A Jonathan Edwards Reader PDF È A Jonathan PDF \

A Jonathan Edwards Reader PDF È A Jonathan PDF \

A Jonathan Edwards Reader (Yale Nota Bene) ➬ [Ebook] ➧ A Jonathan Edwards Reader (Yale Nota Bene) By Jonathan Edwards ➸ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Prepared by editors of the distinguished series The Works of Jonathan Edwards this authoritative anthology includes selected treatises sermons and autobiographical material by early America’s greate Prepared by editors of the distinguished series The Works of Jonathan Edwards this authoritative anthology includes selected treatises sermons and autobiographical material by early America’s greatest theologian and philosopher Jonathan Edwards remains A Jonathan PDF \ uneualed among North American theologians These selections exemplify his special traits elouence knowledge of the human heart and metaphysical passion for complex beauty in nature God and Being in general—Richard R Niebuhr Hollis Professor of Divinity Emeritus The Divinity School Harvard University Praise for the earlier editionSelections representative of both the public and the private Edwards give readers a nuanced introduction to Edwards and his time as well as an accessible entrée to the whole body of his work— BooklistThe most comprehensive one volume Edwards anthology ever assembled—Gerald R McDermott Religious Studies Review.

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  1. Julianne Julianne says:

    A Conversation Between Me and My Cousin Mike at the Cottage Several Weekends AgoMike The Jonathan Edwards Reader?Me Oh yeah That’s mine I’m reading itMike That’s not the Jonathan Edwards I’m thinking of right?Me No no Not the “I see dead people” guy No This guy was born in like 1703Mike Oh I was actually thinking ofthat guy that cheated on his wifethe politicianMe What might be interesting than the review I’m about to write is the coffee klatch I’m writing in my head between Jonathan Edwards the eighteenth century preacher and theologian John Edward the television personality and “psychic” and John Edwards the cheating spouse and onetime candidate for the office of US Vice President But I digressIt’s too bad that Jonathan Edwards 1703 1758 preacher theologian and later missionary to the Indians is sufficiently eclipsed in the modern mind to be mistaken for not one but two other figures For one thing he wrote at the age of 20 a rather remarkable treatise on flying spiders addressed to Paul Dudley and known today as “The Spider Letter” in which he demonstrates powers of observation worthy of any scientistas well as a sermon entitled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” preached to a congregation in Enfield CT in 1741 in which he argues that the “pleasure of God” is the only thing standing between wicked men and hell I say flying spiders on the one hand and fire and brimstone on the other? Yes that and much

  2. David David says:

    Read as part of an independent study with Jonathan McCune Edwards 6th great grandson of the author

  3. Nicole Aziz Nicole Aziz says:

    so yes I only started reading this because I had to for my research paper but wow I actually really love Edwards's style of writing It reminds me of Oscar Wilde kind of I haven't read all of the works in this book but based on the several that I have read it's very insightful and a very good read not just for Christians he discusses secular topics as well but boy is this man pretty amazing and so elouent with words definitely recommend

  4. Josiah Richardson Josiah Richardson says:

    Excerpts of many of Edwards writings This is a good way to get your foot into the door of his writings if you haven't read much or any of him yet Additionally it contains many previously unpublished letters from Edwards that were especially interesting

  5. Diane Stavrum Diane Stavrum says:

    Remarkable wisdom The writing Grammer is somewhat of a challenge for smooth reading but after a bit becomes smoother Very powerful and detailed logic

  6. Rebecca Hankins Rebecca Hankins says:

    Read several portions of this for class Didn’t read every single selection A good collection for Edwards newbies like myself

  7. George George says:

    Good collection

  8. T T says:

    An excellent introductory reader to the works of Edwards

  9. Briana Briana says:

    Neither huge nor imposingthey say that Locke Hobbes and Montesuieu are the Big ThreeBut just wait somehow I'll get even lost in Edwards' Spider than in Hobbes' LeviathanEDITWell I liked the Spider Letter although I don't really get what makes Edwards so happy about spiders drowning in the seayou'd think there'd be a lot of other examples in creation to write aboutMy goodness Edwards is a brave fellowjumping right into the Calvinism v Arminianism battleI just wish he wouldn't use the word will as both a noun and a verbit gets really confusing EDITwell kids they don't call it the Great Awakening for nothingI decided to save Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God for the end just because it sounded soyou knowBIG and LOUD and SCARY So I read the Virtue sermon and I met Happy EdwardsVirtue is love of beauty and being and God is beauty and being so virtue consists in loving God Ahhhhhso niceIn fact there's a lot of Happy EdwardsThe Beauty of the World A Divine and Supernatural Lightand that's the frame of mind that I was in when I opened up the Sinners sermonit's sort of like having a usually good natured parent who has to give you a tough love lecturethe I can't believe you did that What are you THINKING? Do you understand the conseuences for doing something like that? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? The fact that this is his most famous sermon strikes me as a bit unfair since Edwards doesn't always talk about the wrath of Godjust like parents aren't always lecturingI will say though that his Sinners sermon is really well written lots of strong verbs and uality adjectives thrown in to get his point across There's about a million ways to say that sinners will go to hell and Edwards nails pretty much all of them And Edwards is pretty much right in his theology that God is holy and can't stand sinsort of the witnessing tactic that you've gotta prove the disease before showing the cureBut the image of God stomping His omnipotence on sinners and suelching out their blood and guts was sort of scaryHowever I appreciate the fact that Edwards really really really didn't want to let people drift into hellMain thought Johnny Ed is no CS Lewis I'll tell ya that His theology is very bullet pointed and obviously well thought out butit seemed a bit repetitive just like most sermons sort of do Is it because listeners have to hear things often than readers do? Recommended for theology buffs but not something I truly enjoyed digging intoI like the fact that I've now read this than I actually liked reading this

  10. Anittah Anittah says:

    My cleaning lady moved this from its pile yesterday and my bookmark fell out So I guess I am done reading it nowHere's a typical curmudgeonly JE uotation One of his goals wasto be very moderate in the use of terms of art Let it not look as if I was much read or was conversant with books or with the learned worldTryin' to keep it real eh Edwards?

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