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Hardcover ↠ Jesus Freak Kindle Ú

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    I loved Sara Miles's first book Take This Bread and I loved this one too Let me just say that anytime I read about a person who is gay being Christian I feel incredibly humbled For all the good news and power that the Christian faith holds for all people it is gay people than any other group who have the right to hate Christians and Christianity I find it remarkable when I read about someone like Bishop Eugene Robinson in New Hampshire for example who has put up with incredible waves of hatred and fear simply for telling the world that he is a gay man Likewise Sara Miles understands what the message of Jesus is better than damn near anyone I've ever heard of with the possible exceptions of Shayne Clairborne and Dorothy Dayand she would be unwelcome in many many American churches The hatred of gay people in our society in general is sick;that the roots of this vitriol began in the Bible is sicker still I cannot blame any gay person who finds Christianity repulsive; it is all the amazing and inspirational to me when I read about the incredible witness of someone like Sara Miles and her remarkable church In this second book the author writes about her experiences at her church in San Francisco and especially about her participation in a free food bank that she founded Much of what she writes about would be considered heresy in any denomination lay people she says can do the things that only priests or ministers are allowed to do because that's how Jesus wants it Communion should be open to all No judging anyone And on and on Writing from my suburban home educated and healthy with a good job health insurance and a bank account I am not sure how 'comfortable' I would be hanging out with the people Sara Miles hangs out with but that's the point it's not supposed to be comfortable Once again that author has given me much to think about The next time I am in San Francisco I want to visit this church and meet her in person just to tell her thank you for challenging me so much She truly is a Jesus Freak in the best sense of the term

  2. Leroy Seat Leroy Seat says:

    I am very impressed again with Sara Miles and her faith and action And her theology is compelling because it is reflection on action praxis not just thought separated from actionShe closes the Introduction with these words “All it takes to be a Jesus freak is to follow him” p xx In the section on healing she contends that “Jesus specifically heals people even when they aren’t cured He doesn't stop suffering but promises to be with us in suffering” p 73 With the story of the man born blind in the background Sara writes “Sickness war falling in love going to the grocery story everything happens so that God’s works might be revealed But it’s up to us to pray—to keep our eyes open—if we’re going to discover what that means“Prayer can’t cure All prayer can do is heal because healing comes embedded in relationship and prayer is one of the deepest forms of relationship—with God and with other people And through relationship there can be healing in the absence of cure” p 85 In the section on raising the dead Sara uips “We’d rather have a dead religion than a living God” p 137 She ends her book by declaring “Jesus is real and so praise God are we Everything single thing the resurrected Jesus does on earth he does through our bodies You’re fed you’re healed you’re forgiven you’re pronounced clean You are loved and you’re raised from the dead“Go and do likewise” p 166

  3. Craig Werner Craig Werner says:

    It Tom Waits were a Christian and I don't have any real idea whether or not he is this is the kind of book he'd write Fiercely committed to taking Jesus who she refers to through most of this powerful memoir The Boyfriend seriously Sara Miles presents a vision of committed Christian action organized around the concrete acts of feeding healing forgiving and resurrecting As described in her first book Take This Bread the center of her activity is the food pantry at St Gregory's Episcopal Church which feeds nearly a thousand people each week in the blasted Portrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco Part of the pleasure of this book is the obvious love tempered with than occasional exasperation she shows for the people who pass through St Gregory's There's not a touch of liberal condescension in the way the program operates; it's fully participatory with many of those who rely on the pantry serving as volunteers themselves There are dozens of deft portraits tying the book together into a portrait of a living church that doesn't reuire any sort of physical economic political agreement For her the notion of the church as the Body of Christ isn't an abstraction Although she insists that she's not taking any of the calls she acts on in metaphorical terms I did find her discussion of resurrection well metaphorical Didn't harm the book for me but it does point the key issue which divides Christians and non Christian dedicated to similar ways of being in the world Sara Miles is the best possible argument for Christianity Wish people inside the institutional churches took her approach seriously

  4. Patricia Patricia says:

    The Rev Sara Miles the Minister and Director of the Food Pantry of St Gregory of Nyssa in Los Angeles writes about her work with residents rich and poor in LAMs Miles her co workers and volunteers take the local and some not so local misfits and turn them into workers and volunteers She take adults and groups of children brought up in luxury and privilege and places them side by side with the children and adults from the other side of the tracks teaching them the meaning of charity love and a sense of “people” The meaning of when Christ says Whatever you did for the least of My brothers and sisters you did for Me She shows us that faith without following actions cannot work They are two sides of the same coin You can’t have one without the other She not only talks the talk but walks the walk Her story makes you want to be there with her and Jesus gathering the food cooking the meals empathizing with the lonely healing the sick in mind and body and feeding those who may not have the wherewithal to feed themselves and their families It will open your eyes as they too struggle to provide never losing faith ever comforting ever struggling to make a better world for those around them She smacks away our smug attitude about the laziness and stupidity of the poor It gives us hope for a kinder world and that yes we can all be followers of Christ Wherever we are whatever we do I give this book five stars not only for the message the book sends but by the way Ms Miles writes drawing you ever into the church and its Christ like teachings ever so gently encouraging the reader that this may be the way we all should live Sara Miles was a former cook and war correspondent before she became a minister and founded the Food Pantry of St Gregory She also wrote “Faith in the Streets” and “Take this Bread A Radical Conversion” Patricia A GuthrieWaterlilies Over my Grave 2008In the Arms of the Enemy 2007

  5. Michael Canoeist Michael Canoeist says:

    Maybe this would have made a better magazine article Jesus Freak starts fairly well but it uickly becomes repetitious predictable and dull Almost every character the author mentions having met after getting involved with a San Francisco church is introduced as unusual and interesting; but there is almost nothing that ever shows the reader what made them so interesting to her The only one who might have held our attention is the author herself and she is very reticent on that subject on her past that is Not too reticent on her present There seems to be a sub genre in full bloom of politically oriented personalities whose disappointments or frustrations in life send them back to their religious roots Then they tell us directly or sometimes indirectly what tremendous Christians they are now and how hard it is to be them how much effort it takes To me there are few subjects with potential for excitement discovery reflection and speculation than Biblical studies of varying kinds scholarship interpretation even anthropology but this little sub genre is not one of them There is invariably too much self pity too much self appreciation or often both

  6. Molly Krantz Molly Krantz says:

    What the author is talking about in this book is radical Christianity The really odd thing is that she is only listening to the words of Jesus and acting on them This should be common Christianity Sara and her Church are actually feeding the hungry and cooking for them too instead of the practice of many Churches who have a food pantry open at specified hours I was attracted to this book because of the title The book is well named because it harkens back to that time when we were putting the Bible into action instead of just playing Church I did not agree with all her ways of looking at things and that is ok The Bible says by their fruits you will know them If that is the case then Sara Miles is sprouting fruit all over the place This is a wonderful book that you should read

  7. Melanie Melanie says:

    Kind of a bummer I found the main trope of the book Jesus as Boyfriend so damn annoying and simultaneously creepy Raises all sorts of consent issues for me that makes my skin crawl Jesus as the boyfriend who won't back off? Really really terrible image I get how Sara's trying to challenge folks into a fresher conception of intimacy with the divine with an updated take on Jesus as Bridegroom and that it's super meaningful for her and others in her life but it doesn't work for me At all Jesus as Boyfriend also misses out on all the potential fun of marriage metaphortheology geek Oh well Still was really moved by the connections Sara makes between cooking feeding eating and God's work in the world I have to admit that Take This Bread is my favorite of the three spiritual autobiographies that she's written

  8. Don Watkins Don Watkins says:

    Couldn't put it down It's an incredibly well written book I read her first book and was familiar with her I also volunteer in a soup kitchen and a food pantry and have lived some of the same journey that she shared I too see Jesus in the people we serve Like Sara both the pantry and the soup kitchen are like church They are definitely a community and they are a huge part of my life I like Sara too because she is unorthodox and she brings a welcome freshness to holiness and what it means to be holy while remaining wholly human

  9. Marsmannix Marsmannix says:

    Disclaimer i am an atheist and survivor of rabid fundamentalism That said i couldn't put this book down Amazing storyteller Sara Miles lets us on the inside of running a food pantry that feeds over 800 people in the dregs of San Francisco Let's just say this i'm all for using Twinkies as communion bread

  10. Janhmmn Janhmmn says:

    Messy church is not about Bible stories for preschoolers with glue sticks Sara Miles talks about where church gets really messy where Christians are called to act to be the hands the feet the face of Jesus in broken inner cities for people with addiction problems and mental health issues that make them hard to get close to The Food Pantry she started in her church feeds hundreds of people weekly There is no complex form filling to assess need no uestions asked just free food to give away I found that really inspiring The second section of the book is about healing She starts with a group of health care workers who feel burned out and want to know where Jesus is in all that mess This is not a book in which miracle cures are being seen daily but one in which healing comes to the person through relationship and human value Likewise the third section is not about dead people not remaining dead but about legacy and continuityAll really good stuff highly recommended

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Jesus Freak [Read] ➵ Jesus Freak By Sara Miles – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk I came late to Christianity writes Sara Miles knocked upside down by a mid life conversion centered around eating a literal chunk of bread I hadn't decided to profess an article of doctrine but discov I came late to Christianity writes Sara Miles knocked upside down by a mid life conversion centered around eating a literal chunk of bread I hadn't decided to profess an article of doctrine but discovered a force blowing uncontrollably through the worldIn this new book Sara Miles tells what happened when she decided to follow the flesh and blood Jesus by doing something real For everyone afraid to feed hungry strangers love the unlovable or go to dark places to bless and heal she offers hope She holds out the promise of a God who gave a bunch of housewives and fishermen authority to forgive sins and raise the dead and who continues to call us to action And she tells in vivid heartbreakingly honest stories how the ordinary people around her are transformed by taking up God's work in the worldSara Miles offers a fresh fully embodied faith that sweeps away the anxious formulas of religion to reveal the scandalous power of eating with sinners embracing the unclean and loving the wrong people Jesus Freak Feeding Healing Raising the Dead is her inspiring book for undomesticated Christians who still believe as she writes that Jesus has given us the power to be Jesus.