Chasing Redbird Kindle Ú Paperback

Chasing Redbird Kindle Ú Paperback

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  1. Dolly Dolly says:

    Our local library children's book club selected this book for their June 2016 discussion It's a fast read and really grabs at the reader's heart strings I liked that Sharon Creech weaves familiar names and places from other stories like Walk Two Moons and Absolutely Normal Chaos The tale is sweet yet melancholy It is filled with longing and remembrance and even the hurt from missing our loved ones But it also really shows how we all need some solitude at times and that the uiet can help show us what is important in our lives There is a mystical nature to the story a sense that those who have passed are watching over us And that in death we are reunited with the loved ones who have passed before us It's a nice sentiment and brings comfort to the characters in the story But I find it interesting that it is only the oldest and the youngest who truly embrace these thoughts The rest are merely caught up in life Overall it's a fast and engaging read; I took longer than I expected to finish it but I was only able to carve out short periods to read it I like that it forced me to savor the story and really think about the ways in which the characters are connected I find it amusing that Zinny has to leave on her adventure in order for her family to really take notice of herinteresting uotes It was just that there didn't seem to be a lot to say that someone wasn't already saying I liked listening p 7 At home I'd skulk around trying not to be noticed and yet hoping wishing praying to be noticed p 48 Soon I noticed the white specks of stars but still they weren't draped on a black sky still it wasn't dark And although I watched intently I did not see the moment of dark and I wondered if maybe it wasn't a moment at all p 157 I was always in a muddle about time It didn't seem like a series of days but one stretch of time with light and dark blending into each other Time went on and on; it didn't start and stop as I had thought If time didn't start and stop I thought maybe life didn't either Maybe it just went on and on p 164 'Til Next We Meet p 232

  2. Katie Adams Katie Adams says:

    Re reading Sharon Creech books is such a joy Unlike many of the books I loved as a child Creech’s books stand the test of time and still resonate with me as an adult

  3. Ashley Jacobson Ashley Jacobson says:

    What? I'm surprised that this is the same author as Walk Two Moonswell I guess I'm not surprised but the difference in uality could not be any different It's another uirky girl finding herself after a loved one leaves her life But this book was just odd I don't even want my kids reading it The plot was weird and the lessons were not what I want my kids readingThe aunt and the whole drawer thing is off but it's even worse that she kept her dead baby in one And then the creepy shrine and dolls and world that they ran away to What? I can look past the young girl spending 10 days at a time alone in the wilderness especially since dad flies by to check up on her but that long with the rest of the book is a turn off Don't even get me started on the stalker creepy older boy Seriously? This is not ok Boys DO NOT take a page out of this kid's books This is not how you get a girl When she says no it means no I tend to think people go overboard on the no means no idea but this is just one big N O Get a clue and stop being a creep And then the stealing? Huh? This is portrayed as not ok but it was still glorified And Zinny wanted him to steal a horse because she was so desperate Kids should not be in situations like that And then Zinny is ok with his actions Not at first but then she becomes and ok And super ok by the end No Why is this ok to portray?I could go on and on Things that don't usually bug me did in this book because she much was off Like how Zinny didn't feel like she belonged in her family which is big and loud Her parents don't try to help They just let her go out on an odd trail on her own and check in every 10 days Yes please child Leave and be gone for weeks and only check in for a bit I think this is a great way to help you feel loved and accepted And why do big families have to be so chaotic? I don't have a big family I didn't come from a big family But I'm offended that they have to be portrayed this wayAnywaysoverall I don't want my kids to read this because of the morals it seems to preach Theft creepy ways to deal with dead people stalking not standing up for yourself leaving your family not healthy self discovery not healthy coping skills and so much Just wow Super shocked and sad

  4. Patti Patti says:

    With profound insight Sharon Creech reminds all of us how insular our world is as a child Twelve year old Zinny spends the summer uncovering a path she found that leads from her farm to the shores of the Ohio River With each foot of dirt and weeds she pushes away she gains insights into her family she had always taken for granted and understands that many of her childhood assumptions are untrue Zinny assumes her words and actions affect the huge life issues she witnesses throughout her childhood In Chasing Redbird we witness Zinny's world grow to encompass sorrow beauty grief and happiness in which she is not in control Even though I found myself rushing to find out what secret or mystery was going to be uncovered next I hated for the book to end

  5. Peter Heinrich Peter Heinrich says:

    Creech knows how to tell the story of someone coming to terms with family self and painful often devastating loss The details are always interesting along the way and the writing clear and un self consciousI did have a little trouble with this book though because of the whole Rose component of the story By trouble I mean I'm a pushover for that kind of thing and can easily be manipulated into any emotional corner desired Was I a mess when we discover what's stored at the cabin? Big deal Lots of grown men get a little verklempt reading young adult fictionSeriously I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one

  6. Meghan Cobb Meghan Cobb says:

    it's very sad in the first 14 pages

  7. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    I loved this book It's a great book that makes you laugh If you haven't read this before you must read it

  8. Mia Giarritano Mia Giarritano says:

    I loved this book so much It was such a beautiful story about a girl who lost her Aunt Jessie The book is called Chasing Redbird because Jessie's husband Nate called her Redbird Along the way Zinny Taylor finds a hidden trail I loved this book because it was really interesting and adventurous to read

  9. Kristen Kristen says:

    I always know I'll like Sharon Creech's books I'd recently read Walk Two Moons and yesterday I needed a new middle grade to read so I grabbed Chasing Redbird off my daughter's shelf And I had no idea it was a companion book to Walk Two Moons I was even enchanted by Zinnia Taylor and her family than I was by Sal and the Hiddles Zinnia is lost in her big family She hides in plain sight by being the uiet one She has always found solace with her beloved Aunt Jessie and Uncle Nate who live in an adjoining home But now Aunt Jessie is gone and Uncle Nate seems to be losing it so Zinny needs something else She finds the beginning of an old overgrown trail near their property and begins clearing it discovering in the process that it's the remains of a trail that once went twenty miles from her town of Bybanks to nearby Chocton She devotes herself to clearing the entire length of the trail and meanwhile finds herself drawn to the sweet attentions of Jake Boone who has newly returned to BybanksSimply an enchanting story I couldn't put it down Sharon Creech is nothing but a dad blasted treasure

  10. Wendy Wendy says:

    Chasing Redbird is written by Sharon Creech and is about thirteen year old Zinny Taylor who lives in Kansas on her families farm She grows up with her two older brothers and her Aunt Redbird and Uncle Nate She grows up becoming best friends with her cousin Rose all her childhood until she suddenly dies of whooping cough at a young age Zinny spends almost every second she can trying to find a way to get away from her family and the seldom privacy of her small rural town where everybody knows everybody When her aunt dies and everything seems like it is falling apart she takes on a load of guilt thinking that she was the reason for Rose's death and also the reason for her aunt's death She finds a small trail in the near by woods on her family farm When she just wants to be alone she finds that camping in the woods is one of the best places to be As she makes a small place of her own in the woods she figures out many life problems and how to handle them As her uncle Nate is having delusions about his dead wife Zinny tries as hard as she can to help him make it through the pain As she tries to find faith and love in just her simple place in the woods and simple family she learns that sometimes it is not easy to find your place or reason in life but it all will work out if you just believe in yourself

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Chasing Redbird ➻ [Download] ➸ Chasing Redbird By Sharon Creech ➺ – To Zinny Taylor life is like trying to untangle spaghetti she needs to escape the chaos of her family So when she finds a long forgotten trail in the wild woods near her home she resolves to follow it To Zinny Taylor life is like trying to untangle spaghetti she needs to escape the chaos of her family So when she finds a long forgotten trail in the wild woods near her home she resolves to follow it It's a journey that leads her to unravel the dark secrets of her aunt's life and her own And while Zinny chases ghosts in the woods gorgeous Jake Boone is determined to chase her.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Chasing Redbird
  • Sharon Creech
  • English
  • 15 February 2015
  • 9780330397827

About the Author: Sharon Creech

I was born in South Euclid Ohio a suburb of Cleveland and grew up there with my noisy and rowdy family my parents Ann and Arvel my sister Sandy and my three brothers Dennis Doug and TomFor a fictional view of what it was like growing up in my family see Absolutely Normal Chaos In that book the brothers even have the same names as my own brothers Our house was not only full of.