Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro eBook È

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro eBook È

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro [Read] ➵ Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro ➼ Andre Soares – Ramon Novarro was for years one of the top lead actors in Hollywood the first Latin American performer to become a Hollywood superstar Born Ramón Samaniego to a prominent Mexican family Novarro arriv Ramon Novarro was for The Life eBook ´ years one of the top lead actors in Hollywood the first Latin American performer to become a Hollywood superstar Born Ramón Samaniego to a prominent Mexican family Novarro arrived in Hollywood in as a refugee from the civil wars that rocked Mexico in the early th century By the mid s he had become one of Beyond Paradise: PDF \ MGM's most important leading men going on to star in a series of now classic films including The Student Prince Mata Hari and the original version of Ben Hur He shared the screen with the era's most important leading ladies such as Greta Garbo Myrna Loy Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer and become Rudolph Valentino's main rival in the Latin Lover category Paradise: The Life Kindle Ò But despite his considerable professional accomplishments Novarro's most enduring claim to fame is his tragic death his bloodied corpse was found in his house on Halloween in what has become one of the most Paradise: The Life of Ramon PDF or infamous scandals in the vast lore of HollywoodNovarro was a life long bachelor who had carefully cultivated his image as a man deeply devoted to his family Paradise: The Life of Ramon PDF or and to his religious convictions His murder shattered that image as it was revealed to the general public that the dashing screen hero had been not only homosexual but had been killed by two young male hustlers Since then his death has achieved near mythic proportions Increasingly outlandish stories have become accepted as truth obscuring Novarro's notable professional legacy Beyond Paradise presents for the first time a full picture of the man who made motion picture history from his amazing rise to stardom to the destructive conflicts faced by this traditional Catholic Mexican man who was also a gay film star Compellingly told and impressively researched including original interviews with Novarro's surviving friends family co workers and the two men convicted of his murder Beyond Paradise provides a uniue insight into the groundbreaking life and career of one of the most important early Hollywood stars a man whose myth continues to fascinate today.

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro
  • Andre Soares
  • English
  • 10 July 2016
  • 9780312282318

10 thoughts on “Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro

  1. Graceann Graceann says:

    I came to this biography with no real knowledge of Sr Novarro other than knowing that he was in Ben Hur and having a vague awareness of the brutal way in which his life ended When I turned the last page I was far better informed and could not wait to tell my friends and anyone else who would listen about the masterful story that Andre Soares had written In his hands Ramon Novarro is neither hero nor pitiful footnote to Hollywood history He was a man talented full of demons and foibles and who lived an extraordinary fascinating life There was a great deal to Novarro then I ever expected to find and this was an excellent primer to the life of a gifted and troubled man

  2. Scot Scot says:

    This is a thoroughly researched biographical examination of a fascinating man and distinctive actor who carved out a special niche for himself in the early years of Hollywood Ramon Novarro might be remembered by most as a Latin lover alternative capitalizing on the fame of Valentino in the days before talkies but he brought a charm and insouciance that was all his own to the screen Even today that charisma and personality come through; those who have never seen his work might sample some on YouTube and get a sense for themselves He played opposite such memorable leading ladies as Alice Terry Greta Garbo and Norma Shearer and he counted all three among his beloved friends Ever hungry for the spotlight he loved to be the center of attention and he wanted to be not only a film idol but an opera star He was the first Latin American Hollywood celebrity and he did become an international superstar on a truly global level when he acuired the lead role in the biggest epic film of the 1920’s Fred Niblo’s 1925 version of Ben HurSoares has done a meticulous job of researching his subject and I am sure this will be the “go to” book for background on Novarro for a long time to come We are given a rich understanding of the socio economic Mexican cultural context in which he was initially raised the powerful commitments to his large family and his Catholic faith forged in those years that would guide him—and sometimes torment him—throughout the rest of his life Soares does not sensationalize Novarro’s homosexuality but reflectively acknowledges and assesses how this actor compartmentalized his life and when inconsistencies and self guilt troubled him as did his lack of finding the right vehicle to advance himself professionally over and over how he turned to drink—and what repercussions ensuedEach of Novarro’s performances and projects are evaluated chronologically in turn giving us not only the range of critical reviews of the period but also the retrospective appraisal of the author how each fits into the larger life work compendium of Novarro but also over time how the industry he was working in was ever changing That makes this a good reference work for someone interested in just dipping in for specific data on particular films or Novarro himself but it is also a fine summary overview a good book to read for useful background on Hollywood during the silent film days and the transition to talkies As it moves forward chronologically we also get a nice sense of how actors of Novarro’s cohort could and did transition to some work in early televisionSome only remember Novarro if at all for the grisly and violent way he was murdered in the late 1960s Soares gives us the entire incident the murder investigation the high suspense trial of the two hustler brothers accused of the murder and—a great follow up piece of scholarship—revelations shared years later to get the best understanding in print yet as to what truly transpired and why The endnotes are fun to browse through all on their own and other useful appendices such as a complete Filmography on Navarro only enhance the aforementioned strengths of this book

  3. Denis Denis says:

    Mostly forgotten today except maybe for his garish death Novarro was one of the biggest movie stars of the twenties and the early thirties and should be celebrated as one of the very first Latinos to achieve immense success in the US This biography is impeccably written and researched and Novarro is vividly brought back to life from his Mexican childhood to his gruesome murder in the sixties Charming and handsome he was an irresistible actor who conuered international audiences but he was also a victim of the studio system MGM never really gave him a chance to play the roles he deserved and of his own ego and delusions which slowly but surely let him on the path to decline alcohol and self destruction Novarro was also gay at a time when being famous and gay in Hollywood was almost impossible and his struggles with his sexuality played a major role in his demise There’s something uite sad about this book once Novarro’s charmed life in a glamorous environment slowly falls apart the story really turns into the long descent into oblivion and bitterness of a man who could not cope with who he was – and who ended up murdered by two boys he had hired for sex The abysses that lie behind the mirage of the Hollywood dreams will never cease to fascinate

  4. Jane Jane says:

    I'm on a major Ramon Novarro kick right now so I reuested this one from MLN Make that a major silent movie kick in generalAn interesting read although heavily focused on Novarro's professional life with much of the private details involving speculation andor dismissal of others' speculation Not that Novarro would have left biographers much material on the subject but Soares dislikes reporting hearsay so much that there isn't much of anything to go onI did appreciate the non sensational presentation of the murder and trial though It's too bad that Novarro's primary legacy is a one that he would hate and b not entirely true

  5. Ladywilde Ladywilde says:

    Very standard biographical fare The book was a fairly easy read but I felt that a lot of the details of Novarro's life got muddled in the middle of the book There were lots of facts but no real understanding of who this man was beyond the films that he made and his sensational death All and all it wasn't a terrible read but definitely not one that I'll pick up to reread in the future

  6. Tuck Tuck says:

    actor from durango mexico was picked as a competion of valentino his career limped along after talkies started though still had some good jobs the director named ingrams made him a star though gay mexican hollywoodsilent films seem way daring than the talkies that replaced them and the censorship has some pics but a bit blahblah on the writing here

  7. Michael Brown Michael Brown says:

    The biography of a man with one of the most beautiful faces ever to grace the silver screen His middling movies are like most other silents you may have seen too much make up and dramatic gesturing but his 'big' movies are transcendent He made both silents and talkies despite a heavy 'foreign' accent and sang too His parts were not always suited to his ethnicity in fact they rarely were but the public did not mind They loved looking at his handsome features and enjoyed his charming manners His career at its height was rather brief There were problems later with alcohol and his life came to a tragic end in 1968 All the details are here including his dalliances and his abiding religious faith despite those The book takes you back to a golden age the first half being a most enjoyable read as you are right there with him on his rise to fame Recommended for Hollywood devotees

  8. John J. John J. says:

    A fair and balanced biography which is what I always want Ramon Novarro was basically forgotten by the time he was brutally murdered in 1969 Though I knew how Navarro's life would end it was still jarring to read His life was much complete than his end He was one of the biggest movie stars in the world for awhileexcellent read

  9. Vanessa B Vanessa B says:

    Wow I'm crying Before reading BEYOND PARADISE THE LIFE OF RAMON NOVARRO by Andre Soares I knew nothing about Novarro's life career sexuality or death I'm shocked at what I learned and I'm so unbelievably sad about the way he perished I I'm lost for words

  10. Anne Cupero Anne Cupero says:

    Very balanced portrayal of this silent film star whose death was made into sensationalist news fodder Interesting story and not too fawning nor disparaging

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