Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace

Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace

Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier ❮Ebook❯ ➩ Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier Author J. Randy Taraborrelli – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk She was an Oscar winning Hollywood actress; he the scion of Europe's longest reigning monarchy The marriage of movie star Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier Grimaldi of Monaco a romance ironically spawned She was an Oscar winning a Time: PDF/EPUB ã Hollywood actress; he the scion of Europe's longest reigning monarchy The marriage of movie star Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier Grimaldi of Monaco a romance ironically spawned by a chance MGM publicity driven photo op was one of the th century's most enchanting fables come to life Yet in veteran Hollywood biographer J Randy Taraborelli's retelling the first comprehensive chronicle of the royal couple's romance and uarter century reign their day to day struggle with romantic inertia and a legacy of Once Upon PDF or familial dysfunction cast their fairy tale existence in a bittersweet light long before the automobile accident that took Grace's life Taraborelli's struggle to walk the fine line between the respectful biography he intends and the salacious tell all exposes he decries makes for occasionally awkward passages However the author eventually succeeds in giving his royal subjects and the ongoing conflicts with their respective families a familiar all too human scale Jerry McCulley.

  • Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier
  • J. Randy Taraborrelli
  • 01 April 2016
  • 9780283063770

About the Author: J. Randy Taraborrelli

J Randy Taraborrelli is an a Time: PDF/EPUB ã author known for biographies of contemporary entertainers and political figures He is a featured writer in several entertainment magazines in Canada England and Australia He also appears on television as an entertainment news reporter on shows such as Entertainment Tonight Good Morning America Today and CBS This Morning Taraborrelli resides in Los Angeles Califo.

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  1. Barb Barb says:

    I always wanted to be a princess Didn’t every girl growing up in the fifties have a “secret” dream about becoming a princess? Actually I thought Prince Charles Great Britain would wait for me When he finally married I was let down even though I had been married myself many years by that time So how could Grace Kelly refuse when a real Prince asked her to marry him?Grace Kelly was never able to please her parents It seems her sisters and brothers won all the awards all the sports competitions everything that meant success when raising children Grace couldn’t seem to excel at anything So she always had a hidden obsession to try to win her parents praise especially that of her fatherWhen Grace won an Academy Award she thought her parents would be overwhelmed with joy and pride However they took it in stride and her father even made some humorous comments about it So when she had the opportunity to marry a Prince she thought that this would finally fit the bill for the social climbing desires of her father and family She was right; it was indeed a time of pride for themPrince Rainier needed a Princess in order to assure that the ruling line of Monaco would continue If he didn’t have any heirs the principality would revert back to the control of France When he met Grace she went to top of his prospect list Their marriage fulfilled needs they both had and was an arrangement or contract than what one usually thinks of when dreaming of “fairy tales” That the marriage worked and that they did indeed come to love one another deeply is the real story and it was a great oneThe author did extensive research and walks the reader through Grace’s life before and after she becomes Princess Grace I found the book interesting well written and it made me feel that I somehow have touched the life of this real person who was both Grace Kelly and Princess Grace I enjoyed the book and recommend it highly

  2. Kevin Kevin says:

    The happily ever after marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier III of Monaco is explored and demythologized in this fascinating compelling and well researched royal biography After failed romances with married co stars Ray Milland and William Holden and turning down a marriage proposal from Oleg Cassini Kelly met Rainier the prince of a popular Mediterranean resort town who was searching for a princess he hoped would become the manifestation of all that we hope for and dream about in Monaco Nine months after what was called the wedding of the century watched by 30 million TV viewers in 1956 Grace gave birth to the first of their three children Never planning to stop making films she bowed to her husband's wishes and soon her loneliness and boredom were replaced by severe depression The prince encouraged her to accept Alfred Hitchcock's offer of the lead in Marnie But the subjects of Monaco objected and forced her to withdraw Before her tragic car accident death in 1982 Grace found contentment in the life she chose As he demonstrated in his 2002 bestseller Jackie Ethel Joan Women of Camelot Taraborrelli is adept at illuminating political intrigue and complex family dynamics He smoothly weaves together hundreds of exclusive interviews in fast paced short chapters to create vivid full blooded portraits This is the definitive book on a marriage that started as an arrangement but ended as a love storyI interviewed J Randy Taraborrelli for PUBLISHERS WEEKLY in 2003 when this book came outPW What was the most surprising thing you learned while writing Once Upon a Time Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier?J Randy Taraborrelli I was most surprised by how tormented Grace Kelly's life was both before and after she married Prince Rainier Though many people saw her as a glamorous celebrity who got anything she wanted she actually struggled through most of her life When you look at what she had achieved up until the time she met the prince it's difficult to imagine that she decided to marry him She was an Academy Award—winning actress at the height of her career who gave it all up for a man she thought she loved It was a tremendous sacrifice and one that at different times along the way she deeply regretted PW What's the most common misperception about Princess Grace?JRT That the real Grace was similar to her on screen persona cold distant and formal In truth Grace was a woman who saw the power that her beauty and sex appeal had on others—and she used it to her advantage She had always craved approval from her father and that led her I believe to try to find validation from many men along the way Once in Hollywood she discovered just how influential her sexuality could be At a time when women were far less liberal minded with their sexuality Grace really was unapologetic about her ability to make men swoonPW Didn't the results of her whirlwind marriage surprise her?JRT She had visited Monaco only once before moving there and that was for perhaps 30 minutes when she first met Rainier She had been an independent woman used to making her own choices about life Once in Monaco not only did she have a husband who was opinionated and rigid she also had her subjects the people of Monaco who ironically ruled her in many ways It was a principality that expected much of their princess and Grace felt that pressurePW How did Grace evolve into Princess Grace?JRT At first she resisted embracing her new life as a royal She had worked so hard to create the Hollywood image with which America had fallen in love she was hesitant to dispose of it When she finally accepted that her career as a movie star was over she began the second stage of her reign—then with commitment to her responsibilities as princess and with much peacePW There are differing theories on how she died Which do you believe?JRT I spent a great deal of time researching the car accident and I now understand why so many people still believe Princess Stephanie was driving the car I outlined the chain of events that occurred that weekend the arguments Grace and Rainier had with Stephanie over her wanting to drop out of college and become a race car driver I think you have to read the book to really form an opinion I was surprised to learn that the palace orchestrated a cover up of certain details that would most certainly have cleared Stephanie in the court of public opinion had everyone just been honestPW At the time of her death was Grace happy?JRT She had always been a woman used to making her own choices and when she finally began to accept the life she had chosen for herself that's when she found peace in it I think it's a universal story especially during these difficult times when people are really examining their lives We all have certain regrets We all find ourselves in imperfect circumstances As I wrote in the book sometimes the real challenge of living has to do with making a life that seems to no longer work work The secret is to not succumb to our regrets but to rise above them and then get on with things Which is exactly what Princess Grace eventually did with her own life

  3. Sadie Sadie says:

    A solid read Offers a good overview on Grace Kelly's life before becoming a princess growing up issues with parents being a young actress starting out becoming a Hollywood star on the state of Monaco and the Grimaldi family what a bunch really and on the marriage and family life of Grace and Rainier and their children many ups but in general downs oh my Finished this just in time to feel well informed for the upcoming marriage of Albert and Charlotte

  4. Lola Lola says:

    At the end of Disney's Cinderella Cinderella marries Prince Charming and they live happily ever after Or so we're told But what happens after the wedding? Cinderella has only known her husband a day or two She's just married a virtual stranger and is now a princess How will her marriage work? Will they have kids? What sacrifices did she have to make to keep her prince? What does happily ever after mean? To me the story of Princess Grace's life while not a perfect fit to Cinderella answers many of those uestions To many Americans Grace Kelly marrying Prince Rainer of Monaco was like watching a fairytale come to life the beautiful American movie star and the handsome prince of an exotic country That fairytale however was fraught with hurt disappointments and all the other small nuances that make up life It isn't your perfect happily ever after because for all she gained Princess Grace lost just as much her career her old life her freedom When I read about Grace giving up her movie career after the people of Monaco were outraged at the idea of her making a film I thought of my mother and all the things she's given up for me the things she continues to give up for me One time I asked her why she did it and she said that she would've done certain things differently in her life if she could've but that I had the choice to live my life anyway I choose For all the tension and disagreements between Princess Grace and her daughters I wonder if they've ever thought about how much their mother had to sacrifice and give up to be their mother Princess Grace and Prince Rainer's love story is not a perfect one but I like to believe it was a love story by the end These were two people pressured in different ways who had to learn how to be with one another and raise their children together and be in the spotlight together I personally like Prince Rainer and I think he treated Princess Grace well He cared about her happiness and it made him unhappy that she was unhappy in their country even if he couldn't necessarily fix it By the time of Grace's death the couple had come to appreciate each other for what they were life long partners and companions with mutual love and respect for each other As per usual J Randy Taraborrelli delivers a detailed and nuanced account of people wildly complex than imagined Definitely a good resource on Princess Grace

  5. Maureen Maureen says:

    A great storyreally fascinating However the author I was not very impressed with Poor use of language and it was very repetitive at times I would probably decide against reading another of his books despite being interested in the content

  6. Kimberly Thornbury Kimberly Thornbury says:

    38Such a sad life for such a beautiful person

  7. Sydney Sydney says:

    Imagine asking the most dressed up dude at comic con to give you a biography of Stan Lee and you will have an idea of how fan boy this book reads I like nerding out to our favorite things I do I just would have preferred knowing it on the front end so I could have picked a condensed version or one which didn't insist on being right and true to the feelings of the principle players than any other biography ever because the rest got it all wrong at least that was how this one read to me At first I wanted to euate it with the Cleopatra biography which managed to bring to life such a celebrated rumor filled historical figure but as and pages stated that others said this but nothing could be further from the truth with nothing than the author's desires to maintain the perfect persona of Grace of Monaco to back it up I began to realize that this biography was hagiography than anything else I do however now know about the royals of Monaco than I had ever dreamed of knowing before

  8. Missy Cahill Missy Cahill says:

    Found it very hard to get into and ultimately found it a boring read But to be honest that was probably to do with the mood i was in Grace Kelly herself was not a very interesting character she married the Prince to gain her father's attention and affection Whilst mothering her own children she turned into the kind of parent that she had detested growing up in a strick Catholic household

  9. Jennifer Pletcher Jennifer Pletcher says:

    This is the story of Grace Kelley's life and how she became the Princess of Monaco Grace came from a privileged backgound with parents who were not always kind She became a beloved Hollyood Actress and while at an awards ceremony made an appearance at the Palace in Monaco as part of a publicity stunt What occured is that Prince Rainier became fond of Grace Their chance meeting eventually lead to a marriage 3 children and a life that Grace never expected or really wanted Grace was forced to give up her career in Hollywood to become the Princess of Monaco This left her with a lot of regrets After her children were born her life according to her became one full of lonliness and bordom and not what she had thought it would beGrace Kelley died in a car accident in 1982 right around the time she was starting to feel contented with the life she was dealt She left behind a distraut husband and children and a legacy that is known around the worldThis was a pretty good book It is simply written but the story flowed well My take away from the book was the Grace was very unhappy as the princess of Monaco She really missed being a Hollywood star and felt that she gave us way too much to be a princess Her children were not well adjusted the youngest child having many problems Her husband not very warm or comforting Her parents terrible people who only cared about their status in the world Overall the whole lot of them seemed miserable What a way to liveThe story was interesting and entertaining and eye opening I knew very little about Grace Kelley and her time as the Princess of Monaco beyond the fact that she WAS the Princess of Monaco So I did learn uite a bit Glad I found this book

  10. Jeff Jeff says:

    A very illuminating read Because the book's focus is the relationship between Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier Kelly's Hollywood career doesn't receive as much attention as it would in other biographies But Taraborrelli does a great job establishing all that Kelly gave up to marry the prince of Monaco The story is engaging although the author does tend to repeat himself from time to time rephrasing the same idea in different sentences But he does a great job of opening up Grace's and Rainier's lives and marriage Well worth the read

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