The Winter of Enchantment eBook ↠ The Winter ePUB

The Winter of Enchantment eBook ↠ The Winter ePUB

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  1. Lobstergirl Lobstergirl says:

    I read this when I was a kid and thought it was stunningly magnificent A few months later I decided I wanted to read it again but I couldn't remember the title or author so I went to the library and told the librarian what I knew it had a purple cover The cover back when I read it was solidly purple than its current incarnation So this nice librarian and I walked shelf by shelf looking at every purple spine until we found it I hate to think we started at A

  2. Kim Mallon Kim Mallon says:

    This is the story that started my love of reading I have a first edition and will cherish it always

  3. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    This is a magical story in every sense I read it aged six or seven but young adults will love it as well The book is so well written that adults can enjoy it tooSebastian is a boy in Victorian London and he meets a very bright ginger cat which seems to like him Then he is led by the cat to a shop where he sees a mirror for sale a girl appears in the mirror wearing a red dress Sebastian can't resist buying the mirror and the girl later manages to talk to him She is Melissa and her cat is called Mantari She is locked away under the spell of an evil enchanter and if Sebastian can help her find some magic objects they might be able to break the spell Sebastian has some very unusual adventures from becoming a shadow to meeting the personifications of the four seasons to walking through a hedge maze and riding large white horses with Melissa as they hunt for the Silver Fish Silver Teapot Rose and Emerald I loved this bookThere is a follow up called The House Called Hadlows but the author wrote it many years later when she'd become all literary and travelled and so on I did not find it either fast moving or very much fun I think she'd forgotten to write for young people She also wrote romance novels

  4. Charlotte English Charlotte English says:

    I wish I'd had this book as a child; the imagination and taste that had me devouring Narnia Carbonel and The Magic Faraway Tree would've had me riveted to this book too The story follows Sebastian a thirteen year old boy somewhere in late Victorian London He finds an enchanted mirror in a dusty furniture shop and in it he sees Melissa an unhappy girl who he learns has been trapped in an ensorcelled house for a hundred years Sebastian sets out to rescue her with the help of a teapot the mirror and a magic cat Along the way he'll meet the Wind and the Four Seasons pluck a glorious emerald from the heart of a vicious timeless forest and ride a noble white stallion right into the heart of the evil Enchanter's beautiful enchanted garden The writing is beautiful too bringing this colourful world very vividly to life Nothing's impossible in Sebastian and Melissa's world beyond the world and there are new wonders on every page The next thing I wish to do is get hold of the seuel and when I've read it I'll put these two books away somewhere safe against the day I have children of my own to read them to

  5. Jai Jai says:

    I just read this book in the version which was republished by Fidra Books wwwfidrabookscom ISBN 0 9551910 7 6 I read it because Neil Gaiman recommended it in his blog and Garth Nix has also posted online about liking the story Its a charming story very english Two children Sebastian and Melissa must find a series of magical items to overthrow an evil Enchanter and free Melissa from her captivity The plot is very simple and there is not very much character depth but some of the descriptions of the magic and worlds that are in this book are amazing especially descriptions of settings such as Melissa's Treasure House the Grey Forest The Rose Maze and the Enchanter's Glass Castle and the valley it is in with a sun and moon chasing each other across the heavens I also enjoyed visualizing what the 4 seasons who Sebastian meets look like Autumn wears a coat of leaves that constantly fall and are replenished Spring has feathers as hair

  6. Hirondelle Hirondelle says:

    Another difficult book to reduce to a 1 dimensional rating Ignore the rating value at will I am going mostly by how likely to make friends read it and it is not too muchThis is charming an old fashioned children´s story magical adventure very good well behaved children pen line drawings illutrations lovely meals and all But it is also very old fashioned in things like plot things happen and characterization somewhat Enid Blyton There is an interesting twist at the end which I think is somewhat creepy without being intentionally creepyI read the seuel The House Called Hadlows first and I actually liked it much better

  7. Zoe L. Zoe L. says:

    Gah Why have I not read this book before? How has it evaded me But it must’ve been meant for me to listen to the audiobook of this one because it’s honestly the perfect book to have narrated to you It is truly the perfect book to snuggle up under some blankets with a hot cocoa or a PSL given the season and a chill in the air as you listen to this delightful audiobook I know that probably sounds cheesy but it’s just one of those books that gives you nostalgia for childhood and demands that level of comfortSo I know I’m new to audiobooks but this one has been the best one yet It was eual parts the delightfully vivid story and the perfect narrator And I might be just a sucker for a British accent but I just found it so soothing and almost whimsical to listen to Which fit perfectly into the magic of this story The fact that this book is geared towards a younger audience also makes listening to it make that much sense This is a story that you could easily find yourself reading aloud to kids and getting the chance to have it read aloud to you as an adult makes it even excitingThe one thing I love about this book was how lush and whimsical the writing is This is a classic children’s book and I’ve always been particularly fond of them so I just knew that this would be a new addition to my favorites pile It’s one of those books you can pick up time and time again and thoroughly enjoy it all over againYou can view my full review on my blog I also post about a lot of different types of booksReader | Bookstagrammer | Blogger | Revieweryaitslit

  8. T.R. T.R. says:

    Eons ago when I was about seven or eight years old I pulled a very dusty battered copy of The Winter of Enchantment from the shelves of my tiny school library The novel was I remember the most exciting magical story I had ever encountered and I fell in love with it immediately After finishing it I felt airy optimistic and aglow with the belief that magical things could happen at any given moment It's a feeling that has never left me For some reason however I didn't demand that my mother and I rush out to our local children's bookshop back in the day when those still existed and buy a copy of The Winter of Enchantment for my very own Instead I chose to believe that the library book was the last remaining copy in existence I adored the idea that another child with similar literary tastes would eventually pull it out and step into the secret world of Sebastian Melissa and Mantari And then we would be bonded by our wonderful magical experience It was an idea that seemed very very romantic to me and I was uite pleased with it Much later at the cusp of adulthood the memory of the magical tale popped into my head I remembered flashes of the plot something about a cat and the fact that the cover of the library copy had been very very purple And that was it The title of the novel had left me; the name of the author had long since been forgotten Even with the help of the internet I had no way of finding this novel My hopes of rereading this masterpiece had been dashed And then somehow a miracle occurred A friend whose googling abilities were much powerful than my own somehow managed to track down both of Victoria Walker's works The Winter of Enchantment and The House Called Hadlows A small Scottish publisher by the name of Fidra Books which specializes in out of print works had revived them Joy reigned supreme Astonishment overwhelmed me And most of all magic was restored to my own personal realm And I hope it will never leave

  9. Caroline Caroline says:

    The Winter of Enchantment was Victoria Walker’s first novel written when she was in her early twenties It’s a dreamy somewhat episodic tale of Sebastian who embarks on a uest to rescue a girl kidnapped by a wicked enchanter and held prisoner for 100 years While clearly the work of an inexperienced author it isn’t at all bad Many many small points seem to be written in affectionate or unconscious imitation of other children’s fantasy books For example Sebastian lives in the late 19th century as did the Five Children and It and the Magician’s Nephew Melissa was an abandoned orphan child in India like Mowgli and Mary Lennox Sebastian meets the personifications of Autumn Winter Summer and Spring like Diamond met the personification of the Night WindThere is not much rhyme nor reason to the proceedings Plucky children overcome obstacles and all that I probably would have liked it better if I had read it when I was younger

  10. Holly Holly says:

    This was the first fantasy book I ever read and I am glad to see it has been reprinted There is a seuel as well The House Called Hadlows but it isn't yet available in the US

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The Winter of Enchantment ❴Reading❵ ➿ The Winter of Enchantment Author Victoria Walker – Through a magic mirror Sebastian travels from his Victorian world of winter snow and Mrs Parkin to a magic world of Melissa Mantari the cat a wicked Enchanter and many other exciting people Melissa a Through a magic mirror Sebastian travels from his Victorian world of winter snow and Mrs Parkin to a magic world of Melissa Mantari the cat a wicked Enchanter and many other exciting people Melissa a pretty young girl has been imprisoned in a large house by the wicked Enchanter Sebastian first meets Melissa through the magic mirror and resolves to The Winter ePUB Ò do everything in his power and with the help of a little magic to free her First published in this wonderful children's classic is now back in hardcover.