She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood Epub

She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood Epub

She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood ❰Epub❯ ❧ She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood Author Magdalena Ball – Moods of Motherhood thirty poems by award winning poets Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard Johnson with original photography by May Lattanzio A beautifully presented tender and strikingly original gift Moods of Motherhood thirty poems by award winning Emerald Then: eBook ↠ poets Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard Johnson with original photography by May Lattanzio A beautifully presented tender and strikingly original gift book ideal for Mother's Day or any day She Wore PDF/EPUB or when you want to celebrate the notion of motherhood in its broadest sense.

  • Paperback
  • 52 pages
  • She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood
  • Magdalena Ball
  • 20 March 2016
  • 9781438263793

About the Author: Magdalena Ball

Her stories poetry reviews and articles have appeared Emerald Then: eBook ↠ in many printed anthologies and journals and have won several awards She is the author of Unmaking Atoms Black Cow Repulsion Thrust The Art of Assessment uark Soup Sleep She Wore PDF/EPUB or Before Evening and a number of other collaborations Find out at.

7 thoughts on “She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood

  1. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I just thought I'd remind my fellow Goodreaders that this chapbook of poetry is now released and ready for Mother's Day giving and is in fact by both Maggie Ball and me Find it at A little aside the proof was waiting for me when I got home from my mother's funeral She never got to see it but there was a certain comfort to having it there BestCarolyn Howard Johnson

  2. Helena Harper Helena Harper says:

    This is a collection of poetry that movingly illustrates many aspects of motherhood and if you are a poetry lover there is much that you will find appealing and thought provoking In the first half of the book the poems by Magdalena Ball have a cosmic uality to them and some wonderful imagery In the poem 'Coil of Life' for example giving birth is described as the 'Big Bang' and in 'Assault by a Black Hole' the reader is taken on a journey from the sublime to the commonplace and you can't help but smileA powerful jet from a black holeis blasting nearby galaxy 3C321with outrageous galactic violencex rays gamma raysparticles travelling the speed of lighttearing ozone layersdestroying alien life formsand breeding new star systemsa million primordial sonsin the lethal pummellingTalk about tough loveIn the face of that million yearassaulta fraction of the system’s lifetimeI suppose I have no rightto complainabout one smart sharp smacksent my wayto facilitate a few mannersCarolyn Howard Johnson's poems have by contrast a homely down to earthness which also appeals I loved her description of dandelion petals in the poem 'Dandelions in Autumn'Yellow petals pollen softlike monarchs' wingsLittle lions' maneslike illustrations in childrens'books not like roaringSerengeti catsor the MGM logo lion harmlessthese I pick them bunch themhold them under Mama's chinto see if they light her throatyellow and if they do delightIn the poem 'Musing Over a New Calendar' the author reflects on the passage of time how there is still so much she wants to do and see yet her ageing mother is 'alone rejecting all but her home' I felt the author's pain in these lines as I did in the poem 'Mother and Daughter' where she describes her job of 'mothering again' but this time it is not her children who need her help but her own elderly motherI take over seatbeltduties step ahead of her then stopreluctant for her to know she's slowWe all forget names I say as numbmoves from hand to heartbecause it is my name she has forgottenYet despite such painful memories and associations perhaps the strongest is the 'eternal warmth' of our mother's bed – as Ms Ball puts it – 'a shared space free from the ticking illusion of time motion and change Here where you are always welcome nothing matters except this peace this place containing every possible now'

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    A Tribute to the Phases of MotherhoodFrom the child looking up to her mother to the young woman giving birth to the grown daughter watching her mother die; these poems celebrate all phases of that most important mother daughter relationship Carolyn Howard Johnson and Magdelena Ball show motherhood in different but eually effective ways I love the images in Carolyn's poems They feel warm; pictures you can almost touch My particular favorite is “Dandelions in Autumn” I remember the same scene trying to see if my mother or any other human being who would stand still long enough liked butter by holding yellow flowers buttercups in my case under her chin Maggie's poems are starker cosmic My favorite is “Oxytocin Flow” In recreating the experience of giving birth it evokes memories of the first relationship with the tiny person “a high pitched croon of terror only a mother could love” I remember it well There are the painful memories too when a mother is the one needing care The images of “Mother Daughter” are almost too painful This is a perfect collection to celebrate Mother's Day or any day when we ponder our relationship to our mothers and remember being mothers and daughters ourselves

  4. Jrmcrae Jrmcrae says:

    She Wore Emerald Then Reflections on MotherhoodMagdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard JohnsonA book of finely cut gems to hold admire let their multi facets flash their messages to mind and the fine sharp edges of each plane hold the image indeliblyThe poets take us either side of motherhood and all the pain and joy held in betweenWe visit through Magdalena’s eyes the arrival that makes a mother – the amazement the awe the juxtaposing of life’s simple statement ‘I am’ against the complexities of “The Genetic Code” that made the babe – the organised complexityof your extraordinarybeautycouldn’t be simpleras you reach a tentativehandtowards the futureThen we are led by Carolyn down the narrowing path to the final drawn out exit The circle of life completes the child is yet to know the mother the mother has forgotten the child We all forget names I say as numbmoves from hand to heartbecause it is my name she has forgottenGems sparkling here remind us of those seminal joys – the babe the birth; other gems flash from the page and we recognise whether we want to or no – the final pages turning to the close of one life’s bookReviewed by JRMcRae

  5. Darcia Helle Darcia Helle says:

    The mother daughter relationship is a tangle of emotions both uniue and universal This poetry collection beautifully captures these moments of raw feeling heartache hope and above all love Magdalena Ball's poems have a kind of boundless feel Much of her writing comes from an expansive view with the entire universe as her canvas There is a literary beauty to her imagery even when the words come from a place of painCarolyn Howard Johnson's poems feel earthy Her writing is rooted to a moment and a memory They are personal stories she shares in the most intimate wayI love the difference in the authors' styles Admittedly I know little about the specifics of poetic styles But I do know what moves me These poems took me on a journey from my own childhood to becoming a parent to now being the child of aging parents While the authors' stories are not my own they are journeys I understand and words I felt deeply

  6. Robert Medak Robert Medak says:

    She Wore Emerald Then Reflections on Mothers and MotherhoodBy Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard JohnsonShe Wore Emerald Then is a collection of poems by Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard Johnson The free verse Written without rhyme or conventional patterns of poetry poetry in She Wore Emerald Then is well written and entertaining for readers of any age not just poetry readers that celebrates Mothers and MotherhoodShe Wore Emerald Then is a book that everyone should read and experience the writing and what the poems say to them Poetry is about evoking emotion not written to attempt understanding what was in the author’s mind at the time of penningShe Wore Emerald Then is a recommended reading and awarded five out of five starsPurchase a copy of She Wore Emerald Then and enjoy a celebration Mothers and Motherhood from two gifted writers

  7. Loretta Tollefson Loretta Tollefson says:

    I read the sample version of this collection and was very impressed The poetry in the sample was beautifully written accessible and thoughtful characteristics one doesn't always find in today's poetry

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