The Crown eBook Ú Paperback

The Crown eBook Ú Paperback

10 thoughts on “The Crown

  1. Yoana Valkanova Yoana Valkanova says:

    The second book of the Pearls and the Crowns was a nice surpriseThe rhythm of the story is a lot dynamic than the first book A lot things are happening and the main characters become real Lea gets the chance to show off her powers and Shadrael reveals his true selfStill there are some thing that lack in my opinion I never understood how and why the two fell in love Reminds me of the Stockholm syndrome than some deep and moving feeling And the other characters do not get the possibility to unfold and develop Even if they were not around it would still be ok Their role is somewhat vagueHowever as a whole the book was a nice and refreshing one It provides a relaxing read after a long and hard day I do recommend it

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Real rating is maybe a 28? I didn't care for the first book in this series The Pearls This one stepped up it's game however and I found myself enjoying this than the first though I think though should receive the same rating My biggest complaint with the first was the lack of character to Lea I can't say that it changes much in this one though I may have just found her tolerable as I had less of her to deal with My real enjoyment in this novel was watching all the well placed plans of these characters fall to the ground Shadreal for one falls apart He spends most of the book wounded or in the beginning drunk His brother seems to go mad by the end mad or blind to the idiocy of his plans We even see of the dark priests Though I did find myself enjoying this book I do have a few concerns Reading over other readers thoughts after the first book I found myself seeing the uncomfortable Stockholm syndrome being brought up several times in reference to Shadrael and Lea's relationship Honestly I can see it as well The romance comes out of nowhere and is hastily explained as being 'forseen' by Lea before the books ever began This is hinted at vaguely a few times but I'm still left with the bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing The messy politics of both books are seemingly fixed by this romance and one weirdly random murder 10 pages from the end I can't help but find it a weak resolution and wonder on the wisdom of the great Light Bringer emperor for even agreeing to the whole mess It could be because he didn't see Lea in the mess of the book that he doesn't realize his 'wise' sister really acts like a teenager in many ways than the great and wonder princess she should be As far as the character development goes you can see a little in our two leads Shadreal deals with the loss of Lea poorly for most of the book and when he final receives what it is he is looking for you see him behave humanly He remains essentially the same man and at times acts exactly as I expected him Though small though he seems to take a few steps in the right direction Lea on the other hand is presented as becoming less 'innocent' and shadow touched It affects her a bit nothing big and in the end I was disappointed that I didn't get to see her really woman up and start to take charge Eventually she is saved by her brother and Shadreal without the one of the two she would have died early in book one It's disappointing and again as far as strong female leads not a stellar example I gave it a solid three this time mostly for the tension the book seemed to have constantly throughout it I was fairly engrossed even irate the few times I was interrupted in my reading I'm happy to have the series behind me it was an interesting yet unimpressive read

  3. Jeanne Stumbaugh Jeanne Stumbaugh says:

    Set in the same universe as The Ruby Throne trilogy this tells the story of the Light Bringer's sister LeaThe plot was complex enough to hold my attention It was a very simple adventure story with a little romance mixed inThat being said you really shouldn't read the books in Pearls and the Crown until you've read The Ruby Throne since the author did much of the world building in that series Since the Ruby Throne trilogy is worth a read it shouldn't be too much of a burdenIt wasn't long enough in my estimation because I blasted through each book in a matter of hours I would've liked to have seen plot development intrigue to it as some of the subplots which could have been expanded on seemed to have just been left hanging Oh and a little work on the romance part tooStill a good clean read and I recommend it

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    I don't know why I read this one when I found it's predecessors so uninteresting I must truly have been desperate or I hate to leave things unfinished I felt this work was unfocused and silly I still think the supposed love that springs up between the two main characters was unrealistic and sounded a lot like Stockholm syndrome than anything to base a marriage on The sad thing is that as unimpressed as I was by this book I'm even unimpressed with myself for continuing to read it just because I had to finish the series insert obligatory eye roll here

  5. Sara Sara says:

    I was a bit shocked by the ending So shadrael saves tje whole of the emperor's army an the ulinians by killing brathel essence and nothing happens? No mob acclaiming no enemies showing him respect for what he'd done no nothing He's still seen as the backstabing blackguard who kidapped the princess? That was a bit too much of an omission when both books are supposed to lead to this huge war dead people versus livingOther than this rushed and lacking end great book

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    I would actually rate this 25 stars I was very disappointed with this one after the first book I felt like I missed an entire book in the middle where Lea and Shadrael fell in love They spent most of the book separated and the book was really hard to get through because I didn't believe in any of the characters' motivations or emotions It finally picked up in the last uarter or so which is why I didn't give it 2 flat stars

  7. N.A. Fedorak N.A. Fedorak says:

    Decent but it's one of those books that you read an just think to yourself 'the author just needed to reach a little BIT further and it could have been mind blowingly amazing' but the author didn't so it's just okay I'm glad I was able to get my hands on one of her books though as oddly most libraries don't carry them for some reason

  8. Karina Karina says:

    Phenomenal conclusion to the series begun with The Pearl This book had me on the edge of my seat and had many unexpected twists If you pick up the first I recommend you have the second handyand time to read both since you won't want to put them down

  9. Roberta Roberta says:

    A must read for fantasy lovers Some war but not too much Magic and romance combine for an unpredictable adventurous love story

  10. Foggygirl Foggygirl says:

    I liked the first book enough that I went and got the second book but the story in the second book sort of fell flat I was expecting of a change in the heroine from book one to book two but she remained too perfect and too nice to be of much interest

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Crown
  • Deborah Chester
  • English
  • 23 August 2016
  • 9780441016570