The Hearse Epub Ú Paperback

The Hearse Epub Ú Paperback

The Hearse [Read] ➲ The Hearse Author Henry Clement – The barrier between Life and Death is no greater than the thickness of a door And now the door is openA supernatural thriller that escalates to a shattering crescendo of unspeakable horror The barrier between Life and Death is no greater than the thickness of a door And now the door is openA supernatural thriller that escalates to a shattering crescendo of unspeakable horror.

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  1. Audrey Audrey says:

    Tom Sullivan was standing against the open screen door His brown suit was curiously old fashioned It was years since Jane had seen a man's suit cut that way He held a bunch of yellow wildflowers in his hand For a moment Jane wondered where she had last seen flowers like that Then she remembered it had been beside her grandparent's tombstone in the cemetary She stepped out onto the porch and closed the door behind her Tom held out the flowers I picked these at my place he told herSynopsis Jane inherits house from dead aunt is menaced by everything Unfortunately she is not smart enough to notice until a demon is in her living roomAn Open Letter to Jane Hardy from Her BrainJane? Jane Hardy? Peanut it's your brain calling Look I know we haven't been in touch a lot these past few years but I'm really starting to worry about you Why? Well Jane there's no easy way to put this but ever since you inherited your dead aunt's house you know the aunt who was into witchcraft? Aunt Becky? Ever since you inherited her house you've been acting a little strangeWhat? No I'm sure Believe me I'm sure Look here's a partial list of C'mon Jane focus Yes that is a pretty dress Yes I'm sure you look just as good as your aunt did in it but No Peanut come on focus follow my finger follow my finger we're talking about your aunt's house and all the weird things that have been happening there so I really need you to focus Okay? Now ever since you moved in I mean from the very evening you moved in there have been some things going on in that house that should've rung some alarm bells but here you are trying on your dead aunt's dresses and pretending like everything's normalWhat do I mean? Well The night you moved in you heard strange music coming from your aunt's bedroom When you went in the music suddenly stopped and you didn't give it a second thought what with finding shiny earrings on the dresser Then the next morning you noticed a music box you'd put on the nightstand was on the dresser Didn't that strike you as a teensy bit odd Jane? The next time you found the music box open and playing you also found that your bed had been moved to stand at a 45 degree angle to the wall That really should've struck you as strange Peanut She stared at it then shook her head in bewilderment and shoved it back into place The only possible cause for the moving of the bed was the electricity in the air she reasoned Hadn't she read that in a book someplace?No Jane I'm fairly sure you didn't read that in a book someplace for oh about a thousand reasons starting with the fact that as your brain I can tell you that you last read a book in 10th grade and My Friend Flicka doesn't cover supernatural furniture juggling Jane I know we haven't had That Talk yet despite the fact that you were married but inviting a teenage boy into your home to do chores then getting into soap suds fights with him letting see you undressing for a shower and finding his temper tantrums cute is a seriously bad idea I know it is flattering that he has a crush on you but the kind of teenage boy who responds to being turned down for a date by breaking a vase in your kitchen is possibly not one you should have in your home in the first place Also when the teenage boy erects an elaborate rope swing prank to get your attention and the prank goes mysteriously awry snapping the rope and cannoning him face first into the ground you should see if he's all right It's just good manners Peanut Speaking of That Talk this Tom fellow you've been seeing 'Out here in the country Tom I seem to be really learning for the first time what it's like to take care of myself And I must say that it feels good In fact it feels great' She smiled at him through the light of the candles 'So long as I don't get killed in the process' She broke out into low laughterTom stared into her face for a long moment 'You are very beautiful when you laugh Jane' he told her gravely Yeah that Tom Um isn't there anything about Tom that strikes you as a little bit weird? Like the fact that no one else can see or hear him? Or that you thought he was going to push you out of that rowboat? Or the fact that HE HAS A PET GHOST HEARSE THAT DOES HIS EVIL BIDDING AND IS JEALOUS OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP? Jane I'm starting to really worry about you Please callLove Your Brain

  2. Cheila Cheila says:

    Este foi um livro ue li apenas por pertencer ao programa bookcrossing Para mim não é ue o livro seja horrivel em certas situações até conseguiu captar a minha atenção E a sua história um pouco mais desenvolvida e com uma maior profundidade poderia ter pontencial Esta história é demasiado direta e superficial para além da sua pouca profundidade pouco conhecemos da caracterização psicológica das personagens No entanto se a tivesse lido há uns anos auando da minha adolescência poderia ter gostado bastante e teria talvez dado 4 ou 5 estrelas

  3. Nicole Nicole says:

    Picked this gem up at a local bookshop It was a uick entertaining read that really had potential as a good little horror mystery story Unfortunately it lost steam about halfway through the ending was abrupt and really left me wanting Overall 25 stars

  4. Susana Dias Susana Dias says:

    Gostei bastante Uma história de terror de acontecimentos rápidos e constantes Uma história de terror como gosto e poucas vezes encontro nos livros mais recentes

  5. Manuel Cardoso Manuel Cardoso says:

    A história até tem algum potencial e até se lê bem mas não está muito bem desenvolvido a ação acontece toda muito rapidamente tanto as partes mais como as menos importantes E as personagens são muito diretas falta lhes algo Uma história mais desenvolvida e com personagens mais humanas mais focadas nas emoções presentes é um livro de terror certo? teria recebido 3 ou uem sabe 4 estrelas da minha parte

  6. Bernice Bernice says:

    This is one of the first books I ever read I remember it being creepy I don't remember a lot of the details and would like to read it again The ratings are not that good so not sure if I would still like it but as a first time horror reader I liked it

  7. Kay Kay says:

    I read this book when I was a kid It scared me half to death I'm definitely going to have to read this again

  8. O Dia da Liberdade - Silvia Reis O Dia da Liberdade - Silvia Reis says:

    Good thriller short and concise Couldn't stop reading it

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