Paperback ↠ Dog Walker PDF Ú

Paperback ↠ Dog Walker PDF Ú

10 thoughts on “Dog Walker (Orca Currents)

  1. Victoria Victoria says:

    it was really just about how a boy stared a dog walking buisness just so he could get girls

  2. Sarah Hunter Sarah Hunter says:

    I got this book on the recommendation of a librarian who was trying to help me find age appropriate books for students reading at a significantly lower level than their peers This Canadian publisher Orca has tons of books like this one in our library but they're not part of a series This particular book is rated RL 26 by the publisherWhat drove me crazy about this book was the fact that every time I felt like we were coming to a point in the narrative where it was about to get interesting where character development was about to happen it seemed like the author just skipped over the actual story You know that rule about showing rather than telling? In all the places where showing would have made sense I feel the author ended up telling But I get it Adding all of that extra narrative and character development would have made the book longer and therefore less accessible to students who are still working on reading fluentlyI do appreciate the discreteness of this book It's not stamped all over with Easy Read stickers and the cover looks like any normal YA book The type is slightly larger than in other books probably to fill out the page count but I think that could also help older readers who for one reason or another are not reading at grade level The one thing it was missing was pictures When beginning to read students often rely on pictures as contextual cues to help them bring meaning to the words that they're reading Pictures can offer a way for readers who are having difficulty following the story to get feedback on their comprehension They also provide a little bit of a break from the narrative I know that pictures are not the norm in YA books but even a little sketch at the beginning of each chapter may have been useful I am also a little perturbed at the way that girls are described in this book even one dimensional than other characters Girls really do function as objects for the protagonist to pursue Even his friend Carly only becomes a developed character as she becomes an attainable love interest I get it teenage boys are into girls or so the thinking goes and aren't interested in reading books unless they mirror the way that they understand themselves in the world especially those who are reluctant to read anyway I just think that this simplified understanding of the ability of boys to think about girls does them a great disservice and really underestimates their potential for critical thinking and the consideration of the perspectives of othersDespite all of these criticisms I'm really OK with this book I'd probably suggest it to someone looking for books for high school students of lower reading levels but I don't think I'd assign it for a class or anything

  3. Natasha Deen Natasha Deen says:

    This is a great summer read easy light and uick The general premise Turk the kid who’s allergic to his own sweat comes up with a scheme to meet girls walking dogs Though written as current time the book had a ‘40s kind of feel to it mostly because of KSF’s writing style which is to give you enough description and information for the moment I’m a detail kind of reader but I didn’t find her style jarring or hard to read Rather it matched the main character which was perfect He didn’t strike me as the kid who would notice huge details or anything that occurred past the end of his nose so it worked for me Though Turk is one of those kids that can leave an adult rolling their eyes I thought he was identifiable and his personality is completely understandable given the way KSF writes his parentsin all a nice read for the relaxed days of summer

  4. Heav Heav says:

    This book was an ok book It's a really easy and uick read if your looking for something short and simple Turk learns a valuable lesson after his plans for an undercover dating service covered by a dog walking business goes wrong Turk starts a dog walking business to meet girls but the only girl for him is right under his nose I recommend this book for anyone that is looking for a cutesimple and short read

  5. Modesto Modesto says:

    This book is very interesting to me because I like to learn about dogs When I started reading this book I realized that this book is verily about dogs Even thou this book is verily about dogs I founded very interestingThis book is about a kid that likes to have money but his mom wouldn't give him an allowance any because of all the money he waste in a day

  6. Javon Whitehead Javon Whitehead says:

    Turk is allergic to sweat which means its hard to find a job so he decides to make a dog business and have his friends work it but the bully at school finds out and wants to join he has to make a decision if he should employ him If he does he will loser carlys respect I Like this book because it proves that you're never too young to make money

  7. P5nickd P5nickd says:

    I think this book was really good because I gave it five out of five stars and also that it was on some things that i really liked like for example dogs also about a boy and his friends that make money and I also happen to love money like any other person thats why i like this book so much

  8. Dalton Berkley Dalton Berkley says:

    This book was very interesting It was an easy read The plot was exciting and moved at a good pace This book would be good for people that are not enthusiastic about reading With only 110 pages it moves along really fast and I did not have to force myself to read it

  9. Shawn Shawn says:

    A really fun story told at a really easy to follow reading level The story follows Turk a lazy yet ingenious kid who comes up with a dog walking venture so he can rake in the money while his awkward friends use the adorable pooches to break the ice with girlsFunny and poignant this is a great story for someone who wants to read at their own interest level but doesn't necessarily have the reading level for that I really enjoyed it

  10. Keshona Mcgaughy Keshona Mcgaughy says:

    The dog walker is abou a guy that wants a dog and he gets one and I think someone stole the dog and now he is trying to get the dog and there was a robbery at his house

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Dog Walker (Orca Currents) ❰Reading❯ ➶ Dog Walker (Orca Currents) Author Karen Spafford-Fitz – Turk needs cash but he's allergic to his own sweat so getting a job is out of the uestion Then he makes a discovery Girls love dogs Turk's friends will do anything to meet girls Turk starts a dog walk Turk needs cash but he's allergic to his own sweat so getting a job is out of the uestion Then he makes a discovery Girls love dogs Turk's friends will do anything to meet girls Turk starts a dog walking business His friends walk the dogs and Turk collects half the money In an attempt to impress dog loving Carly Turk brags about his business in front of the school tough guy Chuck When Chuck learns the true nature of Turk's business and wants in on the action Turk worries that he will lose his business and Carly's respect.