A Match Made in High School MOBI ß A Match Epub /

A Match Made in High School MOBI ß A Match Epub /

A Match Made in High School ✼ [EPUB] ✴ A Match Made in High School By Kristin Walker ❆ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk When the principal announces that every senior must participate in a mandatory year long Marriage Education program Fiona Sheehan believes that her life can't get any worse Then she marries her husban Made in PDF/EPUB ¿ When the principal announces that every senior must participate in a mandatory year long Marriage Education program Fiona Sheehan believes that her life can't get any worse Then she marries her husband jerky jock Todd whose cheerleader girlfriend Amanda has had it in for Fiona since day one of second grade Even worse Amanda is paired with Fiona's long term crush Gabe At least Fiona is doing better than her best friend Marcie who is paired up with the very uiet very mysterious Johnny Mercer Pranks fights misunderstandings and reconciliations ensue A Match Epub / in an almost Shakespearean comedy of errors about mistaken first impressions convoluted coupling and hidden crushes.

About the Author: Kristin Walker

Made in PDF/EPUB ¿ Kristin Walker grew up in the Pennsylvania countryside finally landing at Penn State where she earned a BA in Theatre Arts In addition to being an actor Kristin worked at many things on her way to becoming an author She was a lifeguard a nanny a beginning ballroom dance instructor a library circulation clerk and very nearly a nurse She's the author of the young adult novels A MATCH MADE.

10 thoughts on “A Match Made in High School

  1. Ari Ari says:

    I don't know about you but from time to time I like to curl up in my bed with a cute book in my hands and not to think about anything just enjoy it's cutenessYesterday was one of those days I was searching for something light and it was even that what I've been looking for because at the end of the day my cheeks hurt from so much laughing The story is somehow simpleStep 1 Girl Fiona like the boy Gabe Girl thinks the boy might like herStep 2 Girl hates another boy Todd The girl and this other boy receive a common assignmentStep 3 Girl and the other boy Todd are at first enemies while they have to pretend they are fake 'husband and wife' for a school let's say 'project' and after some pranks fights and misunderstandings as they get to know each other they find out that hate is such a strong word and maybe just maybe they even like each otherWhat's different in this one from all the others?Well the bits between each stepBecause there is to this story There is Fiona's funny family and her friends Marcie and Johnny the settling is original and amazingly funny in a silly sort of way the ending is different than what you might think and did I mention how much I've laughed while reading it? Well a lotMy favorite character is Sam a little girl that Fiona has to babysit for She is cute smart and as sweet as honey I liked also the moments when Todd has there too helping with the babysitting And I loved her innocence not sure if everyone would notice her through the story but I guess I am not everyone Now if you ask me what I didn't like about this story I would tell you that probably the switch in personality some characters seemed to suffer from I like my characters to stay true to their nature not to change at some point just because the plot reuires it but this was just a tiny flawThe rest of it was pretty entertaining and it made me feel so much better the perfect read for my not so perfect Sunday Review originally posted at ReadingAfterMidnightcom Blog EN | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin' | Blog RO

  2. Jen Jen says:

    When I picked up this book at Border's the other day I read the back and scoffed That's right people I scoffed Rolled my eyes even A reuired marriage course in order to graduate high school? That would never happen However I'd read several glowing reviews on the hilarity factor of AMMIHS so I picked it up I am so glad that I did Fiona's voice is hilarious I promise you that the novel actually contained the phrase he reached over and honked her boob LOLs aplenty I enjoyed how carefree Fiona Fee was about her nerdweirdo status Fiona is who I wish I could've been in high school I was awkward and gangly and average looking but I was entirely insecure about it Fiona didn't care and had a smart azz mouth to boot uips flew about like spitballs and I had to come up with an excuse as to why I was laughing out loud in my cubicle at work Match introduced a line of stereotypical yet colorful characters Todd Harding Fee's fake husband with whom she develops a precarious balance between friendly affection and utter hatred He's a bull headed jock but could there be some semblance of a heart underlying those ripped pecs and gargantuan ego? Read and find out D I loved the dynamic of the pseudo friendship between Todd and Fiona Their constant banter had me giggling like a freak in public It's not often a book can make me lulz Usually I'll smile coyly to myself but this laughter was audible I seriously loved the whole cast of characters Johnny Mercer being among my favorites as the uiet yet endearing friend One of them who shall remain nameless did provoke some serious temporary hate from me for pulling the stunt they did I knew it was coming from 100 pages away but I was hoping I was wrong I would've handled this situation much differently than Fee read a much deserved throat punch but that's just me I also thought Fiona's mom and what she did was a bit hokey but that's totally overlookable in the big picture Kristin Walker is a fabulously addictive writer I could not stop reading this book Her writing flowed very well and I'd like to hang out with her sometime I think we would probably be rolling on the floor with coffee coming out our noses because we have extremely similar senses of humor I love how she acknowledged Fiona's flaws and her struggle to rise above her drawbacks There was serious SERIOUS character development in this book I wasn't expecting it from such a light humorous story so I was pleasantly surprised I will most DEFINITELY be reading anything Walker puts out in the future I'm thoroughly impressed

  3. Ging Ging says:

    I did not expect anything big from the book since the whole idea itself seemed silly A Marriage Education program was proposed by the school's counselor wherein senior girls and boys will be paired to act like a true married couple which I find really unrealistic Todd and Fiona hated each other Unfortunately they were accidentally paired for the said course It was like heaven vs hell whenever they are in the same area Totally mismatched In the beginning everything was cool and funny I always love sarcastic characters and Todd and Fiona seemed like the masters of sarcasm and pranks Their endless retaliation snide witty remarks and goofiness are sure fun to read Until I made this stupid delusion that Señor Shitslacks Fiona's sweet name for Todd and Princess Pisspantswell you know where that came from will end up together I did not consider Johnny for Fiona really I was really pissed because even if Todd is a true jerk and Johnny is the perfect one it did not fit for me It must be my fault why I hated it Still it doesn't change the fact that I did not appreciate how it ended Nonetheless it was sure hilarious and truly entertaining If you dig something funny right now I definitely recommend this one

  4. Mandy Mandy says:

    A MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL made me laugh out loud a half dozen times in the first chapter Fiona the main character is snarky and fun and you'll love reading the story unfold from her point of view Will she and her fake husband ever learn to get along? You won't want to put this one down

  5. Shannon Shannon says:

    The plot of this book is so ridiculous It's totally unrealistic that a school would ever have a 'marriage' class However that's the reason I initially picked it up The plot seemed to be set up for tons of flirty bickeringAs I was reading this book the first thing I thought of was uizillacom This story seriously reminded me of all the stories posted online at uizilla back in 2005 It was always the same type of story A witty uniue girl is pushed into a situation with the sexy douchbaggy popular boy They fight all the time and enventually fall madly deeply in love with each other But this book didn't end like I thought it wouldI didn't care much for Fiona's bestie Mar She seemed very one dimensional and bland It made me feel very smart though to realize what the shocking 'twist' was Mar had been secretly dating Gabe who Fiona was obsessively crushing on I thought their fight over the Gabe situation was stupid I felt like the book was telling me that Fiona was being a self centered lunatic that didn't care about anyone else but I actually thought that Mar was a bitch She should have just told Fiona to begin with and the whole thing could've been avoided She tries to come clean ONCE and meanwhile Fiona goes on her own ADD type of tangent Yes Fiona kept interrupting her but it wasn't like Mar tried to repeatedly tell Fiona for weeks and got fed upThe thing I absolutely hated about this book was the ending Oh my god I hated it My reasoning being Fiona's love situation The whole book Fiona and d bag Todd have this love hate thing going on They humiliate each other and some really cute fights The only scenes I really liked were with Fiona and Todd Some people said that they didn't think this book was funny that the jokes were too dirty I thought it was hilarious but that's just me I like the pervy sexual innuados they flung at one another As I read the book I kept thinking Fiona Todd 3 So we get to the end of the book and what happens? THERE IS NO TODD AND FIONA Nothing progresses beyond friends and instead of getting with the guy she has all this chemistry with she ends up with this creepy guy named Johnny We spent the entire book devoloping Fiona and Todd's relationship and then in the last 20 pages they just threw Johnny into the mix If Fiona and Johnny were meant to be together at the end of the book I wish they would've focused on why and how of their relationship I know everything about Todd and nothing about Johnny It was kind of a waste of time And to be honest I don't see the chemistry with Fiona and Johnny Let's be realif this was real life Fiona would have never gotten with Johnny He would have been in the dreaded 'friend zone' They would have been really good friends and talked about music BUT never hook up All in all it all just felt a little forced on the authors part

  6. Yan Yan says:

    This book was hi freaking larious The traded insults the clever pranks the laugh out loud rants I spent the majority of the time actually laughing rather than reading but of course I did love the words plotlines as wellI love the way the characters were done In the very beginning you just couldn’t help but hate Todd and fall over heals for Gabe the perfect guy The transition from hate to tolerable to almost dare I say liked of Todd was impeccably done A smooth ride without a single awkward phase The other characters were also uite dimensional the bad side and the good side It never was this single label you could place on someone a dumb blond cheerleader a forever by your side best friend and even a big awkward music loving just guy friend This book was so unpredictable One minute I think I have everything figured out and who ends up with whom then WHAM “Why didn’t I see this coming?” Despite the subtle albeit huge hints dropped along the way my one tracked though I had it all figured out I’m actually so happy I was wrong I also the ending was extremely well done Everything pulled in together a pleasing endingOverall An amazing spectacular read

  7. Steph (Reviewer X) Steph (Reviewer X) says:

    Given the recent wave of people saying how fantastic this book is I thought I should probably justify the low rating I thought MAYBE some good can be done with this premise But then the book itself played on stereotypes unbelievable situations and superficial character development AT BEST The funny bits that everyone seems to be referring to are what? Todd and Fiona's exchanges? That's the only thing I can kind of see but even that is that sort of forced humor that again plays on unbelievable situations When there are so many genuinely funny books and genuinely feel good heartfelt novels I can't in good conscience recommend this It's far from being even passable and frankly YA has a lot to offer

  8. ~Tina~ ~Tina~ says:

    I'm such a hard sell when it comes to the funny but this book is Hi freaken lariousMy cheeks still actually ache from all the laughing and smiling I was doing It has with out a doubt some of thee best slams pranks and banter ever written Seriously I don't remember laughing so much while reading a book My kids thought I was insaneI really related to this book then I ever thought I would For one Todd and Fiona relationshipfriendship is a lot like mine and my husband We love to pick slam and banter all in the name of good fun Also I actually did a marriage course in high school it wasn't this in depth of course but it did bring back some fond memories of those days while I was cradling a little egg in a basket and calling it babyI don't really know what else to say besides I loved this book I loved every single one of these characters Johnny is a totally sweetie pie but I would have to say that Todd and Fiona were my favorite thing about this book There dialog was so freaken spot on funny that I kept wanting to see what they'd say nextThe writing is just amazing and I adore the way Kristin Walker pens such a smooth great feel book that makes it feel like I'm in high school all over again while adding some really insightful realizations towards the characters This plot is to much fun with an unexpected ending which was nice Good stuffAll in all Match Made in High school is a fantastically great read it will make you laugh out load repeatably and pull at those heart strings once it's all said and doneThis one really surprised me in the greatest way possible and I want to thank Arlene and Jen for there awesome reviews I wouldn't have read this other wiseI guess I should have known;

  9. Brooke Brooke says:

    Okay SO This one took me a little longer than it should have I found it hard to get into and I didn't really like the characters at all but once I got about 50 pages in the gags started and the jokes just kept coming It was funny I'm not gonna lie I really enjoyed reading anything and everything to do with Todd Seriously that guy was gold I loved the witty snide remarks and Fee's comebacks were very often just as amusing Fee's voice felt uite real to me I think the sarcasm she oozed was a lot like myself and I got that She didn't feel like a 'fake' teenage girl as authors sometimes tend to create If that even makes any senseDefinitely not a 'deep' book but it was a cute fun read and I had a lot of giggles throughout

  10. Mir Mir says:

    My sister had to waste spend a year of high school in a Marriage Class Before that I had never heard of such a thing Her class seemed pretty stupid but on the other hand she is happily married now unlike her siblings who did not have the benefit of this course Coincidence?

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