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Here on Earth [PDF / Epub] ☂ Here on Earth ✐ Alice Hoffman – After nearly twenty years of living in California March Murray along with her fifteen year old daughter Gwen returns to the sleepy Massachusetts town where she grew up to attend the funeral of Judith After nearly twenty years of living in California March Murray along with her fifteen year old daughter Gwen returns to the sleepy Massachusetts town where she grew up to attend the funeral of Judith Dale the beloved housekeeper who raised her Yet returning to her hometown also brings her back to Hollis March’s former soul mate and lover March’s father had taken the teenaged Hollis an abandoned child Here on eBook Ó and the product of a series of detention homes into his house as a boarder and treated him like a son Yet March and Hollis’s passionate love was hardly a normal sibling relationship When Hollis left her after a petty fight March waited for him three long years wondering what she had done wrongEncountering Hollis again makes March acutely aware of the choices that she has made and the choices everyone around her has made—including Mrs Dale who knew of love than March could ever have suspected and her brother Alan whose tragic history has left him grief struck with alcohol as his only solace Her attraction to Hollis is overwhelming—and March jeopardizes her marriage her relationship with her daughter and her own happiness in an attempt to reclaim the past.

About the Author: Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction including The World That We Knew The Rules of Magic The Marriage of Opposites Practical Magic The Red Garden the Oprah’s Book Club selection Here on Earth The Museum of Extraordinary Things and The Dovekeepers Her most recent novel is The World That We Knew She lives near Boston.

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  1. karen karen says:

    fulfilling book riot's 2018 read harder challenge task #13 an oprah book club selectionextry points given to me by me for choosing a book that i have owned for than a yearit has been a long time since i have given a book a two star rating but this book earned it i’m not someone who takes delight in negativity and even if i’m not in love with a book i’m usually able to find something neutral and deflecting to say about it or at the very least i'm able to suggest the correct audience for it in that “people who enjoy will find much to appreciate in this book yadda waythis time though i’m at a loss it tells a clear if psychologically unrealistic story it has distinct characters and dialogue that is competently written and the shape of it meets all of the criteria for “how a novel is structured” so it deserves than a single star but i did not enjoy reading it nor can i come up with a profile of the reader who would enjoy it even though clearly people have and do people who are oprah and people who are not oprahit’s been on my radar for a while because i'll read any retelling of wuthering heights many most of them are not good but they’re not good in ways that were easy to predict from their précis shoehorning in a bunch of erotic scenes or costuming heathcliff as a rock star or a vampire isn’t going to improve upon the original sex is sex is sex after all and you can read about it anywhere and heathcliff doesn’t suddenly become charismatic or predatory by giving him pointy teeth or a guitar heathcliff has so often been the inspiration for antiheroic male leads including vampires and rock stars that turning literal heathcliff into a literal vampire feels unnecessary and derivativebut i get why you'd try wuthering heights is deliciously complicated and tempestuous and it's full of shitty people being shitty to each other and scorching the earth until pretty much everyone's left broken or dead and what's fun than unrestrained melodrama? but this is justblah it doesn't use the characters or the situation to any real advantage it's as though by using WH as its jumping off point it can just shorthand its own central relationship which lies flat on the page not earning its own tragedy seeming to assume the reader is filling in the emotional gaps with whatever bronte borrowed intensity is showing through its crackshoffman keeps the basic framework of wuthering heights translating the tone into contemporary smalltown realism with these occasional outbursts of gothic melodrama which is confusing and pleasing to no one meanwhile so much of what makes wh work is left out entirely and you're left with such a pale version of the original it's no wonder so many readers missed the connection entirely i have uestions and complaints and in order to vent about them i'm going to need to discuss the plots of both wuthering heights and here on earth so if you want those books to keep their secrets stop reading this review right here these uestions and complaints will be scattershot and underexplicated; i'm typing as they occur to me but since it's likely that no one's reading past this point anyway i can do what i waaaantmost of the problems i have with this book can be summed up as who does that?march murray catherine earnshaw is 11 years old when her father goes to boston for a conference and returns with a 13 year old orphan named hollis heathcliff her twenty one year old brother alan hindley declares “He found him wandering the streets or something” no further information is given pause to reflect that what works in a novel set in 18th century rural england does not necessarily work in modern day america where you can’t really just grab a kid off the city streets and take him home without some kinda paperwork to repeat alanhindley is twenty one a grown ass man who has finished college in a desultory fashion and is living at home taking some law classes in as desultory a way as undergrad super disappointing to his dad who definitely likes his new pet urchin than alan which makes alan resentful sure but he behaves like a child Alan took every opportunity to humiliate Hollis In public he treated Hollis as though he were a servant; at home he made certain the boy knew he was an outcast Often Alan would sneak into Hollis’ room where he’d do as much damage as possible He poured calves’ blood into Hollis’s bureau drawers ruining Hollis’s limited wardrobe knowing full well Hollis would rather wear the same clothes every day than admit defeat He left a pile of cow manure in the closet and by the time Hollis figured out where the stench was coming from everything Henry Murray had given him the books and the lamps and the blankets had been contaminated by the smell and then later alan and his similarly aged pals beat hollis up and tie him to a tree in the snowy middle of winter leaving him there for hours until march finds him and frees him a gaggle of adult men beating up a 13 year old boy because one of 'em's jelly that his daddy kidnapped a runaway and loves him usual wh bits follow march and hollis hit it off go wilding together spy on the wealthy neighbors have explicit intercourse than is mentioned in wuthering heights daddy kiddiestealer dies alan kicks hollis up to the attic starts charging him backrent and such hollis leaves for three years but before he returns fortune made ready to take his revenge on everyone march marries fancy next door neighbor richard and moves to california where she has a daughter named gwen and they all stay put there for nineteen years which is different from how wh plays outwhy is this important? because march does not return home during all that time even though many of the other events of wh do repeat here; events that would cause a normal person to buy a plane ticket hollis marries richard's sister they have a kid wife and kid both die alan has a wife and a kid wife dies hollis takes kid and raises him as ward in a much less evil way than heathcliff raised hareton and none of those deaths or nephew being raised by former loveradopted brother cause march to come home but when this book's nelly dean dies off goes march leaving richard at home but taking their teenage daughter in tow to settle her affairs and oopsie whoopsie resume her affair with hollis who has naturally been waiting for her all this time but has also bedded all the local ladies because he's dreamy and rich and a man has needs march is in no way a catherine she's got no spark no cruelty not enough to withstand hollis' douchiness after some pretty unconvincing resistance march goes full bore back into hollis’ arms with no sense of discretion in full view of the gossipy townsfolk her rivals for hollis’ backseat affections and her fifteen year old daughter who's trying to deflect he father's freuent calls and even when he finds out he's way chill about it than he ought to bethe hollismarch thang very uickly turns from “all consuming greedy passion” to “super controlling and abusive” and march becomes this sleepwalker drifting through town in clothes from the goodwill pale and scrawny and neglecting her self care and her daughter who finds her own distraction with hollis' adopted son hank which you will recall is alan's son so her own first cousin which relationship march is fully aware but recklessly uncaring of taboo as she loses and of herself to increasingly violent intercourse and jealous rages from hollis who's still sleeping with other women none of this is anything like the dynamic in withering heights and it's all very tedious so much is glossed over march and gwen were supposed to be there for two weeks and then suddenly months have passed and gwen is enrolled in school there and how much did they even pack for this? and gwen and hank are totally overwhelmed by the situation less so the we're cousins part just the march and hollis boning part sure hollis is a jerk and march is letting herself go to seed and everything's a mess but they seem to be taking on all the melodrama that really should be evenly distributed throughout the rest of the story They sit in silence at two in the morning as if they were an old married couple drinking coffee and holding hands They’re trapped by circumstance They can feel their situation chipping away at what they might have hadthat seems tragic than it needs to be On this nightthey don't talk about how their future is unraveling; they don't think about all they have to lose They go into that small bedroom off the kitchen and curl up together on the single bed on top of the woolen blanket arms entwined If she could Gwen would whisper that she loved him If he could he would vow that everything would turn out right But that's not the way things are now and they both know it That's not the way things are at alli mean really be normal teenagers and don't let your parents' affair get in the way of your own intercourse i dunno i had a lot of problems with this one the hollismarch connection didn't seem strongly developed enough in their youth to set in motion this whole cannonball it changed the whole point of wuthering heights to have it be some lifetime movie version about a woman too consumed by her love of a man who smells like sulphur i mean really to acknowledge her own abuse this is not my wuthering heights i knew i should have read Rubycome to my blog

  2. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    False EmpathyNostalgia is not my thing But it’s something Alice Hoffman does very well Narratives about Dickensesue orphans lost loves family dislocation the past in general appeal to many but I find them saccharine precious and vaguely morbid Nostalgic sentiment abounds in Here on Earth But it is artificial sentiment No one could possibly remember the details of conversations thirty years earlier or the subtle emotions involved Yet here they are verbatim as if they were being played out in real time These are conversations and situations written about for their effect to manipulate the reader not to inform or to provoke an interpretation The interpretation is already there pre packaged and waiting for a vulnerable and uncritical mind This is superficiality just above the level of the treacly romances of a Barbara Cartland but only just Hoffman is undoubtedly a much adept writer of prose But what she writes about is just as trivial So much feeling thrown around like confetti at a wedding Little subtlety; no real tragedy in terms of competing virtues; just pure schmaltz with the substance and impact of a made for television chick flickOn the other hand Oprah apparently loved it for the same reasons

  3. Janice Janice says:

    I'm technically not even done reading this book yet and I'm seething with hate for it SeethingThe entire plot of this book is that love gives you license to be selfish irresponsible and act like a jerk I hate the two main characters SO MUCH They deserve everything that happens to them I can see the conclusion coming a mile away as well It's taking everything I have to finish it Oprah you got this one SO wrong Awful Don't bother

  4. Margitte Margitte says:

    First off I loved this atmospheric picturesue tale meant for a women's audience The Entertainment Weekly summarized the story as Her books unfold artfully without feeling fussed over or writing workshopped to death In Here on Earth she plumbs the interior lives of among others a drunken recluse a heartsick teenage boy an angry daughter a near madman a cuckolded husband and three wounded women with such modesty and skill that she seems to witness rather than invent their lives”Sadly the book did not explore the characters of the men in pain enough But there was a gentle approach to these men who just could not let go of their hurt and had to deal with sorrow in their own lonely waysThe story was riveting gripping and beautifully written The prose was outstandingJenkintown near Olive Tree Lake in Massachusetts had its collection of characters Some lovable and others not; some were devils and others angels or so the inhabitants believed There were the illusive foxes roaming the woods after most of them were eliminated since the hunting prohibition was lifted only to leave an uncontrollable population of rabbits behind But the foxes were there lurking and waiting Even the firefighters were relieved when there were no fires on the hill Some localities were accompanied by just too much bad luck When March Murray and her teenage daughter Gwen after nineteen years returned from California to Fox Hill Farm to attend the funeral of an old family friend Judith Dale than just a grave were dug in the cold October weather The past was also demanding a few determined diggers to expose the skeletons of long ago and how it influenced the hearts and minds of the current population in town Love sometimes had to be renamed Love could be set aside too It did not always carry the sweet smell of the roses from Annabeth Cooper's garden Nor did it reflect in memories of the siblings Richard and Belinda's future The foxes were lurkingwaiting And sometimes there simply was no time for crying Life was always interferingThe day when Hollis saw the Unity Peace and Double Delight roses bunched together in March's hand he blamed a stupid dog a stonewall and a rose garden for everything he lost That was years ago Many years later the townsfolk believed that the black snow was a sign of the devil coming to collect his due But Forgiveness and Understanding forever brought the foxes back into the woods where they belonged The was new hope that the rabbits will finally be brought under controlThis is my first encounter with this author's work and it really convinced me to explore of her beautiful writing

  5. Zoe B Zoe B says:

    Loved loved loved LOVED it Ok so if this book was food it would be a hot fudge brownie with caramel sauce really really good at first comforting but then it makes you kind of sick Now this isn't a book for everyone not everyone can stomach so much passion and long lost love I on the other hand could ingest this stuff until the cows come home and no sweet has ever been too much for me cotton candy bring it on Candy apples bring em onI was immediately whisked away and transported by this book devouring the pages in three days which is uite a feat with a 15 month old let me tell you It is about long lost love and passion but it's also about parent child relationships the role of parent as exemplar for our children and the expectations we have of our parents It also wrestles with the classic theme of shades of gray no one being only evil or only good I hope you are as enraptured by this book as I was If not put it on your pancakes and call it a day

  6. Joe Mossa Joe Mossa says:

    i may have become a snob after reading so many important books in the past three yearsbut this writing is terrible if i were to count the cliches hoffman uses i wouldn t be able to follow the narrative after i read that she was imitating WURTHERING HEIGHTS i decided i had a duty to finish the book which i had thrown down in disgust after reading page 213 read my other posts to see what happened there charles dickens got away with melodrama so i guess we can excuse a contemporary writer for doing the same i have a copy of her LOCAL GIRLS which i may read cause i feel i should read books i own i confess that when i bought both of her booksi thought i was buying an alice walker book i have trouble with concentrationlol i read her TURTLE MOON years before i became a reading snob and remember little about it except i think it moved me abit what to read next ? i am away from my library and may have to read my son s college lit book to pass our remaining time here i comewb yeatsts eliothappy readingjoe

  7. Bodosika Bodosika Bodosika Bodosika says:

    Alice Hoffman weaves an interesting talethough my first book by the author and though I rated it 3starsI will like to read another of her novel

  8. Karen Powell Karen Powell says:

    Horrible novel how'd it make it on Oprah's list? Hoffman spent so much time trying to align the plot to Wuthering Heights that she forgot to be original and make the story her own The result is a perversion of Emily Bronte's tale that completely misses the point returnreturnMarch travels back to her hometown with her teen daughter Gwen for the funeral of her Nelly Dean esue housekeeper There she meets up with Hollis her childhood love that got away The renew their love but Hollis is bent on revenge and abuses her physically emotionally and sexually Meanwhile Gwen finds romance with her Hareton and all find themselves caught in Hollis' sick trap There is no redemption for any of the characters; the survivors are only lucky to have escaped a denouement with the character development worthy of a Vincent Price filmreturnreturnHoffman just doesn't get it what makes the reader fall for Heathcliff despite his tyrannical ways is his undying passion for Catherine He can abuse Isabella and trap young Catherine Linton into a loveless marriage but the sheer force of his passion for his Catherine blows it all away Hollis has no such passion for March He is only fueled on revenge Besides the physical abuse Hollis cheats on March once he has her completely disregarding any notion that he may actually love or feel passion for her Hoffman seems to have confused passion with rape Their romantic scenes read like the worse bodice ripper To complete the characterization of Hollis Hoffman should have given him a long Snidely Whiplash mustache to twirlreturn returnInstead of spending so much time trying to get the characters to fit their Wuthering Heights mold so closely Hoffman should have instead used the novel as a guide for exploring the relationships in her story A talented author could have made the distinction between healthy love and obsessive love without playing a game of How perverted can I make this guy? In fact a talented author did and Hoffman was way over her head meddling with Bronte As is her treatment of March and March's acceptance of it is downright misogynistic and Hoffman should have known better as should have Oprah

  9. Judy Judy says:

    This is a dark romance A woman goes back to her home town for a funeral taking her teenage daughter with her The woman comes back into contact with an old lover who had a strange hold over her when she was younger It's an oddly compelling story

  10. Melissa Melissa says:

    Congrats Here on Earth you win the title of my leave favorite book of all time Never in my life have I loathed a book so much We are reading this book for my book club this month and from the start I was skeptical You know I love Oprah but one thing I know for sure is that we do not have the same taste in books Oprah picked this book as her book club pick back in 1998 and I honestly don't know what she was thinking The book itself is written beautifully I mean thank goodness because the characters and the story is just so damn depressing I don't know if I could have made it through Its about a woman and her daughter who return to the mother's hometown to attend a funeral The mother rekindles her love with a old flame Hollis who is hands down the worst character I have ever read in a book ever I know the book has beautiful metaphors and surely it will provide a great deal of discussion during book club but I finished the book this morning and I still can't shake the feeling it left me in totally and utterly depressed One star Here on Earth and that's only for the writing

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