Little Disasters PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Little Disasters PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Little Disasters [Download] ➻ Little Disasters By Sarah Vaughan – A new thought provoking novel exploring the complexity of motherhood and all that connects and disconnects us You think you know herb ut look a little closer She is a stay at home mother of three with A new thought provoking novel exploring the complexity of motherhood and all that connects and disconnects us You think you know herb ut look a little closer She is a stay at home mother of three with boundless reserves of patience energy and love After being friends for a decade this is how Liz sees Jess Then one moment changes everything Dark thoughts and carefully guarded secrets surface—and Liz is left uestioning everything she thought she knew about her friend and about herself The truth can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Dorie - Cats&Books :) Dorie - Cats&Books :) says:

    This is a fast paced dramamystery which I tore through pretty uickly Ms Vaughn writes a heartbreaking story with humanity realism and characters that I grew to understand and care forJess is a mother of three her youngest Betsey 10 months old is not at all like her two older boys She is a baby who is often inconsolable and reuires a lot of holding nursing and attention and Jess has felt overwhelmed pretty much since her birth She felt as though she had things under control and organized until Betsey was born Her husband Ed is supportive but often absent he works long hours and pretty much leaves the parenting to Jess As a mother of four daughters I could relate to some of the isolation and feelings of helplessness when a newborn continues to cry and cry despite all of your efforts I can even remember putting my baby in her crib closing the door and going away for 15 minutes or so to collect myself It happens to most mothers at some point I think if we are all being honestJess has a group of friends including Charlotte Mel and Liz who formed a friendship during prenatal classes for their first born children Since Betsy was born Jess has felt isolated and yet she is so unsure of herself scared of some of her inner thoughts that she fails to reach out for help even from her closest friendsThe drama begins when Betsy is brought into the ER by Jess with a head injury Liz a pediatrician on call in the hospital is called to the ER when Betsy is brought in Because of their friendship and hospital protocol the child’s care is uickly shifted to another pediatrician When they perform a scan they discover an injury that doesn’t fit with the admission statement that Jess made uickly Social Services is called in the police get involved and Jess’s care of her children is brought into uestionHer husband Ed begins to uestion Jess’s explanation also and wonders why she didn’t share his sense of urgency until “he had shouted at her in frustration and threatened to call a cab to take the baby himself? Jess had taken uite some persuading had insisted that Bets must just have a virus and initially accused him of overreacting”Slowly as we work backwards through the story told mostly in the voices of Jess and Liz we find that Jess had an unhappy childhood which is one reason why she has tried to be “perfect” We can feel her self distrust when some of her “visions” of causing harm to her child are revealed; she has been struggling and very unhappy for a long timeHer friend Liz has a large part in the story she also had a difficult childhood She has a lot of empathy for Jess and tries to do what she can to help her and her family She will be the one who ultimately finds out what truly happened to this little girlThere are several twists to the story and just when I thought the novel was wrapping up another layer was exposed which explained everythingThere is much to think about in this book and very pertinent to our times Mothers are often meant to be everything a mother a career woman a wife and taking care to get exercise to keep her figure in pre baby shape I think this uote says a lot“Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world” Robert HIllyerI would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written character driven dramaI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through EdelweissThe novel is set to publish in August of 2020

  2. Melissa Buehner Melissa Buehner says:

    35 starsI’m not gonna lieMotherhood is hard It’s stressful It’s chaotic It gives no rest to the wearyIt Is The Most Trying Challenge Of My Life But never would I wish to change a single thing about itAnd when I think back to the “baby years” with my two boys I smile with love and fondness at the memories But I also shudder For I remember The never ending sleepless nights and debilitating fatigueThe irrational fear and anxiety The feelings of isolation and sadness The uncontrollable tears The overwhelming crushing sense of responsibilityFor some women like me motherhood has a lot of bad mixed in with the good And Sarah Vaughan brings the dichotomous complexities of the experience into sharp focus in her newest novel Little DisastersLiz a hospital pediatrician is surprised to find her close friend Jess in her ER one evening asking for her ten month old daughter Betsey to be examined Jess claims that Betsey had not been feeling well after taking a minor tumble at home and that her husband had asked her to bring the baby in out of an abundance of caution To Jess’ horror Liz uickly diagnoses Betsey with a severe skull fracture uestions immediately arise as to the nature of Betsey’s injury And when pressed by Liz Jess is oddly vague evasive and unable to provide a satisfactory explanation Liz has no choice but to bring Betsey’s injury to the attention of the authorities – and Liz and Jess are soon caught up in an unimaginable nightmare from which they hope all those involved will survive unscathedSettling on a rating for Little Disasters has been a bit of a struggle Because on the whole it’s a compelling and compulsively page turning domestic dramamystery Readers should note it is not a thriller as it has been mistakenly labeled The pace is steady if not swift The narrative is never boring and the novel reads uickly The characterization may not be fantastic but it is solid enough that great empathy is felt for Liz Jess and the cast of supporting charactersAnd to be fair the novel does provide a fairly realistic depiction of postpartum depression and anxiety As I alluded earlier I suffered a mild touch of it myself after giving birth to my first son From personal experience I can vouch that the postpartum emotions and behavior of the ill women in the novel ring true along with the narrative examples of the disastrous potential outcomes that can arise if the disorder is severe and left untreated But despite all its positive attributes it is extremely difficult to ever stay fully immersed and connected to Little Disasters The reason for this is twofold Firstly Vaughan’s prose is sometimes clunky and does not always flow smoothly Secondly the narrative feels cluttered with an overabundance of repetitive thoughts and unnecessary observations of the characters Too often my concentration would break and I would suddenly be dropped out of the narrative simply because I encountered an awkward patch of writing or a section that I felt I had read before Another round of editing to pare the novel down would have served it well I thinkMoreover Vaughan inadvertently lessens the overall impact of the novel by unwisely making a last ditch effort to drive the narrative into thriller territory Instead of wrapping the story up at what is an obvious and natural stopping point she blows right by it and throws in an unneeded twist that while startling and surprising ultimately weakens and cheapens the storyBut at the same time I feel I should also mention that the last section of the novel – the shocking twist – is significantly and substantially better written Vaughan’s prose is noticeably fluid and the narrative isn’t so crammed with extraneous filler She writes with a leaner touch thereby breathing new life and excitement into the conclusionIt’s a shame that Vaughan’s best writing is only displayed during the last ten percent of Little Disasters Had she written the entirety of the novel in the same deft manner I believe I would be awarding it a much higher ratingNevertheless I do still recommend the novel caveats and all I cannot deny the fact that I did enjoy it And I genuinely appreciate Vaughan’s efforts to increase awareness and understanding of postpartum depression I received an Advanced Readers Copy from AtriaEmily Bestler Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions included herein are my own

  3. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    How far you may go to make your children safe and give the care comfort they need? A mother’s job is looking after them feeding them keeping them healthy happy fulfilling all their mental and psychical needs but what happens to all those caring and sacrificing mothers when they get exhausted all alone to achieve their best and when the time comes they find out their best is not a great option for their kids This book is not a thriller or mystery this is though provoking uestioning and uite perfect analyze of how compelling serious life changing job title the motherhood is It’s an amazing women’s fictionfamily drama It uestions women’s maternal instincts endurance under humanly impossible conditions like sleep deprivation 247 being there for their child gathering wits together not to suffer from poor judgment and fail from critical choices they make about their children’s lives I’m not a mother I wish I could be but you know the old Yiddish proverb “We plan God laughs” But I think this book truly affected me than I expected with different mothers’ stories their uniue kind of approaches about raising children and sometimes losing your control patience may result with so many unexpected and life changing conseuences I felt like somebody dropped down cold ice bucket on me I’m still shivering numb shocked flabbergasted and shaken This is POWER OF GREAT STORYTELLING Let’s give a uick summary about the plot Liz brilliant pediatrician having another crazy train ride of day during her shift and she meets one of her friend Jess brought her baby to the emergency room They just estranged a little bit because of Liz’s over demanding profession kids husband and other activities fills her life and Jess also didn’t make any effort to connect with her either And now she looks skeptical Till Liz asks her about the bump at her baby’s head that she didn’t mention it before she gets in panic and gives indecisive answers And after checking the baby with their procedural tests X rays they find out Liz’s story doesn’t add up There are big holes about the explanation how her little girl hit her head Could she hurt her little girl? Or anyone at their house could do that? Could she suffer from some postpartum depression? Do she and her husband have ill fated relationship affected the way they treated to their own children? Liz deals with too many uestions and also worries about her mother’s mentally unbalanced state who suffers from terminal disease and for making things for worse she drinks herself to death Is there anything crucial she doesn’t share with her? Conclusion of the story is foreseeable but it’s still satisfying and well done The characters are well built slow burn story telling and multi POVED narration worked well with the progression but I still feel there are some parts could be emitted because you already understand what’s gonna come next and you don’t want to read pages till the obvious things start to come out Overall Even though the story’s pace would be better with some edited parts I enjoyed the writing character building and realistic genuine argumentative approach of the author So I stick with my shiny thrilling four stars for the love of motherhoodSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Atria BooksEmily Bestler Books for sharing this fantastic ARC in exchange my honest review This is my first Sarah Vaughan book and I’m looking forward to read works of her as soon as I start trimming my frightening Mount TBRbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  4. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    35 stars rounded upLiz a pediatric doctor is surprised when one of her closest friends Jess arrives at Emergency Services with her baby BetseyShe is even surprised once she discovers Betsey has suffered severe head trauma to the point of cranial fracture Making matters worse when Liz uestions Jess about it she is uite dodgy with her story She tells Liz she wasn't even aware Betsey had a head injuryShe claims after Betsey vomited in her crib her husband insisted she bring the little one in to be checked overJess insists Betsey has suffered no trauma Perhaps she just fell over as she was trying to pull herself upright certainly not out of the realm of possibility for a baby whose mobility is increasingThe severity of the injury seems to negate this explanation however and Liz cannot understand why her friend who always seems the most attentive mother could suddenly be so obtuse about her child's severe conditionConsulting with a senior doctor Liz understands that the hospital must contact Social Services regarding Jess and Betsey They have a duty to report if there is even a chance that a child is being harmedJess's weak explanation paired with the skull fracture is than enough to bring in outside interventionFollowing multiple perspectives over multiple timelines Little Disasters is a thoughtful examination of modern motherhoodThe main bulk of the story is made up of Liz Jess and Jess's husband Ed's perspectives but there are a few others sprinkled inThe Reader learns what Jess's life as a stay at home mom to three busy children is really likeWhile she may stay buttoned up outside of the home amongst her friends and at the children's activities inside the home things are far from perfectWe also get a glimpse into Liz's life and what her childhood was like; the events that pushed her into a career in pediatricsFinally we get an examination of friendship that of Liz and Jess as well as the other women in their circleI definitely enjoyed my time reading this My one concern is that people will go into it expecting a tense Thriller and it's really notI would classify this novel as a thought provoking Domestic Drama with a hint of suspense I think if you go into it expecting that you will not be disappointedAs far as content I think this novel is poignant and important I mentioned recently in my review for Megan Goldin's The Night Swim that I love when this type of novel has something to say about hard hitting real world issuesThis one definitely does I think this would make an incredible book club read as it could lead to a ton of great discussions involving motherhood mental health and the societal expectations placed on womenThe writing is highly compelling and I flew through it The short chapters and alternating perspectives kept me glued to the pagesOverall I think this will be enjoyed and appreciated by a lot of Readers One of them should be you Available nowThank you so much to the publisher Atria Books for providing me with a copy to read and review I appreciate the opportunity

  5. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    EXCERPT She risks glancing down Two eyes stare back Please don't cry please don't cry the plea is automatic The baby's bottom lip uivers and the uneasy uiet is broken with a bleat Great gulps of rage soon drown out the heavy lullaby Please be uiet Just be uiet Be uiet won't you? Just be uiet for God's sake'It's no good The walls push in; the heat bears down and the noise the terrible crying that has been going on for three hours engulfs her Her eyes burn and she feels like joining in She cannot cope with this she cannot cope She does not know how much she can bear ABOUT THIS BOOK You think you know herbut look a little closerShe is a stay at home mother of three with boundless reserves of patience energy and love After being friends for a decade this is how Liz sees JessThen one moment changes everythingDark thoughts and carefully guarded secrets surface—and Liz is left uestioning everything she thought she knew about her friend and about herself The truth can’t come soon enoughMY THOUGHTS Sarah Vaughan has written a heartwrenching and honest novel about a mother suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety Motherhood is the most complex and difficult job in the world There are no absolutes What works for one child doesn't work for another Every child has different needs Husbands have needs Thank God for friends right? Those other women who are going through what you are going through The women you can sit and laugh about the disasters with The women who can put everything back into the proper perspective But what happens when these women have gone back to work have lives outside the home and you are at home with a colicky unsettled unhappy baby and all your coping mechanisms are failing? Meet Jess Jess who always has everything under control who runs everything with almost military precision whom all the other mums envy She has always been careful to hide her anxieties but one ill advised decision has opened her Pandora's Box and now there's no shutting the lid again The calm capable Jess has been replaced by a Jess incapable of making a rational decision a Jess who knows that she is a bad mother A very bad mother I felt for Jess I cried for and with her I had a baby like Betsey I would be up all night walking around the lounge baby on my shoulder trying to uiet him so that my husband could get some sleep and be able to function at work I would try to get an hour or two of sleep if and if is the operative word he went down during the day But often the only way he would sleep was if he was in motion I would put him in his pram and walk for miles Then when I got home there was still washing to do no disposable nappies then and meals to prepare I was a new mum in a new town where I knew no one and had no support network other than an absolutely wonderful plunket nurse who was a mother of five children She kept me sane She was my lifeline I read a great deal of this book with my heart in my mouth my body tensed Sarah Vaughan has captured the desperation of the sleep deprived mother perfectly 'There is little that's lonely than being at home with a distraught baby and an unraveling mind' And behind this main thread lie historical tales of parental neglect and sometimes abuse and the determination of those who suffered not to repeat those mistakes This was strangely enough an enjoyable read I let out a huge sigh of satisfaction at the end It's a story of friendship and its limits of the love of parents for their children of trying to provide them with a better life a stable life with love than their parents had And as icing on top of the cake there was a trip down memory lane when Liz is transported via a dog eared postcard of Hastings Pier to the cafe her mother had run when she was a child The sort that aren't around any that served white bread and butter standard with every meal tea in little metal teapots glass bottles of vinegar and brown sauce on the tables Ours where us girls would meet on a Friday lunchtime for the roast of the day and apple pie with cream and ice cream for 150 was the Regent The five of us were thick as thieves back then and this has made me realise that I know where only one of them is currently and she is dead felled by an aneurysm many years ago A wonderful read A realistic read A thought provoking read I will be reading from this author ❤❤❤❤5#LittleDisasters #NetGalley 'The truth is hidden in things left unsaid'THE AUTHOR Sarah Vaughan read English at Oxford and went on to be a journalist After training with the Press Association she worked for The Guardian for 11 years as a news reporter health correspondent and political correspondent before leaving to freelance and write fiction She lives in Cambridge with her husband and two young children Goodreadscom abridgedDISCLOSURE Thank you to Simon and Schuster Australia via NetGalley for providing a digital ARC of Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions For an explanation of my rating system please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom This review and others are also published on Twitter Instagram and my webpage

  6. Liz Liz says:

    I was a fan of The Anatomy of a Scandal so I was curious to see what Vaughn would write this time around Liz is a pediatric doctor who has drawn the short straw and is working Friday night when a friend Jess brings in her ten month old baby to the ER The mother’s story isn't consistent with the head injury As much as Liz doesn’t want to she’s forced to get social services involved We hear from both women in a nonlinear fashion The women have vastly different lives Jess is a stay at home mom in a “traditional” marriage She’s an anti vaccine perfectionist organic food kind of mom as well I can’t say I liked either Jess or Ed probably because I just couldn’t identify with them But I could sympathize with the way their lives are overrun once the ball starts rolling on the investigation And as the book went on I definitely felt sorry for Jess as she has some serious issues Liz was someone I totally related to She’s blessed with a good marriage but has an alcoholic mother She's the kind of gal that suffers insomnia because of everything she worries about The book shows how little we sometimes know or understand our friends And how one instance can make us call all our assumptions into uestion It is a well paced book with an underlying tension We know from early on that Jess is lying But why? Kudos to Vaughn as I was sure I knew what had happened but she threw in a great twist I didn’t see coming I loved this ending as it reminds us of the importance of our friendships Now I’m not maternal at all unless there are four legs and a tail involved another reason I didn’t bond with Jess But parts of the book disturbed me My thanks to netgalley and Atria Books for an advance copy of this book

  7. Ceecee Ceecee says:

    Sarah Vaughn has done it again This is another book that is impossible to tear yourself away from This is a very emotionally charged psychological drama that is beautifully written The central premise being the difficulties of parenting especially the early months when your baby may not settle and nothing you do stops the crying or even worse the screams Liz is a paediatric doctor and is called to A and E when baby Betsey daughter and third child of her friend Jess is brought in with a suspicious head injury theta does match with her story At the behest of her unpleasant boss Neil the police and social services are called and what unfolds is movingly told from several points of view but principally Jess and Liz The story goes backwards and forwards from the incident to their meeting at ante natal classes to the incident and beyond As you read you feel a range of emotions including sadness and empathy Liz and Jess are united in that they both had very difficult childhoods but the incident with Betsey tests their friendship It forces Liz in particular to focus on suppressed memories from her own childhood and on several terrible events and the difficult relationship with her mother Liz is lucky that she has a rock in Nick her steady and kind husband The characters are well portrayed and most are likeable because like all of us they have frailties although Charlotte is not at all easy to like She is sharp and cold and as the story progresses you realise there is good reason to distrust and dislike her I especially like the portrayal of the children especially Jess and Ed’s boys Jess’s mental breakdown is distressing and you feel her pain as she tries to wipe away her problems with antibacterial spray Her husband Ed is good at earning the beans and plenty beans but is content to leave parenting to Jess with disastrous conseuences He does thankfully emerge a better person I like the exploration of the dynamics of friendship and family as things shift and change and this is sharply observed There is tension and emotion as the novel builds to a twisty and unexpected climax and thankfully there is reconciliation forgiveness and professional help for Jess The end is optimistic which I like Overall a fantastic book that shines a spotlight on how hard and unrelenting parenting can be that sometimes it is drudgery and very exhausting and at others great joy It captures the moments when even the best of parents can find themselves trapped in an endless cycle and it can be overwhelming without support It’s an excellent psychological drama which I recommend With special thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for the ARC

  8. Barbara Barbara says:

    Mothers have a biological imperative to nurture their offspring In humans this generally amounts to providing food clothing shelter and a safe and loving home On occasion however things go wrong and mothers think of harming their children In this book we meet an array of mothers some capable than othersLiz Jess Charlotte and Mel met in prenatal group ten years ago when each woman was expecting her first child The mothers remained friends ever since though life's responsibilities and growing families limited their social interactions Liz is now a senior registrar doctor in pediatrics at St Joseph's Hospital in West London One Friday night Liz is called down to the ER when a ten month old baby is brought in According to the intake notes the infant is nonmobile irritable drowsy tearful and has vomited A glance at the child's name Betsey Curtis shocks Liz This is her friend Jess's baby Jess in turn is relieved to see Liz She exclaims Oh thank god it's you I didn't think we should come but Ed was adamant It's so unlike him to worry it panicked me into bringing her in It turns out baby Betsey has a fractured skull and Jess's only explanation is that Betsey was trying to pull herself up on the refrigerator and fell Jess suggests this must have caused the injury which she hadn't noticed before bringing the baby to the ER Moreover Jess is acting suirrely and seems to be holding something back Liz can't allow herself to think her friend Jess purposely harmed Betsey but knows she has to report the incident to her superior Dr Neil Cockerill Cockerill INSISTS Liz call social services and then removes Liz from the case as hospital protocol dictatesA brouhaha ensues Little Betsey is admitted to the hospital; the police uestion Liz and her husband Ed; Forensic experts examine the couple's home; a social worker speaks to the couple's two older sons; neighbors and local shop owners are interviewed; and so onThe upshot is that Jess is suspected of harming her child and a social worker Lucy Stone is assigned to oversee Jess's interactions with Betsey Moreover Jess's sister Martha is asked to stay at the Curtis home to watch over Jess and Ed's boys until the case is resolved one way or another Liz KNOWS she did the right thing calling social services but still feels guilty about ensnaring Jess in this predicament Jess always seemed to be the perfect mother She took excellent care of her children; kept an immaculate home; prepared delicious meals; and kept up her appearance On top of that Jess did all this with minimal help from her hard working husband Ed who was strictly a 'take kids to sports' dad Though Liz has faith in Jess she knows from experience that some women aren't good mothers Liz has memories of her own troubled hard drinking mother whose neglect caused a terrible injury to her brotherLiz also has vague memories of seeing something happen to a baby when she was a toddlerThe story which is told from the alternating points of view of Liz and Jess and occasionally other people jumps around all over the place from Liz having memories of her childhood; to the prenatal class where Liz Jess Charlotte and Mel met; to a recent barbecue for the women and their families; to the police uestioning Jess and Ed; to Jess giving birth to Betsey; to Liz dealing with her mother's ongoing drunken bouts; to things that happened in Jess and Ed's house; to Ed being concerned about his wife; to Jess worrying about her baby; and This type of disjointed narrative seems to be very popular these days and it's a bit hard to follow in this bookThe novel is too long with sections that don't move the story forward That said it's a compelling narrative about motherhood a hard job made easier with support from the father family and friends Even so some women aren't up to the task temporarily or permanently because of stress anxiety fatigue frustration post partum depression mental illness or other nebulous factorsThe novel is billed as a psychological thriller but it's of a domestic drama with a suspenseful thread Several characters are keeping secrets and I was curious to find out what these were The astute reader will probably guess some while others will be elusive One part of the book stretches suspension of disbelief to the breaking point and should have been left out in my opinionOverall I thought this was an average suspense novel with a good message about giving mothers the assistance they reuireThanks to Netgalley the author Sarah Vaughn and the publisher AtriaEmily Bestler Books for a copy of the bookYou can follow my reviews at

  9. Katie B Katie B says:

    This is the second book I have read by this author and once again she has incorporated a tough subject into the story It was an uncomfortable read but I say that as a positive thing The way she handled the material made me appreciate this as a straight fiction read rather than one in the mystery or thriller genre For me it was a compelling story without the twists or turnsLiz first met Jess years ago while they were both pregnant and attending birthing classes Liz is a doctor at a hospital and one day Jess brings in her daughter After the examination of the child Liz has uestions than answers And that's all you are getting from me as this is a story that you just have to let it unfold without knowing too much ahead of time The story alternates between different characters mostly Liz and Jess and also goes back in time uite a bit so you get the full pictureI'm not a parent but I challenge anyone to read this book without feeling some type of uneasiness regarding the storyline There are just certain things that are hard to read about but it's also why it was easy to feel invested in the story I had this need to find out what happened that led to the child being brought to the hospital The ending for me was the weak spot of the book Up until that point it felt like fictional story with substance but then it veered into messy territory A good word to describe it would be uninspiring I was really impressed with the story up until that point However I might be completely in the minority with that opinion Regardless this is still a worthwhile read just based on well the author covered an important topicThank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an advance reader's copy in exchange for an honest review

  10. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I wish to express my sincere thanks to NetGalley and Simon Schuster for the advanced copy of Little Disasters in return for an honest review The book was well written and the characters well developed I regret to say that this book was just not for me through no fault of the author’s literary abilities I mistakingly thought from its description it would be a medical mystery but instead found a grim gut wrenching tale of family dysfunction mainly emphasizing postpartum anxiety and depression On a personal note being childless and at the time finding doctors and counsellors dismissive of my feelings it was difficult for me to connect with the four mothers and they did not resonate with me Individual characters were experiencing anxiety holding feelings of inferiority and guilt and keeping secrets I feel that the book will appeal to many readers and would raise interesting book club discussions I will never look at postpartum depression and SIDS the same way again The focus is on a mother of three who takes her eleven month old girl to the hospital concerned that she threw up The attending female doctor is her good friend so another doctor takes charge It is discovered the little girl has a fractured skull The mother denies she knew about any injury but admits that the girl fell while trying to pull herself up from a crawling position when her back was turned She appears suspicious and evasive when uestioned and says she was never aware of the injury from the fall six hours earlier The baby girl is kept in hospital begins having seizures and put into an induced coma Child Welfare and the police uestion the mother They are suspicious of the timeline and the fact that the injury in no way coincides with the mother’s description of the fall Her friends noticed changes in her personality around the time of her child’s birth Her irrational behaviour leads her to snatch the sick child from the hospital room before stopped by security There is much suspicion and speculation regarding what really happened on the day the toddler was injured I failed to anticipate the shocking reveal near the end of the story

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