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Everything and the Moon ➶ [Read] ➲ Everything and the Moon By Julia Quinn ➾ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Seven years ago she broke his heart When Robert Kemble stumbles across Victoria Lyndon in hedgerow maze he can't believe his eyes The girl who'd torn him in two who let him plan on elopement and then Seven years ago she broke his heart When Robert Kemble stumbles across Victoria Lyndon in hedgerow maze he can't believe his eyes The girl who'd Everything and Epub / torn him in two who let him plan on elopement and then left him standing by the side of the road was suddenly within arm's reach and even though his fury still knew no bounds she was impossible to resist Seven years ago he left her all but ruined Victoria's father had told her an earl would never marry a vicar's daughter and he was right Robert had promised her marriage then danced off to London while she suffered the shame of a foiled elopement But even though Victoria doesn't particularly enjoy her new life as a governess when Robert offers her a job of a different sort—his mistress—she refuses unable to sacrifice her honor even for himBut Robert won't take no for an answer and he vows to make her his through any means possible Can these star crossed lovers learn to trust again And is love really sweeter the second time around.

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  1. Dorothea Dorothea says:

    I've read worse romance novels but this is the first one that I've ever actually thrown across the room in rage The other books I'd read by Julia uinn made me really trust her as someone with a feminist understanding about female autonomy and male female power dynamics Everything and the Moon betrayed that trust throughout its plot summarized belowThe book goes wrong from the first In the 'Dear Reader' author's note uinn says that in this book she tries something she normally doesn't believe in having the hero fall in love with the heroine at first sight I wish she'd never tried this at all because the result was an immature young man with a great deal of power social and financial he's an earl suddenly developing an obsession with a naive young woman who has none her father is a clergyman He's used to getting everything he wants so when he decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with her he doesn't believe anything could stand in his way He convinces her that they are fated for each other then when their fathers unwittingly conspire to break them up believes that she's intentionally jilted him and goes off to London to live a cynical worldly lifeHer heart is broken she no longer trusts her father and in order to escape from her old life she finds a series of miserable jobs as a governess Seven years later he discovers her again at a garden party he's attending at her employer's home She wants nothing to do with him but still driven by obsession and anger he forces her to pay attention to him on multiple occasions When she makes it clear to him that his association with her is placing her job and therefore her entire welfare in jeopardy his first thought is that she can always put herself in his protectionWhen she is fired through something that is in fact indirectly his fault his attentions to her made another party guest sexually interested in her; when he attempts to rape her the hero rescues her and beats up her attacker who later slanders her to her employer she finally finds employment that makes her happy work in a dress shop where she makes friends and feels that she is in control of her life at last However the hero can't believe that she's happy without him and when he discovers that she is living in a dangerous part of town he begins stalking her No really He stands outside her window he escorts her to and from her job he constantly sends her presents that she never asked for and he continually berates her about her choicesFinally when someone is killed in her neighborhood he kidnaps her he persuades her to ride home from work in his carriage she falls asleep and when she wakes up they're halfway to his cottage by the sea She's horrified and tries to explain to him again why her autonomy is important to her but she only sounds pathetic and he doesn't get itThey stop at an inn for the night She attempts to escape but doesn't get far before she's attacked by two men in the street He rescues her then blames her for endangering herself and tells her she's sleeping in his bed for the rest of the night This is when I threw the book against the wall I wasn't even going to finish reading it but I ended up too curious not toIt turns out he doesn't actually rape her then how nice of him They continue to his cottage where he makes her feel guilty because she turns him on so much that he's in pain So eventually she does have sex with himLet me go over that again She's been abducted and taken to the middle of nowhere from where she has no ability whatsoever to return If she did return she would probably have no job because she's been missing from it without excuse for several days She feels morally obliged to him for saving her from being violently raped twice She is sexually attracted to him and can't help feeling some nostalgic affection for him despite her better judgment Her position is hopeless unless as he makes absolutely clear she marries him At this point she has sex with himOf course it's great sex and she doesn't feel bad at all about it in the morning because they after all were destined for each other They go back to London and get married and live happily ever afterHeroine I just worry sometimes that you won't let me have my wayHero But I love you and I want to protect you FOREVERHeroine Oh okayIf I were trying to write a book that sympathetically spells out the twisted psychology of a stalker it would come out very much like this one The I think about it the it blows my mind that uinn wrote it herself given her statements about being a feminist and her understanding demonstrated clearly in other books of why men in the social situations she writes about have inherently power than women why that isn't fair and why it's important that romantic heroines retain a whole lot of personal autonomy My only guess is that her feminism developed a whole lot after she wrote this book as it's one of her earliest

  2. Ivy H Ivy H says:

    Omg Julia uinn wrote this novel that's destined to bring a tear or two to the eyes of any romantic The hero Robert is the son of an Earl and the heroine Victoria is the daughter of the vicar who depends on the Earl for his employment The MC's are similar to Romeo and Juliet except that they don't die in the end It's their respective fathers who pull them apart by cruel manipulation and it's heart breaking Robert and Victoria meet and soon fall madly in love Robert was totally besotted with Victoria and wanted to marry her even though she was not an aristocrat had no dowry and was merely a poor vicar's daughter They used to meet in the woods in secret but Robert respected her so much that he refused to consummate their relationship until they were married His father however was appalled that his only son and heir would dare to taint their proud family heritage by wanting to marry such an unsuitable bride The old Earl warned Robert to stay away from Victoria but when the H defiantly asserted that he would elope with her if he had to his father turned to a diabolical solution The snobbish old Earl visited the vicar and warned about Victoria's relationship with Robert Basically he threatened the vicar's livelihood and reputation by insisting that Victoria will never be allowed to marry his sonThe vicar was appalled because he now thought that his daughter was behaving like a wanton and fallen woman Victoria refused to give up Robert and this rare show of defiance infuriated her father He was the type of father who believed that good daughters did what they were told and did not use their feminine wiles in immoral ways with men who were too good for them God I hated how her father belittled her This vicar clearly had very little self esteem too because he obviously believed that his own daughter was not good enough to be a future countess The vicar even refused to budge when Robert declared to him how much he was in love with Victoria Any other father would have been proud that his daughter had managed to capture the love of a man who will provide a wealthy and happy future for herRobert and Victoria decide to elope when they realize that their respective fathers will never agree to the marriage On the night she's supposed to meet him to run away Victoria's father tied her up to her bed Her sister sees her shivering on the bed and covers her up with blankets Robert who soon grew weary of waiting for her at their meeting place comes to search for her and sees her sleeping on her bed This part was so dumb The idiot doesn't stop to think about sneaking into her room and asking her what's going on He just assumes that she had changed her mind and didn't love him If he had come inside and removed the bed covers he would have seen she was tied up Robert then gets angry and departs from the village Poor Victoria goes searching for him when she's untied but can't find him and is told by his evil dad that he's left because he never loved herVictoria is so mad and disillusioned that she too leaves the village and seeks employment as a governess She manages to get a job with an aristocratic family and her charge is the most obnoxious spoilt and stupid little boy who treats her with no respect His mother is even worse I really empathized with Victoria at this point because her life is miserable; in spite of how downtrodden she is however she still tries her best to be the perfect governess to this demon child She soon meets Robert again after all these years at a house party that her employers are hosting Robert treats her like crap It's clear that he has changed from a loving and kind man into a cruel womanizing bastard who thinks nothing about sleeping with married promiscuous noblewomenRobert finds himself wanting Victoria again and he suggests that she give up her job and become his mistress He was extremely insulting and his hurt pride made him say that she's not good enough to be his wife I hated him during this period in the novel All he needed to do was talk to her and ask her why she didn't meet him the night they'd planned to elope Victoria also has a lot of pride and rejects his insulting offer They keep meeting with each other and this draws another male guest's lustful eyes onto Victoria When this other man sees Robert and Victoria together he assumes arrogantly that they're lovers This sleazebag decides he wants a piece of Victoria too so he attempts to rape her Fortunately Robert saves her and beats him for touching Victoria She's really overcome with shock and falls into bed with Robert who is astonished that she is still a virgin Things turn for the worse when Victoria's mean employer the lady of the house fires her and says she won't be getting any references because she's a tart Victoria leaves and eventually finds employment in a dress shop Robert meanwhile gets his head out of his ass and returns to the home of her previous employment only to be told by the witch that she's gone He's now sick with worry and insults the woman telling her that she's being disparaging to his future countess It was fabulous to see that bitch's shocked reaction especially since she had been trying to suck up to Robert during the house party Robert returns to the village to search for Victoria and discovers the truth about the night of the failed elopement Victoria's younger sister tells him what really happened that night and he is heart broken to realize that he had misjudged the love of his life He's even worried now because he can't locate her He eventually meets her again but this time Victoria hates him even He is very sorry and apologizes to her begs her forgiveness and proposes Victoria keeps rejecting his proposal because she is so mad with him I thought she was being a bit too pig headed here because the guy was really grovelling He is consistent in his grovelling though and is determined to gain her forgiveness and her hand in marriage The last part of the novel focuses on this aspect Robert's efforts to prove his love is true and all the many things he does to get the woman he loves Their journey back to happiness is hard won but they both grow to know each other again they spend a lot of time alone with each other and even go on a mini vacation trip together It doesn't happen as simply as that but with time and grovelling comes forgiveness and the birth of an even stronger love than what they had shared before I loved this novel because it hit all the right spots in my romantic and sentimental heart I also love seeing how an alpha male grovels when the woman he loves is not bending to his wishes I will definitely be reading the next novel that focuses on Victoria's younger sister and a hero who happens to be an old friend of Robert's

  3. Katrina Passick Lumsden Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    Victoria is an asshole Okay? Before you dive into this book you should know that And Robert is an idiot stalker I at least understood what motivated Robert but Victoria's motives? I couldn't figure her out nor did I want toI love most of Julia uinn's work and it saddens me that I hated this one so much but reallyVictoria is an asshole I just can't with this bitch

  4. Leah Leah says:

    Favorite uote I have spent the last seven years utterly miserable because of a stupid misunderstanding propagated by a pair of goddamn interfering fathers Frankly Aunt Brightbill your offended sensibilities are not high on my list of prioritiesRobert page 174

  5. Linds Linds says:

    This is a story of an earl's son Robert and a vicar's daughter Victoria that find love despite being torn apart by their parents when they were very young because of differences in classThey mistrust each other because of lies of their families and miscommunications They meet seven years later never forgetting their first love and the hurt of perceived betrayalThe first two thirds of this book is a solid five They fall in young love and it's so sweet and unfair to see them taken away from each other They meet again and Victoria is now a governess They don't trust each other at first but start falling in love again anyway They find out what really happened in the past and that neither one of them betrayed the other This is where the book goes wrong The obstacles against them were very real and when they find out the truth Victoria brings up a bunch of reasons that don't make much sense on why they can't be together She comes off as a little ridiculous and it gets frustratingSome people don't like this book because it's overly sentimental but I think that it's one of the strengths of the book It has love at first sight at the beginning of the book which I tend to roll my eyes at but the beginning of the bookwas actually my favorite part

  6. Gloria Mundi Gloria Mundi says:

    Wow I never thought I would give one star to a Julia uinn book but here we go I have been recovering from an operation for the past week or so I am on a ton of antibiotics and my head is spinning so I just wanted something light and frothy and unchallenging that would distract me from wanting to weep from boredom for a bit but that I can put down whenever I can't look at the page any I have been watching a lot of daytime TV and let me tell you I can feel my brain turning into goo so uinn with her trademark light romps and humour should have been just the thingUnfortunately this was too ligh and too fluffy and cute even in my current state The hero and heroine fall in love on the first page and really the rest of the book seems to have no purpose other than to make you projectile vomit across the room from its sickly sweetness There is no real conflict or obstacle standing in the way of the instalove other than the fact that both the hero and the heroine seem too TSTL to notice and Ms uinn's usual delightful humour and witty dialoge are completely and entirely absent from this book If you have not read any of Ms uinn's other work I urge you to give this one a miss as it is very far from her best

  7. Aou Aou says:

    Too sweet hero despite of the stupidity at the first half of the book too stubborn heroine and no angst

  8. Sara ♥ Sara ♥ says:

    June 27 2011Wow I can't believe I haven't reread this book since 2007 Shocking I guess I usually just read Brighter Than the Sun because BANG You get into the story faster But I really really liked this The stuff below pretty much sums it up but it was super adorable I think I'm going to reread Splendid now I don't read that one enough eitherJune 1 2007OH YEAH GEEEEEZOkay so this one stars Victoria Lyndon older sister of EleanorEllie from Brighter Than the Sun and Robert Kemble Earl of Macclesfield It was love at first sight even though he was titled and she was just a vicar's daughter Anyway they have a lovely summer together and he asks her to elope with him which she agrees to They plan to meet one night a little way away from her house Anyway her dad finds out and ties her to the bed and when she doesn't show he goes over to her house sees her sleeping and thinks she doesn't want to go through with it So he's upset and leaves for London The next day when her dad unties her she books it over to his house but his dad tells her that he's gone and something like You didn't really think he was going to marry you did you? So SEVEN years later she's a governess for a family with a little bratty boy and he comes to the house with a group for a party thing and they meet again He's still bitter and she's still bitter and they say mean things to each other But they end up falling back in love eventually It was cute

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    Robert is next in line for the earldom Victoria is a vicar's daughter Man see's girl by a pond They fall instantly in love The father's of said boy and girl get in the way Seven years later boy and girl reunite get married and live happily ever afterBlahBelieve it or not my 6 sentence summation was entertaining that J's 372 pagesAs you all know I have always been a fan of J but I have to be honest hereThis book was just awful The characters were bland and the love at first sight plot between these two wasn't believable in the least bit; that's were I think uinn dropped the ball on this one As a loyal fan that's read almost every book she's written I know she had the talent to pull this one off but obviously she didn't use it

  10. Carla *Jen7waters* Carla *Jen7waters* says:

    I'm just going to forget I read this book I refuse to let a silly insta love horrible just horrible jerk of a hero or a extremely annoying and repetitive story taint my love for J

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