The Luck of the Draw PDF/EPUB í of the PDF/EPUB

The Luck of the Draw PDF/EPUB í of the PDF/EPUB

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  1. Kevin Barnes Kevin Barnes says:

    Very interesting read I can not imagine the horror that they went through I served on Submarines and the thought of what people before me went through has always been with me I stand in amazement of the skill and courage of all the men who served on submarines in that war on all sides theirs was a hard and deadly war it was hard to put down

  2. Tom Bradley Tom Bradley says:

    I am an unrepentant history nerd I’m also a former Navy guy So when you combine the two in one book you’ve got my attention This is what happened when my wife came home from work one day with the autographed memoirs of a retired Navy officer who served in World War II in the Pacific That book is The Luck of the Draw The Memoir of a World War II Submariner From Savo Island to the Silent Service by Captain C Kenneth Ruiz USN Ret In it Capt Ruiz vividly recounts his service in the Pacific Theater from his survival of the harrowing attack on and sinking of the cruiser USS Vincennes off Savo Island during the invasion of Guadalcanal through his subseuent voluntary induction into submarine duty aboard USS PollackAnd what a boat Pollack is; perhaps one of the older submarines to see duty in the Pacific she is a bucket of bolts plagued with outmoded technology Based on Capt Ruiz’s description you suspect Pollack might just spontaneously sink without the aid of the Japanese fleet Yet she escapes numerous surface and air attacks on several patrols that often take her deep into enemy waters—even to within periscope sight of the Japanese mainland The skill of her officers and crew result in not only her survival but also the sinking of several enemy freighters and warships at the height of the Pacific warCapt Ruiz does a masterful job describing submarine combat in a compelling manner the opening chapter alone will make your heart race; he puts you aboard Pollack as she struggles to escape a determined and skilled enemy to whom Capt Ruiz gives their just due You can almost feel depth charges exploding around you Despite these superlatives and Capt Ruiz’s well paced writing style some factors led me to demote a star from this review Typos and punctuation errors deterred from the book’s readability an embarrassment not only for Capt Ruiz but also for his publishing house especially in the early chapters Meanwhile although he is a crackerjack storyteller Capt Ruiz often lapses into repetition and redundancy A glossary of terms used by World War II submariners might have come in handy tooStill The Luck of the Draw is an entertaining enthralling and educational retelling of submarine combat in the Pacific both for history nerds and old salts with fond memories of their naval service It will leave you with a renewed appreciation for what men such as Capt Ruiz did for their country and the free world than 70 years ago

  3. 7$MartyQ 7$MartyQ says:

    A great read about a great boatI sometimes wonder what it was that made the men who served on the boats so daring performing as they did exposed to the constant threat of being sunk by the enemy My own father was one of them He refused to talk about the war and just about everything I learned was from reading about it in books He is gone now and with these heroes goes what is justly referred to as the Greatest Generation

  4. Wendy Cushing Wendy Cushing says:

    This book was written by my fascinating kind and wonderful neighbor I love hearing him tell me stories of his life I loved reading about his experiences during this important part of our history here in America He and the other service men and women are true heroes

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The Luck of the Draw [Reading] ➼ The Luck of the Draw Author C. Kenneth Ruiz – A coin flip likely saved the life of Kenneth C Ruiz It was August 1942 and he was fresh out of the US Naval Academy He and a classmate flipped a coin to see who would stand watch on the bridge of thei A coin flip of the PDF/EPUB ¶ likely saved the life of Kenneth C Ruiz It was August and he was fresh out of the US Naval Academy He and a classmate flipped a coin to see who would stand watch on the bridge of their heavy cruiser the USS Vincennes off Savo Island as the Marines were landing on Guadalcanal Ruiz was on the bridge when the ship took a direct hit and The Luck MOBI :Ú sank He ended up in the Pacific without a life jacket but his classmate and the entire radio room crew perished in the attack The Luck of the Draw is a recurring theme in this powerful memoir Following the demise of the Vincennes Ruiz volunteered to serve on submarines for the balance of the war and had numerous harrowing experiences He spent most of his time on the USS Pollack which was Luck of the PDF/EPUB ½ sub standard in terms of technology but was still deadly and made a significant impact on Japanese shipping in the far reaches of the Pacific A worthy addition to the litany of WWII books on submariners The Luck of the Draw is filled with heartbreaking stories of how the smallest decisions made the difference between life and death for soldiers and sailors in the war    .