White Weddings Romancing Heterosexuality in Popular

White Weddings Romancing Heterosexuality in Popular

10 thoughts on “White Weddings Romancing Heterosexuality in Popular Culture

  1. Alex Alex says:

    Five stars for concept four for research two for execution This is a first of its kind critiue of the wedding industrial complex from the perspective of feminist sociology Ingraham methodically examines the way the image of the white wedding is used as a gateway for power and privilege in US society and the ways in which it excludes those that society keeps disempowered Starting from popular culture and advertising to children she traces the way that women in our society are conditioned to want the grand white wedding at any cost and the cost is usually high She goes on to explore the ways in which the wedding industrial complex itself is a tool of oppression for economically disadvantaged workers and those members of society who it excludes from participation Through these lenses she exposes the way heterosexuality itself is organized in our culture not as a naturally occurring form of sexual attraction but as social institution in which participation is mandatory This book was eye opening for me when I read it the first time; it makes many excellent points which I have incorporated into my understanding of culture But I do disagree with some of the author's analysis of subjects and works of popular culture with which I am familiar I'm not sure how anybody who's seen The Birdcage could conclude that its underlying message was the overriding importance of the straight wedding uite the opposite My disagreement on these points does give me a bit of pause with respect to her analysis of subjects with which I'm less familiar And the book is poorly formatted and redundant it reads like a paper meant for publication in a trade journal that has been expanded to book length It could hardly be considered an enjoyable readStill I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a different perspective on the subject of weddings who is open to criticism of this important and ultimately oppressive social institution

  2. Shannon Wyss Shannon Wyss says:

    An excellent if somewhat outdated feminist analysis of the institution of heterosexual weddings Ingraham does a great job breaking down how and why traditional weddings as they are currently practiced in the US are a sexist racist classist and homophobic institutionPublished in 1999 the book is outdated today While the gist of her argument remains sadly relevant in 2012 i would love to see what an updated book would look like especially with the movement for marriage eualitymarriage assimilationism that has burgeoned on the lesbiangaybisexual community in the last decade How would Ingraham integrate that movement into her arguments? If i can find an updated euivalent of this book it will become a must give to all newly engaged couples whom i know so that they can make intelligent informed decisions about the kinds of wedding that they want to have

  3. Molly Voorheis Molly Voorheis says:

    I do I do Ingraham's White Weddings is the academic's version of a Say Yes to the Dress marathon The 15 year old book's film and TV examples Ellen Suddenly Susan feel dated and the references to the role of gay men in media representations of weddings needs to be updated now that same sex marriage is legal always a bridal planner never a brideBut the analysis of the NY Times wedding announcements is fun and terms like the spectacle of accumulation and heterosexual imaginary are brain kale for your junk food pleasure in learning why bridal shops rip the tags off of wedding dressesMost first year women studies majors can do this kind of work easily but who can resist a good Barbie bridal critiue?

  4. Marnie Marnie says:

    this book is good but pretty obvious wedding industrial complex bad bad for finances bad for women bad for men reinforces heteronormativity with lots of statistics and hilariously upsetting anecdotes to back it up i get it plus the text was often printed over greyed out pictures of ladies in wedding dresses which made it hard to read all i got out of it is that i was normal to not be interested in planning a future wedding when i was 6or even now

  5. Emily Emily says:

    An interesting study on our cultural obsession with weddings particularly white weddings that Ingraham claims fuel capitalistic pursuits while marginalizing all who aren't white and wealthy this was a reasonably uick and thought provoking read While I am always up for arguments based in critiue of consumer culture capitalism andor materialism I still can't help but feel that there is something magical about weddings that doesn't need to be demonized

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Convinced me not toOne of the best parts of the book is the list of Hollywood movies containing the words bride or wedding in the title In the past century there's been at least 200 Also her breakdown in the cost of the average wedding and the revenue raked in by what she calls The Wedding Industrial Complex Really fascinating stuff

  7. Christina Christina says:

    I read this in college in my Sociology of the Family class It really made me think twice about getting married at least in the traditional sense This book explores our cultures obsession with weddings and studies how the wedding industry plays a role in capitalism the myth of white supremacy and the fairy tale romance being manufactured and sold to us by Disney A great read

  8. Kitty Kitty says:

    This book gives an insight on how did wedding become so extravagant and why we Girls perceived wedding as the dream comes true Although the structure of this book is like a text book than a novel But it is intriguing how and why did we women suck into this multi billion dollars industry

  9. Rekha Rekha says:

    Very readable book on the heteronormative privilege that is performed via the American wedding industrial complex Based on Lacan's idea of the imaginary but you don't have to know anything about Lacan to get something out of this I thought it was pretty rad but I am heathenistic like that

  10. Leigh Leigh says:

    The information is good but the formattingbook design is terrible Difficult to readhold

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