Local Girls PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Local Girls PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Local Girls ❴Ebook❵ ➢ Local Girls Author Alice Hoffman – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk From the  New York Times best selling author of  The Dovekeepers Alice Hoffman is at her haunting thought provoking best with these interconnected stories about a Long Island family the Samuelson From the  New York Times best selling author of  The Dovekeepers Alice Hoffman is at her haunting thought provoking best with these interconnected stories about a Long Island family the Samuelsons and the lessons in survival and transformation that life brings to every familyDear diary Rose red Flight Gretel Tell the truth How to talk to the dead Fate Bake at True confession The rest of your life The boy who wrestled with angels Examining the evidence Devotion Still among the living Local Girls.

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  1. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    In this coming of age tale Gretel and Jill are Long Island teens in a contemporary setting Franconia a place so bereft of imagination that all the local enterprises use the town’s name for theirs There are moments in which magic enlivens the story and provides a context In one Gretel and Jason torment their hated stepmother by tossing her belongings one by one out the window of a moving car breadcrumbs back to safety In another drawn by an enticing aroma Gretel meets the old woman who lives in the creepy house at the edge of town No witches there Hoffman gives us one of the central images of the novel The old woman had planted roses a lifetime ago and the breadth and large aroma of that lifetime permeates the air The rose imagery reappears when Gretel visits Pinelawn with her terminally ill mother Franny and later in Florida when Margot gets Gretel a rose colored bikini Finally Gretel smells the roses she planted at her home years after she has moved out and is just sitting in front of it In a driving accident Jason Hansel? begins to experience fire a creature trying to suash and burn him in the overturned vehicle maybe like the feel of being in an oven? Later drug addled he is walking barefoot three miles through snow when his T shirt bursts into flames Living in a flop house he sees sparks and fire where no others can see them and knows the creature is waiting for him Eventually he succumbs to find the creature is himself Mysterious ball lightning damages Margot’s home then she wakes to find her back lawn carpeted with spider webs Finally four ounce hailstones pummel and penetrate her house Strangely these horrors lead to true love Margot and Gretel visit a strange gypsy like healer in floridaThere is a shift in mid book from first person to third I was uncertain why this was necessary Then back and forth again I found this a bit jarringI enjoyed the chapter titles For example Gretel in the chapter in which Gretel tosses her stepmother’s things out the car window The Rest of your Life when Gretel Margot and Gretel’s mother go to PinelawnDeciding to live or die – Jason – Margot – Jill Gretel – all are faced with situations in which they must decide to move forward remain where they are or sink Although different characters choose different paths there is hope at the end of several of them It was an enjoyable read with enough spice to make the interest than a mere curiosity about what might happen to this or that character The extra elements fairy tale touches were very satisfying And not bit of gingerbread in sight Other Hoffman books I have reviewed Green Angel Blackbird House The Ice ueen The Red Garden The Dovekeepers The Rules of Magic

  2. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    The Effects of EnnuiBack in the days when Archie Bunker was a television buffoon and not the President of the United States the Long Island suburbs were a region of anonymous mediocrity Nothing happened there because there was no developed society The components were in place schools shops public libraries cinemas restaurants but they never formed a coherent whole just an endless desert of unrewarding routine practised within hundreds of indistinguishable neighbourhoods by hundreds of thousands of indistinguishable families Alice Hoffman captures the atmosphere of the Long Island suburbs on the turn as it were from sterile but unremarkable commuter land of the 50's and 60's in which everyone could feel superior to the remaining denizens of Brooklyn and ueens to what it has become a culturally sick region of boredom drugs post religious superstition and psychic healers The only way to survive is escape Emigration and suicide are the principle options Local Girls is a shorthand version of all the reasons why getting out as young as possible is the only sensible choiceI could be wrong of course Hoffman's fiction may be just a light autobiographical romantic melodrama; in which case it is largely a waste of reading time and energy All the referential tropes are there the identical houses absent fathers the parkways the turnpike the North Shore Jones Beach but their meaning is trivial without some context Only as a cautionary tale to the young trapped in the morass of the un civilisation of Nassau County does the book have any merit It then also helps to explain why Archie Bunker has become President

  3. Mack Mack says:

    I read this last night while trying to keep warm and like all Alice Hoffman's I enjoyed getting to know her characters their fates tragedy and emotions in an unfair world of sickness disappointment bad judgements and love It tells the story of Gretel her best friend Jill her cousin Margot and her Mother Franny each on their own spiritual journey with the power and loyalty of friendship together

  4. Donna Donna says:

    This is the book that proved to one of my best friends that despite my addiction to romances I do actually have good taste in books I'd been telling her for years to read Alice Hoffman but due to the aforementioned she kept taking a pass After all someone who reads romances insert disdainful tone couldn't possibly know a good book when they read one Then came this book which felt autobiographical there were so many parallels to our lives friendship I forced the issue and gave her a copy for her birthday Needless to say I am redeemed The friendship portrayed in this book with its ups and downs distances failures shared pain enduring comfort is beautiful and real Alice Hoffman became one of my favorite writers because her use of the written word is so poetical There is beauty in the way she describes even the most dreary of circumstances She finds a way to make you feel her characters emotions to see through their eyes the beauty and pain of their world Because I have people in my life who deal with addictions depression and metal illness I am unusually sensitive to false notes when characters have or must deal with others who suffer Alice Hoffman has never put a step wrong in this area

  5. Cherie Cherie says:

    Note Just re read this again This book is so phenomenal so amazing The emotions are so real it will make you forget your own problems It's one of my all time favourite books Read it 13 July 2009I have read this book so many times and most recently a few weeks ago A novel in short stories this is the fantastic story of the life of a suburban girl and I believe the town is to be the one I grew up in and how things can go so horribly wrong so uicklybut luckily our narrator can hold it together Beautiful prose; I love Alice Hoffman This is her best and a book to study for any writer

  6. Terri Terri says:

    Just a hunch but I strongly suspect that this book is loosely based on Alice Hoffman's early life The story of two young girls growing up in Long Island New York with very rough childhoods The families are dysfunctional the parents are self centered mentally ill or dying of breast cancer Pretty depressing stuff It is a book that you can race through but it takes a chuck of you with it Not my favorite Hoffman work but maybe I was expecting of the wonderful magic realism that this author is so famous for in her works

  7. Mary Mary says:

    I had Mr Gober as my English teacher in the ninth grade He was a very strange man too strange really to document in this tiny little space but this isn't about how strange he was This is about how he assigned us the worst books to read and very few of them at that Everyone else was reading The Catcher in the Rye while we were reading Bang the Drum Slowly blech I began to hate reading and baseball because all the books I had to read were not my taste at allFor one assignment he told us we could choose any book we wanted to read and then write a report on it and present it to the class Finally I was reinvigorated I went to the school's library and browsed forever The librarian helped me out and recommended a few books and I picked Lord of the Flies We had to clear our choices with Mr Gober before we began to read and when I told him what I had picked he told me I couldn't read it You'll read that in another class definitely he said So you can't read it now in mineAfter I realized he wasn't joking I was furious What a stupid thing to say to a girl who was clearly excited about something He said I could pick anything else just not that and that I didn't have to clear it with him My passive aggressive reaction was a personal silent refusal to read anything The night before the report and presentation were due I casually asked my mom for a book to read and she handed me Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman The author's from Long Island so she's good she insisted That night I wrote a report based on the summary on the book jacket and the next day made my presentation filled with the same fiction from the report I got an A and I didn't start reading books for real again until college Also Lord of the Flies was never assigned to me in any other classLocal Girls is a book by Alice Hoffman that I swear I just actually read and it was pretty good maybe even as good as I once swore her other book was

  8. Alicia Miller Alicia Miller says:

    If you’ve never read an Alice Hoffman novel you are truly missing out on an outstanding reading experience Her writing is beautiful set with an emotional outlook on real life and laced with unrivaled magic Her characters are ordinary people with lives that both lack and have it all Their stories are engrossing and say so much without much dialogue Local Girls is heartbreaking and genuine telling stories of the different ways in which people approach and define love And it is SO good

  9. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    A uite interesting shortish story told from the point of view of Gretel and her growing up in the not so best of circumstances We see the highs and mostly lows of her growing up then the coming of age full circle It was nice to see Gretel and her best friend share the last scene This book is different to what I usually enjoy and was nice for a change of pace

  10. Erica Erica says:

    Portions of this novel were absolutely beautiful Perhaps a deceptively simple story if that makes sense My favorite uotes which keep lingering in my mind“There was a bird perched above us in a leafless tree a little grey thing a sparrow or a wren We all looked up hoping it would sing but it was silent as stone We had to laugh then all three of us“ ‘Just our luck’ Margot said ‘a mute’ “ ‘Maybe it’s resting’ my mother insisted ‘Maybe it sang the most beautiful song in the world right before we got here’ The bird stared down at us from a wavering branch ‘You never know’“By then the rain was falling harder but none of us paid the least bit of attention We didn’t even blink “ ‘Exactly’ I had to agree ‘You never can tell’ ” p 128 9“The real reason Jill and Gretel haven’t seen each other much in the past two years has nothing to do with Eddie At least not in that way It’s jealousy that’s the problem; it’s coveting something you’d never actually want in real life but still desire in your dreams The silliest dreams the ones you simply can’t shake even now when you’re not a kid any and should know better than to traffic in envy Each wants a bit of the other’s life Not the whole thing of course not the lonlieness or the exhaustion just the best parts the prizes”p 188 9

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