Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural

Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural

Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural World [PDF / Epub] ✪ Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural World ☆ Jeff Corwin – Now Available in PaperbackNo one engages the natural world the way Jeff Corwin does One of America's favorite nature show hosts Corwin demonstrates awe and respect for nature in a way that is both wil Now Available in PaperbackNo the Edge: PDF/EPUB ½ one engages the natural world the way Jeff Corwin does One of America's favorite nature show hosts Corwin demonstrates awe and respect for nature in a way that Living on eBook é is both wildly funny and educational In this beautiful book illustrated with his own photographs he reminisces about his at times perilous and often hilarious journeys as he explores the fantastic relationships among on the Edge: PDF/EPUB ½ the diverse flora and fauna in four exotic ecosystems the Sonoran Desert of Arizona; the Savannah of southeastern Africa; the Costa Rican rainforest; and the Llanos grassland in Venezuela From a lizard that on the Edge: Amazing Relationships PDF/EPUB or ejects a blood like suirt from its eyes when in danger to perhaps the most bizarre turtle on the planet we meet some wonderfully uniue creatures and learn about their interdependence and competition in their natural habitats.

10 thoughts on “Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural World

  1. Campbell Rose Campbell Rose says:

    Oh my goodness I've loved Jeff Corwin since I was a kid I say as I sit in a classroom and have had this book in my closet for years and only just now finally read it I loved this book and loved all the description that was used It being filled with interesting stories from Jeff himself also add to the fun Totally going to be looking for anything else written by him

  2. Heather Heather says:

    Fascinating and at times hilarious A story about a pissed off otter had me giggling

  3. J J says:

    I have always been of a fan of Jeff Corwin even over Steven Irwin may he Rest In Peace Corwin has a great way of being educational but is light enough about it that you are having fun and laughing but still learning which is also conveyed within this book itself Although Corwin is known for his bits of comedy and making you laugh he seems to save it mostly for the captions of his pictures within the book where he uses modern imitations of his joke The rest of the book for the majority is given in a practical yet easy to read format while the seriousness of the subject matter is broken up with episodes and personal stories of Corwin whether from his boyhood days to preparing for marriage or even taping for his shows The main thing I have to comment on that I loved the most was the Table of Contents for in this particular one it doesn't only give you the section with a page number but a short summary In a big book like this where it can be broke down into individual readings it allows you to find what you are wanting to read instead of random guessing or just reading cover to back cover From there Corwin takes us into four separate biomes where you are introduced into the battle for survival whether living in the deserts the rainforest or the grasslands under whatever name they may be called Further coming from a guy who specializes in herpetology you get a chance to meet what would be considered the minor or forgotten players of other non fiction books about the same biome so providing you with a new standpoint altogether The book for me has a bunch of emotional undertow for me which automatically gives it the full stars I was cheering for the young coyote agonizing with the zebra stallion in his deadly lock and breathlessly exploring the other chapters The book will catch your attention and pull you in but since it is about the natural world there is one complaint which can't be helped Corwin is graphic sometimes too graphic but that is the way of the natural world You want to know but when he passes you what you want you cringe back from the facts If you can read and clean up the reading it may be a good book for somewhat younger kids but I wouldn't recommend it much for any younger audiences for that fact although they may just like the pictures

  4. Josh Josh says:

    I first discovered who Jeff Corwin was by randomly coming across his Saturday morning children's show one day I immediately fell in love with the show because of Corwin's enthusiasm for the animals he was discussing and the various far flung locales he was traveling to Over the years I began watching his show on Animal Planet and buying his DVDs Again I was attracted by his love and incredible knowledge of all the different animals from around the world; his boundless energy; his goofy and dorky sense of humor; his strong desire to protect and save the world's ecosystems; and how interesting he made the hour And it didn't hurt that I found him very good looking Reading this book was just as enjoyable as watching him on tv He divides the book into four sections covering the desert of the southwest the rainforests of Costa Rica the savannah of Venezuela and the plains of Africa Throughout each section he follows many different animals as they struggle to hunt for food or evade predators going into great detail about the brutality of life that they all face and just how by sheer luck many of them survive Each section is told as a story covering days and weeks many times starting with one animal leaving it to discuss another and then coming back to the original animal It's actually written very well and is highly fascinating Throughout the book are personal stories about Jeff's encounters with animals These are the highlights as they are very funny and usually he is pointing out his own foolish actions and the conseuences of them This book just increased my fondness for Jeff Corwin I hope he writes a follow up to this book because of how much I enjoyed reading this I really recommend this to anyone who has a love of animals desires the conservation of the world's ecosystems and enjoys Jeff Corwin's programs

  5. Amy Bailey Amy Bailey says:

    Here's another good one by Jeff Corwin He sort of astounds me because his writing is uite lyrical for a scientist As usual this book has its fair share of comical moments He has a way of saying things that despite the incredibly serious overtone of the book makes it pretty laugh out loud funny However this book isn't for those with weak stomachs or soft hearts Jeff is a naturalist so he understands that the brutality of nature is necessary Just because one creature may be furry with pouty eyes and cuddly little arms doesn't make it valuable than a slimy one with fangs In this book the weak get eaten by the strong and the picture that's painted is as bloody and real as viewing it from nature's living room I did a fair amount of cringing with the occasional awww for the poor unfortunate critters dispersed throughout Some people don't like the narrative style of this but I thought it worked uite well Most of us will never get the chance to experience and truly understand what it's like to truly experience the brutality of the natural world This book opens a window to do just that It's written by someone that through his years of experience in these environments has cultivated a raw understanding of how an ecosystem survives through cycles of life and death Many things in this book astounded me I really learned something and I was introduced to some creatures of which I'd never heard This is definitely a worthwhile read if you have the guts to tackle it

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    I liked this book but it struck as being something older kids or teens would like than adults He breaks it up into different sections with each section covering a different region of the world Within each section he starts with one animal then ties it to to another animal dependent upon the first and so forth looping it back around in a circle to the one he started with He had some good personal stories thrown in which kept it interesting And of course being Jeff Corwin there is a constant reminder of the need to protect the naturaul world around us always a good message

  7. Scott Evans Scott Evans says:

    I enjoyed this book exactly as much as I expected to That means I liked it a whole freakin' lot Jeff Corwin was always one of my heroes growing up and still is now that I am grown up This book was a great revival of my old memories of watching his show The whole book reads like a narrative you might hear while watching Planet Earth Many times I stopped seeing words and saw vivid images instead This book has everything from the calmest to the grimmest aspects of nature I'd definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves animals like I do

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I enjoyed this book for the most part with its discussion of all kinds of wild life and how they interact with their environment He did a nice job of creating a story arc for each locale and bringing it to life I also enjoyed the black box inserts with his own personal experiences often tied to complete stupidity on his part I could have done without some of the crude bathroom euphemisms but I just reminded myself that all males reach the end point of their maturity at 15

  9. Dani Dani says:

    I love Jeff Corwin to bits Back when I had tv I used to LOVE his show He was energetic self deprecating enthusiastic and a hottie His writing is a lot like him I did enjoy his narrative however I'm just not a fan of imagined nature scenarios The best parts of the book by far were his auto biographical stories If he ever releases a bio I'll be on it like a Uromastyx on a mealworm

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    Wow I wish I could retain half of the information Jeff Corwin has put in this book He is very descriptive to a fault with his encounters with the animals he writes about A very honest detailed book I loved it but it's not for everyone I'm sure

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