The Bells of Bleecker Street PDF µ of Bleecker PDF

The Bells of Bleecker Street PDF µ of Bleecker PDF

  • Hardcover
  • 186 pages
  • The Bells of Bleecker Street
  • Valenti Angelo
  • English
  • 03 September 2014

2 thoughts on “The Bells of Bleecker Street

  1. Stacy268 Stacy268 says:

    Browsing the shelves of our Lower School library inevitably leads to finding some gems From the slightly creepy Baby Island to the magical Gone Away Lake I usually end up discovering some children's books that may not have otherwise ended on my radar This time my find was The Bells of Bleecker Street Since my school is located on the corner of Bleecker Street I was automatically drawn to this title and I was happily reading about Joey and his antics over the weekendJoey Enrico is a neighbourhood boy He and his pals hang around the Greenwich Village area Their main social activities center around The Church of Our Lady of Pompeii the pushcarts along Bleecker and Sheridan Suare Joey's dad is off fighting in World War II and Joey is missing him fiercely He tries to help out in his father's framing shop and stay out of troubleBut trouble seems to find Joey Especially when he is hanging out with his friend Pete the Sueak Ryan One day Joey and Pete decide to go into Our Lady of Pompeii to see the new statue of Saint John After seeing the new statue the boys go to see the old one the one that Joey was baptized under When the toe of the old Saint John breaks off under Joey's fingertips Joey panics The ever mischievous Pete however convinces Joey that Saint John's toe should be treated like a rabbit's foot Joey should keep it for good luck After all couldn't Joey use some luck? So Joey puts the toe in his pocket and hits the streets Does his luck change? Maybe a little bit but Joey is wracked with guilt about his theftValenti Angelo's The Bells of Bleecker Street is a wonderful example of children's literature from the 1940s Well written chapters are almost stories within the story Joey and his pals are all sueaky clean family boys who help out around the neighbourhood and generally do the right thing Joey's Italian family's heritage is examined through everyday activities and it's interesting to note the differences put forth concerning Pete's Irish family This is sweet storytelling that would make a great read aloud

  2. Kari Kari says:

    Unintentionally I've spent a year reading one book after another about WWII and just afterward For the Glory by Hamilton Yearning For the Living God by Busche rereading From Anna and Listen For the Singing by Little Windows For the Crown Prince by Vining The Monuments Men by Edsel The Melendy Family by Enright The Chestry Oak by Seredy even 26 Fairmount Avenue by DePaola; and now Bleecker Street by Angelo From China to Canada Japan to Germany New York to Hungary it's so interesting to go back and forth between cultures and to consider that all of these stories happened or fictionally would happen at the same time and that my grandpas would have been like the kids in these stories Having not even known that a couple of these books would be about this time period I think now that with the possible of exceptions of Bleecker and Fairmount Avenue having my own kids read these books would be my preferred way to teach them about WWII Good coverage of many different aspects and what is only touched on could be discussed further Better than The Book Thief or Anne Frank which I hear so many people think are so great to teach about the warI'd add The Hiding Place to this group

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The Bells of Bleecker Street❰Reading❯ ➷ The Bells of Bleecker Street Author Valenti Angelo – A warm sometimes an emotional story of growing boys on city streets in this instance the Italian section of New York's Greenwich Village Twelve year old Joey Enrico half Italian half Irish has friends A warm sometimes an emotional story of growing of Bleecker PDF ✓ boys on city streets in this instance the Italian section of New York's Greenwich Village Twelve year old Joey Enrico half Italian half Irish has friends who are typical American boys playing sandlot baseball teasing each other rough housing and having immense pride in the traditions their families have brought from the old world music cooking craftsmanship Joey has an active and bothersome conscience which gets him into amusing situations with the parish priest who knows plenty about boys himself There's a The Bells Epub / nice sense of family life and a real boy story with scrapes and adventures galore against a colorful background of the atmosphere of the countries from which the boys came.