Under the Eye of the Storm ePUB ↠ Under the ePUB

Under the Eye of the Storm ePUB ↠ Under the ePUB

Under the Eye of the Storm ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Under the Eye of the Storm Author John Hersey – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Two married couples aboard a small boat are besieged by a hurricane The owner Dr Tom Medlar a liver specialist disenchanted with his healing art has weekend guests with him on the Harmony Flicker Hamd Two married couples aboard a Eye of Kindle Õ small boat are besieged by a hurricane The owner Dr Tom Medlar a liver specialist disenchanted with his healing art has weekend guests with him on the Harmony Flicker Hamden a crack computer think man is inclined to see everything in terms of programming potential even Under the ePUB Ò the mystiue of sail which is heresy to the fussy meticulous Medlar.

6 thoughts on “Under the Eye of the Storm

  1. David David says:

    This was a challenging read There were a lot of nautical terms used and the plot dragged in places The pacing was perfect for the story line I recommended this for the first read of a new book club I started and was nervous about the selection as I read I read A Bell for Adano and Hiroshima both by John Hersey and thought we should give this book a go I am glad I read it but not sure I would have finished it if I were not part of the book clubThis book was of a character study than a rich plot read The author did a great job introducing and developing the characters I must say though that I was saddened to have to say goodbye to the characters at the end of the book That I guess is a good sign of an enjoyable readAll told I would recommend the book It is a challenging thought provoking read

  2. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    Read this in the 1970s while summering on Block Island One of my favorite BI based novels It was like Couples meets the Perfect Storm

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    Under the Eye of the Storm is another impressive book by John Hersey He never writes the same thing and rarely in the same style but he always writes with purpose While not always stylish it is careful precise writingI have a feeling he chooses each word and each sentence with care and then builds a whole paragraph with intentUnder the Eye of the Storm is a a psychological story about two couples in a sailboat intending to spend a short vacation together on the water cruising the New England Atlantic Dr Tom Medlar owns the boat Harmony and he loves her loves the routine of keeping her ship shape pours his soul into her upkeep maybe to the detriment of his wife AudreyJoining them are Flicker and Dot Hamden who Tom does not really like too much for long periods But away on Harmony they go with initial tensions easing as the journey begins We see things from Tom's eyes knowing his feelings about what is going on on Harmony and the while the tensions of the other three continue to ease Tom's increases as he suspects an affair between Audrey and Flicker And then the storm hits A hurricane that was supposed to go out to sea comes towards the coastThey tie up in a good place in a harbor prepared to ride it out but the storm's violence causes a fishing shack on shore to get tangled in the anchor line and they have to cut loose or go under and they must now ride out the storm in open waterBut this could be a story about a wagon crosses the prairie in the past or a spaceship in deep spaceit is about how these people act in a crisis and how they view things during duress in relative isolation with only each other to react to It is also somewhat existential because it really asks If I perceive it such does that make it so or can there be other truths?Hersey knows sailing no doubt and you feel he is accurate in every term he uses but he is even accurate in how he describes these four people how is shows their psychological states None of the characters are completely noble nor are any really bad people they are real with faults common to many of us But caught in the maelstrom will they continue to be who they were or will they sense and see that they can have a new perception? This is another excellent John Hersey book

  4. Jrohde Jrohde says:

    the writing is interesting especially as this is written about waters I know around the Vineyard and Block Island good command of the terms and situation on a classic old wooden boat with good descriptions of the storm and the behaviour of the boat a 32 foot Maine friendship was sloop but rerigged to become a yawl the real story is about the mind of the protagonist the owner doctor who reasonably does wonder about his wife and the guest and himself well written and a good read got the book from Brian

  5. Phyllis Phyllis says:

    I loved the book Great adventure Keep interested to the end I would recommend this book

  6. Jerry Jerry says:

    Heavily nautical sailors likely to enjoy than I did

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