Loners MOBI Ú Trade paperback

Loners MOBI Ú Trade paperback

Loners ❮Reading❯ ➹ Loners Author Mark SaFranko – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk How long did I walk It seemed like forever The yellow moonlight pouring through the windows made my socks look like rats suirming across the carpet There were rats in my brain too gnawing at the gray How long did I walk It seemed like forever The yellow moonlight pouring through the windows made my socks look like rats suirming across the carpet There were rats in my brain too gnawing at the gray matter Mark SaFranko 'Loners' Murderers and serial killersJilted lovers and outcasts Broken men and lost women Loners Cutting across genres for than years Mark SaFranko has excelled in charting the life of the outsider This collection includes eight of SaFranko's short stories all shot through with his trademark and eye opening realism New York Times bestselling crime author Seymour Shubin 'Anyone's My Name' introduces the stories hailing 'Loners' as a collection of brilliant short stories that had me twisting inwardly as I read themThey are magnificent.

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  1. David Noone David Noone says:

    The psychologist Erich Fromm once pronounced that ‘Man is alone but he is related at the same time’ Furthering his theme Fromm stated ‘He is alone in as much as he is a uniue entity not identical with anyone else and aware of himself as a separate entity yet he cannot bear to be alone to be unrelated to his fellow man His happiness depends on the solidarity he feels with his fellow man’ And this is what SaFranko’s Loners his only published collection of short fiction brings home to usEach of the main characters in these stories is looking for a connection to life and therefore his fellow man be it by escaping it destroying it or embracing it They look to for others to share their lives with albeit for the most part fleetingly and oftentimes failing to do so but this is the solidarity we have with them Like the woman who becomes fascinated by the customer who never leaves the motel room she lets to him in ‘The Man In Unit 24’ or the anger felt by Jonathan’s resentment toward his sedentary existence and his budding anger even the serial killer in ‘Just Next Door’ keeps souvenirs and sometimes whole bodies of his victims so as to remember them To connect with themSome of these stories can be brutal some less so subtle but in the end all of them have to do with one thing and that is that we as a race do not exist in isolation whether our thoughts and experiences and how we act or react to and on them may be uniue we all share the same struggle we all fight the same fight to live to relate whether we we succeed is unimportant it’s the need that the contents of this book highlights Hence Loners is indispensible reading for anyone out there who wants to look further into themselves and outwards onto their reality It’s also worth mentioning that to connect with the fictional is still a connection so if this book is your only companion cling to it and you will never be fully bereft of the need for solidarityIn other words read the fucking thing

  2. Jay Gertzman Jay Gertzman says:

    Mark SaFranko’s Loners is about hard cases—isolates who do all sorts of inhman things and yet who suffer They speak with detachment and a kind of final isolation that asks no uarter and expects nothing but the revenge of the law In the novella “Just Next Door” a serial killer advises the reader whom he eerily converses with not to stand out in any way and “stay within yourself” Between murders all the result of envy and contempt he leads a bored existence with his mother dispensing homely advice to his reader—“you” Eual explosions of “the rage of the meek” run throughout the stories my favorite being “Alley Night” where the protagonist a formerly successful man who realizes he did what loved ones teachers and friends laid out for him tries to commit suicide by having himself attacked by thieves he has intentionally angered But here we also have “revenge of the meek” from Saramago’s The Double Jonathan turns on his attackers with a powerful surge of strength He’s on his way back—to another lucrative job and success He’s a kind of Everyman really Was SaFranko thinking of Hammett’s “Flitcraft parable” where a successful man almost is the victim of a falling safe He narrowly escapes leaves him job and wife but soon discovers that no safes and no assailants will attack He gets a new job and family and is in fact the same person all over again The first story is eually incisive—but it is about renewal but not like that of Alley Night A woman is so attached to a man staying at her motel that as his dangerous and outcast nature become evident – she needs to get as close to this outcast as she can He is a fascinating contrast to the men in the stories I mentioned above but as an outcast he is very much like them Everyone should read this—SaFranko’s sense of an ending is amazing and as he pursues it he flirts with outcast status himself Maybe that is why a few protagonists are also writers or artists There’s a lot going on here you just do not want to miss

  3. Booklover Booklover says:

    I am a big fan of SaFranko's short stories They are absolute page turners and are full of insights on human motivations This collection is uite dark but thrilling nonetheless

  4. Damion Damion says:

    Very awesome stuff Probably my favorite collection by any author This was the book at introduced to me to the Great Mark SafrankoHe really excels in at the story form Well crafted and psychological storiesall the stories blew my mind Just writing about it makes me want to read it againPick up a copy you will not be disappointed

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