Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats PDF ó and Her

Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats PDF ó and Her

Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats [PDF / Epub] ★ Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats By Alyssa Satin Capucilli – Mrs McTats and her cat Abner are living happily together when some new cats come scratching at Mrs McTats's door By twos and threes and then fours and the cats come welcomed by Mrs McTats though Abner Mrs McTats and her and Her Epub à cat Abner are living happily together when some new cats come scratching at Mrs McTats's door By twos and threes and then fours and the cats come welcomed by Mrs McTats though Abner's not so sure about it all Just when it seems the house is full to bursting the cats stop coming Whew So many cats But Mrs McTats can't help feeling that something or someone is missing Then there's one scratch at the door and Mrs McTats finds just what Mrs. McTats MOBI :Ú the family needs to be complete Alyssa Capucilli's playful rhymes which surprise with an alphabetic twist combine with Joan Rankin's hilarious illustrations which give each cat a distinct personality to guarantee hours of reading pleasure.

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  1. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    I just adored this book Perhaps it wasn’t “amazing” but I really really liked it and I’m giving it the full 5 starsIt works as an alphabet book because Mr McTats’s first cat is named Abner and as cats adopt the household she gives them names that start with B C D and so on going all the way through the alphabet The cats’ names end with Yodel but there is one surprise creature looking for a home so all 26 letters of the alphabet are coveredThe illustrations are utterly charming cozy and colorful I really like the muted watercolor look and the details in all the pictures The cottage community animals and Mrs McTats look warm and welcoming as befitting the story The only aspect of the illustrations I didn’t like is that some of the cats look less than appealing; Izzy looks particularly strange to meThe story rhyme is funny and Mrs McTats is so good hearted and welcoming though I know than one cat lover who will wince in self recognition as the household cats multiplyThe story and illustrations work together wonderfully and make for a very enjoyable reading or listening and viewing experienceThanks to my Goodreads friend Joey for alerting me to this gem of a bookEDITED TO ADD I love how both Abner and Zoom go with Mrs McTats to the market on the final page And I'm not sure I'm wild about any of the illustrations of the cats but taken all together I like how they look

  2. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Adorable This reminds me of a shirt I saw once that had a picture of a kitten starting up with the caption Got room for one Even though Mrs McTats has such a tiny house she has a huge heart and she makes room for all the cats who want to live with her This is a fun story that will please animal lovers and could also serve for an alphabet or counting book Great fun Thanks to my GoodReads friend Lisa for alerting me to this oneCats are like potato chips you can't have just one Another great T shirt ;

  3. Laima Laima says:

    I love this book Filled with beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse this is a wonderful read aloud story for children ages 3 to 7This book is also a great tool for teaching the alphabet and counting to 26Mrs McTats has one cat named Abner Each time she opens the door cats show up and she takes them inside Finally she has 25 cats each named for a letter of the alphabet Who will show up and be named after the letter ZNot who you thinkOverall a very cute story young children can enjoy and learn from

  4. Jo Jo says:

    As soon as I saw the cover I knew I was going to love this book and I wasn't wrong I was immediately drawn to the illustrations which are adorably sweet and done in soft water colours This is the story of Mrs McTats who lives in a small cottage with her cat Abner As the story goes on and cats find their way to Mrs McTats cottage where she always manages to find room for them and welcomes them into her home The cats are all named in alphabetical order from Abner to Yodel but 25 cats later Mrs McTats feels like there's still something missing Finally there's a scratch at the door and in walks Zoom the puppy Now in that small cottagelives Mrs McTatsall happy and cozy with hertwenty five catsand one little puppywho's known as Zoomin a small cozy cottagewith plenty of roomNeedless to say I adored this sweet story The illustrations are just too cute for words and I loved all the uniuely drawn cats A great ABC and counting book and the rhyming text has a perfect easy to follow flow to it 3

  5. Abigail Abigail says:

    Mrs McTats lived very happily with her cat Abner in a small cozy cottage on the outskirts of her village Every morning she would go to market and every day she would prepare their meal And then came a scratching at the door and Basil and Curly walked in Was there room for two cats Of course the the merrier Then the next day three cats showed up on the doorstep and then after them Just how many felines was too manyAs a confirmed cat lover one who thinks of cat lady as a compliment I really expected to adore Mrs McTats and Her Houseful of Cats but somehow despite its obvious virtues I just couldn't take it entirely to heart I think this tale of Mrs McTats and her growing feline family will probably be very engaging for younger readers who will enjoy hearing it read aloud but it didn't do much for me The illustrations by South African artist Joan Rankin on the other hand were uite charming I loved Abner's dubious expression throughout I wavered on my star rating with this one but my enjoyment of the artwork and my consciousness that I may not have been in the right mood for it had me settling on three rather than two stars Recommended to young cat lovers and to readers looking for stories that can also be used to introduce the alphabet

  6. Ronda Ronda says:

    Part of what makes this one fun is the suspense factor which you can really play up Will Mrs McTats keep just 3 cats Six It's also fun to see how long it takes them to figure out that it IS an ABC book and a counting book If Mrs McTats only had one cat to begin with hears a scratch on the door and five cats come in how many cats does she have Watching the kids' expressions as they start adding up the number of critters is almost as fun as their expression at the surprise 26th visitor This story is great as a read aloud for kids K 2 and keeping 2nd graders interested in ABC books can be difficult

  7. Dolly Dolly says:

    As we read this book aloud together I was absolutely sure that I'd read it before but I hadn't logged it here so I'm not sure when Still it's an entertaining alphabet book featuring a lady with far too many pets The rhyming narrative is rhythmic and fun to read aloud although I felt like it stumbled in a few places perhaps that was just me The watercolor illustrations have a soft cozy feel and the different cats are hilarious We enjoyed reading this book together and I loved that one of the cats is named Dolly

  8. Friend of Pixie (F.O.P.) Friend of Pixie (F.O.P.) says:

    Oh the laughter as we read this at the library And then the re reads when we checked it out and brought it home Charming and funny illustrations of Mrs McTats who keeps adopting cats As they show up on her doorstep each day and she names them alphabetically from Abner to Oscar to Yodel and finally a puppy named Zoom her household gets and cheerfully crowded

  9. Lacy Lacy says:

    I have never had a book represent me accurately 😹

  10. Julia Jasztal Julia Jasztal says:

    Mommy's review from 72810Julia picked this out from the 2010 BookMobile last week It's so much fun to read we've read it every single day since then The second her eyes glanced over the cover she reached for it and when she handed it to me and I saw the cover and title I knew it would be good I was even happy when I saw the author was Alyssa Satin Capucilli who is the author of the beloved Biscuit books The Biscuit series were some of the very first books Julia ever owned that weren't solely picture books That series will always stay with me because she fell in love with it so fast and so hard Joan Rankin did as great a job with the illustrations as Capucilli did with the writing As the book goes on Mrs McTats acuires and cats She just can't turn them away and always thinks that these will be the last to come to her She continues through the alphabet when naming them also all the way from Abner to Yodel All 25 cats are there and accounted for At the end of the book something was missing Luckily there was a scratch at the door and when Mrs McTats opened the door what did she find One little puppy named Zoom Mrs McTats cozy little cottage is Julia's dream home and she loves this book I'm going to have to take a look at Capucilli's other books because if she has this hopefully she has others Julia's a bit beyond the Biscuit books now at almost five years old but like this one are certainly welcome

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