Promises to Keep: Diane's Story Epub ☆ to Keep:

Promises to Keep: Diane's Story Epub ☆ to Keep:

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Promises to Keep: Diane's Story
  • Dean Hughes
  • English
  • 01 February 2016
  • 9781590389874

10 thoughts on “Promises to Keep: Diane's Story

  1. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I have to confess that I have not read Hughes' Children of the Promise and Hearts of the Children series but this book makes me want to do that even than I have wanted to so far It's the story of one of the grandchildren a woman who divorced her abusive husband and has struggled to raise their daughter with no help from him Hughes wrote the book because his readers wanted to know what happened to herIt was interesting to me to see how the author brought in the other family members people who are well known to those who've read his two series without a lot of exposition and just enough information so that I who haven't read the other books could still appreciate who they were and how they related to each otherI have watched women struggle with manipulative abusive ex husbands and I ached for Diane as she tried to raise her daughter in spite of her ex husband's efforts to undermine her values and tempt their daughter away from her When he convinced the daughter to leave her mother and move in with him I remembered seeing similar things happen to other divorced women I have known I was very glad she managed to avoid fighting him back because that would only have lowered her to his level It came down to a matter of trusting the daughter to see who her father really was and when that happened Hughes managed it with just the right tone and descriptionI think the thing that impressed me the most about this book is how well Dean Hughes was able to get into Diane's head Male authors can write female characters and vice versa but it's always nice when they do it as well as Hughes did this He put me right there with her and I believed I was in a woman's head the entire time What wonderful sympathy this writer has for someone in such a situation To convey that so well is true genius in my opinion

  2. Angela Angela says:

    Dean Hughes is the author of one of my favorite WWII historical fiction novels Children of the Promise This book follows up the story of one of the grandkids of the characters in that series and the one that follows Hearts of the Children that was really unfinished It takes place several years later when Diane's daughter is 15 and going through the typical rebellious teenage years The main conflict of the story is the tug of war Diane is constantly feeling with her ex husband whom she divorced when her daughter was a baby because he was physically abusive over their teenage daughter Jenny Hughes did a great job of making the situation real I felt like I was Diane and was dealing with Greg's manipulations and lies and all that myself And while it was awful to feel so powerless I was amazed that the author had drawn me in and made me feel that wayI just have to share my favorite uote from the book when Diane is talking to her 80 something grandma That's why everyone tells me Grandma but it drives me crazy I know Greg and I know how he twists things He'll take control of her and he'll have her hating me You can't believe the things he's told her already According to him he didn't ever do a think to me The problem was all with me that I didn't you know satisfy him the way a wife should Bea glanced up and Diane saw the flash in her eyes I think I'll see if the boys left any baseball bats around this place I'd like to find that man and beat him over the head with one just to see how much he likes it They should've put that coward in jail where he belongs

  3. Emily Emily says:

    Since I loved all of the Children of the Promise and Hearts of the Children books I decided I would read this latest addition Overall it was an entertaining addition to these series I enjoyed seeing how Diane had progressed However I felt that most of the characters in this novel were slightly overdone Jenny seemed to be an extreme in personality as did Spencer and Greg Yet I still thought the novel was a fun read and I would recommend it to anyone that has read the other books in the series

  4. Cathy Cathy says:

    I expected to love this book but I didn't expect it to do to me what it did It helped me put my life into perspective something my daughters have wanted me to do for several years only I didn't know how to do it I know now after reading this book that I need to start finding my own happiness and not depending on my daughters to provide me with my happiness As I learned in this book my daughters can't be truly happy until I'm happy so this is my goal I have to give this book all the credit for me coming to this realization it caught me when I was really ready to listen

  5. Ellen Ellen says:

    I really enjoyed this book I wondered what had happened to Diane after she divorced her abusive husband While many of the other reviewers gave this a low rating I thought this was a fantastic uick read The characters were fleshed out and believable I recommend this book to anyone who has read the Children of the Promise series

  6. Paul Paul says:

    Dean Hughes ties up loose ends for Diane from his Hearts of the Children series which itself was a continuation of the Children of the Promise series each of which consist of five books in this novel and it’s nice to revisit the old stories and characters from those books I read a decade or so agoThis book finds Diane in her late 30s and her daughter Jenny a 16 year old in high school during the late 1980s She endures some of the things that a single mom and divorcee has to go through like a dead beat ex who doesn’t pay child support or alimony but wins over the child with gifts and getting “set up” for dates It’s a fairly enjoyable storyMy biggest problem with this – and several of Hughes’ other books including the series mentioned above – is that his main characters are usually Democrats in Utah that seem to know all the right answers while all the Republicans around them are ignorant because everyone else seems to be stereotypically insensitive to the poor and minorities and that is not my experience in Utah where I have lived for all but 2 of my 48 years I have a bunch of friends who are LDS and Utah Democrats and they are typically pretty good people but the elitism to suggest that only they have ever truly thought about politics or that they exclusively have the right answers pertaining to the best ways to live according to the teachings of Jesus while the rest of us just are a bunch of sheep is one of my hang ups with Hughes’ books Aside from that the stories are pretty good but I just wanted to put that out there

  7. Marci Marci says:

    Dean Hughes has finished his massive series on the Thomas family with this book and it has all the elements fans like me loved about the series The characters have depth the situations are realistic the setting details ground you in the time period and although the answers aren't always easy everyone you really care about learns to have happinessI thought Dean Hughes addressed the princess aspect of Diane's character really well She gets a chance at happiness without getting Mr Perfect Prince Charming and yet her developing relationship with Spence has great echoes of a fairy story ending enough to make it feel like happily ever after is possible without being syrupy sweet

  8. Amy Amy says:

    Okay so this was 10 times better than killer Summer but still only a book to read if you have absolutely nothing else to do in your life It is also about a Mormon family which isn't a bad thing I just didn't know there was such a thing as Mormon fiction I kept getting it confused with Amish because I've read a lot of Amish fiction Even though Mormons are nothing like the Amish from what I know Anyways it's a light read Daughter gets mad at mom and moves in with dad that had abused mom Mom is distraught Dad hits daughter Daughter comes to senses and moves back in with mom Mom falls in love with someone else The end

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    If you are into THE CHILDREN OF THE PROMISE series this is a good wrap up to the story of Diane I put it in the same category as all of the 2nd generation books not nearly as good as the first generation stories

  10. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    A good conclusion for Diane I like how Hughes deals with real life problems and issues in his books I also like it that everyone is not uber conservative

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Promises to Keep: Diane's Story❰Download❯ ✤ Promises to Keep: Diane's Story Author Dean Hughes – In Dean Hughes s Hearts of the Children series Diane left her abusive husband Greg to protect herself and their daughter Jenny At book signings and speaking events the uestion Dean hears than any othe In Dean Hughes Keep: Diane's PDF É s Hearts of the Children series Diane left her abusive husband Greg to protect herself and their daughter Jenny At book signings and speaking events the uestion Dean hears than any other is What happened to Diane Promises to Keep Promises to MOBI :Ú picks up Diane s story years later She is a single mom in her thirties now and Jenny is about to turn sixteen Like most teenagers Jenny is seeking her independence and she and Diane are feeling tension in their relationship Greg seems to to Keep: Diane's Kindle × offer Jenny the freedom she desires and she keeps threatening to live with him causing Diane to look at the meaning of her own life She has met Spencer a man she is willing to consider marrying but the challenges in both families make such a marriage seem impossible In which direction does happiness lie or can Diane find it within herself.

About the Author: Dean Hughes

Dean Hughes is Keep: Diane's PDF É the author of than eighty books for young readers including the popular sports series Angel Park All Stars the Scrappers series the Nutty series the widely acclaimed companion novels Family Pose and Team Picture and Search and Destroy Soldier Boys Promises to MOBI :Ú was selected for the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age list Dean Hughes and his wife Kathleen have three.