White Out Badlands Thriller #1 PDF/EPUB Þ Badlands

White Out Badlands Thriller #1 PDF/EPUB Þ Badlands

10 thoughts on “White Out Badlands Thriller #1

  1. NZLisaM NZLisaM says:

    Amidst all the 4 and 5 star reviews comes me – the outlier the downer White Out takes the prize for one of the worse books I've ever read If I hadn't of received a complimentary copy it would have been a clear cut dnf but I've made a promise to myself to finish all books I'm lucky enough to receive for free so I can write a fully informed review Unfortunately this was a case of the I read the worse it got Badly written immature hateful characters whose actions and behaviour didn't ring true unnecessary and unnatural dialogue cliché after cliché and a slow boring plot where nothing made sense And apparently having amnesia in this novel mean't that everyone you encounter speaks in riddles? Or if you limp into the ER disorientated with noticeable head trauma and other injuries because you're a nurse at said hospital you're expected to perform CPR on a critically ill patient before being sent off for radiology and x rays?The police procedures were a joke – the female detective having grave fears for someone's safety because they are not home and their car's in the driveway? I don't understand why she would jump to dire conclusions so uickly when the person could've simply been out for a walk visiting a neighbour been picked up by a friend or colleague or caught a taxi or uber? There were numerous sensible explanations and the plot was littered with discrepancies like thisAs I said White Out has received a lot of praise but if you have similar tastes to me or if any of the above are red flags for you I would give this one a wide berth or if you’re still curious borrow it from the library I'd like to thank #BookishLadiesClub VIP Bookclub Netgalley Thomas Mercer and Danielle Girard for the e ARCPublication Date 1st August 2020

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Well hmmm ahem okay these plot holes at this book seem bigger than the cracks in my head Can you hear the sound of frustration ship horn meets with disappointment Choo Choo sounds of approaching train these are the signs of my semi unpopular reviewOkay there are things about this read bothered me a lotFirstly I have no problem with short term memory amnesia or head wound traumas which confuse MCs’ blurry minds But in this novel we have two characters suffer from the same memory loss problem which is too horrible to be true If this kind of traumatic experience may be contagious it will be logical And police officers in the book reminded me of Brooklyn nine nine officers or 80’s police academy cast ensemblebut unfortunately these officers are not comedians they’re just dumb clumsy lost Yes I’m talking about Kylie Milliard who wants to one of the MCs of the book but her brain cells don’t function properly and she is not charismatic or strong willfulI enough to be leading character I know it makes sense when a stupid person become business man politician or leader of a country because at least he she has a team of people with higher Is to support himher but when I read about a stupid female character with compelling job I just hit my forehead with my palm and start screaming “Noooo”One of the POVs and most likable MC Lily finds herself upside down stuck in wracked car positioned in a ditch covered in snows As she turns her head she sees a man but she has no idea who he is As she crawls out of the car another woman’s body is found in a dumpster behind the bar Very very unfortunately the bar owner Ivar also has memory issues just like Lily and the detective who is assigned for the case was Kylie Milliard All of these characters are acting spooky decisive mysterious and cagey Their talkings reminded me of less philosophical version of Matthew McConaughey’s long True detective interrogation scene monologues as he uses the beer cans to sharpen his origami skills The dialogues address to nowhere and the characters do their bests to keep you in the dark And as a result there are so many explained situations and inconsistencies Overall I wrote a little harsh review even though I liked the author’s previous works And surprisingly I’m rounding up my 25 stars to 3 because however this book has worst kind of detective too many illogical inconsistencies and plot holes it was not boring You still want to know where the story will go and what the characters are hiding The ending was also not dissatisfying so I’m giving my three Switzerland this is not my cup of Cabernet Sauvignon but I also didn’t hate it let’s meet in the middle and have a party kind of reading

  3. Mandy White Mandy White says:

    I am a big fan of Danielle Giard’s Anna Schwartzman series I was excited to read an early copy of this boo Thank you to the ladies at BLC VIP Book Club for having me along for this one This is a twisty story told from multiple characters points of view We open with Lily who awakes in a crashed car with a man she does not know with no idea why she is there The man is dead and she is desperate to get away She cannot remember who she is what she does anything Then we meet Detective Kylie Millard who is called to the scene the towns first murder case in a long time She wants out of Hagen where she believes she is wasted The body of a woman has been found in a dumpster outside a bar owner by Iver Iver is Lily’s only ally and helps her to remember her past Kylie finds that there is a connection between the dead woman and Lily

  4. BernLuvsBooks BernLuvsBooks says:

    A twisty mystery told from multiple POVs I will start by saying this book definitely reuired suspension of belief because there were a lot of implausible situations plot holes and uestions left unanswered but it was such a uick read that I just rolled with it There was murder amnesia kidnapping a suspected cult drug abuse small town politics and There was A LOT going on here and at times it felt like too much for me I much prefer for things to be fully explained and fleshed out versus having so much thrown at me Not my favorite mystery but not the worst I've read either

  5. Ceecee Ceecee says:

    I thought this started uite well and I was interested for the first twenty percent Then the seemingly interesting premise started to unravel and the plot started to make less and less sense I won’t bother reading the follow up if there are any Prime First Read July 2020

  6. Katie B Katie B says:

    This thriller had some twists and turns but unfortunately they came at a point in which I had already lost most of my interest in the story The book starts off in a decent fashion and has potential but a key plot point annoyed me I can go with the flow and believe one character doesn't recall certain events But two characters? That's asking too much of this readerLily Baker was unconscious and when she comes to she realizes she was a passenger in a bad car accident That's pretty much the only thing she realizes as she has no idea who she is how she got there or the identity of the man in the driver's seat who is unresponsive Her gut instinct is telling her she better uickly leave the scene of the accident Detective Kylie Milliard is investigating the murder of a young woman The story will alternate between several characters including Lily and KylieLily has an interesting backstory and by far I felt most invested in the chapters featuring her There wasn't anything horribly wrong with Kylie as a character but she didn't really stand out either I have mixed feelings about the third character who was featured I wish the author could have come up with a different way to incorporate him into the story that didn't involve him not remembering stuff either And there were some minor things here and there that made me uestion if that's how a situation would realistically play out Instead of losing myself in the story eventually my interest level took a nosediveEven though my review sounds mostly negative this wasn't a horrible read It wasn't a simple plot that the author just churned out I just think it needed some fine tuning As a Kindle First Reads pick it is slightly above average in the thriller category This book appears to be the first in a planned series and while I did have some issues I'm curious what the author has in store for future books

  7. Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    25 stars Suspenseful and twistyThis novel started off a lot stronger than it ended for me I was immediately intrigued by the storyline opening with a woman waking up in a car wreck not knowing how she got there It had an air of mystery and tension from page one which intrigued meTold through multiple perspectives I was curious with how all the characters would fit together The writing kept me interested but felt overwritten and clunky at times and didn’t flow smoothly It sometimes felt like forced descriptive detail The characters were memorable and likeable but their refusal to ask uestions about their current situations to clear the air on what was happening became frustrating That “unknown” aspect failed to pull the plot forward for me There were several aspects to the storyline that didn’t make sense but I was willing to overlook those and simply enjoy the storyOverall this was an entertaining and suspenseful mystery I simply didn’t connect with the writing or storylineThank you to the author and NetGalley for my review copy This comes out Aug 1 2020

  8. Miriam Miriam says:

    When several good stories perfectly collide at the hand of the skillful writer the result is a well crafted story; this is the best way I can describe White Out by Danielle Girard White Out is the perfect concoction of suspense mystery and a little bit of romance marinated in a fast paced sauce; genuinely a twisty rollercoaster novel that will leave you on your toes and biting your nails by the end of each chapter When the uiet town of Hagen North Dakota sees its first murder in almost ten years it’s up to detective Kylie Milliard the only detective in Hagen to solve the case Kylie who sees this murder investigation as an opportunity to a promotion to the Fargo Police Department soon finds out There's than meets the eye” This isn’t your typical murder investigation and with several stories intertwined things ended up being complicated as we learn from each character Each one the main characters has the opportunity to present their story and version on the events through book Each chapter left me with a feeling of anxiety desperation and the necessity of wanting to know Thanks to Danielle Girard for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review There is no doubt this will be a success

  9. Kimberly Belle Kimberly Belle says:

    In White Out Danielle Girard masters the perfect blend of action packed suspense and small town murder mystery in the first of her Badlands Thriller series When murder shakes a sleepy North Dakota town detective Kylie sees it as her ticket out of town but all is not as it seems Smart and razor sharp a fantastic story that will have you one clicking the rest of the series

  10. Krystin Rachel Krystin Rachel says:

    Book Blog | BookstagramOpening Hook Get winter tiresMain Character I don't rememberPlot Twisty ness Small town amnesiaIf you’re sick to death of this extreme heat which I always am even before it starts then this snowy thriller is the perfect read to cool off this summer How’s that for a goddamn tagline huh? I should do this shit professionally Someone pay me Oh and today is the official pub dayAlright so I was offered this book by the author Danielle Girard in exchange for a review These authors know what they’re getting into when they ask me to review their books so I’m always honest even when it’s negative and I don’t feel bad about it Fortunately for all of us I don’t really have too much to say that’s negative about this first instalment in the Badlands series except like two things three things four things Okay whatever we’ll count them up at the endThis was twisted layered and well plotted but some of the events reuire an extraordinary amount of suspension of disbelief on my behalf which I was just not always capable Like I can buy one character having amnesia even though I kind of hate amnesia as a plot device but two of the characters waking up and not being able to remember anything? Come onLily regains consciousness upside down in a wrecked truck covered in snow in a ditch off the highway Next to her is a man she doesn’t know She doesn’t even know her own name or how she ended up in this predicament She only has some random bible verses floating around in her head So here’s my second “ugh” for this book – why all the religious stuff? It didn’t connect to the plot in any way that I can remember Was this a Christian thriller? Is that a genre? I’m not sure what it had to do with anything it was just like “You get a bible verse You get a bible verse Everyone gets a bible verse” No thanks I’m all set No offence it’s just not my thing and I don’t really like religious stuff creeping up behind me I’m willing to admit that I found the bible uotes so distracting odd that perhaps the purpose of them got lost in the shuffle I read this months ago what can I say?While Lily is crawling out of the car a woman’s body is discovered in a dumpster behind a bar The detective assigned to the case Kylie Milliard feels like she wants to be the main character or at least the grounding character but I found her to be kind of unforgettable in personality and a bit of a dumb dumb when it came to investigating A book becomes a bit frustrating for me when the theory a cop should pursue is neon light flashing obvious to me as a reader but the cops take forever to catch up to what I had already figured outThe owner of the bar is Iver and he’s the second character in the book with a case of the “I can’t remembers” This conveniently read obviously makes him very suspicious of the dumpster murder So you know colour me picky but I found it a little silly that the entire plot reuired multiple people to have memories issues in order to create mystery and suspense The novel also employed my biggest pet peeve literary device I think it’s my biggest I should really keep a list and that is when characters refuse to ask any uestions about their current situation and clear the air Instead they choose to be cagey evasive and secretive for no discernable reason other than to protect the plot mystery Characters with amnesia who also don’t ask uestions as a reasonable person would isn’t exactly my definition of a “twisted” and shocking plot It just ends up becoming frustratingannoying to me instead of what I assume the intention is – to build mystery that pulls the reader in But that’s me and I’m notoriously awful Maybe you’ll absolutely love this Lots of reviewers did I know this sounds like a mostly negative review but it’s not I swear I didn’t hate reading this Girard is a good writer who leans to the minimalist side of the spectrum There were just some key elements of the plot that didn’t work for me but it's not a waste of your reading time⭐⭐⭐ | 3 stars book source the author Danielle Girard in exchange for a review

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White Out Badlands Thriller #1 [Download] ➾ White Out Badlands Thriller #1 By Danielle Girard – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk After surviving a car accident on an icy road in Hagen North Dakota Lily Baker regains consciousness with no idea where or who she is Scattered Bible verses and the image of a man lying in a pool of b After surviving a car accident on Badlands Thriller eBook ´ an icy road in Hagen North Dakota Lily Baker regains consciousness with no idea where or who she is Scattered Bible verses and the image of a man lying in a pool of blood haunt her memoryThe same night of the accident a young woman is murdered and tossed in a dumpster Kylie Milliard Hagen’s only detective doesn’t immediately White Out Epub / recognize the victim but Kylie soon discovers that Lily and the dead woman share a dark pastif only Lily could remember what it wasLily and Kylie both want answers But Kylie has to play by the book Lily has to play it safe And the Lily learns about her identity the she fears the truth.