Still Talking ePUB Ú Paperback

Still Talking ePUB Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Still Talking
  • Joan Rivers
  • English
  • 07 January 2016
  • 9780099233312

10 thoughts on “Still Talking

  1. Fabian Fabian says:

    The type of book that normalizes the heights these demigods inhabit so that we mere mortals and peasants may partake if only in some teeny insignificant way Alas it's satisfying to the zillionth power although the topic is uite morbid the death of the actress's husband Edgar as the culminating point in a career rife with ups and downs it lacks a heightened sustained joke factor plus there IS totally a not so transparent ghost writer behind it too still brill's brillPlus I'd like to take the chance to nominate this book's cover for BEST BOOK COVER OF ALL TIME

  2. Mary Mary says:

    This is the story of a woman who had and then lost everything The story of a woman who worked for three decades to finally reach the top What subseuently happened to Joan Rivers had to do with being a woman than with being a star In a business that is notoriously harsh to women Joan Rivers struggled to carve out a niche for herself that for the past several decades has marked her as one of the gutsiest comediennes working in the business todayUltimately Joan was forced to choose between her husband and her career In the titanic confrontation between her husband and the boss of her television network Joan stood with her husband and was out of a job Far worse Edgar her husband of twenty two years took his own lifeIn the face of such awful tragedy where did this controversial star find the inner strength to continue on and survive without the protection of her husband? With her trademark combination of biting humor and fragility tough minded ambition and traditional values Joan Rivers tells a story of tragedy and eventual triumph Not only has she learned to survive the trials and tribulations of life but she has ultimately thrivedI must say that while I don't enjoy Joan Rivers' style of comedy I certainly enjoyed reading her autobiography She has gone through so much tragedy; things that would uite possibly torpedo another person's career for good However Joan Rivers has somehow risen above and triumphed over such sadness and still has managed to be successful In my opinion she is a very strong woman; a woman who is to be admired for her fortitude I give this book an A

  3. Martin Martin says:

    This is a well told story would you expect anything less? about Rivers’ most difficult time in her life when she lost her career husband and almost her daughter She discusses her marriage in detail from its beginning to its demise and gives us a breakdown of how it slowly fell apart in the fifteen years prior to husband Edgar’s suicide After experiencing some success in NYC and with the Tonight Show gig in place they moved to Los Angeles where Edgar’s previous success as a television and film producer closely associated with the UN back when people cared about the UN was to go unnoticed and where he would be considered the husband of a star She states that the great thing about New York is that people allow you to hang on to your accomplishments whereas Hollywood is a company town where you are only judged on your current success During the Fox debacle Edgar would be seen as an irritant to the fledgling network never being able to shake the label of star’s husbandmanager and Rivers was made to choose between her show and her husband and she chose the latter only to have him uit on her He had a series of heart attacks in 1984 and had a very long road to recovery in which his personality changed and he became morose and controlling For years before the heart attack Rivers had pleaded with Edgar to seek therapy During the Fox debacle when she was really worried about his mental state he went to therapy but only talked superficially and charmed the therapist into thinking he was fineJoan has said many times that she felt Johnny Carson attributed her success to him in a way the he would probably not have if she had been a man and felt that he owned her to some degree Joan writes that she completely enabled this by her loyalty not even going on other shows as a guest and by her treating “The Tonight Show” like it was her family Setting down roots was always important to Joan and she ignored the fact that she never got notes or calls from Carson or even invited to parties by the production When she discovered that there was a list of ten possible successors in the case of Carson’s eventual retirement and that she was not even one of the ten the writing was on the wall that she was not valued and that if what she says is true that her ratings were consistently higher than Carson’s she was resented by much of the production The Fox Network needed a name like hers to launch itself as a real competitor to the Big Three yet they did not give the promised support of compelling stars of 20th Century Fox films to appear nor did any of network co founder Barry Diller’s buddies show up In the end Joan decided not to sue Fox because Edgar would have died of stress so when the lawyers were finished she had a 2 million settlement “It was a lot of money and nobody should feel sorry for me But for that money I would never have left Carson I would never have given up the foundation of my life and been forced to live with the perception that my show was a failure” She does a great deal of growing up after Edgar’s death First she realizes that Hollywood contracts are not worth the paper they’re printed on that the lawyers always know they can get out of them During the marriage she relied on Edgar to review contracts and worry about all the business end As anyone who has seen the documentary “A Piece of Work” can attest Ms Rivers became an incredible business person extremely capable or managing her own affairs She ends with “If I can’t get through one door I’ll go through another door Or I’ll make a door But something terrific will come no matter how dark the present is God always comes up with a third act twist and we won’t know till we die whether the play was a comedy or a tragedy so you better be prepared for both That’s the exhilaration of being alive there’s always another scene coming out of nowhere God is the best dramatist”

  4. Mediaman Mediaman says:

    Why did I wait so long to read this book? It's amazing Very well written filled with detailed behind the scenes information on television and a much serious book than one would expect from Rivers It's not a comedy book by any means instead it's a serious memoir of her life with her late husband and the disastrous Fox late night TV show She throws a lot of people under the bus naming names of those who are Hollywood insiders Barry Diller comes across the worst and it's ironic that now he is pretty much a washed up has been while Rivers is flourishing Johnny Carson's lawyer who released his own book recently that gives a very different story comes across as a mafia hit man Even Ben Stein who I had always had respect for gets hit for making up a fake story that got published about Rivers at her husband's funeral she threatens to sue and he threatens to make up even stuff if she does The whole thing makes you wonder why anyone would want to work with Hollywood people they're all selfish crazy liars that think nothing of breaking contracts and threatening lawsuitsThere are also some very serious sections of the book where she pours her heart out I had to sit back and contemplate some of the insights she gave regarding life death marriage family and God She is a deep introspective person who accepts much of the blame for what has happened to herThe book isn't perfect the biggest flaw is that the central story to the book gets passed over in just a few paragraphs Yes the book is really about her husband's suicide which is very detailed but the key moment in the suicide story is when Fox's Barry Diller fires her husband from her late night show and she has to make the choice between leaving with him or continuing the show This whole scene gets less than two pages in the book and appears to be intentionally vague is it to avoid lawsuits from Diller??? She also doesn't really mention what happened after her husband died nothing about the memorial service or specifics about legal issues She talks about her pain and her fighting with Melissa over whether to get rid of the house but there are some big holes here that need to be filledEven the story of how she got her syndicated talk show is too brief and rushed And at times the reader gets the feel that Rivers while accepting some fault is too uick to blame her husband on her own inability to stand up for herself So while there are some great moments of detail regarding her Broadway debut and how Fox wrecked her late night show this book should have been a lot longer and detailed in some sectionsShe is the only female network late night talk show host in TV history and the story behind how she split from Johnny Carson to take the Fox show now makes sense She tried hard to talk with Carson before she accepted the Fox job and this book goes behind the headlines to explain it all It's a must read just don't expect this to be a comedy book filled with raunchy humor

  5. We Are All Mad Here We Are All Mad Here says:

    I think if you like Joan Rivers you can't help but like this book particularly if you listen to the audio version as I did I loved listening to her It's not that it's a funny book because it isn't And it didn't matter Her take on herself and her trials in life seemed very honest and true and un whiny She might have been a harsh comic but it doesn't show here She even breaks down a bit in some moments especially when talking about one of the biggest and saddest subjects of the book her husband Edgar's suicide Unfortunately it seems that only an abridged version is available from Audible I was a little sad when it was over

  6. Thom Dunn Thom Dunn says:

    I see in the blurb that Rivers talks about her husband's suicide Well I read this book years ago Suicide ? I don't recall that he committed suicide I remember her famous joke about scattering his ashes at Bloomingdales So I'd visit him often So now I loved this book I was happy with my memory of this book until I read the damn blurb Now I have to go back and read the book at least the relevant parts Oh well There are worse tragedies in life than having to re read a good book

  7. Sam Sam says:

    I love Joan but this book was like therapy than literature And it was NOT funny nor did it try to be Highway robbery It's a shame that all her Hollywood dramas were still so personal to her

  8. Christine Christine says:

    I miss my fashion police fix so I decided to find one of Joan's audiobooks just to hear her voice This book is a love letter to Edgar While I've heard the stories in bits and pieces it was nice to hear Joan tell the story

  9. Aihpos Aihpos says:

    I am not a fan of Joan Rivers Saw her on Fashion Police show and found her comments to be crude at times but comical Thought this book allow me to read up on her Unfortunately wasn't the book I had in mind Not much detail

  10. Helen Helen says:

    Well written I love Joan Rivers

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About the Author: Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers born Joan Sandra Molinsky was an American comedian actress talk show host businesswoman and celebrity She was known for her brash manner and loud raspy voice with a heavy metropolitan New York accent Rivers was the National Chairwoman of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and is a board member of God's Love We Deliver Like the ground breaking Phyllis Diller Rivers' act relied he.