The Lions of Fifth AvenueA Novel eBook Í Lions of

The Lions of Fifth AvenueA Novel eBook Í Lions of

The Lions of Fifth AvenueA Novel [PDF] ✩ The Lions of Fifth AvenueA Novel ✭ Fiona Davis – In nationally bestselling author Fiona Davis's latest historical novel a series of book thefts roils the iconic New York Public Library leaving two generations of strong willed women to pick up the pi In nationally bestselling author Fiona of Fifth ePUB ☆ Davis's latest historical novel a series of book thefts roils the iconic New York Public Library leaving two generations of strong willed women to pick up the piecesIt's and on the surface Laura Lyons couldn't ask for out of life her husband is the superintendent of the New York Public Library allowing their family to live in an apartment within the grand building and they are blessed with two The Lions PDF \ children But headstrong passionate Laura wants and when she takes a leap of faith and applies to the Columbia Journalism School her world is cracked wide open As her studies take her all over the city she finds herself drawn to Greenwich Village's new bohemia where she discovers the Heterodoxy Club a radical all female group in which women are encouraged to loudly share their opinions on suffrage birth control and women's rights Soon Laura finds Lions of Fifth MOBI ó herself uestioning her traditional role as wife and mother But when valuable books are stolen back at the library threatening the home and institution she loves she's forced to confront her shifting priorities head on and may just lose everything in the processEighty years later in Sadie Donovan struggles with the legacy of her grandmother the famous essayist Laura Lyons especially after she's wrangled her dream job as a curator at the New York Public Library But the job uickly becomes a nightmare when rare manuscripts notes and books for the exhibit Sadie's running begin disappearing from the library's famous Berg Collection Determined to save both the exhibit and her career the typically risk adverse Sadie teams up with a private security expert to uncover the culprit However things unexpectedly become personal when the investigation leads Sadie to some unwelcome truths about her own family heritage truths that shed new light on the biggest tragedy in the library's history.

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  1. David Putnam David Putnam says:

    The Lions of Fifth Avenue Aug 2020What a great read Five stars all the way This is a historical mystery with two strong female protagonists one from 1914 and one from 1992 alternating stories in two time periods linked by books and a mammoth library What could a read want a story about books The setting has eual weight the same as a main character with a fascinating library taking center stage The first story deals with the oppression of women’s rights as they fight pitched battles for every right automatically guaranteed to men The author makes this work so well because she describes the tyranny and shows the characters immersed in it The women do not whine about their plight its accepted as a truth and they go about changing it The author lets the reader see it and become incensed by it adding to the conflict which euals emotions I like books of this sort where I am able to learn while enjoying a wonderful work of fiction This is my second book by this author and I will be reading all her others Highly recommendDavid Putnam Author of The Bruno Johnson series

  2. Christina Christina says:

    This book had me in the palm of its hand straight from the title because I have always loved the lions outside the New York Public Library Did you know their names are Patience and Fortitude? Although at the time of the 1913 opening of the library at the center of this book as the book taught me they were called Astor and Lenox My hands down favorite part of this novel was our 1914 heroine the intrepid aspiring reporter Laura LyonsWe also spend some time in the grunge era with Sadie a latter day family member investigating mysterious thefts of rare books from the library This mystery was also great but I was just utterly charmed by Laura and the visions of old New York pre suffrage that her timeline was giving me and perpetually could not wait for the next Laura chapter I loved reading about Laura finding her own voice through her reporting and submitting her feminist awakenings to men who were not yet ready for the ideas I learned a lot in this book about the men in academia in this time period who put up barriers to women's graduation expression and overall success in what was still very much a man's world We also see how Laura is held back by the traditional opinions of her well meaning husband How about you type up my manuscript for me? he says at one point trying to find Laura something meaningful to do after she faces sexism at school And also with many fun literary references of the era Kate Chopin's The Awakening makes an appearance Laura begins to have awakenings of her ownThis book is completely charming and captivating and really makes you feel what it might have been like to be a woman trying to write in 1914 New York The author's love of books and words really shines through at all times as does her love and knowledge of New York and its history This book was such a total pleasure to read even though it was sad at times I really felt like I was right there in the library and the New York Public Library is one of my favorite places45 stars Thanks to Penguin Random House Fiona Davis and NetGalley for the advance copy It was a New York born feminist booklover's dream

  3. Katie B Katie B says:

    45 starsI've always loved how Fiona Davis brings something different to the historical fiction genre as a famous building is usually what she focuses on rather than a person or event For this book most of the story took place at the New York Public Library and it was a perfect setting I have read all of the author's books and this one by far is my favoriteBack in 1913 Laura Lyons is married with two children Her husband is the superintendent of the New York Public Library and the family lives in an apartment in the building Laura is interested in a career in journalism and applies to the Columbia Journalism School Her studies will lead her to the Heterodoxy Club There she will meet women who share their opinions on such radical topics like birth control suffrage and other women's rights issuesThe story alternates between Laura in 1913 and Sadie Donovan who in 1993 is a curator at the NY Public Library Some rare books have gone missing and she works with a private security expert to get answers While trying to solve the case of the vanishing books she unexpectedly is going to learn some interesting family historyThe library aspects of the story such as putting together exhibits the handling of rare books and manuscripts and dealing with library benefactors were fascinating to me And the exploration of women's rights issues for the 1913 plot was an intriguing story line as well I've enjoyed every book by this author but for me this book is the standout in terms of incorporating substance heart and a little bit of mysteryIf you like this author enjoy visiting the library andor are a book lover in general I highly recommend taking the time to read this one

  4. DeAnn DeAnn says:

    now available4 New York Public Library starsThis was a fascinating historical novel with an amazing setting – the New York Public Library Filled with compelling characters and the thefts of valuable books this one really drew me in I loved learning that there once was a residence in the library for the superintendent and his family Hidden passageways and secrets swirled in both storylines of this oneThe older storyline is set in 1913 and features Laura her husband and family who live in the New York Public Library apartment Things are going very well with her husband as superintendent and wrapping up his novel and Laura is attending journalism school – only the second class with women at Columbia Laura has gotten involved with a women’s group that causes her to uestion her place in the world and she fights for women’s rights Then things start to fall apart when valuable books are being stolen from the library The second storyline is from 1993 and features Sadie a librarian in the rare book collection area History is repeating itself when rare books and items are stolen and suspicion falls on Sadie A private detective is called in and the two try to get to the bottom of the theftsI found the second half of this book to be heart breaking as things have really fallen apart for both families A fascinating look into history and the love of books This was my first read from Fiona Davis but it won’t be my lastThis was a fun buddy read with SusanThank you to Fiona Davis Edelweiss and Dutton for the early copy of this one to read

  5. Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews) Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews) says:

    Hidden within the grand architecture of the New York Public Library Laura Lyons lives in an apartment with her husband and their children In 1913 Laura seems to have an idyllic life but she yearns for the same passion that her husband has for his novel in progress Hoping to find her drive in life and help with her family’s finances Laura applies to the Columbia School of Journalism The search for stories takes her across the city where she wants to go beyond the “women’s assignments” This leads to Laura connecting with an old classmate who introduces her to the new bohemia in Greenwich Village where women discuss suffrage politics and traditional roles As Laura’s world is expanding and changing her home life threatens to fall apart when a string of thefts occur at the library Laura must choose her path forward or risk losing what she has always knownSadie Donovan’s dream job as a curator in the library’s famous Berg Collection is disrupted when items for the upcoming exhibit begin to disappear eighty years later in 1993 As she works to uncover the truth Sadie must also grapple with her family history as the granddaughter of the famous feminist essayist Laura Lyons Teaming up with the library’s private investigator leads Sadie to reveal shocking realities of her family’s involvement in those thefts eighty years earlier Fiona Davis best selling author of The Dollhouse The Address The Masterpiece and The Chelsea Girls delivers another carefully crafted historical fiction novel centered around a New York City landmark This story encompasses mystery women’s rights and most of all a love for reading and books

  6. Susan Susan says:

    Having liked The Dollhouse by the same author I was elated to receive an advance review copy of this her newest titleThe story covers two resourceful heroines set eighty years apartSadie and Laura were related as granddaughter and grandmother but had never met They were also entwined through the historic New York Library and each had a significant impact in their respective time periods As Sadie currates an exhibit for trustees and benefactors rare books disappear With her passion for the library is she really under suspicion of theft? Who is responsible for the irreplaceable items?Eight decades earlier Laura wrestles with her desire to pursue journalism with her role as a wife and mother Women’s issues and the suffrage movement are gaining momentum and she’s caught in a wave of change How will she adjust to her exposure to new ideals?There’s a lot going on in this book with family secrets buried by Sadie’s mother about her grandmother’s life It was a subject not to be discussed and the details died with her What happened so long ago?I was absorbed into this book I loved reading about the prestigious New York Library and especially enjoyed the explanations and descriptions of how archived and rare books were stored and viewed I recommend it to historical fiction readers and those liking women’s storiesThank you to Edeweiss Fiona Davis and Dutton Books for my electronic review copy

  7. Susan Johnson Susan Johnson says:

    Have I been reading too many books during the Pandemic or is the two person story in different time zones been done to death? I am so weary of it It's become so common place that it is no longer an interesting twist The problem is that one story always seems to suffer This is true here too The story starts in 1914 when Laura Lyons is living with her family in the NY Public Library Her husband is in charge there and a free apartment is part of employment Can you imagine anything better? Living in a library especially one with such architectural interest sounds like heaven to me Laura doesn't have the joy I do but she is trying to broaden her world She decides to return to school at Columbia School of Journalism which is uite daring at the time especially with two small children Her mother fills in with babysitting and her husband is busily working on a book She ends up meeting a woman doctor who treats the poor and introduces her to a group of women who are free thinkers There is one rule No one is to talk about the meeting Laura of course does not think this means her and writes a story that gets published She gets kicked out of the group and then fails her course at college Her world is crumbling Meanwhile rare books are being stolen at the library and the family is understandably under suspicion Laura becomes completely unlikable to me at this point She has no sympathy for her husband and his situation and in fact calls him selfish when his dreams are destroyed She totally mishandles her children in my opinion and then makes radical changes to the family that lasts for generations She does go on to become a famous woman rights essayist Years later in 1993 her granddaughter is working at the library and rare books are being stolen She is a suspect too As she tries to find the books she uncovers and deals with the family secrets As you can tell I thought her section was unnecessary In the end I was slightly dissatisfied with the book I thought it used an overworked gimmick I didn't care for the main characters I was disappointed I thought it would have been so much better Thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review

  8. Toni Toni says:

    Happy Pub Day August 4 2020 Read it Historical Fiction about a library just about tops the list for me But when you get specific and the library is one of the world’s best “The New York Public Library” you have my attention Fiona Davis said it best “Early into my research on the building I discovered that when the library was built the architects included s seven room apartment deep inside where the superintendent and his family lived for thirty years He and his wife raised their three children there and once I learned that I knew it would make the perfect setting for The Lions of Fifth Avenue I invented a fictional family – the Lyons – and decided to tell the story from the wife’s point of view in 1913 as well as her granddaughter’s in 1993”I was already going to read this book but when I read the above paragraph I was sold Let us discuss the ‘elephant in the room’ uhm pardon me; I mean the ‘Lions on the steps’ first They are icons for this beautiful building and were first named for two of the benefactors “Leo Astor” for John Jacob Astor and “Leo Lenox” for James Lenox They were later changed by NY City Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia during the Great Depression as Patience and Fortitude to reflect the virtues needed during that era The names stuck I can go on and on with facts about this marvelous marble masterpiece but you will discover all the fun facts within the book I always want The Lyons family are living in the private seven room apartment snuggled within the library because Jack Lyons husband and father is the Library’s Superintendent His wife Laura and two children Harry eleven years old and Pearl seven years old live with him Naturally the kids adore living in the library especially at night when they feel it is their private playground Laura has to uickly set some rules where they visit one room a night accompanied by her Her husband Jack is usually too busy with paperwork involving the entire library’s staff and budget He is also working on writing his own book so that leaves all family duties to Laura Even though it is 1913 women have become restless with discovering and nurturing their own intellects Laura really wants to attend Journalism school but does not know how she can manage her household and the finances let alone talk to Jack about the subjectDuring this time their son Harry begins to act out and gets involved with some ‘rough characters’ at his school Unbeknownst to his parents Harry stops going to school and starts swiping some books from the library Laura does start going to Journalism school and gets involved in a women’s intellectual organization Chaos ensuesAdvance eighty years to 1993 where we find Sadie unaware she is Laura Lyons granddaughter working at the same library as a curator and researcher Sadie is uite intelligent but awkward in some of the social graces She was married before to Phillip who was not nice to her Sadie’s mother Pearl is in ill health and living with her brother Lonnie all in Manhattan Pearl never told her two children much about her parents Jack and Laura Lyons and her brother Harry She has good reasons for this but they were her personal decisions Lonnie and his wife have an adorable young daughter that they have hired a babysitter for Robin since they are both professionals with demanding jobs Robin might not be as nice as she seems Meanwhile back at the library books are starting to ‘go missing’ Everyone is suspecting everyone else; especially Sadie and her co worker who have access to rare books and valuable collections Again chaos ensuesSo much happens within each time period I am merely glossing over basic story points to piue your interest If you thought I was spilling the whole story spoilers and all you would be oh so wrong I jest and am just joshing ‘Har har’ Both time periods tie together in amazing ways by our super sleuth Sadie Get ready for a bumpy ride through the decades plus new light on library thievery I never realized but it does make sense All those valuable but precious rare booksThere was an article in mid June from Pittsburgh PA concerning two men who stole over 81 million worth of rare books and artifacts from the Carnegie Library over twenty five years One man was a librarian and the other a bookshop owner They were just caught last year 2019 It is a serious business unfortunatelyIn summary this might sound like an epic but it moves uickly and you can easily keep up with the characters I would read any Historical Fiction book Fiona Davis writes; you can easily see she is passionate about her work Highly recommend Thank you Netgalley Penguin Random House and Fiona DavisMy hardcover book of my very own was delivered yesterday on pub day 😊

  9. Karren Sandercock Karren Sandercock says:

    Thanks to Edelweiss Penguin Publishing Group and Fiona Davis for my copy of The Lions of Fifth AvenueIn 1913 Jack Lyons is the superintendent of the New York Public Library; he lives in an apartment on the top floor of the building with his wife Laura and his children Pearl and Harry Jack has been writing his first book for ten years and despite living at the library the family struggle to make ends meet Jacks plan is for him to receive a lucrative deal for his book when it’s finished and solve the family’s money problemsHis wife Laura is smart she wants for herself she applies to study at the Columbia Journalism School and wants to work as a newspaper reporter She discovers how hard it is to study and spend time with her husband keep up with the house work and look after her children She experiences terrible discrimination while studying because she’s a woman by chance she meets Dr Amelia Potter and she introduces her to the woman’s suffrage movement Women are fighting for eual rights to earn their own money and to be able to legally use birth control Constantly having children stops many women from being able to work they are stuck living in a cycle of poverty and have to rely on their husband’s wage to feed large families Laura is torn between two worlds; she loves her husband and children but is it wrong for her to want out of life? When valuable books start going missing from the library her husband is the obvious suspect things start spiraling out of control and the once happy family is torn apartIn 1993 Sadie Donovan works at the New York Public Library as a curator when a college leaves Sadie is promoted and she’s beyond excited But her job is under threat when history repeats it's self precious items start disappearing from the library and she’s considered a prime suspect Sadie has no choice but to admit her grandfather is Jack Lyons and her grandmother is the famous essayist Laura Lyons and her family’s torrid history with the library Sadie sets about clearing her name but it’s not easy as she knows very little about her grandparents and her mother Pearl has just passed away I absolutely loved The Lions of Fifth Avenue; it’s a brilliant story that spans eighty years of hidden family history and secrets In the perfect setting of a beautiful old distinguished building that’s a library full of history memories unsolved mysteries classic books and collections If only a building could talk the combination of two strong female main characters plus all the intrigue and drama of precious and priceless treasures and books going missing The Lions of Fifth Avenue is a book I couldn't stop reading a big five stars from me I have shared my review on Goodreads Australia Kobo Edelweiss Twitter and my blog

  10. Christina Kline Christina Kline says:

    Fiona Davis is at the top of her form in this captivating historical novel about a family who lives inside the stone fortress known as New York Public Library in the early years of the twentieth century The matriarch Laura Lyons finds herself drawn to a bigger life and must ultimately figure out a path that includes both her family and her larger ambitions Many years later her granddaughter Sadie Donovan a curator at the library learns than she ever could have imagined about her family history In the past as well as the present day a series of thefts roil the library With her trademark blend of fact and fiction Davis has written a memorable atmospheric page turner

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