he did drive me crazy for parts of the book But Pierre was what made this story for me He was just such an awesome character I love his and Rachel's relationship Yay for platonic relationships 3 The storyline kept me glued to my seat especially towards the end I loved how it was part survival story part suspense novel Overall I really enjoyed it CONTENT NOTE Recommended for ages 16 for romance and thematic material view spoilerThe MC was sexually assaulted and while the scene is not described in detail it was still mentioned Also there is some attraction between the characters and some light romance Also some violence and gun fights hide spoiler

  3. Mary Mary says:

    This was a very good book The story is about the relationship between a man and a woman serving in the U S Navy There is romance mystery fun and betrayal in this clean book The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars? I don't like it when the author has the characters speaking in languages other than English and I don't know what they are saying

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    First time author for me what a pleasant surprise Really good read 45 stars This has military romance but mainly suspensethriller here the f—— discovery stretched my credibility too much That kept it from 5 stars

  5. Celestial Celestial says:

    I have no idea why but I LOVE this book I loved the plot To me it was captivating I could barely put the book down in fact a may have not put the book down I loved Ensign Rachel Whitney To me she is complete role model material When a character inspires you you know it's good writingLt George Hudson was even cool The side characters were hilarious and I felt sad when one of them left Even the romance is really sweet and touching or at least I thought soI just loved pretty much everything about this book I can't just pinpoint one thing In generally I tend to read funny slightly comedic novels this is not at all one of those books However somehow I love this book anyways If you are looking at this book and debating whether to read it or not please just read it It's at least worth a shot Besides I just gave it a glowing review so you should listen to me D

  6. Kim Gregory Kim Gregory says:

    This is the first book in several months that I was reading and just didn't want to stop I've always liked Susan Page Davis but she has done extra good with this story Rachel George and Pierre are a unit on a very small island guarding something very few people know about Rachel and Pierre engaged to Marie get along great like brother and sister George is another thing Rachel has hero worshipped George from afar and now getting to work with him is a dream come true until they meet George is here to do his duty and to recover from the death of his wife not babysit a woman Trouble is it's not really that he is attracted to her and that he doesn't like It isn't long before troubles start to happen on the island and they get attention than they want I like how Susan peeled away the layers of the characters in this story I love Pierre the go between who never lost his cool and never gave away the secrets his cohorts trusted him with This is a clean read

  7. Patricia Patricia says:

    This is Christian romantic suspense although the suspense happened closer to the end just so you know The rest was of a character study of the people on Frasier Initially the romance was a bit unbelievable that it could develop at all so fast but eventually it grew on me I didn't realize this was book one in a seriesI am hooked on the characters and will have to read on

  8. Beverly Knudsen Beverly Knudsen says:

    I enjoyed reading this book Naval themed book It is different from other books that I have read in that it takes place on a small isolated Island It deals with some difficult topics in a very sensitive way I definitely recommend this book and author I will be on the lookout for books by this author

  9. Monica Willyard Moen Monica Willyard Moen says:

    I enjoyed reading this high spirited mystery with a touch of romance set on a remote island in the North Pacific ocean

  10. Melissa Cope Melissa Cope says:

    Great readI'm starting the next one right away Kept me interested and not wanting to put my Kindle down Enjoy it

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