Internet Dates From Hell eBook ´ Internet Dates ePUB

Internet Dates From Hell eBook ´ Internet Dates ePUB

Internet Dates From Hell ❴KINDLE❵ ❁ Internet Dates From Hell Author Trisha Ventker – There are close to one hundred million single adults living in the United States Of those approximately thirty five million will look at online dating sites this year alone Internet Dates from Hell pr There are close to one hundred million single adults living in the United States Of those approximately thirty five million will look at online dating sites this year alone Internet Dates From Hell provides the ins and outs of Internet dating from one Internet Dates ePUB Ò woman's experiences ranging from funny to scary to downright shocking Internet Dates From Hell is not only a guide; it is also a seven year journey through author Trisha Ventker's dating life as a single kindergarten teacher who relocated from the suburbs to New York City to find her soul mate Fielding over four hundred responses on a given day and receiving than fifty two thousand hits on her personal ad in an eight month span Ventker shares her frightening but true dating encounters in the wonderful world of online dating Follow Ventker through the trials and tribulations of her uest to find Mr Right Along the path Trisha Ventker endures hundreds of first dates Encounters include a conspiracy theorist living in the United Kingdom a religious fanatic from Texas a sadomasochistic psychiatrist and even a pre op transsexual to name a few Ventker's brutally honest memoir lets you step inside her shoes and experience her exciting journey firsthand.

About the Author: Trisha Ventker

Trisha Ventker is an internet dating consultant and author of the award winning bookInternet Dates from Hell which was optioned for television and screen by prominent producer Paula Wagner of Chestnut Ridge Productions Mission Impossible I II and III The Last Samurai Vanilla Internet Dates ePUB Ò Sky etcShe has appeared on various broadcast media including Mancow Fox’s Dr Keith Ablow ShowKWGN WB Daybreak.

10 thoughts on “Internet Dates From Hell

  1. Tienyin Tienyin says:

    Serial personal disaster books usually go one of two ways either the protagonistis sympathetic and likable so we're rooting for her or funny and witty so we're reveling in the voyeuristic schadenfreude when she's cruelly dissecting her target Unfortunately this book is neither The protagonist is not likable she comes off as shallow self absorbed cruel desperate catty egotistical and hypocritical It's unpleasant spending the whole book in her company In most of the dates my sympathy lay with the guy who in general were earnest albeit uniue men caught in a date from hell with a shallow mean judgmental womanThe fact that the protagonist is not going to win the date of the year award wouldn't be a problem if the writing wasn't completely insipid I was expecting a biting incisive and hilarious tear down of dates and the Internet dating scene Instead I got a 17 year old's livejournal feed pitiful uncomfortable and not funnyLet me repeat that this book was NOT FUNNY I don't think that I laughed a single time A book that revolves around ridiculing other human beings has to be pretty darn witty otherwise it just leaves you suirming with discomfort and wishing you were somewhere else I guess good snark is hard to findTo cap it off she ends it with a guide to online dating While some of her advice is good be yourself don't mention you ex some of it is cringe inducingly sexist don't initiate contact since men like to peruse and be in charge don't answer too uickly or on a Friday or Saturday night you don't want to seem desperate right? He should definitely pay if he asks you out and if it goes well don't callemail him Desperate flag And I'm going to skip over the borderline misogyny in the advice to men section The final section is the say this not that section AKA how to sound like a pompous jerk Because one does not enjoy dancing one loves dancing barefoot in the sand to the sounds of the steel pan dancing to the rhythm of the drums Actually I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she did not intend to be taken literally though describing one as having noir hair makes my eyes rollIn summary go read something else something that makes you laugh andor feel good about the world because this is not that book

  2. James Blatter James Blatter says:

    Disclosure Trisha is my friend ok that out of the wayWriting humor authentic funny stuff even if you experienced it is not easy to relate or put into words She pulls it off sometime snarky sometimes sarcastically sometimes in a sentimental way To be able to relate something that one found funny or curious and make another person laugh is a great talent it is something inborn not everyone has it Trisha doesThis kind of writing can come off cruel and mean spirited for example Tucker Max's inane gibberish printed as I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell That book was unnecessarily mean and vulgarInternet Dates from Hell on the other hand is sincere it is funny first but as the reader you get an clear idea of what the minefield of confusion insanity and peculiarity modern dating isI can't recommend this book enough

  3. Jen Jen says:

    While reading Trisha's book I just kept giving thanks that not only was I happily married but had found my husband in college Then again I probably missed out on a lot of funny life experiences Thankfully Trisha dove into internet dating and wrote about it saving my introverted soul from irreparable harm Internet Dates from Hell is an honest and witty telling of dating in the internet age Spoiler alert she finds her man has a baby settles down in the suburbs lives happily ish after after

  4. Linda Linda says:

    What a fun read I'm so glad Trisha had dating these experiences and not me yikes and that she saw fit to share these experiences with us Luckily after many dating mishaps we find that the author's story has a happy ending And they lived happily ever after

  5. Rev. Marcy Ellen MDiv Rev. Marcy Ellen MDiv says:

    Laugh out loud funny For anyone who has had experience with online dating or dating in general

  6. Beth Harbaugh Beth Harbaugh says:

    An amazing story of a young women's search to find herself find the life she is looking for and find that special person to share it with Her journey in on line dating is uniue funny frightening and inspiring I enjoyed this book from beginning to end Each date was entertaining transported me to the young single world in NYC and the author's introspection on the successes misses and personalities made the journey all that fun and interesting I loved joining in her ride across Manhattan's dating world May we all be lucky enough to live in interesting times One of these books that just make you smile

  7. Gina Gallo Gina Gallo says:

    The author of this book may think that she is sympathetic but she came off as a condescending rather cruel young woman Some of the descriptions in the book are obviously of men that were just looking for someone she took one facet of them and mocked it instead of actually getting to know them better I didn't like her or her advice Also she seemed bitchy All in all I would NOT recommend reading this book I just couldn't shake the feeling that I couldn't stand her all the way through PS I did enjoy the reactions of her doorman though He was sweet

  8. Sebastian Sebastian says:

    Although originally I thought this book was geared to women I was happily surprised The author describes uniue and bizarre dates very carefully and with gentleness She grows as an individual with each date she goes on and what I find out is that she truly is just seeking to find herself with a bonus at the end which I don't want to spoil The author is likeable perhaps someone you'd be mates with or grab a cup of java with and chat on the porch I'd be interested in reading from this author

  9. T. Nico T. Nico says:

    I read this book in one sitting because I had to know what the next date was like I would highly recommend this book for anyone thinking about internet dating not to scare them but to give them a good heads up Trisha's easy to read style of writing and her honesty is refreshing and if she writes another book I will read it

  10. Amanda - Go Book Yourself Amanda - Go Book Yourself says:

    You couldnt make this stuff up To be honest I've never ventured into the realm of internet dating and this book wouldn't exactly encourage anybody to do soThe book contains lots of hilarious short stories about the authors close encounters with the emotionally disturbed

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