Red Star Rising ePUB Ñ Red Star Kindle -

Red Star Rising ePUB Ñ Red Star Kindle -

Red Star Rising ❰Read❯ ➬ Red Star Rising Author Anne McCaffrey – In Anne McCaffrey's New York Times bestselling Dragonseye join Weyrleaders Holders and Craftmasters in the creation of the legendary Star Stones and the teaching ballads of PernIt's been two hundred y In Anne McCaffrey's New York Times bestselling Dragonseye join Weyrleaders Holders and Craftmasters in the creation of the legendary Star Stones and the teaching ballads of PernIt's been two hundred years since the deadly Thread fell like rain upon Pern devouring everything in its path No one alive remembers that first horrific onslaught and no one believes in its return except for the dragonriders For two centuries they have been practicing and training passing down from generation to generation the formidable Threadfighting techniuesNow the ominous signs are appearing the violent winter storms and volcanic eruptions Red Star Kindle - that are said to herald the approach of the Red Star and its lethal spawn But one stubborn Lord Holder Chalkin of Bitra refuses to believe and that disbelief could spell disaster So as the dragonriders desperately train to face a terrifying enemy they and the other Lord Holders must find a way to deal with Chalkin before history repeats itself and unleashes its virulence on all of Pern.

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  1. Kaila Kaila says:

    This was published as Red Star Rising in the UK a much better title in my opinion I guess it didn't scream BUY ME I'M ABOUT DRAGONS enough to the American audienceEvery Pern book I read I wonder if it is going to be the last I want to be able to finish the series mostly because I like completing things It is becoming a chore of epic proportions to get through each successive novel; this one was by far the worst yetIt is a familiar story at this point Thread is on the way and one holder Chalkan of Bitra doesn't believe it's coming The pass this time is the second one ever in the history of humans on Pern Landing was made about 250 years ago so there are still some remnants of the knowledge of the First Crossing but a lot of it has faded They still have access to a few decrepit old computers a computer that ran for 250 years? Who made it? I want one and solar panels for example but everything from Earth is becoming and rare Weyrs are set up and most of the holds the readers have become familiar with over the course of the series are there The southern continent is completely abandoned and things like craft halls have not yet become the norm There is no Harper Hall yet for example Dragonseye essentially tells us the story of how Pern started down the path to become the Pern of Lessa and F'lar about 2000 yearsturns in the future The creation of the star stones is explained so no one can doubt that Thread is on its way The craft halls are formed so vital information is not lost to the rigors of timeThe problem is I was okay leaving those mysteries to a simple our ancestors sure were smart now let's go ride our dragons into the sunset That is how these things were always explained away before Well I thought I'm going to continue giving this a shot because maybe the characters will be memorable Unfortunatelyno Every character is a lesser version of their counterparts in the original trilogy The bad guy is TIRED and I was completely disinterested in his multitudinous villainies He is the exact same creep as the bad guy in every other Pern novel with a slightly different name I was bored with that formula ages ago when Toric became the villainThe other characters are introduced so uickly and haphazardly that none of them were the least bit memorable Dragon riders and their mounts are thrown at us in list form and then we are supposed to remember not only which rider has which dragon but also what color that dragon is and which Weyr they hail from If you introduce 15 characters within a chapter I'm not going to remember every detail that's just how it is Where's the editor here? Check out this list of all the characters It's gigantic And there is never another novel set in the second pass so most of those characters are wasted I would have vastly preferred getting to know a handful rather than be bombarded by a million nonessential and inconseuential redshirtsI give it 2 stars only because it is Anne and she has a warm place in my heart I consider myself a HUGE fan of Pern but this simply didn't cut the mustard Do not read unless you are fanatic of Anne McCaffrey's works than I amEdit 4 years laterThis was the last Pern novel I could stomach I just reread my own review and I was right this book was so unmemorable I don't even remember writing this review

  2. Casey Casey says:

    Dragonseye recounts the time just before the Second Pass of ThreadThe plot is ultimately centered on preparing for Thread which involves getting Chalkin Lord Holder of Bitra to comply As it is with these recent Pern books the plot feels lazy and it meanders There's a few council meetings a feast someone gets hurt someone falls in love and then the dragonriders are triumphant Chalkin refuses to believe Thread is coming because there is always that person on Pern or on EarthWhen Iantine takes a job to paint Lord Chalkin and his family everyone warns him The family is horrible and they do their best to interpret the contract in their favor Iantine suffers through it worried regarding the impending winter Meanwhile the other Lords and dragonriders discuss how to make Chalkin see his wrongI thought Iantine's parts were the most interesting part of the book by far It's a relief to have a Pern character that has some nuance rather than being a goody two shoes or an evil bad guy The subplot of how the technology is fading away because all the euipment was breaking interested me but those characters' issues are not explored much It's crazy that a computer lasted that long I guess a few hundred years? Considering that trees are burned away by Thread so they don't have a consistent source of paper this society of people has to rely heavily on collective memory Really regressive unfortunately for themClisser the head teacher of the College at Fort Hold like a pre Harper Hall just completely gives up on attempting to salvage any knowledge They'll just play some music and that's the best they can do I understand not having the technology to run advanced mathematics but at least try to keep the basic knowledge somewhere Freaking put that in a songDragonseye does finally feature a gay couple and it's very obvious they are I found it strange view spoilerwhen P'tero and M'leng were attacked by lions when naked And P'tero got attacked on the butt Kind of bizarre I don't know if this is a subtle message to gay men frolicking naked? Or McCaffrey wanted in there so she didn't seem too sympathetic? hide spoiler

  3. Jerry Jerry says:

    A step down for this series

  4. Susan Kennedy Susan Kennedy says:

    Another fantastic book from the Dragonriders of Pern series This story begins 250 years after the first fall That is a lot of time in between each fall of thread With so much time it is understandable that some begin to uestion if thread will ever fall again One of those that doesn't believe thread fall will return is a cruel Lord Holder A lot of the story is around this despicable and cruel man They go into how he treats his guests as well as his own holders He doesn't get ready for the imminent fall and thus puts his own people in jeopardy I loved getting to know the other Lord Holders and the Dragon riders who are all getting ready for the thread fall to come They train and clear land around each hold They have lost so much of the technology that they came to this planet with It is interesting to hear how they get along without that technology and the steps they take to fix issues that they have with simple or non technological ideas It is a lot for these people to take with never having faced thread before and having to train and get ready for something that is so frightening The characters are fantastic and the story is wonderful I am really enjoying reading these books in chronological order

  5. Colleen Colleen says:

    Just going by my personal Pern favorites I think McCaffrey does her best work when packing a standalone story into a standalone book Set all by itself in the 3rd century of the planet's history McCaffrey's forced to invent an all new cast of characters and flesh them out The result is lovely and uniue Debra and Iantine the entire cast of teachers and doctors the vile Bitrans Fantastic The book explores how a wise group of people can face up to a civilization's challenges and proactively work to keep society on a good track which sounds as dull as the Fountainhead in theory but the action and adventure and aforementioned characterization makes this work

  6. Vicki Jaeger Vicki Jaeger says:

    I can't tell you how many times I've read this series Just read this title again and it still doesn't disappoint Telepathic dragons strong female characters great relationships and the Harpers' guild and music as a strong guiding force What could be better? In hindsight I still enjoy reading the series in order written versus actual chronological order of events I especially like how McCaffrey shifts her point of view in different books retelling the same events from someone else's perspective This title retells events from before the second pass of Thread after Dragonsdawn and before Dragon's Kin On to the next Pern title

  7. Jane Jago Jane Jago says:

    If there ever was a beautifully realised fantasy world Pern is it Everything hangs together perfectly and the place is believable The stories are maybe brain candy but we need some of that in our worldLove it

  8. Deb Deb says:

    The main plot of this Pern novel set just prior to the Second Pass of thread is about a despotic Lord Holder who refuses to believe the danger is real Unfortunately the villain is a little too villainous he's really a caricature with no redeeming ualities making you wonder why his subjects aren't willing to rebel Though seeing him brought down is still uite satisfyingreturnreturnHowever the secondary plotline about preparations for Thread is pretty interesting The second pass is coinciding with the breakdown of the last of Pern's advanced technology they have a few computers but all are on their last legs Several characters are busy reinventing substitutes such as the abacus and the fountain pen Not to mention revamping their entire educational system to ensure that all have the necessary survival skills at the possible expense of the knowledge of life elsewhere The characters involved in this plot mostly educators and musicians are much well rounded with both strengths and weaknesses And some of their solutions are very creative I think it's worth reading for that aspect alone

  9. travelgirlut travelgirlut says:

    This story has nothing new in it that hasn't happened in other Pern books There's some new characters of course but since all of McCaffrey's characters end up feeling the same it doesn't really matter It took me a fair amount of time to get through this since I just didn't care enough about any of it to keep going It's not terrible just repetitive if you've read all the other books

  10. Barbara K. Barbara K. says:

    This is an interesting peek at Pern's Charter and what it entails and how far a Lord Holder can go toward being a despot before something could be done at least in the time frame of the story some 250 years After Landing We know from other books in the series that as time goes by the people of Pern forget that they started as a colony and the Charter seems to be forgotten as well as generations go byIn this book there's a terribly negligent and abusive Lord Holder Chalkin of Bitra who refuses to acknowledge that Thread will fall even though it's due to begin falling in just weeks He has not prepared his people or their holds for it and the other leaders of Pern are considering impeachment But that reuires a consensus of the Lord Holders and Weyrleaders and they don't have a consensusThis book also introduces the teaching songs though as yet there is no Harper Hall only the College at Fort Hold The College leaders are trying to come up with a means of convincing future generations when Thread will be due to fall and in the meantime the last computer on Pern gets fried in an electrical storm so no data can be copied from it into print form and again the society slides further from the technology they arrived withSo all of this is interesting in a dry sort of way for those of us fascinated with the world Pern is becoming But there are some disappointments as well I think for me part of the problem I have with this book is its similarity to current politics in the US which I've had uite enough of thank you and really didn't want yet another reminder in my leisure time fiction reading But that's just a coincidence of when I'm reading it this time around The other disappointment is that the romance in this story is left up in the air Will they do than acknowledge affection for one another? Are the Weyr leaders likely to interfere because one person isn't a dragonrider and the other is? I also got a glimpse of the Weyr and life there that although it still fascinates me I know I could not live with in the complete lack of privacy and everyone being in everyone else's businessAnyway it was a sort of good read although the atrocities carried out by Chalkin were shocking It was an excellent entry in the world building material about Pern If you love the Pern books and want history filled in you'll like this If you're reading it for fun and escape maybe not so muchThen there was the trip to Calusa in the Southern Continent Oh gosh I keep wanting to yell at people in these stories Whatever you do don't go to Calusa

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