Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer

Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer

Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer [BOOKS] ⚣ Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer ⚡ Polly Nelson – As a brand new lawyer Polly Nelson was offered serial killer Ted Bundy's case as a pro bono project for her prestigious Washington DC law firm just weeks before he was scheduled to be executed Defendi As a brand new lawyer Polly Nelson Devil: My PDF ´ was offered serial killer Ted Bundy's case as a pro bono project for her prestigious Washington DC law firm just weeks before he was scheduled to be executed Defending the Devil is a uniue and candid look at the Bundy case and at Nelson's three year personal battle to balance her duties as a lawyer her compassion for human life and the inhuman crimes her client had committed Through the obstacles and setbacks faced by Nelson Defending the PDF/EPUB ² there was Ted Bundy himself While his crimes show the extremely violent side of his personality there were many other sides many other extreme sides that the public never saw Ranging from shy and defensive to a narcissistic performer Bundy professed his innocence by day while offering confessions to the police and helping the FBI at night His own worst enemy Bundy seemed never to understand the severity of his crimes the punishment or the public's reaction to them Through it all stood Nelson the Devil: My PDF ☆ defending him from both the system and himself.

10 thoughts on “Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer

  1. Joanne Joanne says:

    This book covers the Ted Bundy story from a different angle It describes the 3 year battle Polly Nelson had as Bundy's lawyer to try and change his death sentence to a life sentence She argued that Bundy was actually a manic depressive who should not have been allowed to represent himself during his trial He was incompetent in this role and ended up sabotaging his own case His guilt was never in uestion just a man's right to live At times it became bogged down in legal jargon but this was to be expected as it was written by a lawyer Overall it offers a uniue insight into Bundy in his final years An interesting read

  2. Dennis Dennis says:

    This is really the book to read about Ted Bundy

  3. Danielle Danielle says:

    Of all the things I've read and watched on Bundy I didn't expect this book to contain the most graphic description of any of his crimes that I've encountered Fucking YIKESMost of the book was boring but the parts that were interesting were extremely interesting Worth the investment of timeSeems like the most honest and unbiased account of and by Ted that I've come across yet It was fascinating to hear him trying to describe his own inability to feel love and empathy

  4. Elizabeth Brophy Elizabeth Brophy says:

    This was a fascinating and incredibly difficult read; rarely have a read a book that made me feel revulsion sadness and joy The pull between the people and the law is hypnotic A must for true crime fans and students of law

  5. Alexa Alexa says:

    I can't decide if the author is bravely honest or self serving and a little nuts Maybe both More interesting for the insight it provides into his ordinary humanness than anything else Despite the fact that she argued sincerely it seems his lack of competence he does not come across as insane Unlikable self serving disturbed and disturbing yes but not insane Detailed legalese weighs the narrative down Reads like a rough draft or a journal instead of a complete and fully formed book but in some ways is all the fascinating for it

  6. Megan Toomey McBride Megan Toomey McBride says:

    It's an interesting book and very informative The first half moved a little slow but it gets better later I do think the author has a tendency to get a little too into the various legal intracacies but she generally does a pretty good job explaining Florida lawI have read plenty of other books on this subject but I never actually realized before just how little evidence there was against Ted Bundy and how many corners it appears that Florida cut in their haste to execute him While I do not share the author's belief that he didn't deserve death I do think that cutting corners is a dangerous precedent to setI have only two complaints with the book both seemingly minor I feel the title is misleading Ms Nelson was Bundy's appellate lawyer; she did not actually defend him In my mind the lawyers who defended him were the ones who represented him during his trials Ms Nelson was not trying to get him acuitted so much as she was trying to find a legal error to prolong his life My second issue is with the preface In it she mentions the different sections of the book and details what is covered in each Except she's wrong Like she loses track of which case is which and which death sentence Florida is trying to carry out It seems like a minor detail but for someone who spends 300 pages painting herself as having totally immersed herself in the cause eating sleeping and breathing it it was offputting to me

  7. Kyriana Kyriana says:

    This is the final book about Bundy that I plan to read And I think it was best that I read it last Obviously Polly Nelson didn't get involved in the case until the last three years of Bundy's life so the focus of the story was the end of the story Nelson really cared for Ted not in the way that other women did; that came across very clearly in her story She recognized that he was a messed up individual who had done horrific things and she defended him anyway All the while knowing how the story would end and knowing that Bundy was guilty as all get out I still found myself hoping that he would finally get that stay of execution And in that sense I suppose that Nelson delivered the emotions she was feeling She cared for Bundy and she humanized him enough that I almost found myself caring for him too In all honesty I only wanted their court cases to turn out favorably so that Nelson's hard work wouldn't go to waste She drew his life out an extra three years I won't believe there is a better lawyer out there

  8. Rita Rita says:

    I've read a lot of books about Ted Bundy and this book gave me some insight into information that I had not read before I didn't realize how bad he sabotaged his case or just how crazy he really was I had always thought that he allowed himself to get captured in Florida because it was so different from his MO I considered that it was getting to be too overwhelming for him in his head and the truth might be very close to that I still think he was a narcissistic psychopath and used manipulation to the ultimate Reading Ann Rule's The Deliberate Stranger is what got me so interested in reading true crime and I have followed other books about Ted Bundy since This book gets a little too much into the legal jargon and the author does have some pity trips which takes away from the story but if you can get through those it will give you a new look to some things And not necessarily in Ted's favor

  9. Jay Jay says:

    Loved this While it wasn't what I hoped I was pleasantly surprised It tended to focus on the law side and on Mrs Nelson's life at the time which I should've expected and not much on the crimes It's a good read if you're interested in law or in the processes of law with true crime I also loved the pictures throughout the thank you cards death warrant and the pictures of crowds from his execution

  10. Rebecca- bookworm from Birmingham Rebecca- bookworm from Birmingham says:

    A great insight and first hand account into the Bundy saga Polly Nelsons insider statement of her time as one of Ted Bundys many lawyers is very absorbing Whilst it does include what you might call legal jargon it really is an honest and detailed experience well worth reading

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