Hardcover ✓ Cat Mouse PDF/EPUB Ú

Hardcover ✓ Cat Mouse PDF/EPUB Ú

Cat Mouse ❮KINDLE❯ ❥ Cat Mouse ❆ Author Ian Schoenherr – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Cat—crouching creeping prancing pouncing—chases MouseAnd Mouse—skipping sneaking dodging dashing—chases CatHow will the game end And will Cat and Mouse still be friends when it's over Cat—crouching creeping prancing pouncing—chases MouseAnd Mouse—skipping sneaking dodging dashing—chases CatHow will the game end And will Cat and Mouse still be friends when it's over.

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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    Inspired by the nursery rhymes Hickory Dickory Dock; Eeny Meeny Miney Mo; and I Love Little Pussy this adorable rhyming picture book follows the rough housing of a friendly cat and mouse As the mouse narrator who could stand in for a young child informs us I love little Kitty Her coat is so warm And if I don't hurt her She'll do me no harm So I won't pull her tail Nor drive her away But Kitty and I Very gently will playAn excellent story to introduce young children to the concept of being gentle with animal companions Cat Mouse is also an amusing story in which the traditional roles of mouse and cat are reversed Ian Schoenherr's ink and acrylic illustrations are delightfully expressive particularly Kitty's face when she is caught off guard

  2. Tasha Tasha says:

    Cat and Mouse play together wrestling over a paper umbrella The text follows a nursery rhyme changing into Hickory Dickory Dock and then returning to the original rhyme As Mouse gets the best of Cat time and again will they end up as enemies or friends?The lively illustrations bring the old fashioned text to vibrant life Both animals are captured with attention to minute details but then are made wide eyed and action filled to great comic effect Families who have kittens or cats will recognize Cat's movements and body postures as being purely feline Mouse is much human than CatEnjoyable laugh out loud nursery rhyme fun This book will work well for groups of children and is ideal for use in story times or classroom units Appropriate for ages 3 5

  3. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

    This story of the antics of a cat and mouse is told through the interweaving of three traditional nursery rhymes Is cat trying to capture and eat mouse or are they just playing? The pictures are very cute my favorite is the one where the cat is distracted when he finds mouse's little umbrella The look on the cat's face is SO typical as is his possessiveness of the umbrella in the next few pictures With its simple text and large colorful pictures this would make a good readaloud for preschool or kindergarten kids Recommended

  4. Patrick Resse Patrick Resse says:

    Cat Mouse by Ian Schoenherr is an indivualistic take on classic nursery rhymes accompanied by detailed illustrations appropriate for kids of ages two through four This book does not have any awards although the illustrations are deserving of one From beginning to end the cat and mouse have a friendly game of back and forth often teasing each other although in a couple of the pictures the cat seems a little malicious During their time goofing around the mouse jumps onto the clock and then jumps off once the cuckoo bird comes out and therefore hits the cat They continue to play with one another with the mouse often teasing the cat with his tiny umbrella The play session ends with the mouse retreating to his tiny door in the wall The mouse then reemerges to play with the cat again petting her using yarn to fool around with it as well as giving her milk The story ends with the two getting along rather than the cat eating the mouse since this is obviously a children’s book This is a good book although not excellent it does teach kids the benefit of doing something nice for another person and getting something in return It also demonstrates how two non alike people or species in this case can get along The rhythmic parts throughout the book are capitalized bolded and enlarged so the kids can read and sing along with it appropriately The vibrant and colorful illustrations would also play well the kids imagination and understanding There are multiple uses for this book in the classroom such as having the kids draw about what they heard as well as talk about the book between classmates as well as if they have noticed playful back and forths with their pets or other animals before

  5. Karina Karina says:

    Cat Mouse is story about a cat and mouse playing together This charming book is a mixture of the classic nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock and Meenie Miney Mo Sure to capture readers with huge capturing fonts and amusing illustrations this book is appropriate for first grade and below An activity that can be done with first grade is focusing on different rhymes The teacher can enlarge the story and nursery rhyme for all students to see during circle time and together as a class the teacher and students can go through the words that rhyme As a class students can also create their own nursery rhyme on chart paper and each student can input their own drawing on the poster This poster can be kept in the classroom year round

  6. Ruth Ann Ruth Ann says:

    Usually it's the cat who stalks and terrorizes the mouse Not so in this hilarious picture by Ian Schoenherr who uses three well known nursery rhymes to help us follow mouse chase and menace dear kitty

  7. Mely Mely says:

    25I absolutely think the illustrations are what make this book enjoyable Other than the two nursery rhymes that are thrown in this book doesn't really flow well and though it is uite a short read it uses a very mature vocabulary the little ones may not uite understand

  8. Courtney Baird Courtney Baird says:

    This is a cute book that shows just because you didn't get along in the first place does not mean you can't be friends in the end I would read this book in class if I knew there were students that were not getting along and I wanted them to know that that could change

  9. Jackie Jackie says:

    A cat and mouse coexist and have fun together

  10. Maggie Sideris Maggie Sideris says:

    Title Cat and MouseGrade Level Preschool 3rd gradeSummary This book is about how a cat and a mouse decide to be nice and play together The two of them chase each other around the house trying to catch one another The book goes along with the nursery rhymes 1Chickory dickory dock 1D and 1Ceeny meeny miny mo 1D Review I enjoyed this book I loved that the illustrations were big and clear and the same with the words I found it interesting that the author was able to connect the two nursery rhymes together with a little story in betweenIn Class Uses 1 This book can be used to teach rhyme schemes 2 A teacher can use this book to teach children to play with everyone even if you totally different

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