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Into the Woods ePUB ✓ Into the ePUB Ò

10 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Some of the illustrations are a little risué and some of the themes are disturbing—discontented marriage the Baker's wife wishes that a prince would pursue her lots of lying etc But by the end there's some recognition that not everything is permitted eg the wife's episode with the prince in the woods Even so the morality is suspect with multiple characters saying that one has to decide for oneself what is right or wrong I wanted to give the book a higher rating especially because the wordplay and rhyming are fun the story is a creative blend of fairy tales and the illustrations are good But the moral relativity and the momentary unfaithfulness between a married prince and a married baker's wife even though it's acknowledged by the end that they shouldn't have done what they did and there are conseuences for their actions keep the book from being great for children

  2. Stuart Stuart says:

    A clever idea that I'm glad someone made happen As a kid I'd always wanted the SondheimLapine musical to be redone as a novel or storybook and Talbotte has done just that adapting the stage play into a children's book format completely with classic style fairy tale book illustrations and simple narrative A nice companion piece for parents taking their children to see a production of this classic show and a good library addition for any adult fan of Sondheim's work

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    A picture book adaptation of Into the Woods Aninteresting choice for this kind of treatment considering the body count and the sophisticated nature of the source material I like the illustrations the landscapes than the portraits I enjoyed it but I'd also say it's only for fans of the musical

  4. Kate Kate says:

    Good for you to read to your kids who are 4 and up

  5. Seestars Seestars says:

    I have not read this book in about 15 years but since that time I have seen the musical on stage and loved that too I was sooooo in love with this book as a 8 to 12 year old My mom would even read it to me on long car rides to visit family I'd get car sick I need to re read the book as an adult I'm sure the humor will come across even stronger This is the first memory I have of twisted fairy tales and it has lead me to read many other books in that genera

  6. Megan Megan says:

    We had a copy of this which I think I read often than I rewatched the Great Performances VHS tape of the original Broadway Cast I don't know that it would make much sense to anyone who hadn't seen the show but I used it as a way to 'jump' to my favorite part of the show As an adult I appreciate that the illustrations riff on but are not exact reproductions of the original set costume design or even the appearance of the cast

  7. Anthony Faber Anthony Faber says:

    A picturebook ization of the Broadway musical soon to be made into a major motion picture It's not really a kids' book because the body count is a bit high for today's sensibilities although it does kind of fit in with a lot of the original fairy tales which could get rather grim sorry couldn't resist Short but enjoyable

  8. Danine Danine says:

    Before I see the movie I wanted to the read the book adaptation I love mash up up stories of fairy tales I wasn't too terribly impressed with the story but I love the message that even though we make decisions individually and we act alone we are not alone as others will be impacted by those decisions wise or poor Life moves forward either way

  9. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    This is a secret kickass present for the Sondheim fan in your life It's a really pretty picture book version of the story in the musical and so becomes a fairy tale bedtime story with the originality and twists of the theater

  10. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    Pretty pretty pretty adaptation of the show and a fun twist on fairy tales

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Into the Woods [Read] ➳ Into the Woods By Hudson Talbott – The Tony Award winning musical now adapted into a lavishly illustrated book An imaginative story of what happens when the lives of our most beloved fairytale heroes come together Here are Cinderella J The Tony Award winning musical now adapted into a lavishly illustrated book An imaginative story of what happens when the lives of our most beloved fairytale heroes come together Here are Cinderella Jack Little Red Ridinghood and the baker and his wife full Into the ePUB Ò color illustrations.