Hardcover ´ Monster's Proof PDF Ú

Hardcover ´ Monster's Proof PDF Ú

Monster's Proof ➶ [Reading] ➸ Monster's Proof By Richard Lewis ➫ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Livey’s younger brother Darby a math genius brings his imaginary friend to life through a mathematical proof Bob is a creature of pure math and he hates chaos and disorder Now Livey Darby and some v Livey’s younger brother Darby a math genius brings his imaginary friend to life through a mathematical proof Bob is a creature of pure math and he hates chaos and disorder Now Livey Darby and some very uniue allies must band together to find a way to stop Bob—before he fixes our disorderly world for good Monster’s Proof brings horror and math together in an unforgettable novel that will forever change the way you look at an euation.

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  1. Abby Abby says:

    The novel Monster’s Proof by Richard Lewis follows the life of the Ell family Darby Ell a 10 year old mathematical genius with an astoundingly high I level just began an elite school for the gifted While Darby is working on proving the new discoveries his older sister Livey is a high school cheerleader at River Oaks High School Unlike Darby Livey is struggling to pass her Algebra 1 class Living with an inattentive math professor father Livey believes she is the only normal member of the family Livey must improve her math grade to stay on the cheer suad but is distracted by an attractive new student Johnny Magnus Darby’s proofs begin to cause concern when Bob a mathematical creation exists in our plane of reality Throughout the novel Darby Livey and Johnny eventually grow closer and work together to banish Bob from the real worldIn this novel I admire how Lewis wrote a page turning novel full of the reality and struggles of balancing family dynamics Darby and Livey are very different people especially when comprehending mathematical concepts I feel Lewis showed the reader the importance of discovering how you learn most effectively While Darby uickly grasped abstract mathematical ideas Livey struggled with less complex euations Both siblings discovered how to use accessible resources to learn new material I would like to applaud Lewis for being able to embed some mathematical concepts into a young adult novel however I often felt the reader was being pulled in too many directions I feel there were two main story lines following Darby and Livey but the plots were not unified until close to the end of the novel I wish there was actual mathematical examples throughout the novel instead of referencing ideas I feel adding analytic descriptions would enhance the reader's experience

  2. Nico Hydock Nico Hydock says:

    The book Monsters Proof is primarily about Darby Ell who is ten years old and is a math whiz Then there’s his older sister Livey Ell who is 17 and is a cheerleader However their Aunt Ludy who was also a math whiz was brought into the Pythagorean Brotherhood which biases everything on math theories During her time in this organization she came up the Thingamabob Conjecture which was a math euation for “Bob” who was a mathematical apparition However Aunt Ludy never proved the euation to bring “bob” to life because she realized the danger “Bob” brought to earth Although with Darby being so young smart and eager to do math he eventually found this euation in one of his aunt’s journals and he was determined to prove it But when he first proves it he thinks “Bob” is only here to help him with his problems since he gets bulled at school Although after a while he starts to rethink things and realizes that “Bob” is actually go to end up destroying not just earth but the universe Since he realized this so does his sister and they end up getting help from Johnny and Aether who happen to be seraphs Some strength that this book brings is that it has some of everything from education to romance and humor to mysteries and past to future All of these things make this book one of the most interesting books I have ever read This book had some term I didn’t know but could easily infer what they meant for example “Hilbert Space” was used throughout the whole book and all it is; is an area of space where things can be “stored” However some of the weaknesses are that it jumps from Darby to Livey often throughout the book so sometimes I got confused with what was happening to whom Also it jumps from places to places without explaining who they got to some places because of this I would have to reread some sections to really understand what happened and even then I still didn’t one hundred percent understand everything Another weakness is that they talk about a good amount of math which I don’t like and I know some other people wouldn’t like because it’s confusing However overall I believe the strengths overwhelm the weaknesses I would recommend this book to everyone but I know not everyone would like it so with that said the people that I think would really enjoy this book are people that like mysteries because throughout the whole book your uestioning things Although this book does take a lot of focus once you start reading it’s hard to stop but you won’t need a dictionary This book makes me thing of the series “The Dreamhouse Kings” by Robert Liparulo because the amount of mysterious things that go on Actually it was this series that brought me to this book “Monsters Proof” because of how close I thought they were Both of these books were my all time favorite books I have ever read

  3. Cicay Foutley Cicay Foutley says:

    I was intrigued how a writer could possibly come up with a story that revolves around Mathematics My passion for the subject rekindled when I have read the gist Couldn’t stop laughing at every punch line the characters are throwing at each other Do you really know your numbers Here are some of the hilarious explanations from our Math genius Darby Ell VAMPIRE NUMBERS Take two numbers and multiply them together If their product has the same digits as the original two numbers without any zeros at the end then the product is a vampire number For example 27 times 81 is 2187 So 2187 is a vampire number p35 GARGOYLE FRACTIONS These fractions have the Mark of the Beast Divide 3 by 5 1666666 Be careful when you run into 20 divided by 3 p48 PERFECT NUMBERS A perfect number is one that is the sum of the numbers that divide it 6 is a perfect number because it is divided by 1 and 2 and 3 and 1 2 3 euals 6 The next perfect number is 28 because 1 2 4 7 14 euals 28 p48 There is no boring number The first boring number you come to is interesting precisely because it’s the first boring number And perfect numbers are very rare The ancient Greeks discovered the first four 6 28 496 8128 and even today with supercomputers we’ve only found around 30 of them Nobody knows if there is an infinite number And nobody knows if a single odd perfect number even exists p 49 WEREWOLF NUMBERS A werewolf number would be 4 divided by a pi Because it turns into a long shaggy continuous fraction p 49 Think they’re odd enough That’s why Darby tried to prove the ALIEN NUMBERS You could say that it is indeed a good vs evil kind of story the twists however made it interesting A rebel angel falling for a human; a seraph befriending a genius; humans creating a cult to praise a math creature who is a shape shifter that can manipulate the Hilbert space It is my first Lewis book; I must say I was impressed

  4. David Molnar David Molnar says:

    This is of a surreal fantasy with Mathematics providing the scenery Livey is 16; her little brother Darby is 10 Their great aunt Ludy had once been a brilliant mathematician working on a Hilbert space of Hilbert spaces Darby has inherited her curiosity and talent and enjoys reading Mathematical Monsters and Pathological Math Functions from which he hopes to better understand Bob who was conjectured by his aunt but whose existence has yet to be proved Dad is obsessed with proving the Riemann Hypothesis As for Livey even the Goths in her Algebra class are doing better than she is That's right even the Goths What's worse if she does not pass the next exam she will be dropped from the cheerleading suad Which would suck Her only hope her brother and father explain math like lawyers is the James Dean figure Johnny Magnus to whom Livey finds herself immensely attracted due to his a creepy physical appearance b crappy car and c exalted status as a teaching assistant in her Algebra classI should have sniffed out a Plot Device when Livey's Algebra teacher strayed off topic to talk about the tetraktys another Pythagorean reference but apparently I have some sort of a blind spot when it comes to mathematical digressions Numbers he elaborated are living things that created the cosmos a gateway to mysterious forces of the universe Like you guessed it but I didn't Bob The teacher of course ends up being in the same cult as everybody else because encountering your Math teacher outside of school is just good drama Honestly I found the story rather gripping possibly than I should admit I take it back And the mathematical content wasn't poorly done; it felt like a kids' version of a Rudy Rucker story or something like that But it's real borderline whether I could call this a math book from my not really a blog at

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    In my uest to discover books with a math connection that might work for a book discussion I came across this novel Teenage Livey's family mother father little brother and even great aunt are all mathematical geniuses Livey struggles to understand how a minus times a minus can be a plus Little brother Darby solves his great aunt's mathematical proof and creates a math creature Bob and then the fun begins Angels a Pythagorean cult the NSA a school for the gifted with the reuisite bully divorced parents and Bob's uest for elegance and beauty create an adventure story that has some thrills and romance as well It's predictable but the pacing is good and the story is cute

  6. Kevin Kevin says:

    I have never done well with math and have a very limited knowledge of the subject but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of this imaginative young adult novelLewis uses math as a creative plot hook for a supernatural adventure But he also does a great job of capturing the challenges of gifted children and their families divorce and other issues; and does so with well drawn characters and crisp dialogI also like the fact that he incorporates the battle of good and evil in interesting and thought provoking ways

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    I don't normally like books that revolve around math but this one was great I really like the storyline about a child genius much like Artemis Fowl If you like the Artemis Fowl series you will enjoy this book It not only has the child genius but a twist of romance between his older sister and an angel I recommend this to everybody

  8. Connie Connie says:

    I enjoyed the math part of this very creative

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