Carolina Roots: From Whence I Came Kindle Î Roots:

Carolina Roots: From Whence I Came Kindle Î Roots:

Carolina Roots: From Whence I Came ❰BOOKS❯ ✮ Carolina Roots: From Whence I Came Author Thomas Shytle – The textile industry in Piedmont North Carolina was among the first to feel the ripple effect of the stock market crash in October 1929 The author was barely a year old in 1933 when his family was for The textile industry in From Whence eBook ✓ Piedmont North Carolina was among the first to feel the ripple effect of the stock market crash in October The author was barely a year old in when his family was forced by events over which they had no control to leave the cotton mill where they worked and relocate to the mountains of Western NC Economic conditions there Carolina Roots: PDF \ were even worse By war was already raging in Europe and the mills were flooded with orders to produce fabrics for the military When the author was seven his family moved back to the mill village; to much better conditions His story is about his experiences while growing up on a cotton mill village followed by a career in the USAF From the Great Depression Roots: From Whence PDF/EPUB ¶ to the st century his story includes the sociological political and economic dynamics of that period; and his personal reaction to the evolution that shaped our world during the last seventy five years.

  • Paperback
  • 538 pages
  • Carolina Roots: From Whence I Came
  • Thomas Shytle
  • English
  • 10 January 2015
  • 9781419695193

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  1. Lee Boyland Lee Boyland says:

    An insightful peek into American historyThe year 1932 was an important one Hitler’s star was rising in Germany and the great depression peaked as America struggled to regain its footing Average annual income in the US was 1900 but in the poor counties of western North Carolina many farm families survived on annual incomes as low as 100 Tom Shytle was born to a poor family in the cotton mill town of Kings Mountain NC His parents worked in the local cotton mill Park Yarn lived in company housing and bought their necessities at the company store Together his mother and father made 25 per week when the mill was at peak production In 1932 the mill operated three days per week and they earned a maximum of 720 each A year after Tom was born the Shytle family moved back to the heart of the Western North Carolina mountains near Bryson City His farther worked for the WPA at a dollar a day and farmed Six years later they returned to Kings Mountain and worked for Park Yarn until they retired Tom and his two sisters grew to up in Kings MountainThe first part of Tom’s memoirs is the story of life in a western Carolina mill town A slice of American history A history that is not being taught to our children thus depriving them of understanding their roots While Carolina Roots is the journal of Tom Shytle and his family it is also a page of America’s journal My wife’s farther was born in a Carolina mill town in 1913 and lived through the depression much as Tom’s father did When our grandchildren are old enough to understand I want them to read Carolina Roots and other similar books in order to understand where they came from—where today’s America came fromTom enlisted in the Army in 1949 at the age of seventeen and was assigned to the Army Signal Corps The next chapters are devoted to his experiences as a young enlisted man in the Army assigned to posts in the continental US His descriptions of his travels and off duty activities provide interesting pictures of various parts of America and what life was like in the early 1950s Tom returned to Kings Hill in December 1951 on leave before being assigned to Japan and then Korea Tom continues his enjoyable observations and descriptions of these countries as seen through the eyes of a young sergeant His enlistment up Tom returned to Kings Mountain in February 1953 and married Mildred whom he refers to as “Mil” throughout the book By July Tom and Mil decided to make a career in the Air Force He reenlisted in July 1953 and retired in 1974 The last half of Carolina Roots is devoted to Tom’s and Mil’s various postings and their growing family A great American story and an easy readSergeant Tom Shytle served as radio operator in many interesting locations and ended his career in Management Engineering Carolina Roots is the story of an Air Force family its joys sorrows trials tribulations and triumphs An inspiring story of how to make the best of any situation enjoy life as it comes at you and most of all a story of family family values and devotion to country There are many enjoyable anecdotes my favorite is “the biggest rabbit in Tennessee”Carolina Roots is than a memoir it is an insightful peek into American history Another excellent similar book written by a sailor is Brotherhood of Doom Memoirs of a Navy Nuclear Weaponsman I am saving both books for my grandsons

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