Batman The Dark Knight Returns PDF ´ The Dark Knight

Batman The Dark Knight Returns PDF ´ The Dark Knight

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  1. Stephen Stephen says:

    FIRST A BRIEF HISTORY LESSON BEFORE The Dark Knight Returns HOLY ASSCLOWNS BATMANand don’t forget though I know you WANT TO UHH UMMI HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO THIS AS IT IS JUST TOO PAINFULWAITERCHECK PLEASEBUT THANKFULLY AFTER The Dark Knight Returns WE WERE GIVEN HOLY REVERSAL OF FORTUNE THE DARK KNIGHT IS A SCARY DUDE AGAIN OH I GET IT NOWTHE JOKER IS SUPPOSED TO BE A PSYCHOTIC HOMICIDAL MANIAC AND NOT AN UNDERSTUDY TO CHARLES NELSON REILLY THANK YOU KIND SIR FOR RESTORING MY FAITH IN THE COMIC MEDIUMOKAY NUFF HISTORYON WITH THE REVIEW50 to 55 stars One of the most influential graphic novels of all time this amazing story single handedly resurrected the character of Batman as the Dark Knight after the 70s and early 80s had turned him thanks in large part to the success of the television show into a light hearted campy hero I refer you back to the history lesson above This story pushed reset and Batman once again became the dark fanatic often ruthless character he was created to be As important as WHAT this graphic novel did for Batman specifically it had an even greater impact on comics in general Prior to the publication of “The Dark Knight Returns” the entire comics industry was sagging and had lost a significant percentage of its fan base The popularity of Frank Miller’s visionary work of this book led to a whole new era in comics Following its success comics saw the creation of very popular “anti heros” like Wolverine and the Punisher both of which were inspired by Miller’s version of the Dark Knight In addition the comic world began to see darker edgier versions of classic characters being aimed at mature audiences eg Batman Green Arrow Daredevil The Sandman In Summary I would say that for all of its historical significance the best reason to read this is that it is truly a great work of fiction and one that gets my HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION as it is

  2. Anne Anne says:

    Because the best kind of classic has pictures So I've actively and successfully avoided reading TDKR for many years now Why you ask?Well to be honest I was kinda scared Now if you aren't a comic book reader then you might not understand how big of a deal this book is but if you are?Yeah you knowWhich means you're also aware of all the rabid comic nerds out there who go all stabby when you don't like their favorite character publisher title bobblehead action figurethe list goes onHey I'm not judging I'm one of those nerds Believe me I know how dangerous it can be to wade into dork shark infested watersAnd if God forbid I wrote a review saying I didn't like this? I've picked this up from the library multiple times flipped through it stuck it in my bag and then took it back to my local branch at my earliest convenienceBecause deep breathBecause of the huge amount of dialogue and all those fucking Talking Heads I mean for real Miller? You're killing my tiny dinosaur brain with all of those w oooooords And the art? WeeeeeellIt's kinda ugly personal opinionSometimes the characters look like they're lumpy or something Perhaps Miller Janson envisioned a world where everyone was made of congealed oatmeal or cottage cheese? ducks runsOk Put your pitchforks down Jesbus Touchy Anyway I ended up finally giving in giving up and giving TDKR a fair shot sigh because my teenage son wanted to read it Which maybe wouldn't have been enough to turn the tide all by itself but right around the same time serendipity? a friend here on Goodreads was kind enough to gift me a copy And then bug me till I read itPlus after my son got done with it he basically shoved it at me while making all these weird suealing fanboy noises please don't tell him I said thatSoI read itAnd I really enjoyed itWhoduthunkit? Not me that's for sure I assumed this would probably go down as one of those comics that I had to read but didn't really like Sure sureits importance for Batman mythos can't be denied but that doesn't always eual something that can stand the test of time And it especially doesn't mean that someone with my pea sized tolerance for drycrunchyold comics will savor the reading experienceBut I didThis was a great Batman story but not uite what I would call 5 star stuff in 2016 Those Heads just yeesh they almost did me in The cluttered feel of so many of the pages kept me from wanting to linger and the knobbly faces of the characters were at times a turnoffBUTThe story itself was fantastic It was just as gritty and dark as I was promised but there was also a glimmer of hope to it that I wasn't expectingIt caught me off guard and made me smileOverall I thought this was good stuff

  3. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    BatmanYou gave my book two stars? MeYes it was boring and too political Who wants a bunch of boring politics? I couldn't take it anyand I've always been your fangirlBatman MeDon't make me give you the Batglareyou aren't a whiny ass Batman Meuit whiningTwo stars from me is pretty good Batman Me Batman

  4. Khurram Khurram says:

    really enjoyed this comic; I keep wondering why it took me so long to read it I finally got around to reading it after being blown away by Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Region 2 and Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 DVD I thought it was finally time to get round to the source material I am glad I didI uick recap of the story Bruce is no longer Batman There has been no Batman for 10 years To curb his urges Bruce has become something of an adrenalin junkie study Gotham has become a darker and lawless place On the 10 year anniversary of the last Batman sighting Bruce's subconscious Batman fights back telling him Bruce he is just the shell and he is not done with him yetMost of what I though was great about the movies holds true to the comic with a couple of exception I have to say I prefer the animation of the movies but I think at the time of the comic and for what is trying to be portrayed it does work Meaning Batman strikes from the shadow leaving his opponent incapacitated and confused as to what just happened A couple of the panels like when Batman takes out the pimp in the back of the taxi I it took me a while to see what happened from the art work Like I said these were surgical strikes and it does put me in the mind of the pimp with a broken hand thinking my hand is broken what just happened When Batman decides to show himself the art work reflects that by drawing bigger detailed pictures of him The main thing I did not like about the comic was I thought there was too much of the talking heads The media discussions of Batman I can understand why this was done eg the Arkem psychologist taking an anti batman stance to sell of his book and make a name for himself but I think it was a bit overdone I mean all together this probably makes up half the contents of the book The best think about the comic and it major advantage over the movies is the internal dialog Batman has with himself In the movies they make Batman talk to explain his methods Whereas if you look at the comics there are very few speech bubbles while he is Batman and most of these are orders or threats The rest of them it is Batman analysing everything in his head I think that is what makes his scarier like when a magic trick is explained it is not as impressive having the unknown factor is what Batman his edge An example of this is in the second fight with the Mutant Leader the Leader cannot understand Batman is targeting nerve clusters and showing him shallow cuts in the just the right places can be effective I also like the way he keep thinking lucky with every near miss and the explanation of why he paints a big bright target on his chest I also like the way Batman has evolved he is not above using guns will kill to protect given no other option and lacing his smoke bombs with a watered down version of the scarecrows fear gas is genius not only does he appear in front of his victims he appears in front of them as their worst nightmaresThe others Commissioner Garden is still Batman's biggest supporter but is facing retirement it is not really until he is gone that Batman man realises how much Garden protected him Garden is the same tough but fair cop he always was The Joker is just as evil as ever he comes out of his coma with the return of Batman and makes one last mass murdering run at Gotham Unlike in the movie the Joker is not a physical match for Batman but is a master of psychologically pushing his buttons He knows this is his last chance if you will and he wants to die at the hands of Batman Superman has become a tool of the establishment Batman says it is because of Clarks respect for people in authority but he also says to Clark nobody could force Clark to do something he did not want to do Strangely Oliver and Clark share the same opinion on Batman he is too loud he plays things mysterious but a loud kind of mysterious Clark in his thought also says Batman need to work in secret like he is force to do This could be why he does not let anyone see him when he comes to Gotham Maybe he should do something about his costume if he is trying to keep a low profile The only thing I do not like it the relationship between Bruce and Alfred Alfred is still the dutiful servant but that is what Bruce seem to treat him like in this story a servant someone to tell what to do and expect it to be done nothing nothing less Having said that Alfred does manage to get in some verbal barbs of his own and though Bruce values his opinion probably than anyone else's but there is a clear line saying BruceBatman is in charge live with itI great comic very detailed excellent as a standalone or as a companion to the movies to fill in extra details A true classic for Batman fans Enjoy reading it repeatedly over multiple sittings it is a lot to take in All good

  5. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Batman The Dark Knight Returns The Dark Knight Saga #1 Frank Miller Klaus Janson Illustrator Lynn Varley IllustratorThe Dark Knight Returns is set in a dystopian version of Gotham City in 1986 Bruce Wayne aged 55 has given up the mantle of Batman after the death of Jason Todd ten years prior and now lives as a bored bachelor As a result crime is running rampant throughout the city and a gang calling themselves The Mutants has begun terrorizing the people of Gotham Batman The Dark Knight ReturnsSeries BatmanPaperback 224 pagesPublisher DC Comics; Anniversary edition February 16 2016Language EnglishISBN 9781401263119تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز نهم ماه آگوست سال 2018 میلادیعنوان بازگشت شوالیه تاریکی؛ نویسنده و تصویرگر فرانک میلر؛ به همراه کلاوس جانسون، لین وارلی؛ مترجم مهدی صالحی‌ اقدم؛ نشر تبریز، ایلقار؛ 1397؛ در 48ص، مصور؛ برای کودکان؛ عنوان «بتمن شولیه تاریکی»، کتاب اول؛ شابک 9786226127080؛تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 21031399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  6. Missy Missy says:

    When I was growing up comic books this was years before 'graphic novels' were frowned upon in my household but I was addicted to them anyway X Men to be precise because OMG Jean Grey was smart and tough at least until Dark Phoenix AND had both Scott Summers and Wolverine in love with her I do love a good soap Batman was a joke back then thanks to that moronic TV show But Batman the real Dark Knight wasn't a joke if Superman is who America yearns to be; Batman is who we're afraid we areIn 1986 Frank Miller Sin City blew all of the camp out of the water and reclaimed a bit of popular culture by writing a stunning Batman and not so incidentally a picture perfect example of why graphic novels aren't for kids The artwork is fabulous the characters are crisp and complex It's not just the original Dark Knight it's who that character evolved into Dark twisted bitter but still fighting to make things better The movie Batman Begins never would have been made without this Dark Knight Your library probably has a copy of this; check it out

  7. Heather Heather says:

    I know I'm alone in this but I didn't really like The Dark Knight Returns I struggled with the story structure all the perspective switching left me freuently scratching my head to figure out who was speaking where we were and what the Heck was happening I was confused by some characters the guy with the freaky flying baby bombs? I was bothered that there was no discussion of EllenRobin's family we have VERY little information on her or why she wants to join Bats how she really proves that she's worthy etc She shows up in costume one day and he decides she's good enough? Hrmph I don't buy itEh I just found myself laboring through it rather than enjoying it In contrast I loved The Long Halloween I look forward to reading Dark Knight Year One to see if I like that any better

  8. Shannon Shannon says:

    This is a totally different spin on Batman first published in 1986 by Frank Miller Don't expect it to be like the old cartoons Definitely not like the Adam West Batman from the 60s Not the Justice League of America Batman and Superman are hardly on speaking terms The governments have passed laws against vigilante super heroes so most of them are in prison or banished or like Superman secretly working for the government Batman after a series of traumatic incidents has not been seen in the last ten years The Joker and Two Face are both in psycho wards A series of incidents force Batman to come back out to the shock of the world Gotham is turned on its head and the public isn't sure what to make of him; especially the younger people who thought he was just a legend img src In this Batman faces off with two face the joker and a mutant gang which has practically overrun the streets Look for a face off against Superman an intro from the new Robin and a setup for the next book in the series where Batman decides to free some of the super heroes in prison Artwork is very gritty Lots of focus on Batman's age in his late fifties as well as his lack of forbearance in not realizing his age makes him less agile and strong So he gets into several jams Heh view spoiler Oh and a few times Batman actually uses guns but it's for good reasons hide spoiler

  9. Tim Tim says:

    It's one of the definitive Batman stories It's brilliant It helped comics become serious I hate itHello everyone welcome to another edition of Tim has an unpopular opinionOkay so that last one is an exaggeration I do not hate the Dark Knight Returns but I do not like it and I certainly do not love it like so many doLet's get this started with the direction most people seem to go with I do not like Frank Miller There has been plenty said about how Miller has become a self parody of his work and how Sin City ruined his writing and that it's hard to enjoy his older work because of this I'm not going that direction though I honestly see where that group comes fromI disliked this book before I disliked Miller I'll also say something that most people who dislike Miller won't say; I genuinely enjoy some of his Sin City work not all of them but I've read them all and actually do think there are some gems I dislike this book for four main reasons1 The art I hate genuinely hate the art style The story could be amazing but it would be hard to get over a three star review simply for the art It's ugly to look at It's blocky it's cramped because of the small panels and it's unimpressive all around I know this is very much on opinionated thing but this style worked better in Miller's later black and white style because the panels were freuently larger and less detail actually made the issues less obvious It's unpleasant on the eyes and it legitimately gave me a headache2 TV talking heads Oh yes I know he gets worse with this later but it was annoying attempt at political comedy here and adds very little to the actual story 3 I dislike Superman as a character always have and most likely always will but even I will say that Miller is just ridiculous with his portrayal of him Superman is guided by a moral compass he should not be portrayed as an ineffectual tool for the government He may be all American but his loyalty to the government as shown many times would not stretch to the lengths Miller goes to He's a joke here just to show how awesome Batman is in comparison 4 Swastika pastie woman Jesus Christ Frank I don't even have words but maybe the Joker does Made even funnier by the fact that she is supposed to work with the Joker obviously other comic creators disagree with Miller’s takeNow I won't disregard the merit of this book in terms of the history of comics It did help get comics to be taken seriously it did help people think of Batman as the Dark Knight rather than Adam West and it did help usher in interesting stories involving Superheroes I also admit that I genuinely liked Carrie Kelley's story line about becoming Robin I like nothing else okay that's a lie I love that one of the Mutant members says It's just a Goddamned bat Because well Thanks Miller you added to your meme retroactively 25 stars

  10. Brad Brad says:

    More often than not Dark Knight Returns is considered one of the greatest graphic novels if not the greatest I can't deny its importance to the form and to the myth of Batman responsible as it is for Bruce Wayne's shift into the Dark Knight era but having taught it a handful of times and read it for pleasure a few this reading having been prompted by Christopher Nolan's disappointing trilogy capper The Dark Knight Rises I feel that it is a vastly overrated workAnd Frank Miller is delusional In fact I will go so far as to suggest that we're damn lucky Frank Miller can express himself in words and pictures and get rich doing it because if he couldn't express himself artistically or was a failed artist like a certain Viennese painter I'd put money on him walking into a theatre or a Sikh temple or a political round table and opening fireThe Dark Knight Returns is an ugly manifesto for vigilantism; it is the mad nightmare of a right wing kook who sees the world in ways that it simply isn't; it is an apologia for the first strike; it offers chaos and evil and calls it anarchy without any understanding of what anarchy is; it is a jingoistic Soviet era piece of Cold War propaganda; it is an attempt to rationalize violence as the proper response to violence; it attempts to reinforce the myth that a good man or country? can do bad things to bad people and the act cannot therefore be bad; yet it offers the tools to undermine and deconstruct the delusions of its author with what seems to be total obliviousnessThere is no depth to the characters in this book Batman is an ugly thug a giant meat head a bludgeon a nasty beast of a man who revels in the torture and maiming of the evil denizens of Gotham He's the ultimate rich bully the bully who gets away with his bullying even today in our hyper aware bullying police state the bully whose bullying is okay because it is targeted at other bullies or because the bully is too beautiful and rich and popular to really be a bully Miller's Dark Knight isn't complex in any way certainly not in the way many of his antecedents have achieved He is ugly and nothing His parents died violently so he became a weapon against criminals It's as shallow as it is simple Miller also gives us the shabbiest expression of Superman ever to hit the comics Just like the Batman there's no complexity to the Man of Steel He's a Boy Scout who follows the law and does what he's told by his leaders so he's a target for Miller's ham fisted criticism Miller tells us Superman is weak and less than Batman because he can't do what must be done the way Batman can Superman doesn't torture and maim; Superman doesn't kill; hence Superman is a pussy I closed the cover of this book moments before I started writing this review and I can tell you that it's been a long time since I've felt so disgusted by the work of an author It gets worse for me each time I read this but like a moth banging into a window I can't stop returning to this trying to see what I miss that everyone else sees My disgust gets worse each time I read it yet I can't stop my examination of how this nasty tale could have led to our fascination with The Dark Knight How could an idea that has had some truly excellent manifestations such as Nolan's Batman Begins or Jeph Loeb's Batman Hush come from such awful source material? How can people like this book? What the hell am I missing? It's a mystery that only the World's Greatest Detective could solve Too bad he was nowhere to be found in The Dark Knight Returns

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