Invasion MOBI Ú Kindle Edition

Invasion MOBI Ú Kindle Edition

Invasion [Read] ➳ Invasion ➯ Julie Elizabeth Powell – The children are once again called by the Time Keeper of Avalon and find themselves within the Orb of Caprice this time joined by Daisy Billy’s unsuspecting grandmother where together they must find The children are once again called by the Time Keeper of Avalon and find themselves within the Orb of Caprice this time joined by Daisy Billy’s unsuspecting grandmother where together they must find the Key of Light if all their worlds are to be saved before DarkStar gains control The corrupted land of the Dark Reaches is full of mysterious and forbidding creatures testing friendships and resolve as they battle through this fragmented world in an effort to complete their uest Faced with these dangers they have the added worry about what may have happened to Kimeranet who has disappeared without a trace As the puzzle unravels not least about Kimeranet’s past a further mystery develops as the travellers discover part of the Legend of the Kraal and meet Kaarvok but should they trust him And can they remain united as they struggle through this newly found world Follow this next adventure and see if they can again successfully fight to save their friend and homeCover Design Julie Elizabeth Powelloriginal photo by Dr Joseph Valks.

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  1. Maria Maria says:

    Julie Elizabeth Powell is an author with an imagination as vast as the ocean This book is a truly amazing and exciting adventure The second book in the Avalon Trilogy we follow the five children Davie Anne Billy Chrissie and Ben in another treacherous and spellbinding uest across the dangerous world of Avalon This time the have been sent by the Time Keeper to the Orb of Caprice to look for the Key of Light to prevent an impending invasion of the earth by DarkStar and his evil followers The children are joined by Daisy Billy's Gran who is reluctantly swept along to help them in their uestJulie Elizabeth Powell has created an adventure that will thrill children and adults alike There are so many twists and turns and unexpected events it keeps you on the edge of your seat The children face some of the same foes as they met in The Star Realm including the evil Pherson who once again challenges them with his invisible and deadly might They also meet new evil characters who are determined to stop them finding the Key of Light Will all of the friends survive this second journey? Will they find out what happened to Kimeranet? Will they find the Key of Light? Most importantly will they do so in time to stop the invasion? You will have to read this book to find outHighly recommended to all those who love an adventure story

  2. S. Thomas S. Thomas says:

    When our five tween heroes see Ezrin in a dream once again they agree once again to adventure into other worlds to save the day This time Billy’s grandma Daisy joins in the adventure Billy’s the bold one Chrissy is the skittish one Anne is the brains of the outfit Ben is the underdog Davey is the leader and now grandma Daisey brings some life experience to the crew There are also a few otherworldly adventurers The stakes are higher than ever before because now the threat is an invasion into our worldThis is a great story to listen to on Audible with the whole family I enjoyed my reviewer copy on a journey to far away lands with little ones in tow a perfect summer road trip bookI’d recommend this series to families who enjoyed the Oz books and Chronicles of Narnia I’ve reviewed a few of Powell’s other works check them out at the Science Fantasy Hub Gone or The Star Realm may be the best place to begin the adventure

  3. Angela Angela says:

    Invasion is the second instalment of the Avalon trilogy by Julie Elizabeth Powell and in it we have the company of many of the characters from The Star Realm This time Davie Ben Chrissie Anne and Billy are joined by Billy’s grandmother Daisy as they attempt to fulfil the tasks laid upon them by Ezrin the Timekeeper This time they have to make their way through the Dark Reaches to seek for the Key of Light which may help save the world Elsewhere from DarkStar and all things evilYet again I thoroughly enjoyed this imaginative and exciting story by Julie Elizabeth Powell The author’s descriptions are vivid and the dialogue adds to the tension and excitement of this fantasy novel I am looking forward to reading the final book in this well written fantasy

  4. Sheri Sheri says:

    Invasion Avalon Trilogy #2 Julie Elizabeth PowellAnne Ben Billy Chrissie Davie are back in the second installment of the second book in the Avalon Trilogy We are introduced to Billys grandmother Daisy She accompanies the children on their next uestThe Time Keeper has reuested the help of the children to go to the Orb of Caprice There they must find the key of light to try to prevent the invasion of earth by The Dark Star and his evil minionsWe are brought to the mystical place of Avalon where wonders and dangers are at every turn the children are in danger but will not stop until they complete this missionOnce again I was fascinated by Julie Elizabeth Powell her imagination is brought to life in vivid detail captivating enchanting and fun I look forward to reading the last in the seriesSecrets Of The Ice I recommend to fantasy lovers of all ages

  5. Julie Powell Julie Powell says:

    Well here it is at lastthe second adventure in the Avalon Trilogy I loved writing it and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it HintI learnt many things writing this book one being that it's a really good idea to keep notes of characters scenes etc especially because it's a trilogy Otherwise I'd lose track of the storyline which spans three booksI also know that my favourite genre in writing is fantasy not least because I can get away with so much lolSo to anyone who's read The Star Realm I would highly recommend you continue with the storythough I will say that there will be many surprises and that not all will be revealed until the last pages of book threeThat's it I'd better get on with itJulie Elizabeth Powell

  6. Jean Carver Jean Carver says:

    The continuing exploits of the children in the star dimension and the sometimes hard choices they have to make and the courage to make them as individuals and as a group

  7. Ian Hunter Ian Hunter says:

    The novel has a wonderful sense of adventure and a clear voice directed towards younger kids I thought the author was so convincing with getting me inside the minds of middle graders that I found myself chuckling in many places “Yep that’s what it’s like to be inside a kid’s head at that age” Full of energy good forward momentum and colorful characters this one definitely gets a recommend from me for this age group The fact that granny is an adventure go along was a nice touch as well Taking the plot form of a uest and involving magic and terms like The Key of Light and The Orb of Caprice Well you should already have a good sense of what genre you’re in and what’s in store for you

  8. Amy Proebstel Amy Proebstel says:

    An Epic YA AdventureInvasion has a great message of working together to achieve a goal Following the expedition of a group of kids and a grandmother on their fantastic journey to save Earth from invading evil it’s clear this story is demonstrating the need to help one another care for each other and think about conseuences before taking action I would recommend this book to any young adults who are looking for a clean epic adventure

  9. Billy Young Billy Young says:

    The fast pace of this the second book in the series will grip you from the start Joining the children is Billy's gran Daisy as they battle through this new adventure with the help of some colourful characters that they help as they are helped by them to find the Key of Light My only gripe was that I was left wanting to read the next in the series because the book ended leaving me at the beginning of that adventure as Ezrin asked the group to go on to save the worlds of imagination and our own having just thwarted the invasion threatening our own If you read to your kids and they enjoy fantasy this is a book they would love you to read to them

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