The Red House Mystery eBook Ì The Red PDF \

The Red House Mystery eBook Ì The Red PDF \

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Red House Mystery
  • A.A. Milne
  • English
  • 19 January 2014
  • 9780099521266

10 thoughts on “The Red House Mystery

  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    An excellent locked room mystery by the grand pooh bah AA Milne The Red House Mystery is great fun I already was in on the secret thanks to spoilers in Eight Perfect Murders which I just finished but I was intrigued by the description and I'm really glad I read it The main sleuth and his sidekick style themselves playfully as a modern Holmes and Watson modern as in the 1920s when this was written Our hero of the piece Anthony Gillingham decides to visit a friend of his Bill Beverley who is staying at a local house Gillingham arrives at the Red House just as it's owner's brother has been murdered Gillingham is asked to stay and give his account to the police and for the inuest as is Bill The other guests are shuttled away back to London Tony having no knowledge of the victim or the people looks at the mystery of who killed the bother of Mark Ablett and of where Mark is as a puzzle that may be fun to solve and enlists Bill to help The intrepid two go great guns at the mystery Tony is very smart and comes up with some scenarios right away Bill doing his best impression of Watson tries humbly to keep up Sometimes Tony is wrongheaded and unlike Holmes deprecates himself for it I liked his modesty especially

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    How I love this mysteryIt's terribly terribly English and Edwardian a la Agatha Christie's best and bursting with delicious humor Goes to show that AA Milne wasn't a one trick pony Like EB White he could write great stories for adults as well as childrenI don't think the edition pictured includes this wonderful dedication page that appears in mineTo John Vine MilneMy Dear FatherLike all really nice people you have a weakness for detective stories and feel that there are not enough of them So after all that you have done for me the least that I can do for you is to write you one Here it is with gratitude and affection than I can well put down hereAAMIf you're a really nice person who has a weakness for detective stories give The Red House Mystery a whirl I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

  3. Fiona Fiona says:

    Read in preparation for reading Eight Perfect Murders otherwise published as Rules for Perfect Murders Antony Gillingham arrives at a country house The Red House just as a murder is committed He is a man who lives by his wits taking up whatever occupation appeals to him or offers itself to him at any time and so he becomes an amateur sleuth for the purposes of finding out whodunnitIt’s a thoroughly enjoyable locked room murder mystery It’s full of By Joves and I say old chap and men walking across the lawn arm in arm It’s of its time the early 1920s and class The Red House’s servants and local villagers are of the ooh arr variety simple folks in than one way Milne dedicated the book to his father and I felt there were uite a few in jokes for his amusement There is a lot of humour in it for us as well Milne clearly had a very dry witI guessed some elements of the outcome early on but that just held my interest in trying to work out how we got to Z from A Gillingham’s analogy is an algebra problem At the end Milne out Christies Christie and Gillingham out Poirots Poirot with his forensic analysis of how and why the crime was committed Between 4 and 5 stars for me but because it entertained me so much I’m giving it 5

  4. Helga Helga says:

    The Red House Mystery is a whodunit with an interesting plot albeit being lengthy tedious and at times confusingAt breakfast one day Mark Ablett the owner of The Red House announces the arrival of his black sheep of a brother Robert Ablett from AustraliaRobert arrives but soon his body is found in the same room where Mark was heard threatening him Mark having been disappeared everyone thinks the worseHas Mark killed his own brother? If so was it premeditated an accident or self defense? If Mark is innocent then who is the real perpetrator? Where is Mark?

  5. Mara Mara says:

    I'd call this of a locked room mystery than an isolated closed circle but it definitely has some of the same charms as that kind of story and it certainly is a country house mystery The thing that worked best for me was the writing itself the mystery was only OK but I think that's probably because it was an early version of this kind of twist Short sweet I'd recommend it to anyone interested in classic mystery or the origins of the genre Sadly Pooh was not the culprit

  6. Barbara Barbara says:

    I was only vaguely aware of this book when I saw a reference to it as being one of the Eight Perfect Murders earlier this year Fortunately by the time I came across it as one of the offerings in Audible's new free library program I'd forgotten what element of the murder made it so perfect so that I was left to enjoy The Red House Mystery with no preconceptionsThe word confection popped into my head when thinking of how to describe it Also silly but in a good way Nothing to take very seriously just good fun all around Although I guessed the who fairly early on the how and why remained mysteries much longer I wouldn't say this is of the same caliber as one of Dorothy Sayers' Peter Wimsey golden age novels but it was a uick read and not a bad bit of fluff

  7. Carol She& Carol She& says:

    Even though I was on a very action packed holiday I still think the length of time it took me to read this novel shows I wasn't totally engaged by itI've read the comments on the Reading the Detectives Group I think their suggestion that this was written as a parody was a good one I was a bit obtuse on this as I read it straight Reading it with my sense of humour switched off I found it long winded far too many characters early on I guessed the murderer view spoilerthe victim hide spoiler

  8. Emma Emma says:

    I read and thoroughly enjoyed Peter Swanson’s Eight Perfect Murders last week and wanted to read those books referenced So who knew AA Milne wrote anything outside the hundred acre woods? Not me Having the memory of a goldfish I had already forgotten the spoilers revealed by Swanson so despite the very dated style I found I had to keep reading because I needed to know how the murder was done Now I know

  9. Emily Emily says:

    I really liked this book which is AA Milne's only mystery novel Written in 1922 it reads like a cross between Wodehouse and Christie which is probably the highest compliment I can give It's a locked room mystery that features a self aware amateur sleuth who just happens to arrive at the scene of the crime the Red House as he stops in to see a friend Even though there's really only one suspect the fun of the book is figuring out what actually happenedI read this because it's listed in Eight Perfect Murders but I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys golden age mystery or just wants an escapist read It has secret passageways midnight stakeouts and ghost sightings and it gently skewers Sherlock Holmes while including a Watson to aid in the investigation The writing is sharp and funny and it made me laugh Very funOther thoughts view spoiler Somewhat unbelievable that no one realized Robert's body was actually Mark's body but I forgive the book I will accept it But don't they always check dental records? I guess everyone is like oh they don't have dentists in AUSTRALIA the place where you go to hide out a scandal I loved the dialogue between the servants in the first part of the book and was sad that it didn't continue throughout I was on the edge of my seat any time Antony and Bill tried to follow or outfox Cayley I love that Antony makes Bill dive the lake Sucks to be Watson Bill I don't know if this had occurred to you but every bit of water looks like the next bit LOL I had trouble with the whole romance plot so I just ignored it I think there was enough motive for Cayley without the engagement I mean what was going to happen? Miss Norbury was going to finally give in? I love all the 1922 detail Don't bother to dress for dinner of course Oh of course not There's been a murder so I can forego my collar Honestly the most relatable thing about Mark is that he has upstairs clothes and downstairs clothes hide spoiler

  10. Susan Susan says:

    A A Milne wrote a little remembered mystery book before he delved into the 100 Acre Wood and created one of the most beloved classic characters in fiction Winnie the Pooh The mystery is set during a country house party in 1922 Our amateur sleuth arrives to visit a friend to find someone hammering on the door and a body within Asked to help he decides to play Sherlock Holmes with his friend acting as his Watson The host has gone missing and his ne'er do well brother who had just returned from Australia is lying dead This is a charming book much better than I thought it would be My only complaint is that I worked out who the murderer was fairly uickly The whole book is a little tongue in cheek almost as though Milne were merely trying out the genre as a writing exercise However saying that it is a very enjoyable read and comparable with other mystery books written at the time Had Milne decided to carry the books into a series I think he could have been very successful However he obviously went on to other things so it is lucky that we do have this book to sample what he could produce as a crime writer

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The Red House Mystery❮EPUB❯ ✹ The Red House Mystery Author A.A. Milne – Far from the gentle slopes of the Hundred Acre Wood lies The Red House the setting for AA Milne's only detective story where secret passages uninvited guests a sinister valet and a puzzling murder lay Far from the gentle slopes of the Hundred Acre Wood lies The Red House the setting for AA Milne's only detective story where secret passages uninvited guests a sinister valet and a puzzling murder lay the foundations for a classic crime caper And when the local police prove baffled it is up to a guest at a local inn to appoint himself 'Sherlock Holmes' and together with his friend and The Red PDF \ loyal 'Watson' delve deeper into the mysteries of the dead man The Red House Mystery is a lost gem from a time before Tigger and a perfectly crafted whodunit with witty dialogue deft plotting and a most curious cast of characters.

About the Author: A.A. Milne

Alan Alexander Milne pronounced ˈmɪln was an English author best known for his books about the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh and for various children's poems A A Milne was born in Kilburn London to parents Vince Milne and Sarah Marie Milne née Heginbotham and grew up at Henley House School Mortimer Road now Crescent Kilburn a small public school run by his father One of his teac.